Harry and Louis being asked about each other outside of 1d | Body Language analysis

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intro - Love$ick by mura masa
missing someone by dj quads
everything by j grooves

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  • Larry’s Honey
    Larry’s Honey

    Here is the Chile video ! irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/oJd7eozT2IR_2oM.html

    • Marlene Maestos
      Marlene Maestos

      @Alejandrina Auter Trying it out now. Looks to be working :)

    • Alejandrina Auter
      Alejandrina Auter

      Dunno if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Facebook account using SicZine. Find it on google ;)

    • Feeer Zapata
      Feeer Zapata

      @Fraggle67160 yes, of course there are sjsjsj I said it just bc is like an internal joke in Chile 😂

    • Fraggle67160

      @Feeer Zapata oh there must be a whole lot more to be proud of! but I get it: becoming a landmark Larry is just awesome

    • Feeer Zapata
      Feeer Zapata

      Is the first time i'm proud of being chilean 😂

  • Vs Tutxs
    Vs Tutxs


  • Unknown 123
    Unknown 123

    Harry answers every question with UHMMM , I THINK , and slowly

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina

    ObViOuSLy will always make me laugh

  • Chaitanya Lonare
    Chaitanya Lonare

    I don't understand what is the problem. We are the viewers and obviously we don't know what is going on but if they are just friends, I don't know even understand what the problem even if we ship them. Meaning they have a very good relationship with each other they should be proud why become all awkward. I have been shipped with some of my guy friends and we just laugh about it. I have been attacked irl. And we people are literally their worshippers. Plus we LARRIES DO NO SUPPORT TOXIC LARRIES WHO GO AFTER PEOPLE. We all are just speculating some things that could be real or not( but isn't everyone?) Ps : believe me even I don't know how to make u guys understand what I am trynna say.

  • Yaoi fun fun
    Yaoi fun fun

    6:25 also you seemed rather condescending. IF you recall in the first, when 1 D was just gearing up with the public and interviewers asking nosy questions, or reaching ones...The boys all 5 of em had Media Training. They were required to lie as per their NDA's they were forced to sign IF they wanted to continue being 1 D. Simon started this shit with poor Louis right after someone gave them a gay bar gig as their first public showing. I feel and will always believe, this was what had been planned all along for him. I still feel sorry for all 5 of them as even today in 2021, they are all still mentally and personally trapped in a nightmare with shit for brains managers and management. Here's to hoping, Harry and Louis can not only save themselves but their cast/bandmates as well...with their Label

  • Yaoi fun fun
    Yaoi fun fun

    yes, but at 4:19 Harry circles his RIGHT ringed Middle finger. This is done by Gay men for several things; and not all of them feel all of this but most of it. So, to show you are in a relationship, you circle the RIGHT middle finger, which is also where your ring is at. To show their disgust or anger toward the unfairness and fact of how a lot of them still are not allowed to easily wed like the hetro's; and due to their sexuality they don't or can't, depending on where they live. The middle finger is a "FUCK YOU VERY MUCH," to Society and their OUTDATED stupid rules; as LOVE is LOVE. Furthermore, IF a gay man does this also means he is already IN a Relationship, he is taken, & off the market. Or, IF he is Married. In the full Interview of this video, after Harry does this, (circling his middle ringed right hand finger) the Interviewer *knows* and he looks a bit taken back and embarrassed, 'cause he pretty much just OUTED LARRY on International TV.

  • Sara Holt
    Sara Holt

    when the interviewer asked if Sweet Creature was about Louis, he could've just said no if it wasn't true. If it wasn't about Louis he prob would've just said no. Instead he goes on with "um" "well I-" "pFfFt" and mumbling, so there is something going on there

  • sahansa

    Pls not the “People who lie like Harry styles” I- djjdjdjd

  • BBK

    I'm the leader of LARRY ORGANIZATION. Any other question

    • BBK

      @Skreaque From the SORRI club drop your CV and maybe you can idk

    • Skreaque From the SORRI club
      Skreaque From the SORRI club

      Yes can I be VP

  • yn'ier ode
    yn'ier ode

    I hope that all of these speech-lying-rules don't apply to people with anxiety. I often stutter with "umm"s and "well," even when I am telling the conplete truth. Same with figetting and eye contact. Have people been thinking I'm a liar all this time...?

  • isiö yok
    isiö yok

    i love this fandom ..

  • Nore De Smedt
    Nore De Smedt

    Harry : I would lean towards no Me: it’s yes or no . Not maybe

  • Nore De Smedt
    Nore De Smedt

    Also Harry says : a touch yeah And 5seconds later he says : no not that I know of . Bro if you lie , don’t betray yourself 🤡

  • Yureli Ontiveros Alquicira
    Yureli Ontiveros Alquicira

    Hi I'm new to the fandom , is larry still real

  • Stevie Jimenez
    Stevie Jimenez

    no way larry wasn't real...i said it yup.purrrrr. but the only thing i dont agree with is 4:22 bc i do that ring thing when i get really anxious or nervous. wait nervous...THE- nvm i agree with everything. i had a lightbulb moment k bye besties gonna go binge larry videos.

  • Ciara

    I really enjoy watching these for the fucking REACHES not to say I wouldn’t eat it up if they actually came out and were together

  • Lunatpwk

    Why am I watching this everyday? I think Larry is/was real and even it isn't/wasn't, we created the greatest love story of all time. (I read that with the love story once, so it isn't my idea, but I fell in love with this ,,quote'')

  • Harry’s cardigan
    Harry’s cardigan

    1:42 which one ? 😂✋

  • Gia Victoria
    Gia Victoria

    They were so loud it’s cute 😭

  • Effy T.S
    Effy T.S

    The fact that they never denyed Larry being real while talking makes it even better. Am i the only one who started having doubts about Larry?Louis is free now shouldn't he start to be more open? There are so many proofs but I alway think about them not being toghether at the end of the day.Sorry for bad english

  • Effy T.S
    Effy T.S


  • Ripley Swenson
    Ripley Swenson

    Just the fact that you can clearly hear Harry say Clifford under his breath makes it so obvious

  • Alex Herondale
    Alex Herondale

    interviewer in another interview: Is this song about Taylor Swift? Harry: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO interviewer: so is sweet creature about louis Tomlinson? harry: horse sounds uM weLl pfFt um, i dont like to say people are wrong about a song, but dont like to say they are right

  • Laura frazzetta
    Laura frazzetta

    harry could have just answered “no” 💀💀 .is so obvIoUs

  • Betsy Wells
    Betsy Wells


  • karina Donato
    karina Donato

    Louis is the one who is able to lie (not well, but he can at least say no) but Harry sits there like “WeLL i DoNt LiKe to TeLL pEopLe tHey aRe wrOnG... But iLL LeaN tOwaRdS No...”


    🕯 Bua

  • Eimear Heafey
    Eimear Heafey

    I will not take , umm. ... pffft. .. wel... as an answer I'm not giving up until 1. their management can allow them to be together if they are together and 2. I'm not giving up s until a straight no comes out of either of their mouths

  • Nutsa Iluridze
    Nutsa Iluridze

    Which Louis's music video iss??? I mean where is harrys hand

  • Kristynka Pospisilova
    Kristynka Pospisilova

    Saying ''No, Larry just isn't real, I am sorry'' shouldn't be so hard...

  • elena.sofia. ls
    elena.sofia. ls

    the weird circular motion that harry does on his finger is indicating the queer placing of the marriage ring, middle finger of the right hand.

  • Lorena Sioli
    Lorena Sioli

    Hey you guys, hum...were they interviewed in the same place? Louis and Harry? Cause...window, lamp and plant next to the lamp... looks like the same 4 me... in 1st and 2st video 🤔

    • Lorena Sioli
      Lorena Sioli

      and the armchair too... it's so wierd isn't?

  • Tara bogdanovich
    Tara bogdanovich

    U guys are overthinking way to much 😭

    • eli

      ya i

  • Olivia687

    I like your videos, but maybe stick to things you actually know about. Even professionals in body language analysis can’t give 100% definitive answers. Also pupils dilate for so many reasons, a lot of people seem to overlook that.

  • Isla Maniquiz
    Isla Maniquiz

    is it just me or does the hand motion at 4:22 not look like he is writing an "L" ??

  • Rachael Barnes
    Rachael Barnes

    Sometimes the speculation around Larry reminds me of Phan and that turned out to be true so... Just an observation

  • Yaqeen Binlam
    Yaqeen Binlam

    I love larries

  • Yaqeen Binlam
    Yaqeen Binlam

    I love this

  • Sharon Jarvis-Young
    Sharon Jarvis-Young

    The fantasy is 'real' because you want it to be real...

  • Skreaque From the SORRI club
    Skreaque From the SORRI club

    I’m dying at *harry’s brain* and shows Louis

  • Donaldduckfan 3456
    Donaldduckfan 3456


  • Cara_oneDforever

    Yea okay, I really do ship larry, but if talking slowly is a sign of a lie, then Harry is always lying😂

  • Amelia Marshall
    Amelia Marshall

    unpopular opinion but I kinda think that Harry liked Louis but Louis didn’t like Harry


    it’s pretty weird that if they really wanted ppl to stop with larry then they’d straight up say no it’s not real but they are always blubbering and going on so much

  • sage

    If Larry wasn’t real and they really felt disrespected about it.... why couldn’t they just say straight UP, “no, me and Harry(Louis) aren’t dating, please stop asking about it and bringing it up” ?????

  • Mah Barbosa
    Mah Barbosa

    Guys are u okay?

  • Nelly Zambrano
    Nelly Zambrano


  • Emma Furrer
    Emma Furrer

    No one: Me reading the titol and immediately think “saw you body language and I a know how you’re feeling...” yes guys, I’m obsessed

  • Mayo S
    Mayo S

    BUA 🕯 :)

  • Sadie Baker
    Sadie Baker

    at 4:20 just so you know before gay marriage was legal gay couples would have rings on their middle fingers so that way they have their own symbol of their marriage even if it isn't a legal marrige.

  • maja reinhardt
    maja reinhardt


  • maja reinhardt
    maja reinhardt

    PLSSSSSSS i still cant get over his face when he says ''oBviOusLy'' I've never seen his face do thatttt

  • Skye Lourdes
    Skye Lourdes

    4:23 he's doing the gay finger so when gay men get married the ring goes on their middle finger so he's basically saying he's with louis

  • Akemi Ito
    Akemi Ito

    wait for the harrys brain part, for sweet creature yeah etc louis was holding a baby was it freddie? i didn't get a good look but that means that theoretically and imaginarinily harry thought of Freddie too awwww ik you prolly put random pics but still

  • Akemi Ito
    Akemi Ito

    "harrys brain:" honey same

  • Akemi Ito
    Akemi Ito

    4:01 im a larrie but after you said that harrys body is like opposite hahahana ok

  • Akemi Ito
    Akemi Ito

    im getting very much jasmine vibes from you from i didn't do it. how she investigates really well also before i check the description... what di you use to edit? like where did you get the info?

  • Akemi Ito
    Akemi Ito

    i love how in the "obviously" interview, louis literally... i forgot what i was gonna say... oh yeah. i remember. WHERE DID FIND THE EVIDENCE THINGS YOU PUT IN THERE?

  • Akemi Ito
    Akemi Ito

    im so sure that larry is the only reason i want to go into psychology ALSO OMG YOU HAVE MERCH? CONGRATS SISTERRRR

  • Akemi Ito
    Akemi Ito

    0:57 once and for all larries: hahaha he thinks its gonna be the last time

  • Akemi Ito
    Akemi Ito

    ok random but louis's normal body language is so adorable with all the things he does with his hands

  • Little Lion
    Little Lion

    I think their just trying to protect their relationship from people that will judge them for who they are . And obviously we support them but management over here. 🙄

  • trashmouth.

    wait is the picture of them 2 with clifford real? because i thought that was photoshop??

  • R M
    R M

    Uhm... If you stop/pause/slow Mo everything will seem like a conspiracy

  • Giselle Prado
    Giselle Prado

    “OBvIoUsly, obViOuslY” mh ObViouslY 🙄

  • Ben Connolly
    Ben Connolly

    have you ?😐

  • Alessia Piscopo
    Alessia Piscopo

    Lou: "I'm a bad liaaaarrr"

  • Angelica Rappo
    Angelica Rappo

    ok, I love Clifford

  • Ludmila


  • Randy Isble
    Randy Isble

    It is a shame they cant be honest in this day and age. I suppose they are afraid to loose their fan base, meaning $money$. I really dont think all that many will mind. G L to them both ♥

  • Giorgia Pelliciari
    Giorgia Pelliciari

    Which minute of BTY teaser does Harry's hand should be?

  • Kloe Bensusan
    Kloe Bensusan

    don't forget that M. Harry Styles is the man who is sooooooooo dramatic when he sing Louis's solo in IICF

  • Louu Campos
    Louu Campos

    Simplemente sus ojos como los abre cuando dice "obviously"

  • Femke Lemmens Uclés
    Femke Lemmens Uclés

    I just don't like that man callling us obssesed I mean we can say but he can't.

  • No but hey on you
    No but hey on you

    So there’s this theory that i don’t necessarily believe in myself, that maybe two ghosts isn’t about a specific person seeing as Harry starts talking in general about the song When he was asked about it. His «i would lean towards no» could indicate that the sing fits for several people and he was considering which of them fit the song best, and concluded Louis didn’t. We know that he wants the listener to interpret songs however they want, and maybe his song subjects aren’t as specific as we may think. The way he says that we could workout ourselves whether or not it’s about that makes me doubt it tho. Idk, it’s just a thought i had

    • No but hey on you
      No but hey on you

      @Belemo ogan oh yes i know all this stuff, i accidentally wrote two ghosts instead of sweet creature

    • Belemo ogan
      Belemo ogan

      On no hun, that exp. You said harry gave was for sweet creature. Two ghost is a whole ass harry being dramatic as usual in JAPAN cos an intro to singing two ghost he said " I wrote this song late 2012, early 2013, when HE first broke up with me". Combine that with Larry crying on stage in that time frame. Full on breakdown mournful tears spilling while sing 'over again'. I believe Louis relented and made up with harry right after the concert cos it was clear harry used the song to beg his way back to Louis heart. Don't ask what caused the break up cos nobody knows..,just a lot of theories. Mine? Simple ...it was the time frame of haylor. Everyone saw Louis misery at that time. Poor lass...really hard to watch.

  • Lara x
    Lara x

    I‘m not gonna say Larry is real or anything. But in the first interview Louis could have literally just said „no it‘s not true“ or just „no“ but like he did not 👁👄👁

  • Linda Somst
    Linda Somst

    Lol, I always say um and well and uhhh before talking or while i talk because i need to check if u cant make it dirty minded cuz my friends are

  • Stephanie Jade
    Stephanie Jade

    "People who lie like Harry Styles" MADE ME CACKLE

  • Moonlight .Z
    Moonlight .Z

    "Is it about Taylor Swift?" AaaaaaaaaAAAAAAA NO! "Is it about Louis Tomlinson" Well, uh, I think, um, y'know _You are a mood, Harry Styles_

  • Natalie

    I think Louis is right trough, it's a bit disrespectful if we're actually like "omg their relationship is fake, it's all planed"

  • Joe John
    Joe John

    Just because you buy their music and go to their concerts doesn't mean you own their private lives. Live life you see fit cause life is too short!

  • Gabriella Lambert
    Gabriella Lambert

    6:54 one thing I picked up is he never denied that there was a relationship with Louis. Like he never said “what relationship”?

  • Abi Leach
    Abi Leach

    Larry conspiracy = insanely disrespectful and intrusive. I said what I said. I don’t care how much ‘evidence’ you have, it’s really disrespectful to everyone involved (including any relationships they’ve both been in). Let them live. Even if it turns out that there was in fact once something between them, it’s awful to speculate so damn much. It’s their personal business and although they are in the public eye, that doesn’t give anyone the right to invade their personal life to the extent that some people have. I feel like this is a very unpopular opinion but I just thought I’d share my take on it, you can of course disagree but please at least try to understand what I’m saying.

  • Phoenix

    can someone give me a time stamp? i cant hear him say clifford

  • -hanna-

    *Louis speaking about this whole larry thing as sometimes a little bit disrespectful * Larrys: *analyzing his bodylanguage in a way that makes them think he's lying to make sure the larry fantasies don't get destroyed *

  • Fa0531 08
    Fa0531 08

    The fact that it has been 10 years and we still get new proof every month says it all

  • Lily Stylinson
    Lily Stylinson

    Omg I never noticed he said "Clifford"! I can hear it so clearly too!

  • Brooke Andrews
    Brooke Andrews


  • Nadia Palavecino
    Nadia Palavecino

    H no sabe mentir ni en una entrevista por radio jajaja si no fuese para Lou sweet creature diría NO y listo

  • Ana Isolde Henney Arthur
    Ana Isolde Henney Arthur

    3:59 lmao poor liam

  • fabi c
    fabi c

    ok but the poor guys can't do one single movement without it having to mean something lmfao chill

  • Abby Whitby
    Abby Whitby

    The fascinated siamese preauricularly moor because july aesthetically precede during a poised class. brash, pastoral mass

  • Laila

    I NEVER and I repeat NEVER realised that Harry was actually saying "Clifford" and I can´t unhear it anymore

  • Laila

    uhms and wells are not supposed to be this obvious, hun, you need to learn to lie better if you wanna be convincing

  • gesteho letijmek
    gesteho letijmek

    The expensive zoo worryingly bare because watchmaker broadly listen without a dynamic believe. well-made, concerned polo

  • London Louise
    London Louise

    honestly we need to lock louis and harry in a room together, with nothing but a huge compilation of their entire relationship, and see them try to deny larry then.

  • Izzy Olim
    Izzy Olim

    Fuck Dan Wooton , Simona 's kiss arse

  • Lynn-Muriel Withopf
    Lynn-Muriel Withopf

    God harry is a terrible liar

  • Lyn Denise
    Lyn Denise

    Their answers r just to divert us all from Harry's true love n it's not Louis.