HELLUVA BOSS - Spring Broken // S1: Episode 3
Happy 2021! Have episode 3!
When Blitzo's ex girlfriend steals his parking spot things sure do happen.
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    • Nataša Nimčević
      Nataša Nimčević

      Were is episode 4 ???

    • yeetyt 1356
      yeetyt 1356

      @Jimmeh Rulez aa

    • Xsmileslex

      I love this episode keep up the good work, me, my sister and mom watch it together every time you make a new one. We all love your work

    • Idk Anymore
      Idk Anymore


    • FELIX INKINIFEE akya fan
      FELIX INKINIFEE akya fan

      @Dumpo ok ?

  • Shane Hector
    Shane Hector

    When she came out the car she kinda had the clean Nike hearts 10

  • Miranda Flores
    Miranda Flores

    Favorite episode 😍😍♥️I loved everything especially how they involved Luna more 😍Tex was cool and that Demond with the gray hair was just ♥️

  • Pagan Sutton
    Pagan Sutton

    How do you mistake a red horned demon as furry gray white possum?

  • Michael Wetington
    Michael Wetington

    Do you have a plan for Moxie to die later

  • Renea McWilliams
    Renea McWilliams

    Can we have 4th

  • CH Gaming
    CH Gaming

    If Blitz didn't baby eyes on Loona she could have said dad

  • Chaotic Omnisexual
    Chaotic Omnisexual

    9:59 Everytime I try to flirt

  • Liza lizouly
    Liza lizouly

    If marinete was like that she would never be just a friend to Adrien

  • Mystical STD
    Mystical STD

    When is the next episode coming? Does anyone know?

  • Robert Bullard
    Robert Bullard

    Needs to be on Netflix

  • Bruised Turtle
    Bruised Turtle

    As radio demon once said this is “the purest type of entertainment reality passion” and it was fucking funny

  • superior, bread
    superior, bread

    4:44 is it Blitzo tattoo on her arm

  • C r e a t o r
    C r e a t o r


    • Mystical STD
      Mystical STD

      Give them a break it's hard to make quality content without time

  • Bruised Turtle
    Bruised Turtle

    Vortex’s don’t give off heat they absorb everything a type of vortex is a black hole gg get rely luna

  • ZukoHere

    Why do i feel like hazbin hotel and helluva boss take place in the sane universe just different timelines

  • Kelmarc

    MAKE A 4TH ONE!!!

  • Re E
    Re E

    What app do you watch this on

  • Brad W
    Brad W

    Is there any more for season 1 or is it just 3 episodes?

  • Robert Berg
    Robert Berg


  • Jeter Boy
    Jeter Boy

    Why is she obsessed with hell

  • Neko Animator
    Neko Animator

    "why dont you, take an art class" last time someone was insulted about their art they killed 11 million people

  • Animalmon Inc.
    Animalmon Inc.

    is episode 4 coming tonight?

    • Devil C Wesker
      Devil C Wesker

      wait where did you hear that??

    • Juniiper


    • UωU


  • eaglewatch 123
    eaglewatch 123

    Vivzie we Need more Zoophobia comic DIOCANE

  • X Sunflower Gal X
    X Sunflower Gal X

    Bro who else just realized that Blitzo is Brandon Rogers

  • Ria Miller
    Ria Miller


  • Marx14

    Too many kids watching this crap

    • Marx14

      @Juniiper I’m going on 20 soon, all I’m saying is that this is wildly inappropriate for anyone 16 and under, but that seems to be the main audience for this.

    • Mystical STD
      Mystical STD

      Old man I am 18 and loving this

    • Juniiper

      the target audience for this show is older teens. 13-17, probably. I doubt thirty year olds are the target demographic, though people in their early twenties might be. What im confused about, is how old *you* are.

  • Marx14

    Rehab in hell, makes sense...

  • Reaper

    Please ask Stolas voice actor to cover You Will Be Okay but full version. Pleeeease... Specifically him and I know there is a full version already but his voice and the way he sings it too majestic.

  • Sirine Gheribi
    Sirine Gheribi

    So that's the other world

  • fotis leivadas
    fotis leivadas

    I love how Blitzo doesn't even know the song lyrics🤣

  • Beatriz Martinez
    Beatriz Martinez

    Omg its a fucking possum

  • Beatriz Martinez
    Beatriz Martinez

    I want them to make more episodes

    • Not rick astley
      Not rick astley

      be patient

  • Ginger yt
    Ginger yt

    I would moxie: "oo~.... Fish!"

  • Catto The God
    Catto The God

    Im just waiting/wanting Moxie to snap and be alpha af

  • Boston Robison
    Boston Robison

    Moxie talking as blitzo zones out blitz:moxie... shut the fuck up also can we notice he said moxie don't let her access any of her holes

  • Joaquin solis
    Joaquin solis

    Hazbin hotel episode 2?

  • Splatoon 2 Hundred
    Splatoon 2 Hundred

    Anyone else realise that the person who voices verossica (Christina vee) is the same person who voices marrinette in ladybug

  • Antonio Jordan Garrido
    Antonio Jordan Garrido

    Ok, now seriously I think for the sneak peek I can deduce something about HB ep.4. I think Blitzo and company finally have human disguises! And now they have a new client but it seems like they are still in hell,interesting... Whatever Moxie now it's a chick and Blitzo has to desinfectate him, or in this case, "her".Problaby there will be an toxic substance in the episode and I.M.P. must protect themselves aaaaaaand that's the only thing I can... think. BA BA BAD JOKE

  • Antonio Jordan Garrido
    Antonio Jordan Garrido

    ONE ****ING MONTH DOOOWN!!!! Wait, a SNEAK PEEK!!?? AAAAAAaaaaa...


    I have a new character idea for this show his name is Ludo and hes a fallen angel DESCRIPTION: VOICE: between moxxie's and blitzos voice tone SKIN COLOR: red orange-ish EYES: slanted like blitzos and a golden eye color with white pupils that are round SIZE: between moxxie and millie and blitzos size CLOTHES: white suit with a black tie TEETH: straight like millies ARMS AND HANDS: pretty normal sized LEGS: same hinges like moxxies feet HAIR: grey and black-ish like millies FEATURES: small red wings that grow huge when he wants them too and a broken yellow halo on his head TAIL: none HORNS: none hope you like this concept idea!

  • Bg netflix HD
    Bg netflix HD

    Marinette's voice is making the voice of the pink lady!

  • Naruto_Groupchats106cm

    15:11 wise words

  • Mr Cheese And Gentleman
    Mr Cheese And Gentleman

    “You better move that *PUSSY WAGON* RIGHT NOW” LMFAO

  • Joshua Greene
    Joshua Greene

    the moment when they call out all us Loona fans lmfao

  • 5’s

    2:55 Blitz & Loony the somewhat father-daughter duo 😭😭😭 WHEN SHE ALMOST CALLED HIM DAD-😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • InsertNameHereYt Hi
    InsertNameHereYt Hi

    So, vivziepop. There’s this channel called “vivziepop club” and they clickbait viewers with fake thumbnails Everytime after you upload an episode. Just wanted to give a warning about this channel.

  • Elijah Ramirez
    Elijah Ramirez


  • ImaginaryVenus5

    Drunk Moxxie is best Moxxie.

  • Tooby

    Here before 1M likes

  • sebastian oroche
    sebastian oroche

    When will Hazbin Hotel come out episode 1 ?

    • Devil C Wesker
      Devil C Wesker

      They cant announce anything ahaead of time due to now it being funded by a company as the pilot got picked up, only until the company gives permission they can make an official trailer. at the moment they are working on season 1 of hazbin hotel as the helluva boss episodes were already made from 2 years ago

  • Ahmet Boran Burğaç
    Ahmet Boran Burğaç

    6:02 furry...

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof

    0:35 Does anybody know what this song is called??? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • ismail essbiti
      ismail essbiti

      Sorry,i thought you were talking about the song in the radio at the beginning of the episode.😅😅😅

    • ismail essbiti
      ismail essbiti

      Mustang dong

  • Female Blitzo
    Female Blitzo

    Film theory is going to make a Hazbin hotel video. This is absolute proof that Vivzie’s work belongs in top-tier animation.

  • 745a.m

    ayo whats Verosika's theme called and where can i listen to it (the one at 3:41)

    • Oof Oof
      Oof Oof

      I’ve been wondering the same thing

  • Pablo Ricchiuto
    Pablo Ricchiuto

    10:43 Team M&M Me reí como escolapio en esa parte XD

  • Chris Oakland
    Chris Oakland

    Wow, animation on youtube sure has come a long way. Not only is this show and Hazbin Hotel so high quality in animation and music but is also way better then a lot of the other shows big networks put out. Well done, keep up the good work!

  • Kaliypso

    6:06 *you feel your sins crawling on your back*

  • val3ntyn p0vzun
    val3ntyn p0vzun

    waaaaait where Blitzi know who is Verosika ? (my english is SOOO bad sorry)

    • val3ntyn p0vzun
      val3ntyn p0vzun

      08:00 Verosika okey

  • Donny Pinero
    Donny Pinero

    why would there be a sex scene in this video like what the fuck

  • ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ__KawaiiGirl__ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    when is episode 4 coming

    • UωU


  • Imelda Barraza
    Imelda Barraza


  • Luis mario Gil rojas
    Luis mario Gil rojas

    Cuando subes mas episodios de Hasbip hotel

  • Princess Bree Minecraft
    Princess Bree Minecraft

    I love Verosika Mayday 💖 I'd like to see a music video for her and a another song

  • jovan milenkovic
    jovan milenkovic

    when is episode 4 coming out ?

  • James Pitzer
    James Pitzer

    We need more

  • Jaedan Akashi
    Jaedan Akashi

    I love this

  • MonsterBros 1
    MonsterBros 1

    6:07 that stare tho

  • Crumbly

    The song that plays in the credits-we need a full version of that.

  • Shadowheart181

    I love the simping for Millie, moxxie is too pure

  • TheDarkNight

    14:05 guys we have to stop water pollution.

  • Crumbly

    They keep getting better lmao

  • Zachary Shannon
    Zachary Shannon

    Do you all think there'll be an eventual crossover of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss?

  • Hichigo Shirosaki
    Hichigo Shirosaki

    Drunk Moxie is freaking hilarious lmao

  • Austin Morrison
    Austin Morrison

    So now they got the same voice actress who played Shantae, Miraculous Ladybug, and Darkness from Konosuba. If Vivzie can somehow get someone like Jim Cummings on board she’ll go down as even more legendary.

  • furry flex
    furry flex

    This episode is on crack

  • also wondering the same thing
    also wondering the same thing

    Come on, give us hazbin hotel, Viz!!

  • Mabi


  • Пушистый

    would rather new episodes come out!

  • Alejandro Lugo
    Alejandro Lugo

    5:46 did blitz just seed god? That’s laik a Muslim alabin to jesus That makes no sense

  • Geo CrusherGaming
    Geo CrusherGaming

    It feels like an eternity since this came out, that's how you know a series is good your starved for it

  • Party Dave
    Party Dave

    Why does Moxie reminds Double D. From Ed, Edd n' Eddy🤔

  • The Bright Star
    The Bright Star


  • Aykio

    Wolf daddy

  • BlackCatKirrito 123
    BlackCatKirrito 123

    I just realized that they have two different voice actors for vortex

  • Mutu Catalina
    Mutu Catalina

    3:38 when my sis talks to much ;)

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    vortex: "My girlfriend throws a ton of crazy hound parties." loona: depressed walking spiderman

  • Shielsia Derru
    Shielsia Derru

    "Mak'n tha moneh"

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      What was that splash sound

  • My Name Is Reee
    My Name Is Reee

    This series popped up in my recommendations and I LOVE IT

  • The Game Junkies Program
    The Game Junkies Program

    Did they censor some of the episode there was spoke to be a swear after moxxie got attacked by the succubus and you know if you know it beeped out what bits was going to say


    I can bet you wish to upload every video from this universe at 6:66 but unfornately the Best you can do is 7:06

  • franniewheel

    3:03 called him a bitch bag

  • Oscar Playz
    Oscar Playz

    How does blitzo looks like as a human

  • Corpse_Real_Wife

    The animation have gotten so much better since hazbin hotel

  • Skydrathik

    I love it - I love it so much that you can produce it! God you are amazing, I‘m sitting in ma dorm room cackling over the entire campus xD

  • d0nKeyfuk King
    d0nKeyfuk King

    Lol I might be part of heaven and he'll but,im in middle with the reaper because, this video is asshole

  • Fuego _Jonny
    Fuego _Jonny

    I absolutely love this shot ! Don’t stop making it

  • TopSkul

    Wait if they say words like whore, fuck and other hard swears, what did he say at 4:25 that was so bad that it still needed to be censored?

  • Efrain Solano
    Efrain Solano

    6:58 the dude who was with angel dust in the car xD

  • Clyde Shady
    Clyde Shady

    Make a crossover between helluva boss and hazbin holtel

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