Giannis SHOCKED His Big Bro Thanasis Antetokounmpo Throws Down Monster Putback! Blazers Vs Bucks
Enjoy NBA Highlights, NBA 2k19 Highlights & Great NBA Commentary from Mr.Taliaferro. Pretty much everything NBA is happening here on my platform. Enjoy this video Giannis SHOCKED His Big Bro Thanasis Antetokounmpo Throws Down Monster Putback! Blazers Vs Bucks

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  • FightClub

    Thanasis is pronounced ThanAsis not ThAnasis

  • Alberto Torres
    Alberto Torres

    Antetokounmpo, traveling a lot he did 3 step clearly!!!

  • Edgard Torres
    Edgard Torres

    Arrogant brother’s 👎👎👎Lebron is the best player 👍👍👍

  • Marco Irons
    Marco Irons

    That a travel for Giannis . Lol

  • Jardarius Stitt
    Jardarius Stitt

    No Travel ?

  • Andy Gil
    Andy Gil

    @00:46 how tf didn't they see/call that travel

  • Whyinem

    Oh heck yeah

  • Iwillslapyou sir
    Iwillslapyou sir

    1:10 oh jesus, god dang

  • Biggie Smalls
    Biggie Smalls

    Fuck you bro that was like 2secs

  • Bjorn kerwick Chua
    Bjorn kerwick Chua


  • jhamis cos
    jhamis cos

    Bucks lossser in playoffs

  • 9Treyshots

    AKUMPOOOO if I was 132.5 feet I would be doing the same

  • ヅEman


  • Lexi Seidler
    Lexi Seidler

    What are we talking about

  • Ehh

    0:43 is not a travel you get two steps to the basket but it look like three because of the “gather step” when you pick the back up you get two steps after that but tht first step don’t count as a step

  • Mouss le Grincheux
    Mouss le Grincheux

    What travel....

  • chosen not forsaken
    chosen not forsaken

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    remember when gianis brother got dunked on and curled up on the ground like a baby lol

  • William James
    William James

    Thought for sure the way this was worded that Giannis was the one throwing it down

  • Raj Star
    Raj Star

    Who realised Giannis travelled in that euro step...😂

  • Ty

    You really just clickbaited me like that? 😂 you bogus for this dude smh.

  • YXZ Family
    YXZ Family

    wrong tittle Giannis is th big bro

  • nicolas barrie
    nicolas barrie

    Giannis pulled the Lebron travel 0:45

  • BIGFOOTBEliever

    never new he has a brother

  • Connoriscool

    Do 2 speed 😂

  • Jeremy

    Who here is a Lakers 😁

  • Chris

    0:40 "euro euro euro" is his way of saying "step step step" AKA travelling 😂

  • BR33CH HD
    BR33CH HD

    I thought Giannis was on the Maverick's for a second

    • Connoriscool

      Omg me to lol 😂 😆 😝 I watched them play and I thought it was mavs vs blazer and then I noticed it Said bucks and I was confused

  • Strxm

    Yo his brother lookin a bit like do metclaf

    • Strxm


  • Aldrin Borjal
    Aldrin Borjal

    Travel ! HAHAHAHA

  • TraeJay Blendz
    TraeJay Blendz

    For a second his big bro looked like DJ Metcalf.😂😂😂

  • PK5

    In 2070 people still won’t know what a father step is. U guys honestly need to stop watching basketball

  • Musa Mansa
    Musa Mansa

    That family is dope lol. I think there is another one who is like 6'7 and only 16 or 17

  • Restoration_400

    C'mon refs, we have to get back into calling traveling again 0:44

    • LCTV


  • Quincey 34
    Quincey 34

    I wish they would play him more man

  • Jdot gunna
    Jdot gunna


  • Alex Castillo
    Alex Castillo

    0:44 travel ??

  • yuyuzfool yuyuzfool
    yuyuzfool yuyuzfool

    Giannis must ask the bucks To trade for kostas antetokounmpo And to draft his lil brother alex antetokunmpo Or else theres no ways he stays in milwaukee #frfr

  • Jesse Ramos
    Jesse Ramos

    The mavs did they thing.

  • Thami Biyela
    Thami Biyela

    its a definite travel, all saying its a gather step are wrong, the gather step is made as soon as you make contact with the ball, of which Giannis does at 0:44... proceeds to dribble then throws it forward (still a dribble) then at 0:45 discontinues the dribble (by grabbing ball with both hands), and proceeds to run three steps violating the travel code, making use of his E.U passports, to go abroad.

  • Gregory Bullock
    Gregory Bullock

    @0:47 he took 3 steps. That’s a darn travel

  • Fly Trap
    Fly Trap

    I pray who ever read this become successful 🙏❤️

  • Edgard Torres
    Edgard Torres

    Arrogant Brothers !👎👎

  • Mhamini Cake
    Mhamini Cake

    45sec take to much steps

  • GodLovesYou

    > It just me or don't Giannis brother look like Dk Metcalf in the thumbnail 😂

  • Gamerzroy NoINTENTION
    Gamerzroy NoINTENTION

    Kostas : I'm the older brother now.. Thanasis : Hold my beer

  • Isaiah Smith
    Isaiah Smith

    He definitely traveled on that drive to the basket

  • Troy Bradley
    Troy Bradley

    Whyyyyyuuuu do they make those ugly ass faces🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • YPOO LOSkOii
    YPOO LOSkOii


  • Gab Inidal
    Gab Inidal

    Gather my @$$ that is straight up travel!

  • justwatchmate

    Travelling around Europe

  • Hxvoc .
    Hxvoc .

    0:45 bro clearly travels

  • Nelly Nell
    Nelly Nell

    Sooo Ain’t Nobody see the three steps 😭😭

  • Simpleng Youtuber
    Simpleng Youtuber

    Travelling along the road.

  • Tyree Mcleod
    Tyree Mcleod

    You right that was a Euro Euro Euro 😂😂☠️a straight travel 🤣

  • Francis Reuben B Belga
    Francis Reuben B Belga

    Mans underrated and this guy underrated his vids go viral but yet why no one subbing

  • Emonewre Erwin
    Emonewre Erwin

    0:45 its clean not travel 0step getting the ball 1,2 step clean to hold the ball

  • Chaplain Win
    Chaplain Win

    Dame Time was on a Time Out ....

  • Demarion Coats
    Demarion Coats

    So this not DK Metcalf

  • WetRee

    is 0:44 not a travel??

  • Rhea Strawhat
    Rhea Strawhat

    sooooo OA hahha

  • Juan Taco
    Juan Taco

    Why tf did I think that was dk metcalf😂😂

  • JU Marie Bautista
    JU Marie Bautista

    Nakakasum-ol na highlights, dunkin brothers

  • Jonah Pharaoh
    Jonah Pharaoh

    I'm starting to think refs don't know what the fuck a travel looks like anymore

  • mervz icool
    mervz icool

    Officials should review Giannis 1-2-3 steps...that’s freakin travel man! That is not euro steps anymore..he did it all the time but no officials callin out for it? Wtf...

  • Laura Hamilton
    Laura Hamilton

    He looks like Dk metcalf lol

  • Ramon Rufon III
    Ramon Rufon III

    Euro euro euro? That's a freakin travel!

  • Terka Terka
    Terka Terka

    That’s was a big ass travel 😂😂

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez

    why he look like d.k metcalf

  • Carl Justine Abergido Manalo
    Carl Justine Abergido Manalo


  • Mark Arvin Romero
    Mark Arvin Romero

    Nice trio step, i mean euro step.

  • Jack Arthur
    Jack Arthur

    Portis is literally the most hype player and I’m all about it 💪🏻

  • Ty Maller
    Ty Maller

    Why does Thanasis look like Dk Metcalf lol?


    “Greek Freak Euro !!” 😳 that was the hugest travel lol

    • LCTV

      Not a travel

  • nyc now
    nyc now

    Its crazy how no one would be able to stop Giannis, Westbrook or Simmons if only they had a jump shot

  • Soren Krantz
    Soren Krantz

    who else clicked on the video just cuz the title didnt make any sense

  • ZaeGriff

    That nigga traveling

  • Soaring Diamond
    Soaring Diamond

    0:43 I’m not the only one who saw that travel am I 💀💀💀💀

    • Theo Roach
      Theo Roach

      That’s not a travel lmao

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto

    Click bait

  • Tr3aY or 3
    Tr3aY or 3

    1:10, thank me later.

  • S Hyde
    S Hyde

    I love there brothership its so cool

  • Edwin Aviles
    Edwin Aviles

    How did the ref's not catch that huge travel by Giannis? He could have walked across the Red Sea with those steps lol

  • Chris Austin
    Chris Austin

    That travel is just nasty... NBA Fantasy back at it again.

  • Cońo Ńema
    Cońo Ńema

    I like giannis but he better get ready to deal wit philly n bk

  • LethalAssassin V3
    LethalAssassin V3

    Easy travel but its NBA where travel doesn't metter

  • john V
    john V

    arent you bored complaining about travel? NBA referes never call that as a travel pls stop it i can show you 100 plays like that

  • jeff mom
    jeff mom

    Thanasis looks like DK Metcalf

  • Tortang Talong
    Tortang Talong

    fvkin travel

  • ninja Xpress Citra Raya
    ninja Xpress Citra Raya

    That video tittle is surely makes me confused. Who shocked who?

  • Rochana 23
    Rochana 23

    ho ber

  • Two Ball Cents
    Two Ball Cents

    Thought I am on Highlights. Bro nice content

  • Flexington

    ending had me dead "he cant believe his team won by a lot" 😂😂😂😂

    • clement manamarah
      clement manamarah

      He's there. You're here!

    • Ty

      Right. Because he can believe his brother made that mediocre ass put back dunk...

  • kun armakun
    kun armakun

    #1 team in the elims ... im sure they cant go past 1st round again this season? just sayin' MIL has been choking for 2 years ...

  • Konstantinos Perifanos
    Konstantinos Perifanos

    Do people even know the rules of nba? Why is everyone in the comments saying travel when they know shit😂

  • Volume_ Jayyy
    Volume_ Jayyy

    if giannis brothers actually got the minutes that they needed they would be beast

    • Billy Nation
      Billy Nation

      Dude no

    • High Tide
      High Tide

      @Volume_ Jayyy all those guys were first round picks and were young when they weren’t getting minutes. This is thannasis like 7th team and he’s older too. The dude isn’t good

    • damara pramesti
      damara pramesti

      Ha ha ha, nice joke

    • Pahanin

      He too small

    • Epoxy Arts 93
      Epoxy Arts 93

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis

    This rotation does not work, come playoffs Giannis is in trouble again, only has one superstar.

  • Irie Daze
    Irie Daze

    Why Giannis so lightskin compared to his brother? Lol

  • Jason Timpson
    Jason Timpson

    Let me get this straight: So. It's Giannis and Thanasis? I'm weak.

    • Jeremy


  • SJ - 09ZZ 710108 Castlebrooke SS
    SJ - 09ZZ 710108 Castlebrooke SS

    What is the name of the beat???