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  • Rexie 100
    Rexie 100

    4:10 finally a South Indian meme ...also my favorite 🤣🤣

  • Gavin Hillman
    Gavin Hillman

    Hell yeah bro

  • Tea n ink
    Tea n ink

    9:44 Haha RT games

  • tasiana malya
    tasiana malya

    Pov: ok so ur playing roblox U have a bond U try to friend them They leave without accept *Sad music plays*

  • tasiana malya
    tasiana malya

    2:38 If you could see in the bus of Fortnite the you could say the same thing about it *I understood it so much i found another game thats almost the same*

  • Astro Zoth
    Astro Zoth

    Thanos be like: 1:25

  • thedumbone

    very relatable

  • United kingdom
    United kingdom

    Social media: ima pretend I didn't see that 2:26

  • Molly_music band
    Molly_music band


  • SmileyFace

    The thumbnail is super relatable he took all my kills and we went to TWO orphanages

  • Flappy Wolf
    Flappy Wolf

    rip tf2

  • Deine Mudder
    Deine Mudder

    Fortnite got 2 stars on xbox store

    • Deine Mudder
      Deine Mudder

      Im happy now


    6:14 Devil and Satan are the same thing am I wrong?

  • FrostyApplez546

    When your in Arsenal and you and you friend have golden knife and you both see the same afk person, me: *Friendship, what’s that?*

  • Hwang Hyunjin
    Hwang Hyunjin

    I think we all know that one kid in the chat.....ya know..... “Get rekt dude ScRuB” “That’s not what your mom said last night” we all have seen that kid. If you are that kid, absolutely FUCK YOU

  • Toasty Toast
    Toasty Toast

    If they steal my kills I will steal their life

  • Wyattyos

    3:15 I had made a bond with someone in among us, but when i asked em for their discord name and number, THE HOST JUST BANNED EM, LIKE WTF.

  • Ezriha

    117 dislikes, what 117 monsters would do this?

  • hiro spiller
    hiro spiller

    Someone stealing your kill is usually more frustrating then actually getting killed yourself. And thats a fact

  • C O R N
    C O R N


  • _italkalot_

    0:23 that's basically me with celeste, wandersong, hollow knight and gris

  • _italkalot_

    0:00 ahem Parsec? Enter the gungeon? Pikuniku? A Hat in Time? JSAB? Rocket League?

  • Da Doggo
    Da Doggo

    Tell me if anybody knows both of the tf2 there is tf2 and tf2 leave a comment if you know. The like goal is 1 and the dislike goal is 5

  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose


  • The Error
    The Error

    Damn that payday 2 got me

  • FS- 7274
    FS- 7274

    Fact : the hole point of the 34th rule of the internet is that no Mater what it is , there is erotica/porn of it

  • The Professional Spy
    The Professional Spy

    me seeing the tf2 bot meme *ironic*

  • The Beka Show
    The Beka Show


  • Luke Midgette
    Luke Midgette

    0:28 I just found that show it’s called aunty donnas big ol house of fun it’s on Netflix it’s amazing

  • A Sonic And Thomas Channel
    A Sonic And Thomas Channel

    3:10 *thomas had never seen such bullshit before*

  • Goose

    8:00 I’m in this video and I don’t like it.

  • Chadx M
    Chadx M

    gamer memes

  • Fabian Dinu
    Fabian Dinu

    6:15 devil=satan. If i am retardet corect ME pls

  • Mark Theseira
    Mark Theseira


  • Gem Fanuga
    Gem Fanuga

    Someone stealing your kill even if you made the most damage is the worst thing to happen to a gamer

  • Nilton Sorto
    Nilton Sorto

    2:13 enemy team: ThIs DudE iS HAcKinG

  • Polarian Cat
    Polarian Cat

    3 days early let’s go

  • Joey4281!


  • GuyFromUkraine

    The thumbnails always make me want to hurl myself in a river and die

  • jacob popa
    jacob popa

    The tf2 one made me cry a little

  • Sven Bängberg
    Sven Bängberg


  • No Yes
    No Yes

    0:22 I can do them all on a laptop Edit: spelling

    • TolzBtw lol
      TolzBtw lol

      Man that's great but when did we ask


    8:11 Bruh

  • Cake_ Eater
    Cake_ Eater

    How the hell does this guy have 2 million subscribers and hasn’t even revealed his voice

  • Hamoz Brothers
    Hamoz Brothers

    6:58 every time i fight a boss in hollow knight

  • IdiotSalmon

    7:59 Me with my F57 in Entry Point: *yes*

  • Isaac Allgeyer
    Isaac Allgeyer

    Rule 34 memes right before a tetris meme aren’t safe

  • RaGe_Rook

    Video Games Don’t Cause Voilence Lag Does.

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer


  • vojtano da pendres
    vojtano da pendres

    Girls:stop talking like a kid Bois:*all of them cries inside,but just fakong it* Finally some free time will be given

  • Logan Kirchner
    Logan Kirchner

    So it is revealed... Clumsy is a gamer

  • Swagger Stories
    Swagger Stories

    Don’t shame the fellow swag gamers, my cousin is 28 and he taught me how to play Resident Evil 3, with confidence I can now say I can’t read a map to save my damn life.

  • Cloud’ Catt
    Cloud’ Catt

    Me: I want a Gaming PC for Christmas! Mom: *gets me a bed* Me: I Wanted a PC tho :( Mom: it’s so you can keep dreaming Mom: T R I K A REE

  • Hegel Guevara
    Hegel Guevara

    2:13 that guy kinda looks like Alex from modern warfare 2019 👀

  • ziutop

    1:15 If gamers will understand then why not F2P and P2P?

  • Kai da smol pea
    Kai da smol pea

    When you're on 1 HP but some other guy has the weakest weapons in the game .

  • Memeland

    The girl who reads memes it's me :)

  • Man of Mystery
    Man of Mystery

    Guys........................................................ I Played tf2 and felt Like I could so anything fun.

  • nathan jae
    nathan jae

    Weaklings i delete my games whenever i loose

  • Big taity boi
    Big taity boi

    0:30 so I stop collecting xp

  • Sora_ #9781
    Sora_ #9781


  • Drew Lamb
    Drew Lamb

    me when my kill gets stolen execute order 66

  • Ender Boiii
    Ender Boiii

    The thumbnail: when somebody steals your kill’ Roblox arsenal players: I DONT HAVE SUCH WEAKNESSES

  • someone

    0:28 jokes on you, i never did play it

  • mariam xizanishvili
    mariam xizanishvili

    Has anyone heard of y8 or friv? I stiil play both of them Edit: r.i.p flash ???? - 2020

  • frogz fog
    frogz fog

    I like to watch your videos when I'm about to go to sleep, but when I finish the video I realize I've already watched your other videos you've posted other days and then I get sad and just rewatch the videos

  • The Pringles Man
    The Pringles Man

    1:11 i dont get that one

  • Loving Life
    Loving Life


  • Garfield

    4:27 this is not relatable, literally everyone knows that, you're not special

    • Eli Watson-Swindell
      Eli Watson-Swindell

      Shut up

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith

    9:45 Sounds like an RTGame thing to me. I saw him do it.

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith


  • gweno

    0:23. i only play on laptop. (not i'm not good) -but...🤷‍♀️

  • Visionare

    9:46 @RTGame yooooooooooo

  • Solar Iguana
    Solar Iguana

    Title idea memes that make doom guy rip and tear

  • RadicalTwelve

    That first meme hit hard for me

  • a veggie
    a veggie

    due to the coronavirus the cloaker will dropkick you for not wearing a mask

  • Onesadcatto

    People: buy PC to play games at higher frame than console Me: buys PC to watch mung daal murder farmers

  • Chris2 Martinqoe
    Chris2 Martinqoe

    Wait... The Devil aand Satan??

  • Pooped Buttercup
    Pooped Buttercup

    8:13 I use CD's.

  • its xSiahx gaming
    its xSiahx gaming

    That Communication meme was spicy

  • NickTheBest

    The first level in Minecraft is Minecraft achievements getting wood

  • TJD03047

    When I kill people the others usually run away screaming not try to steal them. Also why is this for gamers

  • [Ger]KrampfHeli

    4:21 me: get shot with a nerf gun and survives Also me: how many lies have I been told by the council?

  • Ammar mehanovic
    Ammar mehanovic

    *csgo has left the chat*


    5:26 make fortnite swap with apex and have Tetris with the better battle royal mincraft

  • Spartan137

    to all you fortnite kids if Johnson could hear you now he would summon the Unsc "We re going in, get tactical marines"

  • Sultan Atantaev
    Sultan Atantaev

    guys, i am teach English. I am go Amerika, English the best

  • Борис Димов
    Борис Димов

    0:04 "Here lies split screen gaming" I promised I won't cry *cries*

  • AhBum K
    AhBum K

    more... *MORE*

  • dsgasfda asfasdfadsf
    dsgasfda asfasdfadsf

    Welp he dosint know who is agent 47

  • idoNotLick black
    idoNotLick black

    Me: when im half way through defusing the bomb

  • Arya Kahn
    Arya Kahn

    4:48 i still dont know what were her intensions!!

  • Alvaro Uresti
    Alvaro Uresti

    Best way to camp in modern warfare nuketown: have restock on with claymores and also have scavenger with a sniper so you can get the ammo from ppl u kill from the claymores :)

  • Çağan Satıcı
    Çağan Satıcı

    1:45 and after it loads you don't care a shit about your life.

  • Alvaro Uresti
    Alvaro Uresti

    So someone thanked cod for combat? Hahahahahah I got good at apex from lego and nerf guns lol

  • Dale White
    Dale White

    4:30 snipers do more damage than normal gun but most guns are already overkill irl

  • Graham Stonaker
    Graham Stonaker

    My friends call me tank fodder because of my negative kd ratio and bait status

  • Reuben Aching
    Reuben Aching

    2:23 just a choonky boi

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47

    if this comment reaches 10,000 likes ill reveal obamas last name

  • Artemis Willøw
    Artemis Willøw

    My dumbass really pressed Alt + F4.... *My class*.. *My Discord*.. cries