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  • Dominic Ramirez
    Dominic Ramirez

    YeAh I might have been screaming the whole time

  • Bigboss1612 Bigboss
    Bigboss1612 Bigboss


  • Yaboylante

    Shhh everyone mute their mics please

  • that one plush guy
    that one plush guy

    My screen is shaking the krakns coming

  • Kimberly McNeely
    Kimberly McNeely

    I went to that event and was on the roof and had a psylocke skin on and it was super cool. (Kind of random but whatever)

  • Snerp

    I loved the event especially when it said failed to connect to server


    First person mode I’m in first person in real life


    Midas is back he came back 2 days ago


    I was like OMG!


    Whoa 😳

    • BLACK



    Who was watching the leaks?

  • It’s me
    It’s me

    I remember watching this live

  • AMV Volt
    AMV Volt

    Is it just me or does this guy sound just like Brent Rivera 😂😅

  • angelica mcqueen
    angelica mcqueen

    forrest gump

  • Desert Knightz
    Desert Knightz

    As all BT Devices say The Doomsday Device Is Ready To Pair

  • Rosa Rodriguez flores
    Rosa Rodriguez flores


  • antz dyez
    antz dyez

    dragostea din tei

  • Mohamed Osman
    Mohamed Osman


  • almazyona71 hosam
    almazyona71 hosam

    r kelly interview

  • Ranjive Mitra
    Ranjive Mitra

    Top 3 comments: Luke Skywalker • 2. months ago (edited) Can we have a moment of silence for people who couldn`t get in. 😞 Edit: Wow people are still replying to this?!?! 👍 1K 👎 ⌨ 467 467 REPLIES ________________________________________________ Samarth Kalra Jonesy said: "how long do you think it will hold?" I think he was taking about the water storm, and it will break at the start of season 3 and the map will flood EDIT : I WAS CORRECT 😀 👍 594 👎 ⌨ 143 143 REPLIES ______________________________________________ Jonathan Becerill I fell bad for those people who didn't got to see it like some of my friends 👍 231 👎 ⌨ 69 69 REPLIES ______________________________________________ *Please like this took forever*

  • DiamondFist

    How were you not lagging i was literally floating in the air

  • BENTHEMAN 5131
    BENTHEMAN 5131

    How the heck do I edit ooooooh

  • TheKingHotDip

    My game lagged out and then said pick a weapon and then it would not let me leave the screen so I could not see the event😡😔

  • maja

    If you flip the ghost logo upside down but not only the big vault is there but it's OPEN so dose it mean the bunker will open FOR ONCE!?!

    • Asser Arnaouty
      Asser Arnaouty


  • TubeHeros10

    I was in there too but i was on top of the device ball

  • BusterGoldHyper

    Me watching this in a storm w\ hurricane

  • daniellejungle

    Look at oro at 4:37

  • Sydney Gamer
    Sydney Gamer

    What channel is a poop pooping I’m not talking to you

  • Mike Snow
    Mike Snow

    I was there with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neutro

    Who ever we were watching is so stupid 🙄

  • nia nadhif
    nia nadhif

    I think Midas is the villain and shadow was trying to safe us from Midas. Midas was human but agent jonesy sent him to the simulation and put lynx to the simulation to a keep an eye on Midas

  • lol bit
    lol bit

    Jules made it all then jules dad or mom is from chapter one or season 1

  • plz gimme 1k-YT
    plz gimme 1k-YT

    Wasn't much of a reaction. Literally like 40 words said

  • Astro Jack
    Astro Jack

    I couldn’t watch it because of my vacation it wasn’t even that good so I missed the event over a stupid vacation

  • Bloodlust Fortnite - and more
    Bloodlust Fortnite - and more

    My friends didn’t see it I did

  • Jdmate Fratus
    Jdmate Fratus

    I’m Aussie got up at 2:30 in the morning and got to see nothing but Midas yelling and no device. I swear epic only put the working device event on streamers not players. No offence to streamers just pissed that couldn’t see event.

  • Christopher MIele
    Christopher MIele

    T5G: Engineer, Midas Lynx Me ; COOL CUP!

  • FaZe trash 0987
    FaZe trash 0987

    You're the best IRbinr and I'm subscribed and I left a like on all your videos and I comment my epic username on one of your videos continue giveaway console

  • Jack L
    Jack L


  • pizzapoke


  • Cinnamo

    who was extremely confused when the timer hit zero and nothing happened but henchman mumbles... ?

  • Planet E
    Planet E

    i saw this LIVE

  • lil potato
    lil potato

    I read the comments and it said that some people couldn't go In. I feel bad for them 😭😢😰🙁☹️

  • Karelis Albino
    Karelis Albino


  • godzilla king of the monsters
    godzilla king of the monsters

    And he said can you hear me because you were out before it took back in

  • godzilla king of the monsters
    godzilla king of the monsters

    6:00 it with the loop the visitor said we are stuck in a loop

  • Sleepy Dogey
    Sleepy Dogey

    I uninstalled fortnite XD

  • Oyuncu Ege
    Oyuncu Ege


  • Mattdeloire 2
    Mattdeloire 2

    Who else watched the event on three different screens for different youtubers

    • lil potato
      lil potato

      Not me gang 😌😂


    That’s his suit not his rival

  • hero hazem
    hero hazem


  • Hassan Mahmood
    Hassan Mahmood

    Bruh. Midas was fighting the storm

  • Megalon9631

    Thumbnail. You kills past you

  • Yasmeen Kamal
    Yasmeen Kamal

    my theories is i think when midas push the storm i think he push it away from the island true the ocean thats how the storm became water

  • Jade Lynch
    Jade Lynch

    Look ey DJ. D. Don nc

  • Perifyz

    I like how quiet you guys were in my vid we were all screaming

  • Dragon Cloud
    Dragon Cloud

    I got in

  • Paul Stafford
    Paul Stafford

    Can we have a rip for the pump shotgun

  • Noah Arnold
    Noah Arnold


  • Noah Arnold
    Noah Arnold


  • ???

    That's like sammoning the ender dragon in minecraft

  • Donnell Abara
    Donnell Abara

    Why isn't this live its called a live event

  • Liberty French
    Liberty French

    Rip agency

  • SnowyTheAlolanVulpix275 Anderton
    SnowyTheAlolanVulpix275 Anderton

    Well i liked the the event cause i got the chance to get two boss weapons and i liked them but then i didi not know what who was the boss

  • The Most Boring Guy EVER
    The Most Boring Guy EVER

    Does anyone remember that there was a video out and it wasn't this,it was like four minutes away or something

  • Ephraim McKenzie
    Ephraim McKenzie

    And when u go I'm Midas room the doomsday device was cracd

  • Cassie King
    Cassie King


  • Cat

    Oh duck I missed the eventttttt

  • Enrique Arteag
    Enrique Arteag

    I. Fell The same

  • Logan Holley
    Logan Holley

    Me and my friend got in like 45 minutes before it started we almost lagged out of the game

  • Skully


  • Darren obyonekinbo
    Darren obyonekinbo

    cool video I make the same kind of content wanna Collab Asap Bro

  • Mhamad TAHA
    Mhamad TAHA


  • nikola khizanishvili
    nikola khizanishvili


  • Charlie Burns
    Charlie Burns

    I’m crying 😢 right now

  • efe arrow
    efe arrow

    i really with i could get in but i couldent

  • Nur Sanver S. Casidsid
    Nur Sanver S. Casidsid

    I think the monster from season 9 is coming back again.... maybe the next one is more powerfull then the last one

  • Isaiah Coalson
    Isaiah Coalson

    Bro the agency was just crushed

  • Macky Wahlla
    Macky Wahlla

    Jonesy is maybe poop And poor???

  • Macky Wahlla
    Macky Wahlla

    Whi is tallk?????

  • Hxne

    Is it just me but we said madledon

  • Baby cod Gamer
    Baby cod Gamer

    He did this all for his daughter

  • TheDiamondDemon YT
    TheDiamondDemon YT

    I'm pretty sure that the device was supposed to push back the storm

  • Elijah Miller
    Elijah Miller

    T5G is ALWAYS right.. I LOVE IT

  • Kolton Sampson
    Kolton Sampson

    can i get a battle pass i’m a default epic Darthmaul12115

  • Chunky Monkey
    Chunky Monkey

    i cannot belive i missed doomsday

  • Lucky Panda33
    Lucky Panda33

    I liked and subscribed but I wasn't gifted the battle pass

  • Ryan Allnutt
    Ryan Allnutt

    Dam he really did his friends dirty "everyone mute their mics please"

  • Melissa Albero
    Melissa Albero

    Omg 😱

  • Hamless

    I was asleep

  • Flaker2rule Gaming
    Flaker2rule Gaming

    At the end his voice changes to a henchmen maybe everyone is talking but we can’t understand them because of the loop

  • The Mega Rocker
    The Mega Rocker

    Imagine if we can use fishing rods and hooks on the storm😆

  • Geemoney

    Yoo the event was epic

  • Corbyn Bowman
    Corbyn Bowman

    Can you give me my skin my fortnight name is Corbkid009

  • Rueger Nowling
    Rueger Nowling

    Pls I don’t have any skins!!! My epic is gcnhuter39

  • ImTheXe

    Man Midas lives water more then gold

  • JJ2rawww YT
    JJ2rawww YT


  • Aldrich Tampis
    Aldrich Tampis

    i think Midas knew the storm was coming and he tried to save the MAP not just the agency but it didint work and the storm became more powerful

    • Aldrich Tampis
      Aldrich Tampis

      and oof the video ended when he was saying something

  • Emily Sanchez
    Emily Sanchez

    Bruh agency was the only thing that was destroyed but everything else stayed the same. It was the new tilted because of how many ppl landed there and now I am sad

  • Josh plays
    Josh plays

    My user mean meal no spaces