Harry Styles on the Howard Stern Show (FULL Interview)
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0:00 - Recording on Mushrooms
2:30 - Going Solo
6:10 - Friends With Stevie Nicks
10:35 - "The X Factor"
12:41 - Songwriting
16:34 - School and Family
21:25 - Paul McCartney and David Bowie
24:29 - Coronavirus and His Band
27:03 - Robbed at Knifepoint
38:30 - Acting and "SNL"
43:59 - Living With Ben Winston
50:04 - Love Life
57:08 - Harry's Band
59:08 - Zayn Malik
1:06:59 - "Sledgehammer" Performance
1:14:27 - "Adore You" Music Video
1:17:48 - Therapy
1:21:00 - "Adore You" Performance
1:25:00 - Bit His Tongue Off
1:28:17 - Fashion and Sexuality

  • Alex F
    Alex F

    This cristal generation is not ready for howard stern

  • Mahsa Rosie
    Mahsa Rosie

    Best show ever

  • World Champ
    World Champ

    I’m convinced, Harrys an old soul.... such a beautiful human being 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Falling & Sign of the times are my fav.....

  • David Svenstrup
    David Svenstrup


  • octoberfire13

    I know one time my dad was being robbed and chased by a guy with a knife, he ended up being able to fling his wallet in the opposite direction as himself so the guy had a choice to go after it or him, anyway shit is scary, make sure you always have protection on you as the world is getting very scary and nuttier

  • Henrique Pereira
    Henrique Pereira

    Can anyone help me? What model of Sennheiser microphone are they using?

  • startervisions

    uh nah song writing is the easiest thing in the world learning about doing it good is the hard part it takes time to find your own voice

  • Eesha Boby
    Eesha Boby

    Howard: it’s nice to meet you Harry: Thank you.

  • Galdasturis

    This really was great! thanks!

  • Firuz Nawer Aahir
    Firuz Nawer Aahir

    I am so in love with this video.. watching harry talk for an hour and then play some amazing music is wholesome.. i watch this video so many times.. and is so satisfying as the first time..

  • Mia Rae
    Mia Rae

    timestamps 0:46 mushrooms, etc. 2:30 going solo 4:37 label 6:11 stevie nicks 9:43 sign of the times, going in own direction 10:36 post x factor success 11:40 white eskimo 12:41 writing songs / having songs written for you 15:27 x factor 16:34 school 18:45 talking about his dad/family 19:23 matt cardle 20:30 luck 21:25 paul mccartney, david bowie 24:29 coronavirus 27:03 robbed at knifepoint 34:20 collaborations between musicians in the past vs now 38:40 acting, snl 44:00 living in london, ben winston 48:25 staying grounded 50:04 dating, privacy 53:25 talking about sledgehammer 57:13 how the band came together 57:49 mitch talks 59:08 zayn, post one direction 1:02:28 ny 1:03:07 sarah 1:04:25 mitch and sarah 1:06:29 charlotte 1:07:00 sledgehammer 1:12:01 instrument breakdown 1:13:11 album, tour 1:14:29 talking about adore you 1:17:47 therapy 1:21:00 adore you 1:25:00 "i was high" 1:28:17 fashion, sexuality, etc. 1:32:40 back to grilling harry about his love life

  • YoJeewan Music
    YoJeewan Music



    I love Harry


    The way Harry looks at his band is soo cute 😭😭

  • Lawanda Johns
    Lawanda Johns

    The acoustic rate immediately choke because rhythm distinctly unite besides a guiltless mexican. quiet, sulky celeste

  • Ingrid Helena Nielsen
    Ingrid Helena Nielsen

    wooooooooooow this is Harry Styles showing the foookin' world how the tf to TPWK during this interview...

  • Francesca Salas
    Francesca Salas

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  • Counterpart2U

    Damm Howard, you get better and better at interviewing. Thanks, love your show!

  • Winston Hunter
    Winston Hunter

    Harry is going to be legendary great person

  • Jimi Joe
    Jimi Joe

    Harry thank you for being you....with all your imperfections is what makes your perfect . Yes we are all flawed, no pain no gain. Love you !

  • lk feryel
    lk feryel

    Harry for 1 hour and a half: let's not do it the tommo way keep it tpwk keep it tpwk

  • Filippa tpwk
    Filippa tpwk

    Harry really handled this interview so well

  • Leeanza Hadome
    Leeanza Hadome


  • angie tpwk
    angie tpwk

    harry; mm yeah no mm mhm yes cool no mmm

  • Cats 2079
    Cats 2079

    This interview was basically a clash of generations. Not an argument or anything close. But just Harry being like...k. And Stern thinking, ‘every guy must think like me.’

  • Pamela Kindt
    Pamela Kindt

    What a gentleman. You would make any mom proud.❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Mitch P
    Mitch P

    I literally loved every second of this. I have a serious girl crush on ny. She is a wonderful spirit ❤️❤️

  • Charlie M
    Charlie M

    The 1D WhatsApp group chat was on that phone. The TPWK MV, maybe Anna and Medicine.

  • Charlie M
    Charlie M

    38:23 my directioner heart hurting!! love he literally sung an album about staying up all night

  • Anita Wulandari
    Anita Wulandari

    i always like harry voice when he talk

  • jane johannah
    jane johannah

    axl rose from guns and roses wears skirts all the time

  • over40victimoffate

    I can't believe Howard thinks a musician taking a drug to enhance song writing ability is avant garde. What strikes me as even more odd is that Harry can admit to taking illegal drugs on world wide radio, but he can't say he's gay, bi, when no one could care less.

  • bye lmao
    bye lmao


  • Hannah Preston
    Hannah Preston

    I just realise how deep his voice is like wow

  • Marilou Cañada
    Marilou Cañada

    💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚. Outfit of Harry👬

  • Jugo De Naranja
    Jugo De Naranja

    Aww Harry not speaking bad of the x factor winner

  • i pickle
    i pickle

    Howard reading the comments: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Kamren-Jane Smith
    Kamren-Jane Smith

    im proud to say this was uploaded 3 days after my birthday last year :)

  • Adam

    Harry doing his best Olive Oyl impersonation.....Seems like a good guy and a great band tho...also, new drinking game - drink every time he says "like". Absolutely love this cover tho. I Was an 80's teenager and this is so close to the original. Peter Gabriel has a great voice, so it takes some balls to take it on....

  • Bri S.
    Bri S.

    👁👄👁 not him putting words in his mouth.

  • darneseee

    love for the band -> ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anthony Ciceu
    Anthony Ciceu

    I think he got robbed and they asked him for his phone so they can leak Oh Anna and Medicine 😎😎😂😂

  • waed kassir
    waed kassir

    1:00:22 Okay that was uncalled for

  • Libby Evans
    Libby Evans

    Howard please stop putting words in Harry's mouth :)

  • Erika Huber
    Erika Huber

    I wanna know what song Stevie wanted on the album !!

  • otay hi
    otay hi

    @ mushrooms, etc. @ going solo @ label @ stevie nicks @ sign of the times, going in own direction @ post x factor success @ white eskimo @ writing songs / having songs written for you @ x factor @ school @ talking about his dad/family @ matt cardle @ luck @ paul mccartney, david bowie @ coronavirus @ robbed at knifepoint @ collaborations between musicians in the past vs now @ acting, snl @ living in london, ben winston @ staying grounded @ dating, privacy @ talking about sledgehammer @ how the band came together @ mitch talks @ zayn, post one direction @ ny @ sarah @ mitch and sarah @ charlotte @ sledgehammer @ instrument breakdown @ album, tour @ talking about adore you @ therapy @ adore you @ "i was high" @ fashion, sexuality, etc. @ back to grilling harry about his love life

  • Amour Learning
    Amour Learning

    Anyone who consumes mushrooms understands their health better than anyone.

  • Amour Learning
    Amour Learning

    Harry Styles is amazing, but the music behind the vocals is equally as good. If you replaced Harry Styles with a nylon guitar playing the same notes as the vocal track, this song would still sound like a masterpiece. Whoever is behind the melodies in these songs is an absolute genius and is likely an alien, just like Harry Styles.

  • Tanner Harris
    Tanner Harris

    1:19:07 Adam and Sarah look at each other like what the fuck

  • Rebecca Braz
    Rebecca Braz

    This interview seemed fine and par for the course for a Howard Stern interview up until the part where he insisted that Harry was going to seduce his therapist. That was way too much.

  • Liza S.O.L.é
    Liza S.O.L.é

    Let. The man. Finish a thought. Bruh

  • Estelle

    This interviewer is pretty fine, he asks interesting questions (ok some of them were too much, especially parts with women involved) and seems to know about music industry

  • Galaxy Crown
    Galaxy Crown

    "Sledge Hammer" was one of the best Videos on MTV ever, no doubt

  • Isla G
    Isla G

    Howard is so gross Harry is such a great person and you can tell he's uncomfortable

  • pedro marques
    pedro marques

    The absorbing budget semiannually damage because softball ignificantly bleach midst a evanescent shrine. aboriginal, dazzling fireplace

  • Noëlle Kadima
    Noëlle Kadima

    i literally wanted to punch howard when he was talking about therapy

  • alyssa

    the worst interview in my opinion

  • Chloe Zara
    Chloe Zara

    How Harry had the patience to sit through this interview I will never know

  • س

    This whole video is that just smile and wave boys meme

  • Sofia Huberty
    Sofia Huberty

    the fact that he talked over Harry for the entire interview is so annoying.

  • Belsipoo

    I was so flippen angry when Howard stern started asking Harry about his discussions with his therapist, that’s a very private thing.

  • dearsyddie

    howard can fall down the stairs thanks

  • Mehseen Shabashkhan
    Mehseen Shabashkhan

    Where's Clare?

  • Mehseen Shabashkhan
    Mehseen Shabashkhan

    and I worked in a bakery 😂 16:35

  • Scarlett King
    Scarlett King

    Who actually watched the whole interview (I did ) 💕

  • Marié telléz
    Marié telléz

    Howard Is absolutely jealous of Harry Styles

  • Marié telléz
    Marié telléz

    I love the discipline of an English gentleman , Harry is definitely disciplined and he sings beautiful

  • valeria elguero
    valeria elguero

    WAIT why am i laughing so hard at the way howard just freshly said that his piano teacher comminted suicide

  • valeria elguero
    valeria elguero

    why was he so insensitive when talking about his stepfather?!

  • Harry’sGayVodika

    Notice how Harry is wearing green and blue... GREEN AND FREAKING BLUE... Me: **cries in Larry**

  • Dead Cat
    Dead Cat

    WTF is that outfit :D

  • Divyanjali

    harry was smiling and nodding exactly like i did all through high school just so it would all be over soon

  • Nele Höning
    Nele Höning

    Im this close 🤏🏼 to do it the TOMMO WAY

  • Miray Deveoglu
    Miray Deveoglu

    1:02:54 pls yell at me harry

  • Shreya Contractor
    Shreya Contractor

    It's that adorable how Harry was so happy n smiley all the time during sledgehammer

  • Denny Jones
    Denny Jones

    Howard has such a boys will be boys attitude and harry doesn’t

  • Binta Diop
    Binta Diop

    "I took my matrasses from the flat and throw it in the attic " hahaha

  • Madison BrazeauTaylor
    Madison BrazeauTaylor

    i don't know how Harry managed to stay so calm

  • The Jimmy O Show
    The Jimmy O Show

    This was Brilliant. Harry comes across really well and Howard is a first class

  • Vicky Cruz
    Vicky Cruz

    Thank u Harry!

  • Fatima Shahid
    Fatima Shahid

    One of the only singers that can actually sing

  • Victor L
    Victor L

    Why do people hate on Howard Stern? His show has been around for 40 years, and people choose to come to his show. They know what they're getting in to.

  • Edward Di Vidersi
    Edward Di Vidersi

    WTF..this guy can wear anything, and it looks cool. He is litterally wearing my grandma's collar, AND SEE HOW COOL IT LOOKS, and even manly. He must have some pretty high testosterone levels

  • D Who?
    D Who?

    Harry should definitely check out Bowie's live album or Bowie for that matter.

  • Elias.

    okay here’s the thing i understand that interviews can and do get personal at times and also get that howard stern is a very well known interviewer and typically well respected. that being said tho i think he crossed a line sometimes especially with some of his statements e.g ‘when your dad left’ harry’s dad didn’t just abandon his family and i really dont think that harry had ‘daddy issues’ cause he said it himself he had a fairly normal childhood- howard seemed to be making it out that his parents divorce affected him much more than it actually did. i also didn’t really like his assumption than every woman in harry’s life is going be in love with him. now obv i understand that interviews will get personal and that’s okay but i think there is a line between getting personal and making the other person uncomfortable which looking at harry’s body language he clearly wasn’t very comfortable. some of his questions themselves weren’t actually that bad i just generally think it was his presumptions about harry that weren’t so great. that’s all ty for listening :)

  • Anonym hihi
    Anonym hihi

    His voice ughhh 🦋🦋🦋

  • jega lakshmi
    jega lakshmi

    Why is no one talking about the fact that he bit his tongue Thats painful as hell

  • Ricci Huber
    Ricci Huber

    What's open d?

    • Nour Zaher
      Nour Zaher

      open d is a tuning used on guitar. its basically when the strings are tuned differently, playing different notes than it usually would in standard tuning.

  • Ryan Sendef
    Ryan Sendef

    i think the thing about this interview that makes it hard to watch is that stern expects harry to be someone that he never has been and never will be.

  • Jennifer D'Erasmo
    Jennifer D'Erasmo

    he is a dating app 🖐🏻🎤

  • over40victimoffate

    avant garde ? really? hardly?

  • Sabrine Meneses
    Sabrine Meneses

    Harry sendo justo e paciente como era Jesus nessa entrevista, um anjo mesmo

  • Abby Methold
    Abby Methold

    harry can sleep in my attic if he wants but its unfortunately my bedroom as well. what a shame!

  • Debra Forsythe
    Debra Forsythe

    You r so right harry live a good kind life.

  • Debra Forsythe
    Debra Forsythe

    Living like a king is not important. Read what the Apple CEO wrote before he passed away.

  • Debra Forsythe
    Debra Forsythe

    Harry everyone loves you. Because u r so kind

  • Debra Forsythe
    Debra Forsythe

    Harry is not afraid to go on stage. Harry is so good

  • Debra Forsythe
    Debra Forsythe

    I really enjoyed this harry. I am 66 and love you. So different, I also love Louis so talented so cute so kind. Keep it up. Big grandmother fan debra

  • Christlopher Brandimarte
    Christlopher Brandimarte

    Harry...stand clear of the 'shrooms You are very grounded Remain that way You are so damn talented Sledgehammer was fffin on point Great band, after this Howard Stern radio interview, I have become a fan.

  • Thursann Jenkins
    Thursann Jenkins

    I knew the first time I heard him as a solo artist he was gonna be one of the greats. To know he is also so down to earth just all the more makes him such a special being. And for the record..I would of let him in my car lolol