Game-Winning Plays That DIDN'T Count!
Best game winners in NFL history that didn't count!
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  • Ethan Hoffenberg
    Ethan Hoffenberg

    It’s good to meet

  • Ethan Hoffenberg
    Ethan Hoffenberg

    Videos are cool

  • Jeremy Linch
    Jeremy Linch

    How would a play with 7 minutes left be a game winning play?

  • Det. luvs Robocop Double A ron
    Det. luvs Robocop Double A ron

    That call against Calvin Johnson was total b*******.

  • Nathan Davis
    Nathan Davis

    I don't understand why everybody is complaining about the Calvin Johnson one it clearly wasn't a catch you have to survive the ground which he didn't you can clearly see that please learn the rules of the NFL

  • Kasey2118

    Notice how much the lions are on here

  • Sean Zombie
    Sean Zombie

    I’m a skins fan, but the Lions got screwed many times here.

  • Michael Gonzalez
    Michael Gonzalez

    5:29 WHAT FACEMASK? He just grazed it with his hand. He didn't even tackle by grabbing it. He grabbed his shoulder pads.

  • Jordan Peele
    Jordan Peele

    So the biggest catch/no catch conspiracy potential playoff game winner cowboys dez bryant vs greenbay is somehow left off this video? Shameful

  • Nina Drumm
    Nina Drumm

    What i dont get about the nfl rules is that " The Ground Cant Force A Fumble But If You Bobble It While Hittting The Ground Its Incomplete??" "SAYING HE DIDNT SERVIVE THE GROUND"

  • RJ Najemd
    RJ Najemd

    Imagine how the Ravens beating the 11-0 patriots would stack up against the biggest upsets in nfl history if Rex Ryan hadn't called that timeout

  • Justin Allen
    Justin Allen


  • Kevin Shepherd
    Kevin Shepherd

    Phantom facemask on Rodgers!

  • amiionrbull

    This is basically watching the Lions lose over and over again 😂

  • Ben Beaulier
    Ben Beaulier

    All I have to say for the lions game it showed is how much did the other team pay the officials get payed to say that.

  • DC RG
    DC RG

    YES THE REDSKINS DIDN'T COUNT! SKOL! *Cough cough* I mean the football team. Oh wait they will always be the Redskins lol

  • Focus 2000
    Focus 2000

    8:42 is so bull as a Steelers fan I’m not trying to be biased but he had possession going down and his knee touch the ground and then he called no catch I get if it’s no touch down but that’s just stupid

  • atomzero1

    7:20 Sweet mercy, will one of you PLEASE block #58!!!

  • MR. 3jays
    MR. 3jays

    Controversial call man..

  • Lil Cheese Stick
    Lil Cheese Stick

    6:02 m Staford: I’m done being a lion

  • April Burris
    April Burris

    I know how did it not count?????

  • GHGaming34

    All I could think about watching this is man it must suck to be a Lions fan😂

  • Nony 8909
    Nony 8909

    At 7:20 the commentator didn’t seem happy

  • Ethan Heath
    Ethan Heath

    Chiefs and raiders game was a joke

  • Squawk Man
    Squawk Man

    8:36 this still blows my mind on how much bullshit that was he had possession and he broke the plain it was a touchdown

  • JTMB.

    NFL really don’t wanna see the lions winning 😂

  • Fl0w

    0:27 there's no way that didn't count

  • jeremye02

    I'd retire too after the NFL called the most fucked up call in history.

  • Bailey Jackson
    Bailey Jackson

    Okay is the a Matthew Stafford highlight film?

  • Jeff Henning
    Jeff Henning

    SF holding against the RAMS wasn't 76, it was 74. Clear as day, the refs even said 74... I honestly hate the announcers more than the referees that control the game

  • LT_ Cookie
    LT_ Cookie

    Mega torn should have won and the Seahawks should have one as a Steelers fan also I disagree the Steelers deserves to win that game

  • Joel Bessett
    Joel Bessett

    The first one he might have made it anyways

  • YT WW_Tim_Riggs_Do
    YT WW_Tim_Riggs_Do

    I love how the Lions are practically every other highlight of this 15 minute video 😂

  • Jackson Obendorf - CCE Student
    Jackson Obendorf - CCE Student

    the Calvin Johnson catch was not a catch bad CALL!

  • Rusheel Anne
    Rusheel Anne

    THat Calvin johnson non-catch was the reason he cowboys lost in 2014 against the packers.

  • TheTot Process
    TheTot Process

    Moment of silence for Megatron getting robbed like that 🤫

  • hockeydude19CPR CPR
    hockeydude19CPR CPR

    I feel bad to say this but my uncle ripped his lions jersey when Calvin Johnson TD no TD and I’m a bears fan lol

  • The Art School Rejects
    The Art School Rejects

    aka Game outcomes dictated by the refs... 😞

  • Noah Green
    Noah Green

    As a chiefs fan why couldn’t Ford just pay attention to where his hand was

  • Mike Elliott
    Mike Elliott

    I love the packersz

  • Blue Skeptic
    Blue Skeptic

    2:54 Chicago won that game anyway

  • Brad Newton
    Brad Newton

    How did the raiders td not count I mean dang

  • Maio nayz
    Maio nayz

    Alternate title: Further Proof of The Bobby Layne curse dicking the lions for 60+ years.

  • J Foxx,
    J Foxx,

    The old Megatron Calvin Johnson rule, lol always said in the playground pickupgame if you said that's not a TD hands will be thrown lol 😂

  • Willyboi Stunts
    Willyboi Stunts

    Bro in my mind on this shit. “IS THE REF REALLY BE SMOKIN THE OUT THE BOUNDS STUFF” bro how is them out of bounds

  • Kerli Alice
    Kerli Alice

    Megatron got robbed

  • I love God
    I love God

    Jesus loves you

  • Daniela Roberts Llano
    Daniela Roberts Llano

    Puta like if bengals are the worsts

  • Nicholas

    I think your title needs some work.

  • Straycat2aj For prison
    Straycat2aj For prison


  • robert c
    robert c

    that OPI on Jimmy Graham is the NFL equivalent of the Luis Suarez flop

  • Austin Wilwayco
    Austin Wilwayco

    Steelers thought they could outMiami the Dolphins. No chance

  • Rory Hoban
    Rory Hoban

    myles jack wasn't down

  • Frosted /
    Frosted /

    It’s been years and still hate how they robbed Calvin

  • ryan doiron
    ryan doiron

    I saw the packers win, threw up a little in my mouth.

  • not Sauer
    not Sauer

    I’m here for the Lions compilation

  • Oscar The Grouch
    Oscar The Grouch

    Can we get a f in the chat for the lions

  • Ariyel Castillo
    Ariyel Castillo

    all i see is the lions taking L's

  • Daniela Roberts Llano
    Daniela Roberts Llano

    how dolphins do that there are mean

  • Daniela Roberts Llano
    Daniela Roberts Llano


  • Curtis Nottingham
    Curtis Nottingham

    The green bay play don’t think should have been on the list cuz Looked like that was good if wasn’t they didn’t show how it wasn’t

  • Wynton Bell
    Wynton Bell

    What are your thoughts about your work

  • Dominic Mitchell
    Dominic Mitchell


    • Dominic Mitchell
      Dominic Mitchell


  • Emperor Penguin
    Emperor Penguin

    I'm surprised the NFL hasn't copyrighted this but great video

  • WsG_Hybrid X
    WsG_Hybrid X

    As a kc fan that offsides hit hard

  • Shaun Baughman
    Shaun Baughman

    10:27 i watched that game live on the tv and i joked to my grandma about the saints scoring when there was no time left and then this happened

  • sean walsh
    sean walsh

    Those Tony Romo plays pretty much summed up his career. Great broadcaster though

  • Carson Harlin
    Carson Harlin

    Ok these should count

  • Jolene Oates
    Jolene Oates

    Antonio browns foot is not out that’s bs and Calvin Johnson

  • Greg Break
    Greg Break

    Imagine how the Ravens beating the 11-0 patriots would stack up against the biggest upsets in nfl history if Rex Ryan hadn't called that timeout

  • DDyupyup

    What about raiders vs chargers

  • Charla Carter
    Charla Carter


  • Jack Sandler
    Jack Sandler

    Video can be changed to WORST CALLS EVER BY MORON OFFICIALS OF NFL AND HOW STUPID NFL BROADCASTERS ARE (EXCEPT for Antonio Brown) Chiefs -Raiders was as pathetic as USA v USSR 1972 Gold Medal Basketball

  • SMF Typsa
    SMF Typsa

    The first dk metcalf one is what lost me the week in fanasty i lost by 1 pt all i needed was literally him to catch the ball and get 10 yds 😡👿👿

  • LKUS

    Jessie James one hurt.

  • Jordan Hawthorne
    Jordan Hawthorne

    jesse james is still a catch

  • William Wroten
    William Wroten

    That calvin johnson one counted no way I would sue the NFL if I was the Lions

  • aida bonuz
    aida bonuz


  • KJ Maurice
    KJ Maurice

    That detroit catch is probably the biggest rip off i have ever seen

  • Rocket25

    Where’s that Falcons vs 49ers game from last year

  • b s
    b s

    i'm not even a Lions fan and that Calvin Johnson touchdown ruled "no-catch" still haunts me

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    Can't have shit in Detroit, not even a touch down

  • Michael Fulton
    Michael Fulton

    i feel bad for those player

  • Nick Victoria
    Nick Victoria

    Add herberts TD throw vs the raiders to this now

  • Benz Gaudiano
    Benz Gaudiano

    If you don’t know how any of these didn’t count you need to watch more NFL. You’re missing out

  • Not Confirmed
    Not Confirmed

    RIP in peace lions fans Edit: I meant what I said

  • Matt Annis
    Matt Annis

    Im not a fan of the lions but damn I feel bad for the lions

  • Krenz Boyz
    Krenz Boyz

    Worst imop was 2016 super bowl playoffs steelers vs patriots when the winning touchdown was called incomplete 8:41

  • Sev3n

    I feel so bad for matthew stafford

  • Fruity52467

    This just shows that the lions are always getting screwed over😂

  • Runningwhite Horse
    Runningwhite Horse


  • Anthony Skoros
    Anthony Skoros

    Another one happened just yesterday with the chargers


    Go Vikings

  • Ollie Nowoski
    Ollie Nowoski

    Megatron got robbed

  • Jonathan Jaynes
    Jonathan Jaynes

    The lineman running the ball with the rest of the line as lead blockers 😂

  • Josh Stewart
    Josh Stewart

    YO the new york vs the Dallas game that just seems unfair

  • Zayden Simon
    Zayden Simon

    No three days ago

  • Zayden Simon
    Zayden Simon

    Two days ago

  • Zayden Simon
    Zayden Simon

    Y’all king von just died

  • Tyler Mac
    Tyler Mac

    Those refs suck