Home Haircut! ~ Cutting Bailey's Hair
Bailey really wanted her hair cut, so Jessica busts out the scissors and cuts her hair. No, Jessica doesn't know what she's doing. But Bailey's like the coolest pre-teenager in the world and they just have fun with it.
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  • Lee Howe
    Lee Howe

    I will tell you why the first scissors did not cut because they are for thinning hair lol

  • Tarja Illmann-Walker
    Tarja Illmann-Walker

    Imagine Brad Mondo reacting to this

  • Marycatherine Dougherty
    Marycatherine Dougherty

    Her hair is so cute

  • Lydia Moore
    Lydia Moore

    I love how Bailey wasn’t holding her scissors upside down😂😂😂

  • shellyedmb117

    I love Jessica's laugh

  • Your Daily Unicorn
    Your Daily Unicorn


  • Melanie Horowitz
    Melanie Horowitz

    Bailies is so adorable ^~^ ❤️

  • Sofia Martinez
    Sofia Martinez

    btw those first scizzors are to hair thinning

  • Gabbie Logan
    Gabbie Logan

    Bailey is taller than I thought she was

  • Molly Boord
    Molly Boord

    lol love yall

  • valli 's phone prabakar
    valli 's phone prabakar

    Bailey is very happy to cut hair

  • Abbey James
    Abbey James

    Pre tween queen of the quarintine - Jessica balliger 2020

  • Kassidy and Paige
    Kassidy and Paige

    Bailey is so sweet!

  • Mallory MOLPUS
    Mallory MOLPUS

    Scissors with the common thing you’re doing it right it’s just for layering not cutting hair like straight it’s for layering

  • Clair Parent
    Clair Parent

    Hahaha those are thinning shears.

  • Sara Garrett
    Sara Garrett

    I love bailey

  • Eleanor Wycherley
    Eleanor Wycherley

    Jesica is such a vibe.

  • Jenette Werre
    Jenette Werre

    she needs to keep her hair curly witch is really cute on her.

  • Regina Lawson
    Regina Lawson


  • Katie Cole
    Katie Cole

    Mother goals 😂😂😂😂

  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones

    I can't watch this! Omg I yelled stop multiple times.

  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones

    Those are thinning scissors!!!!!!!!

  • among us lover 101
    among us lover 101

    The scissors with a comb in it are for thinning it!

  • Janae


  • Rachel M.
    Rachel M.

    I want to be a professional hair!

  • millie

    i was like “Omg nO they’re thinning scissors”

  • Emmilee

    "did you wanna have bangs" ...."nah, im good!" 10/10 mood

  • Tina Eagles
    Tina Eagles

    Baileys hair Looks Nice❤

  • Caitlin Gee
    Caitlin Gee

    it made baileys hair look so much more volume! it surprisingly looks cute!!

  • Hannah James
    Hannah James

    Jess, the comb scissors are for thinning hair. You would just make random-ish spaced cuts with that

  • Luna R.
    Luna R.

    Bailey seems so nice 🥺

  • Book Nerd
    Book Nerd

    This is the most chaotic hair cutting video ever and I love it so much. What if Bailey dyed her hair

  • Izzy Bop
    Izzy Bop

    I want a hair cut

  • Chelsey Barber
    Chelsey Barber


  • Purple Fondue
    Purple Fondue

    Please next time do a bit of research. This was kinda hard to watch. I don't want to be a judgy Brad Mondo, but please do your research so that her hair is taken care of. Sometimes it's not just about the end look, but about the hair not being damaged. She looks good, but just try to make sure her hair is taken care of.

  • hello humansʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    hello humansʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


  • Safira Alya
    Safira Alya

    Hey Jessica, looking at Bailey's hair strands (and your hair) I have a feeling that she has a curly/wavier hair! And there's a whole method to take care of such hair so that they look their best, and I suggest you look up the Curly Girl/Guy method. This would probably be useful for parker as well. Best of luck! x

  • Darylene Hinze-Lent
    Darylene Hinze-Lent

    My jaw hit the floor with the first cut... I mean Jessica literally had a fist full of hair going to town. Love the carefree of this whole video. And no Thanks Jessica on you cutting my hair. Lol

  • Calum Woodbury
    Calum Woodbury

    “Why does it take so long in the salon when we just did it in like... two minutes” best quote!

  • Annamaria,Hannah,Willow,Adilyn BFFs
    Annamaria,Hannah,Willow,Adilyn BFFs

    When Bailey looked down for second I thought I saw Colleen

  • Luna Kamal
    Luna Kamal


  • Luna Kamal
    Luna Kamal

    Just so you know the scissors that look like they have teeth those are for layering

  • Kittykatdancer11

    The scissors you were using at first are for layering I believe. My mom is a hair dresser so I am pretty sure the are for layering, I hope this helps for next time 😁👍🏻

  • Haya Jafar
    Haya Jafar

    god why are u cutting her hair she already has short hair!!

  • tamfur

    It's super cute! Good job, Mom and Bailey!

  • MyName IsNotHere
    MyName IsNotHere

    This is the first video I've ever watched of you guys, and you are awkwardly forcing your 'on camera personalities' instead of just exaggerating your own personalities naturally for the camera like other IRbinrs do. I had trouble watching this because the personalities felt very faked and I'd be much more interested if you both acted more naturally and just be yourselves, even your exaggerated selves, but without trying so hard that it feels artificial!

    • varunavi

      this is who they are no personality is forced it’s all genuine

  • Sky Rianna
    Sky Rianna

    The scissors that have those weird things on it is for thinning hair 😂😂

  • Eliza McKinnon
    Eliza McKinnon

    Bailey: uhhhhhhh👀

  • Gaby Chavez
    Gaby Chavez

    “Oh... beauty... beauty of the wilderness... love you” - Jessica 2020

  • KirstenYoung99

    Brad Mondo is dying haha! Great to see them having so much fun with it though!

  • Malorie Zorbaugh
    Malorie Zorbaugh

    The ones that you started with are thinning scissors

  • Maizelynn

    Jess one tip make sure the hair is wet. Also it can be after a shower 🚿 or spray it with water 💦

  • Brian Hammond
    Brian Hammond

    This is so hard to watch

  • Shay Morlock
    Shay Morlock

    @BradMondo watch this

  • Mario z
    Mario z

    Wait is this Morse Code on Bailey's hand?!!! 5:54 Love it!

  • Mario z
    Mario z

    5:05 I'm LOOOSSSIIINNNNGGG it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Philip Dacey
    Philip Dacey

    LOL Let’s cut it some more you’re gonna ruin your hair it’s FUN when I ruin my own hair Bailey so sweet and cute 🤣

  • Sierra Arleene
    Sierra Arleene

    No one: Jess: Yez, beauty of the wilderness

  • nino pink
    nino pink

    Bailey is so cute God bless her

  • Rebecca Laughlin
    Rebecca Laughlin

    As a person who cuts hair I am dying😵

  • River Russell
    River Russell

    I like it!!!

  • Emilee Trlica
    Emilee Trlica

    I think it looks good and Jess and Bailey did did a really good job

  • Maggie Eckhoff
    Maggie Eckhoff

    The first scissors she used are for thinning your hair. That is why they were only getting chunks of hair.

  • David Yorg
    David Yorg

    The scissors that you were using were for curly hair but for boys

  • Isabelle Barcoe
    Isabelle Barcoe

    Bailey u look beautiful I love ur hair after and Jessica u done a good job well done

  • Iz Jus 8r00ke
    Iz Jus 8r00ke

    This was terrifying. Oh my gawd. The fact is you have amazing kids and if you skinned her bald she would have still been so appreciative lol. Don't try this again. Please. Lol

  • ella c
    ella c

    Jessica trying to cut her hair with hair thinning scissors had me dying

  • haircutdads channel
    haircutdads channel

    I am a professional stylist, and I think Bailey would look so awesome with a short haircut, I would be happy to show her just how pretty she can be at cost..that is if you ever come to Kentucky! I do cuts for many charities, and hers would be a good one for Make a Wish foundation.....think about it

  • Pipay Camagong
    Pipay Camagong

    They grow so fast! Omg! I remember im watching them when bailey is just a baby and jacob together with auntie colleen

  • WindShil GVA
    WindShil GVA

    Jessica t hint to cut hair using scissors for thinning out hair

  • Hind Alzahrani
    Hind Alzahrani

    I absolutely love you guys, you look amazing Bailey

  • Ari

    Damn I just got done watching Colleens old vlog when she asked what Bailey wanted to be when she grew up and she said “a problem”

  • Laotoole 92
    Laotoole 92

    I thought Bailey was Colleen in the thumbnail I-

  • pan_viola_player

    Those weird scissors are for layering

  • sarah stevens
    sarah stevens


  • Lillian Tuliszewski
    Lillian Tuliszewski

    Bailey, we love you so much, but please fix your hoodie strings. ❤️

  • Hayley Holmes
    Hayley Holmes

    Someone needs to send this to brad mondo!!

  • Hayley Holmes
    Hayley Holmes

    I would be so scared if my mom didn’t know what she was doing and just started chopping away!! PS for hair info and tutorials check out Brad Mondo

  • Harper Chambers
    Harper Chambers

    Should I cut my hair

  • Adrianelys .sanchez
    Adrianelys .sanchez

    Obsessed with their relationship

  • Lis Graves
    Lis Graves

    Bailey, you're my queen ❤️❤️

  • Deamore Arnwine
    Deamore Arnwine

    Are you left handed

  • Gracie

    How can she have bangs she has curly hair but not that curly 😂😁😂😒

  • Gracie

    I don't think Bailey needs a haircut

  • PandaBlossom _
    PandaBlossom _

    Omg shes so mature and grown up when did this happen!! Im literally three years older than her but still!

  • Joey Hakanson
    Joey Hakanson

    As a hairstylist this is painful to watch but very funny!

  • Alex Surro
    Alex Surro

    I loved this Bailey time!! She's growing up into a fine young woman!

  • Xx Pets and Life xX
    Xx Pets and Life xX

    Her hair is already pretty short.

  • Jasmine Brooks
    Jasmine Brooks

    Brad mondo

  • Layna_ PlayzRoblox
    Layna_ PlayzRoblox

    Your not the only one i want to litterly like get bangs soooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly and like a cute sholder length haircut

  • bruhv

    Duncan is so cute !!!!! 🤣♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • MotorizedGrandpaa

    I just cut my hair it was really long like really long but my mom cut it with kitchen Scissors and now it up to my shoulders

  • Jupiter Valentine
    Jupiter Valentine

    Bailey looks so much older in this video... that’s crazy! She’s definitely glowing up but she’s still the sweet girl at heart

  • emily kathryn
    emily kathryn

    Y'all should start your own hair dressing business

  • Jazlyn Syvret Creative
    Jazlyn Syvret Creative

    “Hair! I want hair!” 😂 Brad Mondo we’re are you😂

  • Mrmz-123

    Bailey is the most mature 12 year old i know i just love how she’s a normal girl (you don’t find many of them these days) She’s not one of those youtube divas who wear makeup and crop tops at 12 and act like their 18. i love how she doesn’t care about what others think about her at all. Y’all listen to bailey she’s the perfect role model

  • KiwiCakeful

    With how fun it is I wouldn't be surprised if Bailey is going to be bald by the end of quarantine hahaha!

  • Noah J
    Noah J

    this is so funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Heather Fredenburg
    Heather Fredenburg

    This video gave me anxiety lol

  • Kassie May
    Kassie May

    Those are hair thinning scissors 😂