How PlayStation and Xbox Name Their Consoles
A lot of science, expertise, and genius go into every single console name.
Well... okay maybe not into every one.
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  • CircleToonsHD

    Honestly, I had so much fun making this stupid cartoon and was chuckling the whole time while editing it, so I hope you enjoyed it as well!


      Hey circle tunes halo3 online is shutting down

    • Ashshidiq Faiz
      Ashshidiq Faiz


    • Ashshidiq Faiz
      Ashshidiq Faiz


    • Ashshidiq Faiz
      Ashshidiq Faiz


    • Ashshidiq Faiz
      Ashshidiq Faiz


  • MundisMaple

    This man has the slickest curve making

  • Darren the gamer
    Darren the gamer

    This guy: HOW IS HE KEEP NAMING THESE!!! Me: it’s because when he released the first console the “play station” then he thought that they could make a new console but they don,t know what to name it so he just said “play station 2” then the change the number every time when they make a new console.

  • Smol brain human
    Smol brain human

    I like how both console companies shared the video duration. So that the veiwers dont take offense.

  • Facundo Sanchez
    Facundo Sanchez

    MR PlayStation lol

  • buddy12875

    XBOX 360 SLIM???

  • h a p p y
    h a p p y

    They named it the xbox one because The one is supposed to mean All in one entertainment system

  • kylans kave
    kylans kave

    Xbox fridge

  • The Shöcker Pit
    The Shöcker Pit

    I can’t wait to get the brand-new PlayStation3

  • Tartaruga

    It's just me... or Project Scorpio's better than ONE X?

  • Tr1ckBoii

    Is this Nathan Hale

  • BubbleWelcome

    Bruh I have a 360 e

  • Oskar Szczurek
    Oskar Szczurek

    I have xbox 360 e

  • Faruk Buğra Sevinç
    Faruk Buğra Sevinç

    Entertainment System Super Entertainment System 64 Gamecube Wii WiiU Switch

  • The Random Show
    The Random Show

    I like Xbox, but seriously. Name a console something other then x or s

  • generic gaming channel !!!!
    generic gaming channel !!!!

    At least playstation is simple

  • Marlim Bob
    Marlim Bob

    What about PlayStation pro?

  • Nery Derps
    Nery Derps

    Circletoons: xbox 360 e was a prank *busts in* Me:WHAT IS THIS THEN HUH?

  • Ancient Guard
    Ancient Guard

    I thought he was going to name it the Playstation Series V

  • Us3less

    Apple: puts random numbers and letters behind their devices Xbox: does the same Stonks 📈

  • traphdtv720

    I wonder Nintendo is up to?

  • DawsenScript

    The character sounds like roger Meyer jr from the simpsons but nice video.

  • Jusuf Febriyanto
    Jusuf Febriyanto

    Xbox 360 S the S stands for suppressed lol

  • Philipp Wilm
    Philipp Wilm

    PC Master Race!!! (but I have a PS1+2, Atari, C64 and a GameCube :D )

    • Philipp Wilm
      Philipp Wilm

      Oh and I forgot to mention the Game Boy.

  • JonnyBgamer

    i don't know about any of you but i can't wait for the xbox series LOL S mini X

  • boom 350
    boom 350

    Psp is my favorite

  • Matthew Warren
    Matthew Warren

    Xbox Elite was for everyone that got a red ring

  • Mystic Lightning
    Mystic Lightning

    I mean what else would they name this stuff?? The only idea I had for a console ever for a playstation is “Playstation, New Saga” or whatever, that’s it.

  • Domino Effect
    Domino Effect

    I actually have a 360 e


    One more reso why ps is batter

  • Adhidev

    People talking abt Nintendo Meanwhile Samsung smartfridge gamers:

  • Isaac Lindstrom
    Isaac Lindstrom

    Lol I had the Xbox e


    How dare you disrespect xbox

  • War The Wolf
    War The Wolf

    This guy is a genius! How he do it? PS6? That awesome!

  • Catlord

    Nintendo talking to PlayStation and Xbox: Why can't we be friends? PlayStation: We won't do such thing until they admit defeat! Xbox: NEVER, not until you admit that we are better than you!! PlayStation: Over our dead bodies! Microsoft: That can be arranged. Sony: PLAYSTATIONS, ATTAAAAAACK!!!!!!! Fusajiro: Every time.


    Next Xbox: Xbox 382013939102

  • Nayab Hassan
    Nayab Hassan

    Pretty sure PSP ( Play Station Portable I think ) was a thing @@

  • Die Wamboen
    Die Wamboen

    Why does he sound like a guy from south park?

  • Blocky Games
    Blocky Games

    They think ps6 is cool and they think he is a master I have come up with the ps7 is your god

  • SavagePlayz YT
    SavagePlayz YT

    Hi I’m Mr PlayStation Thanks for bailing me out PlayStation No prob xbox

  • Cats are adorable
    Cats are adorable

    EA Everything's Awful

  • Yoshi That Meme
    Yoshi That Meme

    Nintendo: *P A T H E T I C*

  • cole

    The most accurate cartoon by Circle 👌

  • Justin chea
    Justin chea

    Damn the next console is going to be called the ps6

  • Jack Of No Traits
    Jack Of No Traits

    PlayStation: 1,2,3,4,5 Xbox: 0,360,1,X


    Still waiting for the PlayStation x

  • Eric Richardson
    Eric Richardson

    I can't wait for the Xbox Series ONE x s 360 x

  • Muizz Khan
    Muizz Khan

    Xbox guy - why we call the Xbox 1 when it is our fifth console.The administrator - GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!

  • Cbros597

    Meanwhile pc has "welcome to alienware where we have this new graphics card, the rtx 3090 700 puka gigashit 700 edition"

  • Pixel Pepperoni
    Pixel Pepperoni

    Im a playstation boy myself

  • Sam Leung
    Sam Leung

    At the same time: Sony WH-1000XM4 Sony WF-1000XM3 Sony WI-1000XM2

  • Jesse Jones
    Jesse Jones

    This was pretty funny

  • H A H A
    H A H A


  • Silent Game Rager
    Silent Game Rager

    2:14 is that frickin cyborg

  • dontmindme

    Not to sound like an asshole, just for fun facts. The XBOX was originally named after the DirectX feature they used because it was quite special, so they named it the DirectXbox, but it was shortened to Xbox, because it sounded better and the name flowed more easily than DirectXbox.

  • The Meep Kid
    The Meep Kid

    Xbox name letters S - Slim E - Elite X - Xtreme

  • MarsTheSnake

    Next xbox console: Xbox 69

  • Ygor Nizamoeddin
    Ygor Nizamoeddin

    what about Nintendo?..

  • Extremelightning


  • the Sqwa
    the Sqwa

    I got a xbox ad lol

  • Ron Miller
    Ron Miller

    PlayStation in the future: 10,000 years later PlayStation releases the new PlayStation 9834

    • Harry

      Is that supposed to be funny

  • Traces Space
    Traces Space

    I still have my Xbox 360 still :)

  • dabbing racoons
    dabbing racoons

    S, E, then X wonder what that spells

  • Ryan Rieder
    Ryan Rieder

    I have a Xbox 360 E and it still works

  • charmanda games
    charmanda games

    The Xbox speaker yes thats what is what everybody remembers

  • Jalen Zheng
    Jalen Zheng

    then 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 and 11 and 12

    • Gustavo


  • Kennedy Baez
    Kennedy Baez

    What about PSVR??

  • The Legion
    The Legion

    Don't forget Xbox Project Scorpio, fucking secret lab science project sound to it, what does it do? It's like an Xbox x but well, slightly better.

  • Oliver McGrath
    Oliver McGrath

    i got a playstation add while watching this

  • Humam almahdwai
    Humam almahdwai

    Wait what xbox Is the Xbox that was the Xbox before the Xbox series x was it the s or the x or the e wtf my brian 0lease help am a ps Fanboy and idk which Xbox is which

  • NinjaFox

    If you're on playstation your a sip

  • Jude Anthony
    Jude Anthony


  • DaCanadianboi09

    For people that forgot to buy the other one

  • Arstotzkan Plague Doctor
    Arstotzkan Plague Doctor

    h m

  • alan talan22
    alan talan22

    now nintendo XD

  • Damien bettes
    Damien bettes

    I have a Xbox one s

  • RearedMercury66

    I can’t tell who he’s making fun of more

  • adamx66

    Did anyone else think that last voice at the end sounded like N-gine from crash bandicoot???

  • Mundane

    But how can be 360 if it is a square?

  • Ashley Cantin
    Ashley Cantin

    Ok the original xbox wasn't called xbox it was Direct Xbox then later changed to just xbox

  • LaTheGamer 777
    LaTheGamer 777

    I have a 360 E somehow

  • Enduro Angel
    Enduro Angel

    i have xbox 360 e......

  • Datcraz3gamer

    Sony: What should we name the next gen console after the PS5? me: ps5 pro? NameLord: PS6!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Charlie Alexander
    Charlie Alexander

    The reason they made a xbox 360 s and e was because the red ring of death

  • Feeb Nox
    Feeb Nox

    Nintendo has the most creative names

  • Random Games Random Videos
    Random Games Random Videos

    I have the Xbox 360 E

  • Peridot The Emerald Master
    Peridot The Emerald Master

    I have a Xbox 360 E right now

  • Windows 7 Ultimate
    Windows 7 Ultimate

    the software he uses is ms paint


    I wonder how *Nintendo* names their consoles. Hmmmmm...

  • Grantsta1432

    I think it’s annoying how the Xbox names are made, like they couldn’t have made it simpler?

  • XtraSwift

    Sony naming the PlayStation consoles atleast makes more sense then Xbox.

  • steven he
    steven he

    Yeah and after PlayStation 6 they will call it PlayStation 7 B)

  • xtreme oak
    xtreme oak

    Xbox s,e,and x

  • KatZap

    Poor series s

  • Michael Cooke
    Michael Cooke

    You should have more subscribers also I started the video and was like Luigi?

  • karlis leiskalns
    karlis leiskalns

    I hawe an xbox 360

  • That one guy in the vent
    That one guy in the vent

    It went Xbox s Xbox e then Xbox x

  • Alex Lanny
    Alex Lanny

    The real question is which ones can run cyberpunk 2077

  • Matt Análises
    Matt Análises

    I hope PlayStation never stops numbering their consoles.

  • Zombie The Hunter
    Zombie The Hunter

    Xbox fridge