Godzilla Vs Kong - Angry Trailer Reaction!
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AngryJoe vs OtherJoe, Godzilla vs Kong! WHO WILL WIN! Our Reactions to the EPIC Trailer! ANGRYJOE IS ANGRY THOUGH! Find out why!
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  • Kaiden Naidoo
    Kaiden Naidoo

    The music is shit

  • StrawHatWolffy

    Thumbs down for Joe and a thumbs up to little Joe 🤣. Kong bows to no one 😉.

  • Dingus V.2
    Dingus V.2

    When is this coming out again

  • Master Aron
    Master Aron

    That's Mecha-Godzilla

  • Crazy Productions
    Crazy Productions

    React to the second trailer and you will be happy.

  • JKnifeXXX

    I bet they both end up teaming up

  • Jonathan Sharp
    Jonathan Sharp

    Godzilla is a good guy! He saved the world from Mutos in 2014, and he saved the world from Rodan and King Ghidorah in the last movie! Kong makes friends with some humans....ok....but did he save humanity as a whole? I think not!

  • Big_Mak _Jak69
    Big_Mak _Jak69

    I get that Joe loves Godzilla but you can't bring Kong into the movie just so he can be a punching bag and be killed within the first 30 minutes, and by the way Godzilla IS still the good guy I think something happened to him that's making him act up maybe he's being controlled by someone or someTHING? It wouldn't make any sense what so ever for Godzilla to just become the bad guy for no reason, I guess we'll find out.

  • edwin The Pirate
    edwin The Pirate

    Yaaaaaaaa yo thar what I was saying man but watch the othe trailer godzilla whoops kong ass

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf

    yo there are newer trailers for Godzilla VS Kong out Now! Check Em Out Joe Bros :D

  • Ethan Vallance
    Ethan Vallance

    That’s one of Godzilla’s spikes from his back in the axe.

  • ZSHANO786

    As a Godzilla fan, I’m just gonna say that Kong has never been a full on bad guy. Godzilla has. Add the fact that he is by far the more intimidating monster (judging off of his entire history of films), and it makes sense to make him the “bad guy” (even tho I’m sure he’ll end up good by the end).

  • GojiFan1985

    It’s a trailer, obviously there will be humans. We need plot development.

  • keving people
    keving people

    Actually kong kinda wins and was good guy at the first kong vs godzilla movie in japan

  • Dominus

    Im on team kong because honestly i think godzilla could win easily.

  • Siko-Society

    Dude meca Godzilla’s gonna be in it how much you wanna bet it’ll end with some bullshit like they both team up beat mech and then become friends. Remember the director said there’d be a winner but he never said that it could be both gidzilla and King Kong makes sense this is what they’d go for if they wanna go for sequal

  • Doom Slayers
    Doom Slayers

    Godzilla- King and god of monsters, a living nuclear reptile which melts faces off the monsters with atomic breath. Meanwhile...... Kong- Monkey do kow pow 😂😂🙊🙊

  • 08aoc

    *Humans blow up Godzillas home* Humans - Godzilla is hurting people and we don't know why?

  • Hunter Janky
    Hunter Janky

    I am seeing this in theaters

  • Eric DiCocco
    Eric DiCocco

    theyre right about there being too much human stuff. it is more of an issue when the human stuff is bad... i liked bryan cranston in the first one but he dies pretty early and every human character since has been bad. regardless they are a little too obsessed with the no human stuff. the movie would not work without humans the dialogue is what progresses the movie

  • Deyonkersny

    King Kong is the underdog but i hear most ytbers say it might be Mechagodzilla in disguise...and by the the green hornet was the hero of the show in the U.S. while Kato was the hero in China..

  • Yaygen Mills
    Yaygen Mills


  • William Allen
    William Allen

    I’m calling it, plot twist: It’s not Godzilla, it’s a cybernetic Mecha-Godzilla in a skin(Like a Godzilla terminator). So it’ll look like Godzilla wins against Kong, but the real Godzilla will show up when Kong looks beaten and he and Kong will open several cans of whoop-ass...

  • William Allen
    William Allen

    I’m an old school Kong fan-all the way back to the Bridges Kong I saw when I was a kid. I love every version-even the stupid Toho ones. So, I’m in Kong’s corner. He’s a more interesting monster than Godzilla. Godzilla just smashes stuff, Kong actually feels emotions. That’s why he’s a sympathetic character and Godzilla is just a monster...

    • Standard Yip
      Standard Yip

      You’ve never looked in depth to Godzilla have you? He doesn’t just smash buildings there’s a reason why Godzilla exist and why he does the things he does

  • Justin Jimenez
    Justin Jimenez

    Team kong 🦍‼️

  • But Flesh and Faith
    But Flesh and Faith

    If memory serves correctly, the original mechagodzilla was wearing "godzilla skin" when he first showed up and started destroying the city. This could possibly be the case in this movie which would serve as a way for both Kong and Godzilla to win. I'm with Joe on this one. If Godzilla loses, I'm going to be pissed off. He is the king of monsters, and there is no way Kong could even measure up to the monsters he has defeated in previous films.

  • siphoncifer

    Girl from stranger things kills it

  • Abramz YT
    Abramz YT

    Who else is waiting for him to do the next trailer


    yu have to react on international trailer

  • Jonathan Hunter
    Jonathan Hunter

    Joe is angry Godzilla is a bad guy. Does anyone remember the first Godzilla movie made? Compare that to the first Kong movie ever made. Which would seem more innoscent?

  • Raphael Kanaka
    Raphael Kanaka

    Kong fans is: calm,nice,hope godzilla survived the axe smash Godzilla's fan is: leadership,anger,wants kong dead

  • The one who Is Many
    The one who Is Many

    Chill my guy,chill. They didn't make Godzilla evil in this one even tho Godzilla is not good or evil at all. This incarnation of Godzilla is an alpha predator,that protects and upholds the natural order and balance of the planet not necessarily good or evil.If you look at 00:04 it's so obvious what enraged Godzilla. The construction of Mechagodzilla. That is not only a direct threat to his reign and an affront to the natural order, it's definetly too much power for the humans to handle on his watch. And if it's made with Ghidorah's bones that's even more reason why Godzilla is pissed off.

    • Warkite88

      If only AJ, a fan of Godzilla, would know that right? I hate to admit but these videos on Godzilla show time after time AJ may not be a big fan as he claims to be. The lore is easy to understand, and yet, AJ doesn't get it.

  • Leo Kayima
    Leo Kayima

    No its cuz kong is better 10$ on kong and there's a rumor Mechagodzilla will be in it

  • Tom Wild
    Tom Wild

    GODZILLA all the away 🐲

  • Carter Hughes
    Carter Hughes

    I honestly really like the music in this trailer. It fits the tone of the movie perfectly: big, over-the-top, don’t take it too seriously, turn your brain off and enjoy it

  • Mike Cat
    Mike Cat

    @ Joe, I have a theory that Godzilla is chasing the severed head of Ghidora. I believe Mechanic-Godzilla is in it and both Godzilla & Kong have to fight both Mech & Ghidora

  • Eli Leyba
    Eli Leyba

    I’m with Other Joe. Team Kong 4 Life!

  • Prime Boss228
    Prime Boss228

    actually kong is full grown in this movie

  • Rebel Alliance
    Rebel Alliance

    I’m calling it right now.... Fifty bucks says he hates this Film, and goes off on a rant about the Monster Fights being cut away.

    • Rebel Alliance
      Rebel Alliance

      @Warkite88 In (2014), it made sense, because San Francisco was in complete blackout. And I've been in many blackouts in my neighborhood, and it's that dark. In King Of The Monsters, there was light, because the Storm Ghidorah created was constantly flashing lights from lightning.

    • Warkite88

      @Rebel Alliance I do remember Gidorah does create storms because of it's body. The body creates electrical currents, making water vapor heat up and creates storms. Also, the skin acts as a conductor that carries bioelectrical currents through the body. If there was a reason, dumb or not, that is why the battles were always in the dark...except for the first battle in Antarctica.

    • Rebel Alliance
      Rebel Alliance

      @Warkite88 And the " STOP COVERING THE MONSTERS IN DARKNESS OR STORMS OR BULLSHIT! " while the Titans are clearly visible with clever lightings. Lol

    • Warkite88

      Don't forget about "to many humans here. we don't care about these characters".

  • Christopher Diaz
    Christopher Diaz

    Even kaiju films are linked to politics. In Kong vs Godzilla, Kong was meant to represent America; in thia film, I think he's getting more 'respect' as Kong was the first ever giant movie monster in 1933. I think Godzilla is going to win while they team up against Mechagodzilla.

  • Shin Edgelord
    Shin Edgelord

    Everyone talking about who will win in this movie while I am here thinking about who the big boss is going to be in Godzilla vs Kong....... Is this Invasion of Astro Monster all over again? Xilliens in the MonsterVerse?

  • matt tillyer
    matt tillyer

    King of Tokyo

  • coxy

    When kong punches Godzilla on the boat he looks the same size as Godzilla which I found odd as I thought Godzilla was supposed to have the size advantage. Also in this trailer Godzilla doesn't land a single hit on kong lol.

  • Spider-Man And Pals
    Spider-Man And Pals

    It is bullshit look 3:31

  • Mr. LoneWolf
    Mr. LoneWolf

    There is a Japanese version...just a little bit different

  • El Chapo
    El Chapo

    It’s all fun and games until Mecha Kong shows up

    • Standard Yip
      Standard Yip

      That’s a possibility I mean like he was done before why not do it again lol

  • CastleBelmont 31
    CastleBelmont 31

    Yo Joe you should check out the GODZILLA vs KONG the japanese trailer there's some new clips in this one and it's better.

  • Mekhi Brandy
    Mekhi Brandy

    4:06 dude is still angry about Superman being a bad guy and he’s doing it to Godzilla

  • Patrick Robie
    Patrick Robie

    That trailer is fucking bullshit What is stupid thing to do if they kill off Godzilla . Director, ( Oh shit wait now we can’t make any more money dammit!)

  • Iam Amir BMI
    Iam Amir BMI

    Guys you should watch godzilla vs kong japanese trailer. It has some new things in it . And i love it . Oooo

  • DON'T-hunt-GHOSTS !
    DON'T-hunt-GHOSTS !

    It's totally mechagodzilla


    japan trailer after kong punch godzilla at carrier, kong recieve a hell of a bitch slap from godzilla

  • SolarDragon007

    Brought to you by the director who ruined Death Note.

  • Big Tasty
    Big Tasty

    This trailer is King Kong propaganda

  • Jason R
    Jason R

    If they were smart they would introduce alien invaders and have them team up against mechaGodzilla. Fanboys will rejoice!

  • Nadir Jk
    Nadir Jk

    I already know what’ll happen Monster fights are gonna be cool Rest of the movie will suck balls The ending will resolve nothing

  • Erris

    I believe that the director confirmed there will be a decently long fight between Kong and Godzilla with no humans

    • Warkite88

      @Erris The thought is nice for sure. ^_^

    • Erris

      @Warkite88 I don't have a source, as I've only heard about it. I don't know if it's true, but the thought is nice.

    • Warkite88

      Would love to see the source of that claim...


    Then you should go watch the movie you angry man


    If kong gos super sayien 🤣


    There is a trailer where Godzilla b***ch slaps Kong

  • Berg Katse
    Berg Katse

    “Sword of Narnia?” Wtf bro!😂

  • Grug

    This movie is going to be the dumbest of the dumb. Meaning it’s going to be better than Citizen Kane.

  • Jozef Pribitny
    Jozef Pribitny

    New trailer is awesome japan trailer is showing so much more. That slap godzilla give Kong. So satisfying

  • Sacha Simpson
    Sacha Simpson

    Kong gets knocked the f out in the Japanese trailer 😂👌

  • Ghost F. Urzelf
    Ghost F. Urzelf

    Kong: "I told you, you'll die for that." with Stormbreaker. Godzilla: "You should've gone for the Head!" Infinity Gauntlet out of nowhere. Snap.

  • ian fudo
    ian fudo

    Most of the godzilla movies has humans in it and they have their own stories with godzilla. More than anything the new versions of the american godzilla is playing the same image as the old movirs so. Having humans is not bad at all lol

    • Warkite88

      AJ would rather see monsters fighting.....so....maybe he should play Godzilla: Save the Earth!

  • lilrican1971

    This joe guy need to stop its clear he is not a Godzilla fan because their is no two versions of the original movie the only versions that matters is the original Japanese version and KING KONG WAS CONFIRMED BY TOHO TO HAVE BEEN VICTORIOUS OVER GOJIRA stop all this lying already.

  • Tyson Underwood
    Tyson Underwood

    "Don't make Kong the good guy" "This song suck" Bruh don't take this mans opinions.

  • KamikazeSeatbelt

    Maybe it's Mechagodzilla disguises as Godzilla....hmmm...what a twist that would be!

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones

    Kongs agility will help him run circles around godzilla

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones

    Think about all the enemies godzilla fought. They pretty much have been like him. Kong is a primate who's super power is his intelligence and agility. His brain pan is the size of zillas head. He can make and use tools.

    • Warkite88

      The previous directors for Godzilla love the idea of Kong being the underdog because of the other kaiju are very strong (not to mention iconic), and being able to give the underdog something would change that. Found out in the commentary I believe in one of the films from 2014 - 2019.

  • Ghostman1856

    Toho confirmed themself that King Kong won in King Kong vs Godzilla.

  • LocalTerrorist

    The new live action bowser vs donkey Kong looking 👌

  • Ginger Baker
    Ginger Baker

    Joe is right, in that A godzilla is the bad guy.........


    This was way hilarious like omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • KungfuScuba BAPE
    KungfuScuba BAPE

    Your tripping the trailer is good

  • HappySpace

    Thats definitely Mechagodzilla. You can see the control room and from post credits of last movie. Someone is controlling him. The Real Godzilla will come at the end and kongs guna look like "wtf" and theyre both guna take the robot down son!

  • lautaro asis
    lautaro asis

    We dont need another trailer

  • lautaro asis
    lautaro asis

    We dont need another trailer

  • ced-EP

    9:09 War of the Monsters is the game

  • Jamie Barclay
    Jamie Barclay

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but this felt so immature to me lol. Literally complaining every time there was a human in shot, and complaining that kong has an emotional connection. I personally prefer there to be an actual story in my movie's, and I prefer there to be characters and relationships that I care about, not just constant action of monsters, that would be so boring. You've already decided you're not gonna like this movie, because obviously they're not gonna just have monsters fighting for 2 hours straight lol.

    • Warkite88

      I'm in the same opinion too Jamie Barclay, however, I do believe AJ is a Godzilla fan, but not as a "hardcore" fan as he was previously. There was a lot to breakdown in this trailer which he hasn't done. Maybe perhaps he wants to make these reactions shorter.....not sure why or have a good excuse.

  • medean empire
    medean empire

    so many things wrong with this movie gojira will eat Kong for breakfast

  • daralzand

    The axe is clearly a godzilla spine

  • kenchun24

    Haha love when AJ gets passionate about his fave characters (Superman > Batman, Godzilla > Kong)...but I'm with AJ GODZILLA is main billing, he was the Monsterverse headliner that started it, and quite frankly is more iconic than Kong even though Kong is technically older "filmwise". Godzilla has 4 era's of franchise films. I think this trailer is meant to show a "good guy vs. bad guy" titan fight but more likely they team up to take on a genetically engineered "Ghadzilla" made via Ghidorah's head/DNA that Tywin Lannister scavenged at the end of G:KoTM. *and the Kong we saw in 1973 Kong:SI was a teenage Kong, he is now fully grown Kong in this film.

    • Warkite88

      So someone, who's a fan, actually understands the situation. Why can't AJ understand that!?!

  • -_-


  • Only1Bear

    Learn about Mecha

  • Only1Bear

    Joe for real ! STFU 🤣

  • Jesse Harvey
    Jesse Harvey

    kongs axe was made from one of the fins from godzillas back.. thats why it deflected the atomic breath,,..

  • JD Pragmatic
    JD Pragmatic

    Even in the original King Kong vs Godzilla film, Kong was the hero and Godzilla was the villain. And YES, in both the Japanese and American versions, King Kong defeats Godzilla and swims back to Skull Island. The different endings was a myth

  • Eric Barnes
    Eric Barnes

    Team Zilla

  • EtherealRonin

    11:50 My guess its a malfunction of mecha Godzilla, the spike probably messes up its programming later on revealing its mecha Godzilla after kong hits it with the axe. Its probably the only reason why M.Godzilla was mainly aiming the spike attached to the axe or somehow the humans are just crap at controlling him

  • Sean Sargeant
    Sean Sargeant

    The one destroying cities and attacking King Kong is not Godzilla guaranteed

  • FighterCK

    Shin Godzilla was CGI.

  • Chee Nou Lo
    Chee Nou Lo

    This trailer was BS. Reminds me of Transformers 5.

  • The Dark Tyrant
    The Dark Tyrant

    Prediction: Godzilla dies then we get Godzookie


    "i want no humans" Godzilla: say no more

  • Vinay Shravan
    Vinay Shravan

    monke gonna win joe.

  • TheKingDagon108

    I will die if Godzilla does his flying tail attack 🤣🤣

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham

    monke jump

  • Ai7A

    I loved Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters, I'd even go as far as to say that it is among my top 3 Kaiju movies of all time... sue me. Also: why didn't anybody else love that movie, or was amazing! 😱