Funniest Commercials from Super Bowl LV
From a Shaggy rendition to a Wayne's World appearance, these were some of the best commercials from Super Bowl LV.
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The 2021 Super Bowl looked a little different this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, but at least the Super Bowl commercials were still entertaining.
Among the funniest Super Bowl LV commercials featured a Wayne's World appearance with Cardi B, Mila Kunis and Asthon Kutcher's hilarious, and Will Ferrell and his friends. Watch them all here.
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  • Melinda Salinas
    Melinda Salinas

    Wayne's World!

  • Thomas Clark
    Thomas Clark

    Cardi B may be the most annoying human of all time

  • H Max
    H Max

    Numbers don't lie but they deceive, Norway has about 5.5 million people, land area about 148k square miles....that's about the size of Montana..... median household income ( not individual) $51.5 thousand (number 2 in the world) U.S. 368 million people; median household income $43.5 (number 6) E.V. propaganda manipulators...stop with your manipulation of numbers to brainwash americans minds...I know is easy..but wrong.

  • LaToya Matson
    LaToya Matson

    My favorite commercial was the Michael b Jordan and the Alexa... That is hilarious the husband had me dying!!!

  • Kurgan figs
    Kurgan figs

    No among us? Cring

  • Lee Hill
    Lee Hill


  • Christopher Skipp
    Christopher Skipp

    These are not funny; just stupid.

  • onestop cop
    onestop cop

    The sloppy certification accidentally man because tie broadly announce given a aggressive gasoline. present, charming anteater

  • Ryon Hovey
    Ryon Hovey

    Will Ferrell could easily be confused as the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius at this point.

    • Tony Nordin
      Tony Nordin

      Or John David McAfee?

  • Denzel Delinea
    Denzel Delinea

    Yeah that was a great commercial for u,s but aren't we realizing that these thing get more stupider than next

  • Katie Did
    Katie Did

    Kutchner cannot sing. My favorite is the Alexa ad, sexist though it may be.

  • Tahtahme's Diary
    Tahtahme's Diary

    She better watch out before that Alexa ends up in the trash!

  • Lydia Lewis
    Lydia Lewis

    I vote Alexa!🤣

  • Josh French
    Josh French

    The paramount streaming service set of commercials were pretty funny.

  • Christopher Wallace
    Christopher Wallace

    that Alexa commercial was pretty good.




    The Alexa is hilarious

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    will ferrell and awkwafina......the funniest........we'll show those losers............norway.........

  • Russ Boyes
    Russ Boyes

    These were the funniest? When are they gonna stop throwing money at Will Ferrel and letting him think he's funny? This was pathetic at best.

  • hope kikundwa
    hope kikundwa

    Nothing funny here

  • Ambatron Davis
    Ambatron Davis

    Wayne's World all the way.

  • Candes Ok
    Candes Ok

    Not impressed with any of them.

  • J J
    J J

    The Alexa commercial is the only one worth talking about

  • Sire Fuchsalawt
    Sire Fuchsalawt

    Ashton Kutcher cannot sing at all that was awful hahah

  • Cynthia Copland
    Cynthia Copland

    Wayne’s World 🌏 🌍 🌎! Party On! Excellent!

  • HardRockMiner

    Will is #1. Closely followed by Wayne & Garth..

  • Buzzy boy
    Buzzy boy

    Best lame superbowl 😂

  • mrgiovanny

    All Super bowl commercials Sucked @ss! Whatever happened to the"godaddy" commercials those were fun!

  • AtzManz

    i quite liked the "i lost 35lbs on Noom" add... but wasn't sure if it was part of the compilation or just played at the start...

  • Cosmic Gaijin
    Cosmic Gaijin

    The Wayne’s World commercial was the best.

  • F1R3 P0W3R
    F1R3 P0W3R

    Alexa was pretty good. Will Pharrell was okay, Wayne's World would've been better without Cardi B, the rest kinda sucks.

  • Nicole Wesley
    Nicole Wesley

    I love the Alexa ad , shaggy one, and ev one

  • Nefertiti queen
    Nefertiti queen

    Cadillac never fails me, just beautiful cars

  • Nefertiti queen
    Nefertiti queen

    Shaggy ageless

  • Simone Casillas
    Simone Casillas

    These commercials hit 😆 love em all

  • GaRoger's Customs
    GaRoger's Customs

    Tell ya who wasn't the favorite....Wayne's World! Myers looks like he's wearing a rubber mask and the 'humor' died very quickly. If there is another WW movie soon coming then I will know for sure that America is heading into some dark times. :D TSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  • Gordon Strong
    Gordon Strong

    I'm curious, are these the ads Don Jr was crying into his halftime nachos over? If so, why?

  • /-GUMBY-\

    None of these. Brady + Gronk network add was the best.

  • Kinetic Meow
    Kinetic Meow

    Don’t forget that Oatly commercial

  • Yaska Gates
    Yaska Gates

    Alexa by far the best!

  • dReliq

    3:42 she sounds like Riley

  • Hail Sagan
    Hail Sagan

    With the abundance of media that's instantly available and advertisers trying to make a splash year 'round in order to compete with viral videos on IRbin TikTok etc., we just don't live in a time anymore where people can get excited about Super Bowl commercials. Relying on star power just doesn't really cut it. Unless they change their formula and put more effort into being creative, the allure of the Super Bowl commercial will continue moving toward becoming a thing of the past.

  • NP OP
    NP OP

    Bc its expected to be funny, they try too hard now it aint funny and SUUUPER Forgettable

  • SheCrazyHorse312

    It's a tie for me, between SHAGGY & ALEXA👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿... 😂🤣😂

  • Mike Broderick Voice Over
    Mike Broderick Voice Over

    That Michael B. Jordan Alexa forgot to say: "I'm sorry. I don't know that."

  • Fototheier

    These were all awful

  • William Griffin
    William Griffin

    Who played? When was the supersede? Whom had the most new cases?

  • Gee Ohh
    Gee Ohh

    All of them were wack the TIDE one was the best .

  • artdemochannel

    If these were funniest imagine which were borring

  • Joseph Männchen
    Joseph Männchen

    So, by not watching the game, I missed nothing. Good to know

  • ghost dawg
    ghost dawg

    Oh BTW Uber charges local businesses 30% on top of menu and drivers gets F ed.

  • GD Exodus
    GD Exodus

    Four Seasons was incredible 🤣

  • kat Mats
    kat Mats

    People have a right to think what is funny or not. Why are we being told these are the funniest commercials?

  • Little Pumpkin Pie Hair-Cutted Freak
    Little Pumpkin Pie Hair-Cutted Freak

    You hear that Big Oil?! Your Time is Coming!

  • Trim

    Will Ferrell can play bob ross

  • Jay Jare
    Jay Jare

    I liked the State Farm commercial!

  • Nobal

    Among us commercial

  • Carlos Alberto Lino Filho
    Carlos Alberto Lino Filho

    In the case of wife alexa will be henry cavill.

  • Dj 1
    Dj 1

    Who’s that don in the first ad. He’s identical to marten de roon

  • J A
    J A

    I like the eat local Uber eats commercial

  • CSRB

    Things are getting really wet around here

  • Stanneta Prospere
    Stanneta Prospere

    👀I......what would one have to do to get that version of Alexa. Asking for a friend, obviously 😉

  • Hermanni Heinze
    Hermanni Heinze

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  • Rogue Buddha
    Rogue Buddha

    Thank you for proving my point abandoning advertising 110%.

  • MeowCow 21
    MeowCow 21

    Where's the among us ad????

  • Denis Robert
    Denis Robert

    Boring. Offensive. Offensive. Ok. 4 ads, not a good one in sight.

  • Wilhelm Geisler
    Wilhelm Geisler


  • Pedro Herrera
    Pedro Herrera

    This year's commercials sucked It just felt like a regular Monday night football

  • Tony Starks
    Tony Starks

    Don’t remember the ads at all last night

  • Stephen Thompson
    Stephen Thompson

    I had to watch a commercial to watch commercials

  • Juliana Blewett
    Juliana Blewett

    None of these were funny.

  • James Sauce
    James Sauce


  • MsPinkston

    Alexa I like your vessel! 😂😂😇

  • Cam Brt
    Cam Brt

    Wayne's World 3: Party B

  • Clash Gaming
    Clash Gaming

    The Alexa one got me losin it 😂

  • Mason Broadaway
    Mason Broadaway

    Most of the Ads were boring "woke" stuff

  • Lady MF Unicorn
    Lady MF Unicorn

    16 table spoons in a cup. Got it

  • Protronica


  • attack helicopter jr
    attack helicopter jr

    you call this funny? funny how? like a clown? like they amuse me or something?

  • Commander Doom
    Commander Doom

    Super bowl commercials just get worse every year

  • Art Gamer
    Art Gamer

    This year commercials are so cheesy

  • Tristan Stefanović
    Tristan Stefanović

    I think none of these are funny. We've gotten to the point in society where we idolize capitalistic targeted ads and the companies that produce them as "entertainment". These are subliminal, subconscious marketing tactics. And none of them are funny.

  • Chrixtian .26
    Chrixtian .26

    Will did the bed

  • mike nealon
    mike nealon

    4 seasons

  • John Leonard
    John Leonard

    Is it just me, or does Cardi B sound like Riley from Boondocks in this?

  • Eloso Gonzalez
    Eloso Gonzalez

    Somehow I knew, this years Super Bowl was going to be a bust. The National Anthem was horrible. The Half time show was pathetic. The game itself sucked once again and the commercials, with the exception of a few chuckles fell short for me. Bring back the classics! Horses🐎, :Dogs 🐕 and talking frogs🐸! Better luck next year. OH! I forgot! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CBS......... GET RID OF TONY ROMO!!!!!!!!

  • Cybercery

    Me a non american watching this be like:

  • John Oliver
    John Oliver

    If these were the best, I’m glad I don’t watch the Super Bowl. Last year’s Cheetos commercial was much funnier.

  • ashley95126

    Will Farrell is just not funny anymore 😕

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton

    That Wayne's World ad was pretty underrated.

  • Mr. തക്കുടു
    Mr. തക്കുടു

    Cringe worthy

  • Amaanster

    You guys should've also added the Drake from State Farm ad. That one was really funny lol

  • Murat Sarsenov
    Murat Sarsenov

    Lol the Norway we're coming is a great one

  • •.Hðþê•. •.Eʅʅισƚƚ.•
    •.Hðþê•. •.Eʅʅισƚƚ.•

    Crazy how Mila’s voice hasn’t changed at all.

  • billy dingo
    billy dingo

    The person who put together this montage should be fired. What was funny here at all?

    • Oi FeLiX YeAh bRo
      Oi FeLiX YeAh bRo

      The first one was funny. Especially at the end

  • Dylan Dunn
    Dylan Dunn

    Who here didn't understand the Will Ferrell one

    • JackPingYT

      Want me to explain it

  • Audrey Strouse
    Audrey Strouse

    Y’all doing the Fiverr ad dirty, just like the refs did the Chiefs dirty

  • Geronimo1969

    Meine Superbowle habt ihr noch nicht probiert. Das Zeug iss der absolute Overburner welcher sogar das Wasser zum Strahlen bringt und den Fischen Beine wachsen lässt.

  • ShahYT
    ShahYT cute America with your Super Bowl while you're too busy with it the rest of the world focused on Champions League final and everyone just laughed and uninterested by your big event. Even if we don't include the final match and count only the semi final and quarter final match,still would be way bigger than your Super Bowl.

  • ami

    Anyone found the Michael B. Jordan commercial disrespectful? I just felt that if there was a commercial glorifying a woman only because of her looks then there’d be negativity about it. Especially the bit where he takes off his shirt.. not even funny in my opinion, it seems to sexualize men.