Gibi ASMR | vibing with my dog (all about my Swiss Shepherd!)
"CRONCH MONCH CRUNCH CRONCH" - Satine in this video
Hello everyone!! We got Satine when she was 12 weeks old, she's now 6 and a half months old -- and this was the first time I felt like I could get her settled enough to film a whole video in my room LOL
Satine is a Swiss Shepherd, or a Berger Blanc Suisse
She is supposed to be 65 pounds when full grown (almost there!)
She LOVES people and other dogs but isn't super snuggly, just likes to be around
I would not recommend getting a puppy to most people LOL. I knew it would be a big responsibility but its truly understated. Taking care of her is the majority of my day when she's not at daycare!
She uses a Bully Buddy with her bully sticks! This helps so she doesn't choke on the tiny piece at the end.
Watch Emily Larlham on IRbin (Kikopup)!! irbin.infovideos
Dog Training Advice & Support Facebook group:
Yes that is a Shrek cardboard cutout
let me know if you have any questions!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gibi ASMR
    Gibi ASMR

    Thank you guys so much for the love!! I have been working on a little memorial vid but it was hard to edit too soon, so I think I'm ready now! Our little 15 year old blind/deaf/medically challenged chihuahua Luigi passed away in July (actually a month AFTER we got Satine, so they did spend some time together!). We will always love him more than anything and I thank you so much for your noticing his absence, because I notice it every day! So Satine is our only dog and it'll probably stay that way until I cant resist and get another tiny senior rescue lol... but until then! Enjoy this vid :) RIP Luigi buddy

    • Lunarshine 2007
      Lunarshine 2007

      He's in heaven waiting for you :)

    • Mathias S.
      Mathias S.

      I miss Hubert, he was a white Swiss shepherd too

    • London Kai
      London Kai

      i was wondering where luigi was, sorry for your loss gibi! 💕

    • Reel Steel Robot Twins
      Reel Steel Robot Twins

      Such a cute dog 🐶

    • Amjad Hussain
      Amjad Hussain

      @M Rodriguez true 😭

  • Locke Ender
    Locke Ender

    I came for the cute, fluffy dog. I stayed for the cute, fluffy dog.

  • Spazmoid

    Gibi I hate inform u but this is not vibing, a assassin will be dispatched to deal with u soon

  • Kyla Hamre
    Kyla Hamre

    Where do you get your bag of bully sticks?

  • the toon sheikah warrior
    the toon sheikah warrior


  • Harry Daynes
    Harry Daynes

    Dog? Werewolf mate😂🤣

  • Katherine English
    Katherine English

    as yes, a floofy saltine

  • The Perfect Pair!
    The Perfect Pair!

    OMG I laughed sooooo hard when you said, “she has a lot of phnom.” (Not sure if that is how you spell it) the reason why I laughed so hard is because I was thinking the whole time after gibi said something about her needing to be around everyone all the time. The thing is I am not at all like that but I have family members that go way past that. Anyways, sorry for bad grammar. I am not awake really. Just laughing. I am alive tho.

  • CORPSEsimp

    32:55 me and my friend having a sleepover and her reaction after i said i was tired 2 minutes ago but now i’m a crackhead

  • qwertyuiop asdfghjkl
    qwertyuiop asdfghjkl

    my name is satine so this is so trippy lol

  • Seymur Tagiyev
    Seymur Tagiyev

    Ermani veşiliyi

  • Some weird hobo
    Some weird hobo

    If only my birb loved me as much as your dog loves you lol

  • Aishani Gupta
    Aishani Gupta

    omg how did you teach her sm tricks already?

  • Matheesha Weerakoon
    Matheesha Weerakoon

    My german shepherd is eating my leg now :'(

  • D Flat
    D Flat

    Dogpill confirmed

  • Erin Rene
    Erin Rene

    I mean the thing about leaving your puppy alone. I left my German Shepard mix alone in a crate for my 8 hr school day when i was in high school. Granted he would immediately be stuck to my hip after that... would sleep with me. He doesn’t have ANY issues being alone at home now. And he’s 5 years old. He doesn’t get into anything or chew on anything or potty inside. So people use the crate training because it does work. If you use it correctly.

  • Wolf jacket 5
    Wolf jacket 5

    Satine is such a cute and pretty dog I love her already

  • SkyBeats

    She looks like Bolt.

  • melody alinia
    melody alinia

    The puppy is so cute 😊

  • Mathias S.
    Mathias S.

    I miss Hubert, he was white Swiss shepherd too


    No one: The dog: *_✨m o n c h g o b r r r r r r r✨_*

  • Edmund Blackadder
    Edmund Blackadder

    Aww she's the best, give her a kiss from meeee!!

  • drex_jj

    I love that dog

  • Jack Swearingen
    Jack Swearingen

    Wow, Satine is from Rebels. Not clone wars

  • Jürgen Conrad
    Jürgen Conrad

    Hell yeah clone wars is fire💥

  • Annabel Lea
    Annabel Lea

    She such a ball of fur, love, cuteness 🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE HER 😍🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Wasn't there's dog named luigi?

  • Layne Perkins
    Layne Perkins

    Yeah so, not to be creep or anything, but like, can I come over and pet your dog?

  • Kriegblitz Jaeger .50 BMG
    Kriegblitz Jaeger .50 BMG

    So she’s like a German shepherd but more neutral, and hasn’t invaded numerous countries.

  • Joe W
    Joe W

    She's Awesome ! :D She could be a formidable companion for Hugo ! Maybe you should match her with Lauren (Scottish Murmurs), Dogo ;) Take care.

  • Muhammet Şamil ***
    Muhammet Şamil ***

    İt s gonna die... Like everyone

  • Scalamaster Electros
    Scalamaster Electros

    Like you know that a sheperd dog needs sheep rhite

  • gta5guyz boyzz
    gta5guyz boyzz


  • Happily Ever After Hanna
    Happily Ever After Hanna

    YES! She’s named after duchess Satine!!!😆 Sorry I’m a huge Clone Wars fan! My dog is named after Chewbacca from Star Wars

  • Josie Duffy
    Josie Duffy

    Layered ASMR???? lol love you Gibi!!!!

    • Josie Duffy
      Josie Duffy

      Also love your dog, soooo cute ❤️🥺

  • ashwater skydust
    ashwater skydust

    Oh my god she is *such* a beautiful dog. Literally couldn’t look away for like 20 minutes and I have no idea why. Love her. Lovely sort of thing to do when you’re stuck in bed sick, just sit there and watch someone talk about their doggo.

  • SophieK

    oh she is absolutely beautiful🥺 she’s literally a soft, cuddly walking cloud🥺

  • JimtheCornFarmer


  • h o l l y l e a f
    h o l l y l e a f

    What a funny fluff baby!!

  • Magnavox1972

    Your dog is Satin??

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    Luciérnaga Asmr

    Me lo como!! Es precioso!

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    Kathryn Fischmann


  • R3DD0GQ [BW
    R3DD0GQ [BW

    I wish I had a dog like that 😣

  • Andromeda Studios
    Andromeda Studios

    That is one big, yet, adorable floofy doggo.

  • Marty Mclovvin
    Marty Mclovvin

    What a stupid name 4a dog Satine....LAME!!!

  • Aidan Vaneetvelde
    Aidan Vaneetvelde

    Cute dog

  • xSKU11

    I had a doberman. Sadly, he had to go in February:)

  • Seamus Howling
    Seamus Howling


  • miischixf

    can i join with the floof

  • Nikkseashores

    Great now i have another dog breed on my wish list haha

  • MrHype 60
    MrHype 60

    So cute 🥺

  • Reel Steel Robot Twins
    Reel Steel Robot Twins

    She is so cute. I have a dog too. It's a boy. His name is Lucky

  • AirConTechLtd

    I dont like eanething other than that lovely dog



  • Grey Smith
    Grey Smith



    Shepherd that name *remembers ghost death*

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    J Savvyyy

    Awwwww so cute❤️❤️❤️

  • Brandon Collins
    Brandon Collins

    I love your dog gib asmr

  • Gaming Chromium
    Gaming Chromium

    Your dog is so cute 😅

  • nothinudontknow

    Only way to stop her from ruining things is to not give her access dog eats whole in wall

  • Katie Dziepak
    Katie Dziepak

    Wait! Satine and I have the same birthday month and day! :) I feel so special! Gibi, I will remember Satine's birthday forever. Thanks for this fun video!

  • Gerson Ferreira
    Gerson Ferreira


  • Gerson Ferreira
    Gerson Ferreira


  • Allison

    Gibi I just have to say that it is so refreshing to see someone with influence using legitimate training resources. Thank you for putting the time into educating yourself and putting out this video to help educate others. This makes me so hopeful for the future of pet ownership! - best, a veterinary student

  • Crystal Owl Gaming
    Crystal Owl Gaming

    OMG that is one cute dog!

  • P.S.

    Could not find this asked anywhere - which breeder is she from? Mostly short coated white shepherds are for sale in the US. Please help, as I was looking for a breeder for a few years, and after I chose one from Europe, coronavirus came

  • Frances Santiago
    Frances Santiago

    Your beautiful marshmallow cloud is so adorable!

  • Andromeda Studios
    Andromeda Studios


  • hey, it’s Pugey
    hey, it’s Pugey

    gibi i’m sorry that’s not no dog, that’s a wolf, those paws are GIANT

  • Donutsandmusicaltheatre areamazing
    Donutsandmusicaltheatre areamazing

    Can confirm that German shepherds can also be very very friendly to strangers, though they are hella devoted to their family. Shepherds are super smart and they need tons of enrichment and entertainment or they can get destructive and super naughty, and they don’t grow out of that need for years. Satine is super gorgeous, and judging by those feet she’s going to be gigantic. Shepherds are pretty demanding dogs-they don’t like being left alone, thrive on two walks a day and need entertainment as mentioned, but they’re so worth it! My grandpa has a huge black German Shepard and he’s a massive sweetheart.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Ohhhhhh, when you said vibing with your dog I thought...well nevermind.

  • Sam Dickerson
    Sam Dickerson

    The crazy thing is that my dog is like 10 months old and isn’t even half the size of Satine.

  • OG SturmTiger
    OG SturmTiger

    1:35 Ben is obviously the pinnacle of husbands.

  • Swift 2
    Swift 2

    All I hear is chewing the whole video lol

  • liza clark
    liza clark

    OUR DOGS HAVE THE SAME NAMES! She just turned one on Halloween ❤️

  • Bon Orange
    Bon Orange


  • Kathi Holland
    Kathi Holland

    OMG! I've had 3 white German Shepherds in my life, they are the greatest! So intelligent too. What a beauty! Can you tell me the name of her breeder? I've been looking to get another pup for a while. They are recognized in the UK. No, they are not recognized for competition in AKC however they are pedigree and awesome! Wow, seeing her really made me miss my Halo as well as Angel & BoBo. They have such unique personalities. My Halo lived for swimming and daily walks at the dog park. I always used a harness as well as a collar for her tags but on walks the harness was much safer & comfortable. I also would make her sit/stay while I hid a dozen of her favorite treats in the house and she'd wait for my command before retrieving all of them. She also would retrieve her many toys by name & always got it right!

  • Skull BeautyASMR
    Skull BeautyASMR

    Beautiful dog!!!

  • the kendama channel
    the kendama channel

    I have the same dog

  • Erik Norén
    Erik Norén

    Also, i would say this was relaxing. Not sleep inducing maybe (maybe because i don't use ASMR that way), but relaxing, yes.

  • Erik Norén
    Erik Norén

    *Gibi does leave it and gives another treat instead of letting Satine have the one she's supposed to leave* Me: oh. Never thought about that. Is it so she doesn't associate that the leave-it-treat is hers?

  • Chris Rivera
    Chris Rivera

    Thx Apple. For ear raping me

  • Jennifer Marie
    Jennifer Marie

    Does the Husband make IRbin videos too?? I’m sure a subbie will comment.

  • Corben Peach
    Corben Peach

    My dog’s resting heartbeat is 748292:994489:0292474849302@2487484929385935783 I think so occasionally it looks like he isn’t moving but he’s actually running and I live in Indiana for context but my dog started the California wildfires on a jog here and back



  • Kenan Sheppard
    Kenan Sheppard

    Now THAT'S a big dog . So kawaaaiiiii

  • HRM

    You Need Go get another one called obi wan 😂

  • Llamers VEVO
    Llamers VEVO

    Oh my god. my dog has those exact same bully sticks and the holder lol!

  • Omar Kamel
    Omar Kamel


  • Styj

    I could never give my dog a bully stick. Just can’t think about the fact that it’s made out of bull penis

  • Nissim1795

    I love her

  • Kayver Outdoors
    Kayver Outdoors

    Watched this for a midday nap. Woke up to the cat on my lap staring so intently. Within a few seconds she was batting the screen trying to get to her new friend. 12/10, wholesome content!

  • lance Mclaurin
    lance Mclaurin

    She do be eating

  • Lonell Goat
    Lonell Goat

    Hii everyone my dog died in Saturday and I didn’t find out until today so can u please bless my family 😭💔 his name was punch plz bless me 💔💔🥺😭😭

  • Sean Conners
    Sean Conners

    Ah, the Dutchess.


    She's like a daughter

  • Clariflower Hern
    Clariflower Hern

    She is so calm i have a german shepherd and he is to wild and wont stay still in the bed


    Gibi talking is ruining the asmr smh

  • Gryphon McKardle
    Gryphon McKardle

    Lmao it’s Naga