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In this participatory session, you will learn how to tell when someone is lying. Really. As a former CIA Officer with more than 20 years of experience in interviewing, interrogation and polygraph examination, Susan has seen her share of truth avoiders. She has, in fact, developed behavioral screening programs that are used by the federal government. Don’t miss out on learning her methodologies in spotting deception.
Susan Carnicero, Author of Spy the Lie and founding partner, Qverity

  • DAD 4ever-c90
    DAD 4ever-c90

    I personally NEVER lie. Also, everyone who knows me likes me. I have no bad habits. And I give a lot of money to charity. However, to clarify, nobody really knows me, I'm referring to the kind of habits nuns wear, and Charity is the name of a stripper. But I'm trying to be honest.

  • RostislavROSSI Psotka
    RostislavROSSI Psotka

    my question is why is she lying?

  • Joe Magnets
    Joe Magnets

    Joe Magnets: RIOTS happen when 'the government' get so corrupted that they make their own constitution to benefit the weak minded, spineless, GREEDY TRAITORS, that call themselves 'american politicians', loyal only to their bank accounts and the zionists that BRIBE and BLACKMAIL them to keep America the colony of the zionist state in the Middle East. Sending USA SOLDiers, wasting BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of OUR tax dollars enforcing the 'religious' insanity of insane people that claim the 'god' they invented chose only THEM and gave LAND only to them as they laugh at the idiots that believe the bullshit about America being involved in Middle East wars to protect America, instead of why we are really there, to enforce the INSANITY of the INSANE people that pay NOTHING with their lives or their money that 'our' gov't gives them. Forces sane people to ask, WHO REALLY ARE THE INSANE??? YA STILL DON"T GET IT, the WHOLE gov't of AMERICA has been TOTALLY CORRUPTED by 'god's' chosen people, that now rule America that has become the colony of the zion state in the Middle East that doesn't care which 'party' wins because the 'god's' chosen people OWN THEM BOTH so that no matter who the American people 'vote' FOR, it will be the AIPAC lobby and their zion corrupted 'news media' that will decide who the American people 'vote' FROM, be it dONALD the zionist dUCK or jOE the zionist bIDEN, NOTHING WILL CHANGE and America will remain the colony of the zion state in the Middle East that will continue to have the American people doing the KILLING, PAYING and DYING to enforce the 'religious' insanity of those that pay NOTHING with their lives or their money that 'our gov't' didn't already give them. Makes sane people wonder, who really is insane? Why you insist that dONALD dUCK should remain the empty-headed puppet of the zionists or jOE bIDEN become the next empty-headed puppet of the zionists, is beyond reason, being they BOTH ARE TRAITORS, that deserve the DEATH PENALTY for the TREASON they BOTH COMMIT and the WAR CRIMES THEY BOTH have participated by STILL SENDING USA SOLDiers into the Middle East and STILL waste OUR TAX dollars enforcing the CRIMINAL "RELIGIOUS" INSANITY of those that have DELUDED THEMSELVES as 'god's' chosen people, giving them the right to commit WAR CRIMES that America once killed Germans for doing to the JEWS, that the JEWS now do to the Palestinian people. How much longer are the American people going to be FOOLED that 'voting' with paper ballots that the zionists have made as worthless as the USA Constitution and VOTE with the LEAD BALLOTS that the USA Constitution DEMANDS that the American people VOTE with to defeat the current CROP OF CRAP that now betrays America to keep Israel GREAT AGAIN. Ya get the 'gov't you deserve, but no one deserves the 'gov't' we got that ignores the USA Constitution to enforce the 'talmud' that is the written excuse for the INSANITY of 'god's' chosen people that will remain OUR KINGS as long as the TRAITORS remain 'our gov't'. Joe Magnets

  • Dean H
    Dean H

    Shed get an innocent hung

  • 99 ddmirror
    99 ddmirror

    The problem with LEO's interrogations is they already think you're guilty and just looking for signs that confirm their bias. If you're innocent, don't get framed for a crime so exercise your Mirada rights, STFU and get a lawyer.

  • Tyler Robillard
    Tyler Robillard

    Lmao. This lady’s information is a waste of time.

  • Daniel Choritz
    Daniel Choritz

    how can a woman in a leading position this bad of a liar? (7:00)

  • Denver Marcum
    Denver Marcum

    Just listen to Nancy Pelosi, you'll always hear a Lie!

  • David McCoy
    David McCoy

    Just turn on CNN....

  • Roman Adriel
    Roman Adriel

    Can you tell when she's lying?

  • Leviathan

    So....she did them quick and dirty....I'll see myself out.

  • Jason Ingram
    Jason Ingram

    😇 Hybrid: Ray Liotta-Meg Ryan 😇

  • MrJdiddy328

    She's got some junk in that trunk.

  • Jonesboro Gal
    Jonesboro Gal

    I need someone like you on my side and go question my childhood abuser (uncle)because he put me through hell and will never be caught until death

  • James Swindells
    James Swindells

    I don't agree with the aggression theory. People get angry when they're falsely accused.

  • Francois Rossi
    Francois Rossi

    Useless if you cannot see the slides she is referring to!

  • John Markle
    John Markle

    To all that this applies...I hope your ready, I'm about burn this to ground! The king is here!! Oh you ask what I mean?? Me baby, me....I'm the king and I'm about to burn your reality and fake perception of me to the ground, hear me howwwwwwwl!! Heartless Fangs is my name and don't you forget it or you will regret it! I'm about become big and there nothing you can do to stop me haha! You about to feel my heat and see my glorious purple flame shine!! You gonna regret the way you treated me or the shady shit you did. So words of advice if you don't get on board and start believing now, you gonna miss the after party haha!! I'm here to start a war and see if anyone got the balls to come take my crown, I ain't scared of none of you haha!! If you not with me then you against me!! From The One And Only Devilishly handsome big bad wolf, Heartless Fangs.....Hear Me HOWWWWWWL!!🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

  • Edgar Axtli
    Edgar Axtli

    Technically God is a liar,(He'd claimed that he created me) but, before creation and life,I am


    Why would you take any advice from a government intelligence spook?

  • Page001B

    This is strange; we are not seeing any of her slides... so...

  • John Cavanaugh
    John Cavanaugh

    I don't talk 10 times a day

  • Paula Collinscook
    Paula Collinscook

    No thanks

  • Kertis Chiloquin
    Kertis Chiloquin

    If you are in a relationship you always 🤥.

  • Ek Ladakhi
    Ek Ladakhi

    4:10 did she lie there.

  • Noah Williams
    Noah Williams

    Contextual- the interrogation is staged... Thats a factor too... "Cia" we already have a mindset of what the stereotypical interrogation with "cia" ppl would look like. Anyways.... Out of the gate.. Lady was lying by how fast she responded..... The nose rub after (i think it was staged) had some hesitation in the body/facial language.. Again seems intentional because of the fact i think the interrogation is staged for this presentation...

  • Benjamin Dover II
    Benjamin Dover II

    I was an honest person until I realized literally everybody lies.

  • peter kahuii
    peter kahuii

  • Tata Port Paras
    Tata Port Paras

    I don't think that the CIA accept people who are not liars.

  • Roger Siples
    Roger Siples

    Outstanding presentation. Just enough information to want to buy the book or want to learn more on this subject. Like psychology 101 I'll try not to be dangerous with this knowledge.

  • Michael Cimino-Hurt
    Michael Cimino-Hurt

    This is incomprehensible without being able to se the examples she is referring to. Sad, because it’s a great lecture otherwise.

  • Elizabeth Abbott
    Elizabeth Abbott

    then there are those who speak about Their Truth....

  • JTGwin10

    Applying this info to your personal life will make you a miserable human being over time, I strongly suggest to consider the source, using behaviours to guage everyone is akin to racial profiling, is it likely this person will commit a crime? Sure by the numbers it is, but is it fair to make that assumption? No itakes you worse than the liars.

  • JTGwin10

    The fact is, the only way to even attempt at using these tactics to spot a liar is to spend enough time with the person while paying close enough attention to honestly guage their baseline behaviour, next you have to have knowledge of lies and truths they have told to you, again, simultaneously have been paying close attention to all of their behaviors. If you have all that then you have at best a 50/50 shot of spotting their lie. As any honest person in her position would tell you that the best lie detecting humans in the world are about 50 percent accurate. This type of thing is as simple as the human need to catalogue you so they can think they know where you stand and can act accordingly, now turned into bull shit methods to sell to idiots to make a dollar. Control freaks like this are the biggest reason why innocent people are in jail. She convinces herself you are lying by her little guidelines and as soon as she does then she is now looking at you with a huge bias. She mentioned if you want to believe you will see things that show you they are truthful but I didn't hear her say that if you are going in to an interview looking for cues of deception, you'll see deception. She enters every interview with a bias towards a lie and has received positive reinforcement that it works becasue yes, everyone lies. I have known people that do everything she said while being truthful, amd while lying and then didn't do it as well. There are so many psychological factors involved it's impossible to honestly claim these things. You could do all of what she says because your wife is mad at you and your terrified of losing your job over X, a situation you have nothing to do with, but you get that innocent people go down all the time. If you lose your job your wife will divorce you and you'll lose your kids and possibly your will to live. So you scramble to convince her your being honest and hit every marker she is looking. That's just one example. It's irresponsible and dangerous to apply this in life.

  • David Tomlinson
    David Tomlinson

    CIA has a lot of A-holes.

  • Armin Osmanbegovic
    Armin Osmanbegovic

    You know what they say take one to know one haha

  • Shannon Perez
    Shannon Perez

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  • News Updated
    News Updated

    I'm impressed. 👍👍👍👍👍

  • LaQuan Irby
    LaQuan Irby

    Satan is the Father of Lies❗️ Food for 💭🤔 JESUS IS LOVE ❤️ he’s all ways There 😇

  • D Y
    D Y

    I Never lie. I just don't tell the truth.


    "You were taught that lying is wrong". Then she joins the CIA.

  • Ginger Marie
    Ginger Marie

    The Living God loves us all so very much that He sent His sinless Son Jesus, to earth, to be born of a virgin, to grow up & die on the Cross for our sins. After He died on the cross for our sins, Father God raised Him to life again, & he appeared to people and went back to heaven. We must receive Jesus into our life sincerely to be His child(John 1:12) & after we get saved by grace through faith, we need to obey Jesus if we really love Him(John 14:15). Jesus said in Mark 1:15 says "And saying, the time is fulfilled the Kingdom of God is at hand, repent & believe the Gospel." John 14:15 Jesus said: "If ye love Me keep My commandments." Revelation 21:8 says: "But for the cowardly & unbelieving & abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, there part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone..." Please receive Holy Jesus-- sincerely and repent, before it's too late.

  • Welland Taco
    Welland Taco

    I was born with a few birth defects. I was cross eyed and I stutter. Every time I would talk to people they think I’m telling lies. And because I did not make eye control was told if I don’t make eye contact I’m telling lies.

  • TaVo

    You guys make great points and all but WHAT HAPPENED TO JAMY I WANNA KNOW!

  • Blacksmiths Forge
    Blacksmiths Forge

    Orange dress thick as f, and thats the truth 😄

  • Eric Barritt
    Eric Barritt

    2016 This video. After 6/15, I wasn't working anymore. Between 06 & 15 I went thru 12 jobs in architecture in Edmonton. I returned to Edmonton from Seattle 5 yrs, Vancouver BC 3 yrs & then Edmo in 06. In Seattle a DA was murdered in 01. The victim was a DA. The day before, he was standing beside me at a bus stop. Also, in the Spring of 06 I got on a plane with an Engineer showing a box cutter knife, and who was also taking commercial flying lessons. I reported it after 9/11. Returning to Canada in 03, begin a slow and gradual degrade of me. And it was all being documented. The actions (their actions) were all unilateral, on the street and in the media. There was a prejudice I felt from some sources and a sympathy from others (it was about 50/50) There were some that wanted me to shut up & play along b/c there would be a gift coming. And there were those, & my observation, persons within the Law, that were implying that I would not shut up. And there were those who wanted to know what was going on. And the only thing left for ppl to do was just watch & see what happens. I couldn't go into an interview and tell future employers what was happening to me, and I was trying to help the justice system. All surveillance appeared to be completely open to everyone, so I was always being watched. People/police because police are people & not all the police knew the whole story, they were all observing me & noticing these key things that were trained to pick up on & then drawing the conclusion that I was a lier. So what were they ( these handlers ) leading up to? Well apparently, my medical records had been falsified to say that I was a pedophiler. I had no idea that my records said that, & now my medical records in Canada from 58 to 98 have been completely wiped out. The was something that I did do when I was a 15 yr old kid (Summer 72) & was threatened that the RCMP were going to come after me, but the police nor the RCMP came to my house. And I pretty much forgot about it & wrote it off as teenage foolishness. In September 75, I started getting stalked. It first started with a chain letter. There was also an RCAF jet that buzzed low over my house one night & then crashed. In hindsight I think it was related. Then for yrs I was getting telephone harassment calls. The calls wore down, & the calls did not stop until 89 when I moved to Vancouver from Dawson Creek. I finally understood by 2013 what was actually going on (this unilateral activity where no one was confronting me or was allowed to confront me ) I verbally admitted in my home in Edmonton what had happened in 72, but they came back with there is more. No one ever said what, instead they used unilateral action. Some were probably already suspicious by 2010 when a cousin of mine contacted me from US. It was about my father. He in fact was being treated in the same methods as what I was going thru. These observations, that ppl are learning can can be used against a person when they don't understand everything that is going on. It leaves the observer in drawing their own conclusions, and that is a form of manipulation. Even though the police knew what I did in 72, there was no follow-up of judicial action. Instead I was assaulted for years. Law enforcement in Canada already knew already who my family was when we arrived in Canada in 58. (My family is related to Al Capone and to the Royal Family of Great Britain) The police of today are not the same people compared to the police of the 50s 60s 70s and so on. They get briefed and believe what they see and are told. They can be the most susceptible to manipulation. The bottom line: There was no justice. When my story broke, they used the same tactics that they were always using, but now it was on a much bigger scale. These people are highly manipulative. They hook their opponents. You are going to stumble on words. They were setting me up. They attacked our family when we first moved to Edmonton - we all ended up in the hospital in the first few week's/month's of arriving. Our first doctor worked for the RCMP. He stopped being our doctor after we all had our tonsils pull - in first few week's month's. They also interfered in early school. All their actions were no more and no less than what they needed to do. I can go on and on about examples. I married a woman who already had children. They never stopped me from marrying her. It resulted in keeping me in Canada longer. I met a young girl in 77. She was a month younger than me. She suddenly dropped me with no explanation but then contacted me 5 months later and told me she was going out with a cop. Three years after, she sees me on a bus and comes up to me and tells me that this cop was not a good person. I could just go on and on about all these stories. These people are increasingly manipulative. They are able to get the results that they want. I am also known in the entertainment industry as the person who was making up all the stories and songs. The entertainment industry was trying to reach out to help me after 2001 even though get all this manipulated data from there security people, who have ties to the Royal Family yet they still wanted to help. Security was then saying from 01 and on, "let's see how this thing turns out" and "he's going to talk" and "he can hurt your reputation". Non of these artists want to admit that they didn't write those stories and songs and musicals. These entertainers are the weakest link to this case becoming felony. I have to stop here. On April 1st, 2021 (April Fool's Day) I found out that I had adenocarcinoma hcc tumor in my colon, near my appendix. Believe it or not, just before or just after Christmas 2020, I heard voices talking in my head as if they were in the same room, & saying, "ya, we gave you cancer" They repeated it several times.

    • Eric Barritt
      Eric Barritt

      It's not just Zimmerman. It's all of them - from 62 - 05. I doubt that security was telling these artists anything more than what they wanted them to know. Some of these artists tried to reach out to me. Some of them were Christian, & they got hurt. These artists aren't afraid of me. They already know what this security system is capable of doing. They are afraid of them. The lies they have agreed to make are only as good as being secured by the people / security system that they agreed to protect their lies. If and when that breaks, everything will come down. Security is protecting the lies. Interesting to end on that on this video about telling if someone is lying.

    • Eric Barritt
      Eric Barritt

      This kind of thing belongs in the hands of our police and law enforcement agencies, not in a working office. If someone does do something wrong & the law has to get involved, then let the police handle it, otherwise, employment is going to turn into the LinkIn groupie crowd. They will be counting your friends & how many "likes" you have. People's careers could be ruined, for some minor misdemeanor. It would be like a life sentence for these people. You want to talk about crooked. Just take a look at our fake entertainment industry. All those napkins with songs scribbled on them, now hermetically sealed in glass in our rock & roll halls of fame. It's just not true, & a lot of people got hurt. Sorry, but I'm at a point after some 25 years of what I explained in my first comments, as well as a life time of what I tried to explain in my second comments, I AM DONE WITH THIS. These people are going to corral me right into a grave, and they probably have no choice. They probably already made me sick in 2011 for the cancer that is showing up now. These people are killers. Their definition of a nice guy is, someone who only kills when it's necessary, & it's always somebody else that made them do it. They've got there hooks in the mob. It's a tough love relationship. My family is significant enough, that this story was never to have gotten out.

    • Eric Barritt
      Eric Barritt

      This 2016 IRbin video that streamed into my domain yesterday evening around 2 AM is nothing more than an algorithm set up by people who have ties, however remote, to the people who murdered a DA in Seattle on October 11, 2001. As you can see from my previous comments, it certainly did rub me the wrong way. I wasn't able to get work after 2015. From 06 to 15, I had gone thru 12 jobs, of which I walked out of 4, & lasted no more than 3 months for 3; I was subjected to sleep deprivation for a year; & wired as it sounds, I was getting my head scrambled to a point of dizziness & confusion - & that activity is still going on. However, by 12/2017, even though I was seeing a psychiatrist; he advised me that it wouldn't be a good idea to sign my social security document's stating that I was medically unfit to work ( I was asking for him to sign off on this because after 2015 I wasn't getting hired in Edmonton anymore [thus my bazaar but true explanation as to why this IRbin CIA presentation on telling if someone is lying upset me so much] For all the job interviews I did in Edmonton, I had to hold back on what was going on. To the average interviewer, the probably took me as a person who was not telling the truth. If I would have said what had happened in Seattle, do you think I would have gotten the job? I doubt it. But there is so much more to this story & it goes back to my dad and his family in Chicago from the 1920s on to 38 to 42 in Hollywood when my dad worked for Republic Pictures & Hopalong Cassidy & Roy Roger's - there is just so much to & I don't have all the facts - but my family was getting hurt, and I was getting targeted the most. You want to talk about liers, just go on IRbin & watch those inter interviews of Bob Dylan. Do you notice any fidgety signs, & not answering the question. He does it a lot. Why? Because he didn't write those songs. I made them up. My family was under surveillance, & they heard me singing then in the bathtub. I was just a little kid at the time. These people though those songs were pretty good, & they found a guy named David Zimmerman hanging around Greenich Village doing gigs and pair him up with those songs. The name Bob Dylan, actually came from me as well. I didn't think my name sounded cool enough to be a folk singer. And believe it or not, I was just a little kid. 62-63 63-64, I flunked grade 1; 64-65 I was in grade 2; That was about the time it all started. David is probably a nice guy. Good people break down, when they have to lie. I have nothing against him, nor do I have anything against the many other artists that got wrapped up in this unlawful agreement with an entertainment industry that was being covered by a security organization (club) with ties and a service to the Royal Family - my cousins, & yes they are! All these artists did the hard work. The studios backed them 100% with all the time they needed to hash out those songs & practice & practice & practice until they got them just right. I'm sure everyone worked hard & was proud of their accomplishments, but they did not invent, conceive, originate, create the lyrics or melodies / the songs. That came from me.

    • Vicente Alejandro
      Vicente Alejandro

      Wtf bro

  • Richard Woodyard
    Richard Woodyard

    So I have been asking questions but no answer based on your theory follow up answer want to lose those pants

  • Lena Viglietti
    Lena Viglietti

    I scratched, blinked, swing feet right here sitting down while looking at this vídeo. Was i lieing?

  • Richard Woodyard
    Richard Woodyard

    You work in a field to find 8 percent of the entire population

  • Richard Woodyard
    Richard Woodyard

    You want to call everyone liars

  • Richard Woodyard
    Richard Woodyard

    Why not share responses then explain

  • Richard Woodyard
    Richard Woodyard

    How deception

  • Richard Woodyard
    Richard Woodyard


  • Richard Woodyard
    Richard Woodyard

    Prove your theory

  • Richard Woodyard
    Richard Woodyard

    So tell me if I'm a liar you have an ass to stop a bus may have be me or be you searching for a compliment

  • Richard Woodyard
    Richard Woodyard

    Has anyone implied that you coersed a response

  • Matt Ceretto
    Matt Ceretto


  • Blueredgoogoo

    This works, kinda. But people like me that are chronic over explainers and add the fact that I have tourettes, she could say I'm guilty of anything just because of how my brian and body work.

  • Christopher Pretzman
    Christopher Pretzman

    Wish we could see the slides that she is pointing to.

  • Bich Phan
    Bich Phan

    32 min and I’m feeling a little bit dangerous now ☺️☺️

  • Jeremy Weishaar
    Jeremy Weishaar


  • michael mather
    michael mather

    Its simple if its tucker carlson speaking then its a lie.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    I think “how you doing?” Is a rhetorical question.

  • Haystar BATKEE
    Haystar BATKEE

    I told my kid that if they lie , then their fingers will fall off. A week later my kid came in and said, I still have all my fingers....I still don't know what she lied about.

  • Bobby Griz
    Bobby Griz

    First you tell the truth then you tell a lie. Classic interrogation scenario.

  • Thomas Cullen
    Thomas Cullen

    I swear, this woman looks like the polygraph operator I had at a preemployment poly at the NSA in 2000. They are some of the worst bullshitting liars.

  • Respectfully Decline
    Respectfully Decline


  • Blue Flu
    Blue Flu

    Never talk to anyone without an attorney. Police, FBI, CIA are allowed to lie to you. You can simply state due to current affairs, you will not speak to them without an attorney. Note lack of trust in law enforcement and government. Never trust THEM.

  • mystro2007

    Watch Fox News or OAN! They slap you in the face with lies 100 times a minute! Just like Trump!

    • Thomas Cullen
      Thomas Cullen

      Name one sonny boy.

  • Eddie Oxedine
    Eddie Oxedine

    Well I learned something a long time ago through experience raised by Democratic family. Just ask a person if they are a Democrat if they say yes can I can guarantee you they are a compulsive liar.

  • Jason hayward
    Jason hayward

    Transfer to ask scientists questions to hack their minds and find out the truth to rewrite accurate directions.

  • lisa

    what if u have anxiety to start with? i guess ur basically fked

  • Miranda Rogers
    Miranda Rogers

    1 Corinthians 15:1-4 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

  • Ante Jovanovic
    Ante Jovanovic

    How to spot constant lies: watch news on CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC, TF1,RTBF, ZDF, ArD, RAI, TVE (aka the western tv news) and you can see C1A lies all day long...

  • Malcolm James
    Malcolm James

    Maybe the real test is noticing CIA employees are liars?

    • Thomas Cullen
      Thomas Cullen

      And very arrogant. Comes with the territory I guess.

  • mugensamurai

    28:19 TLDR

  • Houston Strong
    Houston Strong

    It takes a liar to know a liar

  • The Highlander Jedi
    The Highlander Jedi

    Yeah, Lady C.I.A. Susan Carnicero - tell me, show me - Milner Benedict III, how to spot a lie from a liar... and we can compare notes when I come to see your friends at Langley, Virginia.

  • Charles Nemec
    Charles Nemec

    Clusters are not reliable. I refuse to use it even when every person I talk to I have initial assesments. I intentionally overlook them because in a situation 20 years ago I was convinced made the briefing and in the end was dead wrong. It was a horrible situation. It's a crime that this is recognized as a science.

  • Rebecca Mandelos
    Rebecca Mandelos


  • S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷V̷S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷

    tip of the day: apply this to mainstream media and all news.

  • Jeff Jackson
    Jeff Jackson

    First time I told my dad the truth I didn't get a hiding, never done it since, I was a little bugger🧐😁

  • Poppy Rose
    Poppy Rose

  • Isaac 84
    Isaac 84

    When a MegaChurch pastor is asking for a second offering to buy a private jet while smiling, he or she is lying. Also selling some kimd of miracle oil and divine healing for a fee, that smile is a lie.

  • JacksonBoJackson

    I have not been able to watch the video because in the first 10 seconds you used the opening notes from Porter Robinson's Sad Machine ( )and now I have to listen to it again.

  • Lincolnfrees

    37:54 She read my mind. lol

  • Lincolnfrees

    23:50 95% of Politician's & the current Press Secretary. She is a master at this!

  • Jean Daquila
    Jean Daquila

    Shakespeare? Me thinks he doth protest too much. Does that still ring true? I think so.

  • Engine Notes From Underground
    Engine Notes From Underground

    I’ve grown cold in my age. I don’t give a fuck who thinks they can lie to me, I already know. And I don’t care who wants to say my foot tapping means I’m lying, especially coming from a professional liar like her

  • Patricia Wagstaff
    Patricia Wagstaff

    Maybe she should talk to mm...

  • VideeoJunkee

    27:41 - Nope. There's A LOT of documentation that innocent typically get irritated when they're accused of something.

    • kim

      Totally. Accusing me i will be offended and climb to anger if it continues. A doctor called me a liar regarding needing pain meds. She even said my behavior clued her in. Me being talkative was her first clue. The crazy bitch even said she was about to give me the meds until I continued talking. She was wrong 100 percent and my ex rays proved her wrong. I feel that dog needed to be fired for patient abuse. Just to give context, I'm paralyzed but incomplete injury so there is crazy nerve endings sparking off.

    • Rachel Hilley
      Rachel Hilley

      F*** yes

  • yippee yip
    yippee yip

    Lying Saved my life. If Lying was not a thing, I would be in the ground right now

    • The Highlander Jedi
      The Highlander Jedi

      Yeah, Lady C.I.A. - tell me, show me - Milner Benedict III, how to spot a lie fron a liar... and we can compare notes when I come to see your friends at Langley, Virginia.

  • Geist Von P.A.
    Geist Von P.A.

    This sentence is a lie.

  • Ron Lackey
    Ron Lackey

    Hour father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom comet thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven hallowed be. Thy name forgive us our tresspasses me and mikal for the is the kingdom power and glory amen

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    BLZiTA 508

    I've watched these so much I can tell you're lying even through text

  • jinred

    How many times you lie in that video officer?

  • Mr. Satyre
    Mr. Satyre

    Tip: she was lying.

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris

    There's reports about you.

  • Ralph Lau
    Ralph Lau

    Exposing the demon also means you get haunted,bullied, and harassed. There's way more than just spotting the lie. It's spotting whether someone is being forced to lie. What about corporations and schools who practice learned helplessness and making learning so painfully difficult that they actually make bots to profit off the backs from instead of inspire to right wrongs.

  • McGruff

    And shes trying to earn your trust as a Proffessional liar oh irony .

  • Cargobob

    Next lession: How to spot a Karen.