Beta Squad Guess the Black person in a lineup of 6 White People vs 1 Black Person with @Niko Omilana @Chunkz @Aj Shabeel @KingKennyTv & @Sharky. Welcome to False Identity.
Comment below what kind of people you want us to guess next!
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  • Just me Jio
    Just me Jio

    Love when they say “that’s not a black person thing” then turns out it was a black person😂

  • Just me Jio
    Just me Jio

    I saw the white guy in the thumbnail and laughed. He wouldn’t have a chance without the green covering him

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone

    This has to be racist...👀

  • Rhythm karki
    Rhythm karki

    Love from Nepal Tyron 🇳🇵❣️❤️🥰

  • British Guy
    British Guy

    No.4 is like if black people had a default setting

  • kasiunka królowa kukułczyna
    kasiunka królowa kukułczyna

    Guess a Klansman of Ku-Klux-Klan, morons.

  • Lenora_so_extra


  • Nothing but love Stay safe
    Nothing but love Stay safe

    I hit the like because they did share some of the money with the guy.

  • Alfie Foulds
    Alfie Foulds

    what we learned about the set of this video - they all Nigerians living in Camden

  • Niesha W
    Niesha W


  • Lil Ghsty
    Lil Ghsty

    Don’t ask why at 10:43 I laughed so hard at the strap falling off his shoulder 😂

  • Dashynae Day
    Dashynae Day

    I knew it was Paulo by his voice and I'm American lmao

  • Dashynae Day
    Dashynae Day

    Shit what is bunda????I'm american

  • fathiya maalin
    fathiya maalin


  • xead ffjhu
    xead ffjhu


  • Sir Cluck of The Chicken Empire
    Sir Cluck of The Chicken Empire

    ayoo i didn't expect bumping into somali homies out here.

  • That piece of carpet
    That piece of carpet

    No.5 posture:📉📉📉


    Yo where yall at?

  • Berlinda Akrong
    Berlinda Akrong

    I don't like the way they talk to the contestants

  • m11ah


  • unicorn shit
    unicorn shit

    as an american white woman ik what bunda and a wave brush is 😭😭

  • mari liza
    mari liza

    imagine one of the guys was like say the n word i dare you

  • Mcky Blu
    Mcky Blu

    it should of been the other way around.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    all it takes is one word to find out...

  • kill me dead
    kill me dead

    Bfruhh 3:10

  • Aiden Aguilera
    Aiden Aguilera


  • Edwin

    More of this

  • sapachino

    That’s just racist

  • Rlfinn Ballinger
    Rlfinn Ballinger

    Neko ur not even black ur tan

  • Petar Zulj
    Petar Zulj

    12:01 is jokes

  • Fatiha El wardi
    Fatiha El wardi

    I like the idea but it’s not cool to make fun of people 😔

  • Rena Squire
    Rena Squire

    That’s was good ⭐️l want more of that 😂😂😀

  • Unicorn Vani
    Unicorn Vani

    Naw the Harry Potter dude was cute

  • Sharon Thompson
    Sharon Thompson

    This was good

  • Edis0n 33
    Edis0n 33

    Ngl these British folks weird

  • Savage Plug
    Savage Plug

    „Who was in paris ? 🤨“

  • Z. XHound44
    Z. XHound44


  • MU57AFA

    Ask them to say the n word

  • Junior0

    M Huncho did that middle finger thing at the chicken shop date

  • Anne Lilieth
    Anne Lilieth

    This show is disrespectful to black people and as a black women I’m offended.

    • L Tizzy
      L Tizzy


    • anonymous king
      anonymous king

      No one made u watch this, I don't think people care btw

  • Doomsday Dame
    Doomsday Dame


  • Jonathan Milien
    Jonathan Milien

    This is honestly too good, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cherryberry Boo
    Cherryberry Boo

    Please do guess the Pakistani guy plzzzzz I love watching you lot man

  • angel flores
    angel flores

    Why they have to roast 'em like that, they went there for easy cash and got emotionally traumatized

  • Ackerman Levi
    Ackerman Levi

    Really?? Kanye ft Jay Z who the fuck ask that.

  • Michelle Maina
    Michelle Maina

    Here for it!

  • Anna Huckabee
    Anna Huckabee

    Black folks have the same energy and vibe no matter what country they are from. I love us!

    • overall _75
      overall _75

      We love you you too❤️❤️

  • Tai’na Jackson
    Tai’na Jackson

    I wanna see this on black women

  • Tai’na Jackson
    Tai’na Jackson

    They funny

  • Skyleiya Knowles
    Skyleiya Knowles

    U find a guy named tyrone u automatically think it's him

  • Soba Dragon
    Soba Dragon

    w h a t

  • Anton Animation
    Anton Animation


  • Carolina Arbea
    Carolina Arbea

    Moree guess videos

  • Zak

    if this was the other way around every single person would get cancelled and it would never be aired.

    • Zak

      @overall _75 very strong point! You are great at arguing! A true intellect I see! Very well thought out counter argument! Great debate! bozo XD

    • overall _75
      overall _75

      IF tHiS WaS tH.... Just stfp

  • Asdf Asdf
    Asdf Asdf

    I like that they didn’t use just white guys as the non-black contestants. Some medias only see things in black and white.

  • Moses Uchiha
    Moses Uchiha

  • Sanyu Smiles
    Sanyu Smiles

    The black man is the one with Ablack leather because of how straight and bold his shoulders are.

  • Joel Charlesworth
    Joel Charlesworth

    Me being white knowing what a bunda is

  • bubby 123
    bubby 123

    "Not only is he white, he's also racist. "💀🤣

  • Shante Chavis
    Shante Chavis

    Their reaction to Tyrone...Smith lol

  • Kid Astronaut
    Kid Astronaut

    I loved this for just the black guys laughing. Hilarious.

    • Kid Astronaut
      Kid Astronaut

      Oh okay y'all are a group. Definitely bout to subscribe y'all are dope. Love from the US.

  • Legacy Brown
    Legacy Brown

    this made my night ong

  • Self Efficient
    Self Efficient

    He said he put gun fingers but he literally j put his thumb up

  • Gbabypro

    Just coz we both black dont make me your ppl. I ain’t your sis your cousin. We ain’t cut from the same cloth if you think like that. Usually like their video but this was just annoying.

  • Youngz beard nation
    Youngz beard nation

    13:48 beat name?

  • Kalei P
    Kalei P

    Is no one kind of irritated by this? Even though it’s a joke? Especially with the social climate right now?

  • CaVeirA

    my man is from são tome and they keep saying angola

  • kirk Shotton
    kirk Shotton

  • Andrej 69
    Andrej 69

    I would recognize black man just by his/her voice

  • Caroline Hardware
    Caroline Hardware

    I'm black and I hate this.

  • Maliyah Jonnes
    Maliyah Jonnes


  • Cactzy Roblox
    Cactzy Roblox

    tyrone *smith* 😂😂

  • Atlegang Molotsi
    Atlegang Molotsi

    The lightskin in a blue suit did not pass the vibe check. Annoying asf :/

  • Disc Agent
    Disc Agent

    THE HANDS 😂😂😂😂

  • Sxdyoflegends Bob
    Sxdyoflegends Bob

    This is stupid

  • Lakatos Ferenc
    Lakatos Ferenc

    Bro... why do u need to be rude with those people?

  • Kirkie

    make them say the N word. Done gg end of the video

  • Feijo Nascimento
    Feijo Nascimento

    my brother from São Tomé

  • Skeptic Yoda
    Skeptic Yoda

    Salute to Tryon Smith Brother got my respect from Northeast

  • Anthony Powell
    Anthony Powell

    Black ppl from the uk are so different yet similar to the us its odd

  • Justus Bondurant
    Justus Bondurant

    Fun ideas, but these guys are annoying 😅 not for me

  • William Harding
    William Harding

    Can you imagine if they did this with whites instead? The channel would be canceled.

  • Gloria Din
    Gloria Din

    You guys are hilarious kip wat your doing🙌🙌

  • gigi gigi
    gigi gigi

    i liked this a lot, do more

  • Vanja Filipovic Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet IB19
    Vanja Filipovic Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet IB19

    they r so mean for what....

  • Mi Herzelle
    Mi Herzelle

    I like their video and I know they're trying to sound funny but they are also using racist and mean remarks, and it's not funny.


    how stupid and ignorant wtf

  • ChefBoi Keyyz
    ChefBoi Keyyz

    😂😂😂 what’s your Second Name? Tyrone: SMITH BETA SQUAD 😶🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • loony simmo
    loony simmo

    Anyone from Nepal 🥰

  • Julie Moore
    Julie Moore

    Black sidemen

  • Gertrude Tonui
    Gertrude Tonui

    you guys are dope i love it!!

  • Lola Mellon
    Lola Mellon

    I just don't think guessing the colour of someone's skin is a very good game 🙄

  • Mr Epic 99
    Mr Epic 99

    no efence but you lads are the black versions of the sidemen if u take out jj and toby

  • TCS

    “Tyrone Smith”😂😂😂

  • Aiden T
    Aiden T

    whoever is more comfortable saying the n word is black

  • Evelina Quino
    Evelina Quino

    He’s from São Tomé 🇸🇹 so he’s NOT an Angolan Portuguese 😂😂

  • Jennifer Charlotte Mistry
    Jennifer Charlotte Mistry

    LOL!!!’ Mad entertaining

  • Deeply Deeply Dope
    Deeply Deeply Dope

    I just found this and I have to say... Black people are iconic!!

  • Tobi Huth
    Tobi Huth


  • Cargobob

    "Our people" btw. Gotcha!