GOP Senators Want to "Move On" from Trump's Second Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look
Seth takes a closer look at former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial being a chance to hold Trump accountable for his crimes and to shine a national spotlight on the decay of the GOP and our democratic institutions.
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GOP Senators Want to "Move On" from Trump's Second Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • Nix G
    Nix G

    The DR is the lover of the patient's dad, or the same person but that'd be weird.

  • Anetta Newport
    Anetta Newport

    Sorry Seth, but "What did the president know, and when did he know it?" wasn't a Woodward or Bernstein line. The question was asked by Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr. of Tennessee regarding Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal.

  • Sandy Yu
    Sandy Yu

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  • Kim Kreisel
    Kim Kreisel

    He can't read anyway.

  • Kim Kreisel
    Kim Kreisel

    Lindsey your so gay.

  • wewe we
    wewe we

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  • Sebastiaan Kramer
    Sebastiaan Kramer

    I actually laughed for about 15 mins while watching this episode!

  • Beth Jenkins
    Beth Jenkins

    If they had wanted to move on they would have found him guilty of what everyone can see he was guilty of. Every Senator who voted for Trump have tied themselves to him forever.

  • William Richard Roberts
    William Richard Roberts

    I slept 3 hours in 4 days... _"cocaine is a powerful drug"_

  • TeamReflexOffical


  • Kim Lawrence
    Kim Lawrence

    I'm all about the improv. And the Harry and the Henderson's references.

  • lauruguayitausa

    If the pillow guy only had 3 hours of sleep... that says a lot about the quality of his pillows...

  • TheTooginator

    I wish I knew if ANY Republicans thought the impeachment was actually unconstitutional. If the impeachment articles are passed by the House ONE SECOND before the president leaves office, then it’s constitutional. Otherwise, a president could avoid impeachment by resigning. If the ONLY punishment an impeachment carried was removal from office, Republicans might have a case - as long as regular courts would determine if the offenses merited criminal prosecution. Because the punishment also includes a ban from holding public office in the future, impeachment is constitutional. The rules for impeachment are different from a criminal trial because the Senate can basically decide that the president is corrupt and dangerous to democracy, and the president is removed from office. If Republicans REALLY felt this was unconstitutional, they could bring it before the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, it’s VERY unlikely the SC would rule it was unconstitutional - simply because the Constitution says that the House can impeach a president for virtually any reason. The president jaywalked? Impeachment is constitutional. And the Senate can acquit no matter how guilty the president is of the offense. Congress knows that impeachment should be for intolerable offenses, because the voters should decide if a president should remain in office. However, there has to be a remedy for presidents who are an immediate threat to the nation.

  • Katherine Lucas
    Katherine Lucas

    The Mee-Maw Graham bit is absolutely as good as Seth imagines it.

  • Trace Miller
    Trace Miller

    The actually old school republicans need to break from the racist pseudoreligious trumputins and cling to the Dems going only with science rationales. Expell these traitors from government and truly work with Dems to put country back on its feet. Last three Republican administrations, war bankruptcy, war bankruptcy, then bankruptcy war and everyone sick with no health care and no health from all the badly over sugarized foods. After that, you can really and truly build a strong, morally correct by science conservative party. Cinserving, land, resources, conserving debt, conserving evolutionary family units, conserving physical and warical attacks on others by scientific insanity, conserve others from lieing or needing to lie. CONSERVATIVE, PRINCIPLES BY WAY OF SCIENTIFIC, reason. We have real, true,substantial reasons, to conserve these things.

  • Bathsheba Holaday
    Bathsheba Holaday

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  • R. R
    R. R

    Is that clip of Lou Dobbs making that mistake even real? I can't find the clip when I search it up on IRbin.

  • chris austin
    chris austin

    The left are brainwashed by the media

  • Alisa Starr
    Alisa Starr

    I love the Bobs big boy slams.

  • Richard Dastrup
    Richard Dastrup

    Looks like the comedy network needs to move on . They can't get passed President Donald Trump.

  • Cynthia Grant
    Cynthia Grant

    V v v. V v v v v v. CVvvvvvvvv Vvvvvvvvv. Vvvvvv vvv v vv

  • Lumby1

    Lindsey thinks Trump's policies served the country well. I guess if you think 503,000 dead Americans, $7 trillion added to debt, and an attempt to overthrow an election with violence constitutes 'serving the country well'. Are Americans really that gullible?

  • Athanasios Matsolas
    Athanasios Matsolas

    This man will not let Popozao go.. xD

  • Lusa Bear
    Lusa Bear

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  • disLudo

    we are so clsoe to trump tv ending

  • Keiran Morris Art
    Keiran Morris Art

    youtube stop redirecting me to this jon Oliver knock off

  • Justin Acevedo
    Justin Acevedo

    The cute respect alternatively print because stepson aerobically mate throughout a rightful bangle. useful, normal animal

  • Virginia Bryant
    Virginia Bryant

    Thank goodness, someone remembers the Bushwacker regime for what it was! Thanks, Seth. But, Obama didn't really change all that much in the military industrial complex.

  • Charles omega
    Charles omega

    the people who tried to kill you, "its time for healing" priceless

  • molly cruz
    molly cruz

    Senator Johnson looks like he just took a big bite of clam flavored ice cream and has no place to spit it.

  • Jason Olson
    Jason Olson


  • TheRealCellar

    Didn't he get acquitted? How is he a criminal?

  • Debra Seitz
    Debra Seitz

    You would like that wouldn't you. You are all ads holes and I am not voting for any of ya! I will also tell anyone that's listening to do the same!

  • bsrcat1

    Reality? The GOP has cornered the market on stupid, corrupt and crazy. They would rather peddle popular lies than facts their base would call them "traitor" for uttering. What happens when those crazy f's start offing their own??? Let me guess they will blame antifa 😅.

  • Ronie Veqer
    Ronie Veqer

    GOP is communist- Amazon. Distracting mainstream liberals and MAGA from shocking facts is easy peasy. It's what happens to your brain when it's been trained for "shownews" instead of Information news.

  • Bay Bye
    Bay Bye

    of course they do... hang everyone but Republicans can do what they want 1-3 million American jobs lost 2-over 488,000 deaths from covid 3-30,573 lies or falsehoods told 4-545 children who may never see their parents again 5-315 days golfing 6-91% turnover in senior advisers 7-26 women accuse him of sexual misconduct 8-9 federal judges deemed unqualified by ABA 9-5 new miles border wall 10-5 dead in capitol riot he incited 11-2 time popular vote loser 12-2 impeachments which were rigged from the start so were never fairly carried out 13-stole hundreds of million from taxpayers and his own supporters 14-committed treason against his country 15-tried to destroy democracy and set up a dictatorship 16-gave tax breaks to the top 1% but took all social programs from the poor and disabled 17-ran a pay for position programs where those who contributed the most to his campaign received cushy appoinments they were not qualifed for 18- ran a cash for pardon program where if you had the money you got as pardon

  • Ronie Veqer
    Ronie Veqer

    Patriot Act Joe would be where if it weren't for the Trump "presidency"? Political joke bag, then oblivion.

  • Ronie Veqer
    Ronie Veqer

    DNC Mandela effect - Biden never went on numerous congressional "law and order" rants. He never soldiered "3 strikes you're out" legislation.

  • Ronie Veqer
    Ronie Veqer

    Tax cattle "comedy".

  • Cristian Reyes
    Cristian Reyes

    I prefer Cruz with a beard, without it he looks like a blobfish that got turned into a real boy.

  • X X
    X X

    Dear fellow Americans I Know these are hard times for you. Many of you watched with sorrow and anger how the spinelessness of the gop once again turned their eyes away to save an old angry racist orange guy. And many of you ask the same questions Why? Why is it that many self-proclaimed law&order people are so desperate to defend inappropriate law enforcement actions, even lethal ones and even against kids (just because of their skin color) but are too weak to clear the US from Nazis, Traitors and anarchist who are literally pissing and shitting on your democracy. #blindjustice? The GOP has shown has shown Americas weak spot to the world. Whose that most US leaders would call enemies could live see how weak your lawmakers are. No matters which side you are holding to. The democrats once again showed us that they are unfit to achieve their goals (#No2ndPrz). And the GOP showed to be unfit for democracy by this (maybe not) "Von-Papen-Act" because they are frightened by a group of US bred criminals and terrorists. And yes some of these people wore and wear badges. And as anyone could hear they will continue their "work" as their orange leader keeps on feeding them with lies. Just imagine what these thugs will do next time to the capitol or to you. For all those who think that America has shown strong leadership during the last presidency I´de like to add this. No one really trusts products from a country where scientific facts are beeing ignored (even if that ignorance means more deaths than US losses during WWII) and where facist ideoligies // toxic conspiracy fairytales are florishing. BUT For all those who are looking for a simple, non-logical and completely made-up explanation I have one for you. German scientists have found the secret of DT´s success and it is right Where this whole "brownkack denke" is coming from. Yes, it is in his RECTUM! It has to be heaven Well for some people at least

  • Deanna Delmar
    Deanna Delmar

    The GOPs and trump committed MURDER. We will NEVER FORGET THAT THEY ARE MURDERERS!!!! They want us to forget! It is Over! It is History.

  • random


  • Benicio Moran
    Benicio Moran

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  • Linda Elrod
    Linda Elrod

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  • lokys1959

    Trump is just human garbage in a blue suit.

  • Benjamin Gal-Or
    Benjamin Gal-Or

    TRUMP can start preparing for his next presidential run. US SENATE has just acquitted him 57-43 from the Democrats Party charge of incitement the Jan 6 attack. [Two-thirds majority required to convict him.]///

  • TibbySparkles

    Hey, don't bash the Lincoln Project when they've been actively trying to get rid of Trump & his cronies... That's a good thing!

  • Spqjwygzmz Gyltrudokp
    Spqjwygzmz Gyltrudokp


  • ali sha
    ali sha

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  • Jeremy Miller
    Jeremy Miller

    If they want us too follow thie law's they make, they must follow the same law's..

  • Sunrise Morninglory
    Sunrise Morninglory


  • kim phi
    kim phi

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  • James Henry Trotter
    James Henry Trotter

    10:44 and 10:53 *Lego Bricks

  • Nicole Yap
    Nicole Yap

    Is Seth Meyers a Democrat or Republican?

  • Will Deeny
    Will Deeny

    Amusing how the party whose voters shouted “Lock her up” for four years now think charging a criminal politician is overrated. And this one announced his crime without any shame.

  • Phung Duy Khiem
    Phung Duy Khiem

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  • That is Bull Shiz
    That is Bull Shiz

    We need Trump NOW more than EVER!

  • chris budesa
    chris budesa

    Senator Ron J. must be on drugs

  • Pia Funes Bakker
    Pia Funes Bakker

    Thank you so much 🙏 Mr. Seth

  • Jerry Tam
    Jerry Tam

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  • john cisneros
    john cisneros

    Damn this guy is boring 😴

  • Toomuchdebt

    Democracy is mob rule.WS is oppressive and offensive. Its doesn't change with DEMs or Republicans. Cortez is a tyrant in waiting.

  • Beltfedshooters

  • winston lennon
    winston lennon

    Treason has its consequences lindsay.

  • mrzeegrr

    "Ted Baxter with a head injury." fucking brilliant.

  • Heather M
    Heather M

    7:49 Seth does _such_ a good Lindsey Graham... Seth even makes him kinda charming instead of spineless and self-serving.

  • Nader Rayyan
    Nader Rayyan

    Lindsey Graham is just Little Gideon, you not slick

  • T. Augustus Romer
    T. Augustus Romer


  • steven jackson
    steven jackson

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  • TimmahDee

    Lou Dobbs is the oldest baby I've ever seen

  • Andrew_Owens

    Obama is partly responsible for Trump. GW made the office of the president into a legal dictatorship. Obama did nothing to reduce the powers of the president or the militarization of police and ICE and other domestic institutions. Let's not give Biden the same pass.

  • Sarah Kiara
    Sarah Kiara

    "(ted cruz's beard) has more bare patches than a golf course in november" Had me dying xD

  • Dagorian Stark
    Dagorian Stark

    Why is anyone acting like the republican party has any credibility? They lost what little they had years ago. To Graham's point... Yeah, because a 100 investigations into Benghazi were not a political distraction 🤷🏻 Not like an actual insurrection fueled by one party perpetuating the myth that the election was 'stolen'... For weeks after the election, even after recounts and court decisions ruling otherwise! Absolutely disgusting.

  • Andrew

    In Lou Dobbs words: wasHOOdaaaa!

  • Alan Reed
    Alan Reed

    financial reform?

  • essentialgmbest today
    essentialgmbest today

    Do we really need to present ours to someone who can not be trust ?

  • essentialgmbest today
    essentialgmbest today

    Do we really need to present ours to someone who can not be trust ?

  • Akche McEshwa
    Akche McEshwa

    They not only are psychos, they exactly look like them. Sydney, Rudie, Lou, Trdump.

  • Christopher Muniz
    Christopher Muniz

    Idk who that Baxter guy is. I’m in my 30s. 🤷🏻

  • Ern Bayron
    Ern Bayron


  • Kid Vegas
    Kid Vegas

    God's Love We Deliver $375,284: Karen Pearl, President and CEO $279,161: David Ludwigson, Chief Development Officer $237,242: Candy Bonder, Chief of Staff $169,610: W M Kanyuck, CFO $149,691: Nic Cortese, Director of Culinary Services $146,158: Patrick Schultz, Director of Development $126,371: Dorella Walters, Sr Director of Program Services

  • Kid Vegas
    Kid Vegas

    I wonder how many people does the fundraisers r actually helps . the CEOs. time for a closer look!

  • elaineeyyy

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  • Uncle Billy
    Uncle Billy

    I really like Seth's bits, and the main point of this video is totally correct. Nonetheless he glides right over the fact that Obama actually accelerated Bush's warrentless wiretapping and assassination programs. I think there's a strong case for Obama not pursuing Bush as a means of dispelling some of the expectations he could be held to.

  • Kjetil Längauer
    Kjetil Längauer

    Meanwhile the rest of the world: "Wait this isn't democracy, thats comedy"

  • Wickem

    These guys needs to be investigated for acquitting the impeachment trial. It’s not about the base anymore. They are hiding something that they don’t want Trump to throw them under the bus for.

  • Kris

    Seth’s Lindsey Graham talking to MeeMaw is my new favorite thing. I’m laughing so hard

  • Ant Bee
    Ant Bee

    Coup is a Coup start arresting them send them to Gitmo throw away the key

  • Craig Gregory
    Craig Gregory

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  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    One of the worst things my mom did for my mental heath was buy me a MyPillow.

  • Hyden Ray
    Hyden Ray

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  • Brittney Tracey
    Brittney Tracey

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  • KaritKtana

    Thank you for mentioning the corruption and crime of the Bush administration. People forget way too fast. They were war criminals who got away with it while everyone else pays the price. Perfect prescience:

  • Mike West
    Mike West

    Man, I kinda like Seth Meyers. He can actually be funny from time to time, but I’m so tired of these guys pretending Dems haven’t made a mess of the country the last few times they were in power. Like does anyone actually remember Obama’s 8 years in office? He expanded the wars, bailed out Wall Street, droned American citizens, droned pretty much anyone he possibly could. But the Dems and the left like his rhetoric and skin color and went to sleep instead of holding his feet to the fire. Don’t kid yourself. We are gonna watch the exact same thing play out again from now until 2024/2028

  • louis wilson
    louis wilson

    ATTN: No Unity Without Truth, Truth & Trust !

  • J. Vega
    J. Vega

    God, I never thought I’d say this and agree with my friend (who mentioned this to me six months ago or so). Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is actually pretty lol

  • frank fera
    frank fera

    America you our nowk a joke

  • Lorne Hampel
    Lorne Hampel

    Its all well and good to blame the politicians BUT how do they use unhinged lies to further their careers? It's because of the HORRIBLE PEOPLE they represent. All they want to hear is racism and violence.

  • Skyerzen

    I will always wonder what city Lou meant. Tuxtla Gutierrez? Guadalajara?