Hermitcraft S7 Ep 51: Aquatown's New NETHERITE Shop!
Hermitcraft season 7 episode 51, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 to work on Aqua Town and finish the interior design of Threads by Scara building. The New shop will sell Netherite armor and other clothing items. We also get Baby Yoda back from Grian with a present and a reminder that I still need to finish the backside of Grian's mansion. I hope you enjoy the new Hermitcraft episode!
Previous Hermitcraft episode: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/gMCrZ5yXl3KkuIc.html
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    Thank you for the support while I've been away because of my Health. It's good to be back creating stuff again. My videos will be a little slow coming in the next few weeks as I try not to over do it with my body. Your the best and thank you for being you :) My Links and stuff: * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347 * T-Shirt Shop: teespring.com/stores/goodtime... * Twitter: twitter.com/#!/GTWScar * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar * Instagram: instagram.com/goodtimeswithscar * Facebook: on.fb.me/1LCWlMV

    • BarrelBonsai550

      Is it possible for me to join the server? Oh wait I dont have java

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      I love your timelapses they always make me dance!

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      Kat D

      no thank YOU for being you. And if you need a break just tell us we understand. :)

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      MammaLama 0215

      The movie(s) you were thinking of Despicable Me and the minions

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      The abomination

      All good scar take a break of you need to

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    Cereal Vlogs

    I think the price is good comparing to what the others are selling.

  • Cherubi-chan

    I wanna sort those shulkers so bad ;___; Bad addiction.

  • Lil Fedde
    Lil Fedde

    Scar... honey... you do know that if you put out some sort of application to help organize the box monster or help keep shops stocked... etc... there are loads of us who would help, we just aren't Hermits 😂❤


    Maybe you can make it 1 netherite Sans you toke a lot of time so 1 netherite = 1 full netherite

  • M. Gone
    M. Gone

    Keralis has terrible luck with shops.

  • Mantaman Cadet
    Mantaman Cadet

    15:35 Ah yes, THEM...

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    Tom Creton

    How could anyone not just smile with scar he is the happiest person anyone has ever seen along with jelly

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    Jenny Long

    When is ep 56 I've watched the other videos

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    Reggie Gamer

    Wait Baby yoads head is bdubs head

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    Nedarb 731

    2.5 stacks of diamonds

  • Nedarb 731
    Nedarb 731

    Those little yellow things are called minion

  • Peter Davis
    Peter Davis

    Is that ... is BDubs riffing on Shade-E E's pest relocation service?

  • It’s the Axo!
    It’s the Axo!

    I wish I was as good as scar at anyting

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    You could ask mumbo to make a flying machine elevator in your elevator bank These are so cool

  • Samarth Merwah
    Samarth Merwah

    Isn't the shopping district a mushroom biome? How did the creeper spawn? 20:05

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    Andres Uribe Ortiz

    scar I love your videos and I hope the pandemic ends so you can go back to your normal live and dont worry because of your risk in this pandemic.

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    I think you were thinking of Q-Bert for the face

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    No one: My Texan friend at parties: 22:45

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    Mike suwardi

    4:28 5:05 **gasp** **Monkey sound**

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    Joe Langner

    Impulse built a secret base in your area

  • Shayer S. Utsho
    Shayer S. Utsho

    15:33 Scar's description of minions is golden

  • Schaeffer Smith
    Schaeffer Smith

    The full armor should cost 3 stacks. One ancient debris in the "Cinnabun Shop" is a diamond block. You used 16 ancient debris (4 for each piece) to make a whole set of armor. That is 144 diamonds. Plus the diamonds it takes to make the armor (24) is 168. That is 24 diamonds under 3 stacks, but you do want to make money on this, do you?

  • Rick Walvaart
    Rick Walvaart

    In Cubs shop, 1 armor piece will cost 4 diamond blocks. I think like 15 diamond blocks is a good price

  • HRH

    As of now, we owe scar a total of 790,000 diamonds and counting

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    Dr blue Shoe

    I love you’re time laps music

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    L Dane

    Leave the tree up untill season's end please!

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    Scar! They found your secret base in their secret base while building a secret base in your base!

  • Agate

    I read bdub's TNT sign as biSid.

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    KhillikiaLea W

    At #4:00 in oh my goodness. Hate to ask cause wowser. But are you sure they are all of them.?! Love your builds and the wowser boom 💥 Glad to hear your hanging in there. Take care we love ya. Hugs kisses

  • Levi Carpenter-Student
    Levi Carpenter-Student

    grian is inviting you to make a secret base in kiralus city

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    Zoe H.

    I'd say through February is acceptable for the tree. I've been stuck in my house since Christmas, and cause it's my favorite holiday and the décor makes me happy, my tree is still up too :)

  • Master Skywalker
    Master Skywalker

    I dont know why but i feel like this should be pointed out The nether rite helmet looks like sideburns

  • Tyler Baerwaldt
    Tyler Baerwaldt

    You should use white dye on the dark oak sign so other Hermits can read it!

  • Sawyer Phillips
    Sawyer Phillips

    the yellow "mee, mrrr" Creatures are minions

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    Hulk Lover

    Looking at the comments, I think we all know why the Hermits don't trust us to keep secrets.

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    Alysa Medina

    I hope you feel A LOT better for the next couple days and weeks! All my support to you and Jelly!

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    Veer Banoth

    Secret base alert

  • Gust Ryckaert
    Gust Ryckaert

    they'r called minions

  • Brittney Payne
    Brittney Payne

    Suggestion: I think you should charge 16 diamond blocks which equal up to 144 diamonds

  • Natalie Wertz
    Natalie Wertz

    15:23 you mean Minions?

  • AdamFazbic

    Scar, I believe that the price should be 173.the normal price would be 168 but I added 5 diamonds.

  • lindakbeckett

    p.s. be on the look out other hermits who are building secret bases in other bases

  • lindakbeckett

    Oh no, I hope you get better 😃

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    Shrimpy Gaming

    Scar there’s a secret base 32 blocks under aquatown and they are planting mobs

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    Billy Cooper

    💙 here is your dimind


    Loving Aqua Town Scar =)

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    Emily Emerson

    Theres a secret base in your base that grian hid

  • Availaboi

    Me looking at the video: "say my name"

  • Plat

    Thought for a section the thumbnail was of you being attacked by a bunch of grunts from Tokusatsu shows.

  • youngerfire

    I think you are charging a bit too much for the suits You are doing amazingly tho

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    Alya Did


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    Fan of u

    Am I literally the only person who is thinking OMG WHERE IS HIS HAIR????

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    Lee Pratt

    I think you should charge about 45-64 diamonds for the armour and elytra

  • Tobias Hendriks
    Tobias Hendriks

    Lol 700k diamonds

  • Tobias Hendriks
    Tobias Hendriks

    Make a bank

  • Jack Robke
    Jack Robke

    I like how his present is what you gave him

  • M V
    M V

    128 dia with chestplate 150 dia with elytra

  • Robin Bachmann
    Robin Bachmann

    2 stacks of diamonds is to less at least 3 or 2 and a half stacks

  • Cooper Melluish
    Cooper Melluish

    Scar, you may want to watch out for the base that Tango has built in your secret base...

  • Christian Pau
    Christian Pau

    The German IRbinr TheJoCraft (basically Mumbo in German) has made an design, where Armour stands are on display and every now and then, they swap with new items. Check it out. You could just ask him if he could help you, I bet he would enjoy it.

  • Ninja Orange2.0
    Ninja Orange2.0

    Hey scar i think it might be a good idea if you add some outline on the video, i think it will give it a bit more “zazow”

  • Willyboi123 H
    Willyboi123 H

    Better name for the rocketvater; El-lytra

  • Jerry Dong
    Jerry Dong

    15:05 in the window That scared me

  • Preston Stone
    Preston Stone

    Ive always wondered where you get your timelapse music

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    This is the first video I watched by you, and you got yourself a new subscriber!

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    SpectreOps YT

    He should go for the diamond armor villagers

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    Luke Meredith

    I think they should be 200 diamonds 💎

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    Chuck The Napkin

    Grian charges 270 for his backup box but it has carrots and rockets. 210 diamonds is enough

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    Zach Williams

    casually puts 52 nephrite ingots worth of ancient debree into the furnace

  • Nelson Hernandez
    Nelson Hernandez

    I Remember Watching Scar Years Ago, Back When I Was In Middle School, Im Now A 3rd Year In College And Nothing Make Me Happier To See He’s Doing Well, And The Good Ole ScarLand CEO Is Thriving. Congrats Man

  • Dark Angel that steals cookies
    Dark Angel that steals cookies

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  • yehoshua silvey
    yehoshua silvey


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    MR. NKL

    16 diamond blocks per amour set


    Amm Scar Impulse created a secret base in your village.

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    Arjun Kadiwar

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    I've come back after a long time of not watching and remembered how much I love these videos! keep it going!

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    mc rail bish

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    Amita Nagpal

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    Arjun Kadiwar

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  • MrDj200

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    Thank you for this video, good sir! Also, I had a thought. If you made Aqua Town... ...does that make you Aqua Man?

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    Jace Edwards

    Scar I just want to let you know that you don’t need to force yourself to work and make content, not saying you have been but I think all of us can agree that your health is the most important thing here Thank You Scar

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    Scar! I love your channel and have been subbed since 100k! I looked it up and we have the same birthday, August 19th gang!!! Just letting u know 💕

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