FULL BUILD: OBS Chevy K1500 4WD Converted to AWD, Slammed, and LS Swapped!
The start to finish transformation of a stock ’88 K1500 Sierra into a lowered LS-powered all-wheel-drive beast. Truck Tech takes their K1500 4WD and slam it with a 4”-6” lowering kit. LT hoists the tired 350 from the engine compartment for a budget-conscious 5.3L LS.
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  • xelle wyble
    xelle wyble

    Man, my 96 looks Soooo close.

  • Jay Doggie
    Jay Doggie

    Awesome. Only next time find a standard transmission. I also would have liked to see the original 350 engine rebuilt and beefed up.

  • TurboDieselDan

    "Member" when they would spend the extra coin on a 6.0L...

  • Bair Valentin
    Bair Valentin

    I miss the old hosts (OG hosts).Stacy was the best Trucks! host!!! He built works of art!

  • Denver Cct
    Denver Cct

    Everyone time I see a short bed one it 100 dropped

  • CJ

    Not gonna lie the chrome wheels through me off. Aside from that it’s pretty nice.

  • jesus araujo
    jesus araujo

    Any way to get info on that transfer case input shaft?? Let me know please 👍

  • preformancemustang

    What header system did you use??

  • Mike Orend
    Mike Orend

    its crazy how much trucks cost now. dont tell me all this bs about oh they have more safety features and technology...

  • Hammered Halo - Lets build it!
    Hammered Halo - Lets build it!

    😍Just came across your channel and glad I did. Recently found a MINT 93 Silverado so I could use as much advice as I can get. Thanks so much for all the great content. new sub here!😍👍

  • Aiden Simmons
    Aiden Simmons

    Wish i would of found this video sooner... I had been building my 98 k1500 for about two years trying to carb swap it and drop and it and got all the carb stuff done but after so long and no success i lost my drive to finish it and sold the truck


    a wuevo si kemaa 🔥

  • Front Wheel Drip
    Front Wheel Drip

    “Next step: drop and give me 6” you guys are always on fire with the jokes!! Edit: cmon new guy, drilled and slotted rotors = more surface contact?? That’s the exact opposite of what you’d be getting with drilled and slotted rotors. Yes better cooling, but certainly not better brake pad contact. And 100% certainly not better for the life of the brakes. Those slots are in essence the same exact thing you’d find on a vegetable grader, and spurts out brake dust ten fold over stock. F1 cars don’t even used slotted for the reason alone that they would run out of brake pad before their FIRST RACE is even over

  • RailFanning Dude
    RailFanning Dude

    👺 Really, all those commercials. Do you really need them? 👺👺👺

  • Don Stevens
    Don Stevens

    Love this build! As both an Audi Quattro owner and a 4th gen SS owner this is VERY interesting! Great job! Disappointing ending though, would rather have seen it carving up some twisty paved roads...

  • Elder Maxxus
    Elder Maxxus

    I would have put a sub in the middle

  • Sy

    While it does look cool, I can't help but feel that lowering the suspension on a truck is a bit like putting mud tires on a Ferarri. Sure, it might look funky for a moment but in both instances, you're basically taking away the thing that made it great. By that I mean a lowered truck is crap off-road and a Ferrari with mud tire wouldn't be able to take corners at speed making all the performance useless. If you're gonna' mess with a trucks suspension, ALWAYS go up in height. :)

    • 1964Ethan

      The future is now, old man.

  • David Ortiz
    David Ortiz

    New dude is corny

  • Donnie Miller
    Donnie Miller

    Nice work

  • TechGuy

    696 revs per mile x 4.10 x 0.72 = 2054 RPM at 60 MPH or 2400 RPM at 70 MPH.

  • doug i
    doug i

    I don't want to do what everyone else does so let me start with a dumb Ls swap. So tired of hearing about Ls swaps.

    • brycea0225

      I agree. I know 2j swaps are hot right now too but I think that would’ve been really cool to see in this truck. I want to do an om606 swap personally

  • Freddie Salazar
    Freddie Salazar

    The truck was already perfect but then y’all changed the interior and the the grill and lights and made it cringy lol why change it to a GMC? The truck was almost immaculate and y’all made it takuache af, and I like that shit but even my girl was talking shit 😂 y’all could of at least done the seats all black 😢but over all great work, love the over all outcome and would love to build something like this myself💪🏽

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    17 commercials. Yeah um unsubscribed.

  • Genaro Ramos
    Genaro Ramos

    What size of wheels and tires are those on the m/t's?

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan

    Slammed 😂 looks almost stock to me !!

  • MTiger5

    Tailpipes look like shit

  • FILZ F
    FILZ F

    FaVouRite tRUCK in de woRLD...alWAys waNted oNe...DReaM...👊👍😁😊😎😚👌💯🤙!! OL"skOOL!! CheeRz mAte...

  • Tomas Urrabazo
    Tomas Urrabazo

    anyone know the exact tire and rim size of the truck before he lowered it? and like the offset of the wheels and stuff?

    • Drift Bandit
      Drift Bandit

      Looks to be 20x9 with 275/40/20 tires

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez


  • DJohn NineOneSix
    DJohn NineOneSix

    I did that on my 20's but I swapped the 350 for a Mexican 400ss engine. TransGo the transmission. Upgraded the servo piston for a corvette piston. And had it rolling on 245/50r15 bfgoodrich radial T/A Fire on the hands. Plates from JALISCO MEXICO.

  • Larry Daniel
    Larry Daniel

    Like what ya did to the truck, til ya came to the interior.all that money spent on the drivetrain and ya couldn't spend $50 to redye panels and such.what a shame.

  • JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz
    JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz

    Ford's are better

  • Mauricio Luis Vega
    Mauricio Luis Vega

    They put together a truck to put on a shelf because by using it, it is destroyed. Horrible!

  • Cruz Ortiz
    Cruz Ortiz

    Nice AWD Built. I would love to work in a garage like that.

  • puravidandy

    @POWERNATION how would you upgrade to prevent the axle failure in the future?

  • Danny z
    Danny z

    What !!! you guys are here now !!!! thats great . I knew the red chevy was gonna be in great hands !!!


    I've been seeing a truck just like this one. Right down to the wheels in my small town here in Ga. I know this show is based in Tenn. I've wondered if it got sold to someone here in Ga?

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas

    Not even going to watch can see more commercials than any video I've ever seen!

  • martinz1540

    I'm a high skooler and all I have is a beaten up ole Toyota Prius!

  • Stephen Lott
    Stephen Lott

    How much more difficult would this LS + AWD swap be in a c10?


    You need to put the new 427 small block in there

  • Doug Dale
    Doug Dale

    Truck looks brand new....and expensive.....

  • Elias Umana
    Elias Umana

    who els thought porn was playing when the drums started playing 😭

  • Plant Beast
    Plant Beast

    Damn nice thank you for video now I can do my swap.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    They should have left the Chevy Grill on there why convert it to GMC. Badass street truck however. If they were going to use it on a dirt track they should have left it lifted with the off-road tires.

  • ThiccBrz YT
    ThiccBrz YT

    And I’m at home and I want to do it

  • Srt4_69420

    Do a 2nd gen ram please

  • slaytryx

    Old body style? Dumb


    Sick ass truck

  • rs2klee

    Well i love it :) just wished we had trucks and cars like this in the UK

  • Joel mendoza
    Joel mendoza

    It went from a Chevy front end to a Gmc front end?

  • Joseph Dalton
    Joseph Dalton

    Are those ford racing wheels! 🤔

  • HermanatorPC

    "SLAMMED" lol imagine

  • james moore
    james moore

    Can someone please tell me what the OBS stands for?

  • Annie Logwood
    Annie Logwood

    Dam! Thats my first truck. I had a 88 Chev Silverado 4x4, looks just like that. Oh the memories 👍

  • No U
    No U

    Not hating here but can i just say isnt a 4wd truck a awd already that can can choose to be as such by putting it into 4x4 or 2wd...

  • Sand King
    Sand King

    LT is invited to the carne asada, just bring the trokita

  • colin logan
    colin logan

    shoulda went with 98 chevy grill/clear side markers

  • Orin Mancine
    Orin Mancine

    Yeah I don't think any " high schoolers who's trying to upgrade they're first truck " is going to be able to afford half of these mods 🤦🤦

  • RichieT5

    Love this project and all the upgrades you did! I love 80s cars and trucks. Great job JT

  • cheng chao
    cheng chao

    LT needs to go into business making those right hand diff mounts. He'd make a killing.


    Whenever they talk to each other it’s so cringey

  • Pull-to Start
    Pull-to Start

    Sometimes, less is more...

  • Alan ray
    Alan ray

    Joe is a cuuk sukkeerr

  • V8Marc

    Did these fools put FR500 ford rims on a GMC 😆

  • James Aters
    James Aters

    Cherry bombs are better

  • James Aters
    James Aters

    Should at least play the Chevy bowtie on that Grill since of the Chevy truck

  • marcodavila10

    Liked the lifted version better just me tho

  • Adam Chapman
    Adam Chapman

    Real 442 for trucks 400 hp 4 wheel drive 2 doors lol. Thanks for the post keep up the good work from Canada.

  • Tim Maw
    Tim Maw

    Dam! Thats my first truck. I had a 88 Chev Silverado 4x4, looks just like that. Oh the memories 👍

  • Bmx _ Gapper
    Bmx _ Gapper

    4L80E goes 💥

  • Fernando Gutierrez
    Fernando Gutierrez

    I’m wondering how much for a full build like this?

  • Aaron Waltz
    Aaron Waltz

    I also think building exhaust is the funnest part of a build. People look at me wierd but I'm not talking about replacing the Y pipe on a rusty Ford mod motor... I think one place that money is best spent is copper gaskets! Totally reduces chances of leaks. Years ago back in the late 90s I tossed pair of cheap headers on an old sbc and there was a broken stud well chances of a header with broken stud not leaking is usally zero but I used mr gasket copper header gaskets and it ticked like you would imagine but as it warmed up it gradually faded away to nothing and never leaked again! I also reused em several times. The guy at parts store was like these are like $35 you sure you want em and I said absolutely, by time I replace cheapies few times I'm saving money and headache in long run, exhaust leaks suck! best $35 ever spent!

  • Brendon Genini
    Brendon Genini


  • Jack Bootsman
    Jack Bootsman

    exhaust vs trailer hitch?

  • Mario Madriagl
    Mario Madriagl

    Who knows where I can get parts for truck like this ? I can’t find any in my local junk yards.

    • Common Tater
      Common Tater

      @Mario Madriagl in NC they are. I have same problem as you but for first gen Dodge! 😂

    • Mario Madriagl
      Mario Madriagl

      @Common Tater whattt you serious. So chevy trucks in junk yards are a thing ? Cap. Where you from I’m bout to move there.

    • Common Tater
      Common Tater

      Really? Most of my local junkyards are full of Chevys.. 😂

  • Matthew Ames
    Matthew Ames

    Loved watching the Red tide series . Been laid up on the couch for a few days and this helps pass the time.

  • Deartabby 1
    Deartabby 1

    4WD = lift it 2WD = slam....

  • nibbzs15

    Honestly it was worth more sitting AS-IS now its just another taquache truck

    • BLU3

      No it really wasn't

  • Mr GMC631
    Mr GMC631

    Lol I'm subscribed to your personal channel....

  • Kevin Avery
    Kevin Avery

    what about tri coat painting?

  • Oscar Perales
    Oscar Perales

    Yeah I don't think any " high schoolers who's trying to upgrade they're first truck " is going to be able to afford half of these mods 🤦🤦

    • trippen uwuw
      trippen uwuw

      sure they can work your ass off day and night and you got a badass truck

    • Florian Hansch
      Florian Hansch

      I was just thinking this must be the national dept they keep talking about.

  • jagsfanrick

    This is so old. Welcome to the early 2000's and lets lower a truck. Hey man it's 2020 think new bro

    • BLU3

      It came out in 2020 they bought the truck in December

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    This is not Ls swapped

  • Rob Woitowich
    Rob Woitowich

    How much did you guys spend on project red tie?

  • jrobertoelizondo

    Close your eyes every time that new guy Austin come up, you'll be hearing Ron Swanson

  • Rogue Patriot
    Rogue Patriot

    Lowered 4 wheel drive trucks are where it's at. Owner of a Silverado SS.

  • Thomas maurer
    Thomas maurer

    lol. the old 4x4 is much better , ... AWD sucks lol good job guys ... do a 88 - 95 doge Dakota so i can copy you guys ...

  • James Held
    James Held

    bag it

  • Joe Nut
    Joe Nut

    I’m stuck tryna wire up my Holley terminator to my 98 Chevy ls swap 😭😭

  • Kennedy

    My dad has one of these, 95’ completely stock

    • Jeffery Epstein
      Jeffery Epstein

      They are awesome

  • Redneck's Chest
    Redneck's Chest

    I watched untill 12:00! Pra que rebaixar a porra da camionete 4X4? Deixasse do jeito que estava! Tava bonita pra caramba! PQP! Eu fico puto com isso!

  • Mr. Big
    Mr. Big

    You could of made this into a badass mud truck. This is a sought after bodystyle and you made it just like every other mexican truck in houston. Congratz dweebs

  • Jim R
    Jim R

    One question... How did he keep the truck so nice?

  • Outcast Projects
    Outcast Projects

    Super nice dependable truck!Lets see how much less dependable and ridiculous we can make it!!!!

  • Francisco Morin Jr
    Francisco Morin Jr

    Best Show ever!!

  • Jacob Mackenzie
    Jacob Mackenzie

    It looks so good at the beginning with its wheels and tires

  • Louis Babycos
    Louis Babycos

    FWD Pontiac GXP V8 do a transmission swap to a Subaru AWD transmission and driveline and keep the V8.

  • X_DEATHROW_X_17 18
    X_DEATHROW_X_17 18


  • Todd Clark
    Todd Clark

    Now that's cool and I love it being a four-wheel drive and red and low