How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio
Economics 101 -- "How the Economic Machine Works."
Created by Ray Dalio this simple but not simplistic and easy to follow 30 minute, animated video answers the question, "How does the economy really work?" Based on Dalio's practical template for understanding the economy, which he developed over the course of his career, the video breaks down economic concepts like credit, deficits and interest rates, allowing viewers to learn the basic driving forces behind the economy, how economic policies work and why economic cycles occur.

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    Swings in the whole economy are driven by central banks. If we had sound money, these borrow-repay cycles would be local to specific persons and companies - not economy-wide boom bust cycles and all the destruction and waste they cause.

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    It took 30 minutes and no school teaches you this

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    Moderation in consumerism can get people enough money to survive, unlimited consumerism causes a plethora of obvious problems. Going against human instincts has a lot of benefits. Just an opinion.

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    Introduction 0:00 Credit: 3:28 Cycles 6:20 Short-term debt cycle 11:58 Long-term debt cycle 14:34 Deleveraging 16:51 A Beautiful Deleveraging 26:18 In closing 29:37

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    isn't the federal reserve part of the central government? why would the central bank need to "lend" money to the central government?

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    Then eliminate personal loans to avoid bad credit if that is the case.

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    Ok, so where can a i find a graph that shows the short term debt cycle layered on top of the long term debt cycle, both layered on top of the long term productivity growth line, so i can see where we are now?? Where do i even start to find this information?

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    and who bestowed the power of creating money from thin air to the central bank which is not an official part of government? and why does the government pay interests on money created from thin air? And where do these interests go if the central bank is not part of the govt? If it goes to private individuals why and how did they get the divine powers to print from thin air and who had to power to grant them that power?

  • Xanas

    The problem with all of this is that the economy and the government aren't machines. They are both run by people, and there is a lot of complexity hidden within this analogy that destroys the concept of "beautiful deleveraging" What really happening is not "beautiful deleveraging" but the transfer of money from those not well connected to the state to those well connected to it. The government, operated by people, serves the interests of those who run it. It does not serve the interests of society at large except to the extent that serves the people who run it. And then the other groups the government serves, those that help advance the causes of the state, which are wealthy individuals and organizations. These are people more likely to get the transferred money. 2 additional concepts to throw in the brain here "Concentrated benefits and dispersed costs" - this is a phrase used to describe the reasons why incentive structures of democratic society tend towards "rational ignorance." You have almost no incentive to look into something that costs you < 1% of your income (like farm subsidies, lets say). But the much smaller group that will receive that money may get huge portions of their income from it. Rational ignorance occurs because even information and data collection have to be economized. You only have time to learn so much. The democratic process is simplified by giving us representatives rather than having us vote directly on laws, but the incentives from rational ignorance on the candidates is that they will figure out how best to play their best sides to different groups to gain the most votes. They will fulfill almost none of their promises, except those that are truly important to them, but those aren't often the same policies they pretend to favor most. The candidates are not the best people in society. They are driven by political incentives to be generally worse than most, because they can never be fully honest. I'm ending this here, because this alone is sufficient to destroy the idea of the machine, but on the other end (the economy) there is a whole other list of complexity to account for that the simple machine analogy can't get at, such as malinvestment.

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    Amazing video and free knowledge thanks

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    Peculiar Mann

    The whole GME, Black Rock, & Citadel thing makes so much more sense now. Money’s already been printing like crazy due to COVID, Money’s about to be redistributed, & the debt will be reduced with all the spending & taxes from the redistribution.

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    Don Key

    Interest rates in the U.K have been low for decades, it's like the government and banks understood the rules but chose to ignore them.

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    This is such a simple concept that I never fully understood and many people almost avoid understanding it bc it’s “boring” or “not worth my time” or something, it’s all a cycle

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    You didnt tell us how does the government pay for printing the money?? What happened to the idea of collecting taxes and spending that? Oh so we just can print en masse??? What happened to supply and demand?

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    ... & it's happening again, right now.

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    Its a fair system in theory, the reality is that the big money gets bailed if they mess up and gets the most money if the goverment starts printung money

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    HELP- If credit is created from thin air, how is this different from printing money in terms of increasing the total amount of money across the monetary system? Shouldn't they both cause inflation?

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    New monetary system. In 2008/9 billions was pumped into the economy when big banks started failing. Now covid has done the same. I think we'll just go on, business as usual.

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    6:38 ridiculous statement that productivity growth benefits hardworking smart people and lazy incompetent people get left behind. Totally out of touch b/c Jeff Bezos' wealth increases while his warehouse workers are being replaced by robots and the ones left are gig workers with no benefits. Dalio is sill so immersed in the idea that individual wealth is the only goal. You'd think that better late never he'd learn that eliminating world hunger and improving education is more important.

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    Im poor, but I absolutely disagree with any type of wealth distribution that involve taxation, money printing or coercion. I don't like being poor, but I'm not willing to rob to not be poor.

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  • Taiwan is a country
    Taiwan is a country

    So the Chinese market is an bubble, good to know. This is being managed by cooking the books, and shadow banking. Shadow loans, P2P, scams everywhere, shadow universities. It is a mess. That is keeping politics out of it.

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