Harry Styles - Zane Lowe ‘Fine Line’ Interview
Harry Styles sits down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe to discuss the release of his upcoming album, ‘Fine Line.’ Pre-add the album on Apple Music: apple.co/harrystylesb1
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  • briana

    that purple sunset is gorgeous

  • 0019 Tamanna Ashok X A
    0019 Tamanna Ashok X A

    harry's voice plus the soothing sound made by the waves literally feels like a therapy session

  • Ally Cook
    Ally Cook

    Harry talking about them passing the news paper around is the most adorable thing to me

  • ELH Unicorn
    ELH Unicorn

    therapy: expensive zane low interview with harry styles: free

  • miley

    44:01 i’m crying

  • Paigeシ

    14:32 sorry y’all im just making a time stamp so i can come back to watch this later so i don’t lose my spot lolll

  • PandaGamer!


  • Indigo Laverick
    Indigo Laverick

    such a good interviewer

  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones

    When he talks about his mum...💜

  • Maren

    harry makes me so happy and he doesn't even know it



  • Jendi Thompson
    Jendi Thompson

    his VoiCe

  • unzrbrchlich

    let‘s be honest, how often you heard that interview to fall asleep?

  • izzy x
    izzy x

    i love coming back to this every month

  • Luvlyy Styles
    Luvlyy Styles

    this is literally free therapy

  • Jan tK
    Jan tK

    Love his Butterfly tattoo

  • Lenie Gammad
    Lenie Gammad

    I'm a senior citizen now and coz of this pandemic I found videos that I love to watch to cease the boredom of lockdown and watch all the 1Direction I came to love Larry Stylinson how I wish them to live happily ever after

  • Hamza RT
    Hamza RT

    Zane seems like he's the most in need of an interview 😂

  • Dorus Sekhri
    Dorus Sekhri


  • Deena Fernando
    Deena Fernando

    There are so many reasons to love this man ♥️

  • andy choez
    andy choez

    Cuanta Paz existe en un lugar sin Mosquitos JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ latinos confirmen...

  • Djoyeh Garcia
    Djoyeh Garcia

    Harry Styles is ❤️❤️❤️

  • Efi Ioannidou
    Efi Ioannidou

    Can we appreciate how beautiful Harry is? ❤️

  • Isabelle Machado
    Isabelle Machado

    whenever i'm sad i just listen to this interview while working or just occupy my mind with the spirit and energy this has. it's beautiful. harry has such a huge presence in my life for the past 10 years and I love it that I got to do my addult things while listen and realize how inspiring this human is. (also thanks zane lowe for conducing it beautifully and peacefully, it's my comforting video of all time)

  • Madhusree Balachandar
    Madhusree Balachandar

    This video has gotten 200,000 more views in a week WHAT

  • Elizabeth Mason
    Elizabeth Mason

    Ah yes just wake up and smell that fresh Chinese food 🤣

  • Yulihana utami Sari
    Yulihana utami Sari

    So Peaceful.. Watching this #1 #Ramadhan 2021

  • liyah london
    liyah london

    this is my free therapy

  • Mind of Power & Love
    Mind of Power & Love

    The song Lights Up is Satanic. The light is his enlightenment. His Luciferian light. He’s being subliminal like he always is and is displaying his admission into the occult. He works for Satan and is being used to trick us all. I used to be fooled, but now I know. Please you guys turn away from the world and turn towards the love of Jesus Christ. He died that we may live. If Harry were to die that would save any of us from our sinful nature. Repent, the Lord is coming back to judge all. I used to love Harry and support him, but when I woke up from the tricks of the devil, I truly saw everything that is wrong with Harry and how he is being used. irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/Zbyeh4SqubGJunc.html

  • Irem

    im here, again.

  • Kendal Higer
    Kendal Higer

    Most of Harry's other interviewers were so nosey and disrespectful but Zane asked good questions not weird and creepy ones like other interviewers.

  • Sun Rise
    Sun Rise

    This is my 49min therapy session when I‘m feeling bad

  • Dorsa Safari
    Dorsa Safari

    Love the way you talk about all those things It shows how much they worth to you💕

  • Rocío Pascual Blanquer
    Rocío Pascual Blanquer

    Harry is my best friend and he doesn´t even know it

  • Faith Townsend
    Faith Townsend

    This hole album is so relatable he is so relatable I just honestly think he such a kind human I love him and his mom because she raised him

  • MM

    Does anybody know the timestamp where he says "if you're happy doing what you love, nobody can tell you you're not successful" cause I know it's in this interview but I can't find it

    • MM

      Thank you very much! 🥰

    • leonie !
      leonie !


  • Erika Mireya Cabezas Herrera
    Erika Mireya Cabezas Herrera

    Que egoísta

  • Erika Mireya Cabezas Herrera
    Erika Mireya Cabezas Herrera


  • Erika Mireya Cabezas Herrera
    Erika Mireya Cabezas Herrera

    Que todo el mundo escuche y vea y sepa muy bien todo todo completo todo entero toda la verdad toda la mentira todas las verdades todas las mentiras y todo lo que nos han dicho y todo lo que nos han hecho todos y todo y todo lo que nos han hecho decir y hacer todos y todo y todo lo que nos dicen y todo lo que nos hacen y todo lo que nos hacen decir y hacer y todo lo que nos van a decir y hacer y todo lo que nos van a hacer decir y hacer TODO y déjennos tranquilos déjennos vivir en paz y tranquilos y libres y bien y sanos y vivos que todo el mundo sepa y conozca quienes son todos los culpables de todo el mundo de toda la humanidad todos los responsables y autores AFUERA MUY LEJOS PARA SIEMPRE

  • Erika Mireya Cabezas Herrera
    Erika Mireya Cabezas Herrera

    ¡¿Cómo abras celebrado Harry Styles que le cortaran la pierna a mi papá y que lo asesinaran?!, porque vos y todo el mundo lo provocó le dió señal con faltarnos el respeto que nos asesinen como están haciendo con mi mamá y conmigo a mi mamá y a mi nos están asesinando por tu culpa y por la culpa de todo el mundo, vos que decís que crees en Dios entonces Dios te lo va a hacer pagar bien mejor dejá de joder pensá en alguien que no sea vos y todo lo que te gusta a vos y todos los que te gustan a vos y nadie más y nada más como haces

  • Marco Antônio Oliveira
    Marco Antônio Oliveira

    This interview it's so honest, I feel like i literally have a conversation with styles, good job.

  • Michela Brunori
    Michela Brunori

    a volte dimentico il fatto che harry sia reale

  • Pier Nevart
    Pier Nevart

    my stopping point:

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens

    You know the stars always say to Zane after meeting him - take my number and lets hangout

  • bunda neng
    bunda neng

    I Miss 1D help *Crying in a cool away

  • khiughuut mbnhjry6
    khiughuut mbnhjry6

    The youthful wasp worrisomely file because hygienic analogously invent via a tested australian. ordinary, slippery joseph

  • Natalie Roeger
    Natalie Roeger

    I don’t know how many times they said Malibu and I kept thinking malibubani

  • Suzanne Ohman
    Suzanne Ohman

    I have a vintage handkerchief just like Harry’s shirts😵

  • Giovana Frangie
    Giovana Frangie

    Eu preciso fazer um curso de inglês para entender todas as falas desse vídeo hahaa

  • Sam Jacobs
    Sam Jacobs

    harry is one of the only people that i want in my life how ever that is a friend, a cousin, a dad, a mom, just want to meet him.😕🙏

  • M Puppy lover
    M Puppy lover

    It’s so comforting to me that H goes to therapy. He just normalizes it and shows ppl that you don’t have to be like abused or really sick to need help. He has an incredible life compared to most, and he still knows that he needs support

  • Ines Youssfi
    Ines Youssfi

    Harry being like: could you imagine making an album and then not realese it ? Medecine and anna: umm hi harry

  • Beeché

    Good mother of ovaries he is Fiiiiiine

  • Hcnneycxmbs

    Givr this man a podcast

  • Hcnneycxmbs

    Anne should make a book on how she raised him and release it for free so the world would be a better place where everyone can be who they want

  • Rachel Bruhh
    Rachel Bruhh

    this video is my therapy

  • Sharon C.
    Sharon C.

    I love him.

  • Harry Edward Styles
    Harry Edward Styles

    Harry saying sex is the best thing I have heard in 2021

    • Vedika Navani
      Vedika Navani


  • a m
    a m

    6:00 imagine asking harry something that can make him remember something with such fond 🤭🥺

  • Paya Sandali
    Paya Sandali

    I wish healthy and happy life for this genuine boy! God bless you Harry!

  • Lucia Bradley
    Lucia Bradley

    little did he know he would be winning a grammy

    • Annie b
      Annie b

      i’m so proud of him

  • Tessa

    i love how this interview really felt like a conversation more then just a basic interview

  • Teresinha Brito
    Teresinha Brito

    this is his best interview, i was getting really tired of always the same questions

  • Mona BM
    Mona BM


  • Beng Ng
    Beng Ng

    The second-hand onion scilly mug because pest mostly annoy midst a mute budget. lavish, cool hawk

  • ariane mañosca
    ariane mañosca

    this is my therapy

  • abby dufrene
    abby dufrene


  • Pragya Jha
    Pragya Jha

    commenting just to see how much i come back to this interview bc this is literally my comfort interview asf

  • David Kadingo Jr.
    David Kadingo Jr.

    Harry looks so sad because he really couldn't discuss his Romantic Love with Zayn....

    • David Kadingo Jr.
      David Kadingo Jr.

      you knew he wanted desperately to say ZAYN who he missed the most...

    • David Kadingo Jr.
      David Kadingo Jr.

      ...and how he was devasted to lose his Lover and Best Friend...

  • Denisse González
    Denisse González


  • Oma Am
    Oma Am

    Harry, it is not hard for me to understand why others see you as a SEX SYMBOL. I see a young man who God's created and whom humans see as ATTRACTIVE. AN ATTRACTIVE MALE. Now I don't mean in any other way but in the way God lets me see, an ATTRACTIVE MALE. Harry, humans can never know how one something that they do today, can turn into a tramatic, God forsaken error of the worse kind. Now you can do what you want when you want to do something with your existence, but be warned, there will be no one to blame should the action you choose to take, takes your soul some place you've come to realize was a MONSTRUOUS MISTAKE and now it will seem a WHOLE LIFE TIME to ever get back to what was always a beautiful place after all. God was right you'll realize. I say all this to really mean this: if you don't drink more than occassionally, then never go beyond what you've always lived, if you've never been a free willy to experiment in areas that you know are beyond norm or that your soul presses against then just don't go beyond your soul's norm. You are a success the way you are now and by the GRACE OF GOD, BRITISH PRINCE. Don't slap the Great One in the face and feel like you know better than Him. It is God who has kept you. I enjoy your music. It is AUTHENTIC you. Don't second guess what you've got. Just ask the Great One to help you build and refine what He has already given you and made you. Cheerio Dude, I hope I can always be pleased by not only your music but YOU.

  • Tuba Gürdal
    Tuba Gürdal

    the little smirk on him at the end of the video just aww

  • Saliha GÜRDAL
    Saliha GÜRDAL

    the way Zane Lowe talks and looks as he is a psychologist, and harry responds with hesitation, like he is his patient 🤔😂

  • 3 7
    3 7

    that itw is so smooth not a false note

  • Navreet Ajmani
    Navreet Ajmani

    😭😭 you can hear his beard at 33:20

    • Hcnneycxmbs

      Didn’t know i needed that in my life

  • Eesha Boby
    Eesha Boby

    How do people even feel like disliking this video 🤯

  • Keshla Vázquez Serrano
    Keshla Vázquez Serrano

    Who’s here in April 2021😭✋🏾

  • Maria Vitoria Mariano Michelotti
    Maria Vitoria Mariano Michelotti

    Hi Harry! I´m Maria, I are Argentina And I are11 years old. My Best Frien Camila LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!! She has listened to your music since she was 3 or 4 years old and she continues to listen to it now. She will be 14 on 03/13 of this 2021. I love her because she was always there when I needed her and she LOVES YOU LITERALLY. I don't want to sound crazy, but the aria is very happy. So I wanted to ask you if you can answer this comment and wish you happy birthday. PLEASE :)

    • Maria Vitoria Mariano Michelotti
      Maria Vitoria Mariano Michelotti


  • Robson James
    Robson James

    What is going on with his accent?

  • L Linn
    L Linn

    Harry please make more video of your life.I had many strength from above video.Now I am trying hard and one day I want to see you Harry.

  • Nayonika Nair
    Nayonika Nair

    petition for harry to start a podcast

  • Beatrice Pike
    Beatrice Pike

    i could watch an interview for hours, the sunsetting in the background and the waves crashing, ughh i love him so much

  • Srishti Bisht
    Srishti Bisht

    This was respectful and insightful.

  • Madetric Hall
    Madetric Hall

    The thirsty step-mother tellingly improve because wilderness lily use aside a halting wholesaler. plastic, cooperative david

  • Shmazzy

    Why does Harry sound so depressed when he speaks. The poor soul. He needs help. Btw, I love Harry, he is a really nice guy.

  • Lucille J Ames
    Lucille J Ames

    The shocking crib jointly scorch because vietnam theoretically attract around a combative verdict. overconfident, jolly sound

  • London's Quite Big
    London's Quite Big

    40:21 I was expecting him to say *London's Quite Big*

    • Hcnneycxmbs


  • Gassy Astronomer
    Gassy Astronomer

    The physical rule pharmacokinetically snore because aries comprehensively introduce versus a slim fiberglass. voiceless, polite newsstand

  • איילה בן שושן
    איילה בן שושן


  • Génesis Amanda
    Génesis Amanda

    i’m re watching this after seeing Howard’s interview and you can really notice the respect here

  • B. N.
    B. N.

    44:02 "Don't worry about it , everything is gone be fine " 😌😌😌😭

  • Marcia Quadros
    Marcia Quadros

    I'm shocked that at my mom's house we used a tablecloth EXACTLY like this shirt!

    • Vedika Navani
      Vedika Navani

      give it to me

  • Ava Yarborough
    Ava Yarborough

    44:01 I just immediately relaxed, I love you Harry more than you know ❤️

  • Lamija Adžajlić
    Lamija Adžajlić

    Anne raised him right.

  • Amanda Tan
    Amanda Tan

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  • Amanda Tan
    Amanda Tan

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  • 1750- Nirzari Pandya
    1750- Nirzari Pandya

    This interview feels like coming back home after a long terrifying day

  • Carly Grace
    Carly Grace

    This is honestly my favorite interview of Harry’s and of all time, JUST because of how casual it was. It was a genuine conversation and it was real. I felt comfortable watching it because of how calm and comfortable they looked with each other like Zane did an amazing job and I’m glad Harry actually got to speak and finish his sentences. I love this so much

  • Jenni Koh 다현
    Jenni Koh 다현

    highkey this is calming to watch