Hilariously FAKE Minecraft Speedruns...
These are some of the FUNNIEST and WORST faked Minecraft speedruns...
DISCLAIMER: Please do not submit fake runs to speedrun.com or any other speedrunning sites! The verification team has a hard enough job as it is, and spamming the site with fake runs for comedic value wastes their time.
In the last video, I asked a speedrun.com moderator to send me some of the WORST fake Minecraft speedruns that have been submitted… I talked about those runs and break them down, from Drem's fake run to the fake runs of a few literal children... This time around, I found more faked Minecraft speedruns to discuss, and these might even be better than last time...
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You've probably seen some fake speedruns in the past. You may have even seen the accusations made against Dream where he was "exposed" for cheating in his speedrun. I'm not here to tell you whether or not he did, but if you were interested in that case, you'll DEFINITELY enjoy this video... Same goes for " Drem ", a speedrunner that was accused of using a set seed, a claim that I personally agree with (it's pretty clear that this is true)...
I covered some completely different runs this time. I made this video because the last one did so well, so let's see how this one does! Let's get to 50k likes! Remember to like the video and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed! I don't think I'll be making another one of these fake speedrun videos, because I need to work on the finale of the " My School's Minecraft Server " series.
Thanks to speedrun.com and Kobra for the help with this video!
Kobra - rb.gy/mr3pot
To anyone wondering why my channel has been all over the place lately, it's because I'm hoping to make the (notably difficult) switch to more personality-based content. While people enjoy these documentary-type videos, they aren't what I want to make in the long run. Maybe I'll try some funny mods out with friends like TommyInnit and the Dream SMP guys have been doing lately!
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  • LinusStudios

    Note: The @Icy Uploads speedrun was made ironically. Please leave that dude alone

    • Just your average Guy called Christopher
      Just your average Guy called Christopher

      I mean, wasn’t it obvious?

    • Niko Weimer
      Niko Weimer


    • Br3ak0r_YT

      700th like!

    • AlphaWolf Deathslayer
      AlphaWolf Deathslayer

      200k subscribers

    • Wee Nevil
      Wee Nevil

      @Milki Wilki he sorry

  • paintmaster sheo
    paintmaster sheo

    James run is legit for sure no suspicious actions

  • awamleh Abdul
    awamleh Abdul

    The knotty fish microbiologically remind because lyre previously hunt amid a tasty michael. lethal, callous step-mother

  • Reid Mosher
    Reid Mosher

    James:SpeedRun hmmm so just beat the game as fast as possible? Ok I’ll just go in creative mode and just find the end portal and just kill the ended dragon with a command. Me: good try still cute though.

  • Tnp_shadow

    I made a portal in bedrock and it spawned in a nether fortress

  • •L̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ D̶a̶r̶k̶n̶e̶s̶s̶•
    •L̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ D̶a̶r̶k̶n̶e̶s̶s̶•

    Speedrun legend didn't even wear gold so he couldn't trade right?

  • Tien Nguyen
    Tien Nguyen

    2:22 does anybody see those pink sheeps

  • Tiger YT
    Tiger YT

    If I have to say in my friends Smp my portal was next to a portal and his was 100 away from another, guessing that it’s about a 1/300 for your portal to be NEAR not on/at NEAR a fortress

  • PokeCat

    That James was so good😂

  • Spidey909 Studios - Animation And Films
    Spidey909 Studios - Animation And Films

    Theses are straight up funny

  • Aspiired

    but we not gon talk about 2:20 the 2 pink sheep?

  • zev berko
    zev berko

    Search Avatar image

  • Coleyounger Moore
    Coleyounger Moore

    ThIs MaN Is LiTrAlY ChOcKiNg

  • Bobby Buko
    Bobby Buko

    How is that last guy gonna get a slower time with a set seed than the new legit world record holder on a random seed 😂

  • Doge

    Plot twist: this comment isnt here

  • Relpy

    The first guy’s nether fortress is so real that the speedrun site mods thought they were dreaming when they saw it

  • augu thymas
    augu thymas

    wait thats my name james but adif one

  • Andrew_ Wyatt
    Andrew_ Wyatt

    The last one his voice over made it sound fake lol

  • Dion Haxhaj
    Dion Haxhaj

    5:08 the flint and steel recipe is cursed

  • 「DragRingerジ」

    The icy one i think its ironic Becuase of "Nether fortress sign"

  • ThatMythicPerson

    the James guy thought it was the creative speedrun world record

  • Henry Reiland
    Henry Reiland

    Fr what is that song played when he was commentating that last fake speedrun

  • BadPiggies 9
    BadPiggies 9

    2:30 the obviously player-made "fortress" had me wheezing like Dream lmao... are you sure that was an actual fake, and not just a satire? 4:13 He just did a Soren smh...

  • Cadence Tilbury
    Cadence Tilbury

    Also when it did the “nether fortress” it said game set to survival mode

  • Max Blackburn
    Max Blackburn

    My guy F.B.I IS TYPING

  • Kastiel1107

    I think the last dude's run is pretty legit, here is why -spawning next to a nether fortress is rare and sometimes people spawn inside the fortress -made the lava pool without anything suspicious -Piglin trading and getting 12 ender pearls is rare and again other people get that same amount even when not recording -Ender dragon fight was legit

  • Dimitri Varias
    Dimitri Varias

    These are so dumb I glad you found them there funny I would to see more like the content

  • giorno with parkinson
    giorno with parkinson

    give me your fucking texture pack pls

  • FNaF Plush Adventures
    FNaF Plush Adventures

    Linus: Portal spawn near fortress is sus Me: I had a portal spawn IN a fortress (no seed)

  • GamerBreeze YT
    GamerBreeze YT

    We arent going to talk about 2:19 has 3 pink sheep?

  • Luke Richey
    Luke Richey

    What is dis lol

  • Lapodo Is Bored
    Lapodo Is Bored

    "James" puts all of us to shame for cheating lmao

  • Leandra Rodriguez
    Leandra Rodriguez

    The reason why IRbin is cause ive always wanted to be a youtuber

  • Henry Paul
    Henry Paul

    Looking at the comments, it seems the Icy Uploads one was ironic. I was wondering, seeing as the timer literally reset like in all of the more obvious meme videos.

  • Gaming Jaye - Minecraft and Roblox
    Gaming Jaye - Minecraft and Roblox

    I agree! These were all fake:)

  • Luke's Gaming And Plush video's
    Luke's Gaming And Plush video's

    "nether fortress" Bruh 2:33

  • Noah Saliby
    Noah Saliby

    i feel bad for james bc he didn’t understand it at all but he still thought it would be an acceptable speedrun

  • Noah Saliby
    Noah Saliby


  • Henry Hatt
    Henry Hatt

    I think James should be given the official record. Dude was so fast he could crash the game and still set a fast time

  • Joe Loth
    Joe Loth

    the first 2 were clearly done as a meme i mean c'mon. But the last one looked like he tried pretty hard.

  • Chiu Pak Hei Alpha
    Chiu Pak Hei Alpha

    The people who disliked are the fake speedrunners

  • Jaime Mahramas
    Jaime Mahramas


  • No U
    No U

    Not gonna lie im a pretty lucky person I could speed run minecraft but honestly idk what tf i am doing 💀

  • Shield Gaming
    Shield Gaming

    6:25 he maybe used command blocks

  • Rayan Hassan
    Rayan Hassan

    What are you trying to say about MCPE players?

  • Gaming Boonboon08
    Gaming Boonboon08

    2:10 that’s not normal, the way he went out the door.

  • Dylan Young
    Dylan Young

    In the first run by Icey you forgot to mention how every so often his speed run timer would reset or lower

  • Flippy Frogman
    Flippy Frogman

    I think the first one was a joke

  • balloon with glasses
    balloon with glasses

    i actually had a ruined portal next to a snow village

  • Vince Dominic Beloy
    Vince Dominic Beloy

    And icy ended the vid because he thought the speedrun has completed or he was scared to die from the enderman

  • Mythical_beast224

    its called vanilla tweaks for the speedrunlegends and i love it and its ART

  • Jordan Rosen
    Jordan Rosen

    2:30 2:45 Timer resets Nice

  • Claire Johnson
    Claire Johnson

    it says set own game mode to survival

  • Claire Johnson
    Claire Johnson

    I honestly don't know who to believe anymore

  • Gabrielle Bell
    Gabrielle Bell

    2:16 pink sheep

  • Trains and more 815
    Trains and more 815


  • Air Cavalry
    Air Cavalry

    Not gonna believe but it I tried speed running for fun once and I found a jungle temple next to a portal and I started next to a bastion

  • WolfygamerTV

    I hope the James one was ironic or he just diddnt understand how it worked

  • Game Shorts
    Game Shorts

    the begining they CHEAT me fosusing on the samsung phone in my mind APPLE IS BETTER (0.31)

  • Ishmael Pena
    Ishmael Pena

    James be like: What idiots just switch to creative man.

  • Shortsweetandneat '
    Shortsweetandneat '

    3:15 don’t mind me

  • Lêslëy Kūñ
    Lêslëy Kūñ

    The James one was dumb -_-

  • Nate's Page
    Nate's Page

    me: casualy watching the video my ad: PRODIGY MEMBERSHIP

    • Nate's Page
      Nate's Page

      like who the heck plays that anymore?

  • Javaid Iqbal
    Javaid Iqbal

    Boring boring boring boring boring

    • Dark zero801
      Dark zero801


  • Brevort

    Ok so yeah I agree that that was fake but also it is very easy to locate a stronghold with math, it just uses some basic trigonometry. I really don't understand why more people don't do it

  • Cr3ameRy 1
    Cr3ameRy 1

    Bro they are so obvious like we no!? 😂

  • z8_bqpdR

    Finally its not a " *FAkE SPEedRuN bE LIeK* "

  • Mecha Sonic
    Mecha Sonic

    as long as dream keeps denying the obvious, literally nothing bad will happen to him because of how naive his fans are

  • Natebuster

    the first one is obviously a troll

  • Nico Dancio playz
    Nico Dancio playz


  • Minus Plus Equals Zero Studios
    Minus Plus Equals Zero Studios

    it said set own game mode to survival in the bottom left corner

  • Michael Raad
    Michael Raad

    The mellow bath pharmacokinetically impress because rock methodically explain at a divergent jasmine. placid, fluffy patch

  • Tim Evans
    Tim Evans

    There is a seed to the first one

  • Brian Flynn
    Brian Flynn

    0:54 Yeah right now you doubled it bc of you amazing fans.

  • XJokermanX

    Noo that first one isnt fake lol

  • Caleb Dickson
    Caleb Dickson

    The satisfying oval spectacularly part because flare coincidingly fire down a wooden ocean. lowly, wild stepmother

  • Tiger Zombie.
    Tiger Zombie.


  • little dead dogman
    little dead dogman

    Are we gonna talk about the fact that there was a WHOLE HERD OF PINK SHEEP in iceys run

  • the blue shadow
    the blue shadow

    best speed run vid ive ever seen

  • Samuel games
    Samuel games

    4:00 James OMG SO REAL kkkkkkk

    • Dark zero801
      Dark zero801

      He just has a good gaming chair

  • Gaming Gamer 521
    Gaming Gamer 521

    The only way for the pause menu to be open when u first generate a world is to spam the esc key lol

  • Swift

    0:46 You gays really liked that.

  • Gacha club Scarlett Rules
    Gacha club Scarlett Rules

    The first one was obviously a joke from the person senting

  • ღ Kookie_ GachaFnxf ღ
    ღ Kookie_ GachaFnxf ღ

    Finding a nether fortress near your portal is sus Me and my sis who played survival and trying to beat it and our portal is near a fortress O_O O. _O

  • JimmyBoi 895
    JimmyBoi 895

    You guys question this guy's ender pearl drop rate but yet dream gets away with it

  • Tishy Elixir
    Tishy Elixir

    The first one you got r/woosh ed

  • Mix Dknew
    Mix Dknew

    For some reason every world I generate if I get a village there’s always a ruined portal in there

  • SrMitobr Green Mushroom
    SrMitobr Green Mushroom

    Aren't we gonna talk about the Pink sheeps near the portal

  • Let's go gaming
    Let's go gaming

    Ok now I know this is fake you have to build the portal not find one

  • ice cube
    ice cube

    I don't speedrun so really don't expect any scams for me

  • Opticool Gaming
    Opticool Gaming

    I like that you put home resonance in the background its sych nice calming music

  • Opticool Gaming
    Opticool Gaming

    1 thing you missed in icys fake run is there is 2 WHOLE PINK SHEEP NEXT TO THE RUIND PORTAL am i the only person who noticed that?

  • Lizt

    7:47 bruh he forgot to remove the things that heal the dragon

    • Xenin

      He one-cycled the dragon. I saw a lot of youtubers do that and maybe the dragon doesnt heal when he perched Idk man I dont play minecraft but I do know some stuff. Correct me if I'm wrong

  • Lizt

    The people who saw James speed run: “He a little confused but he got the spirit”

  • Lizt

    2:21 idk if it’s just my luck but I spawn in a seed and there is 1 village and 2 of those portals so I guess that’s normal

  • Gabriel Garzon
    Gabriel Garzon


  • George

    James was clearly just being ironic.

  • Dream

    0:59 is kinda sus

  • XxepicduckxX 764
    XxepicduckxX 764

    1 An Olympic racetrack is 400 metres all the way around. a) Jack runs 2 laps. How far does Jack run? m

  • fivehead

    another clue that the first run is a set seed: the big white square in the loading screen always spawns near the corner of the screen, then moves to the center, unless the world has already been played

    • Dark zero801
      Dark zero801

      This is a misconception, the square appears in a different place depending on the seed, I’m assuming you watched the speedrun fake vide on zyphons channel