How the Jacksonville Jaguars came moments from the Super Bowl, then blew up in record time
It's easy to forget how close the Jacksonville Jaguars came to reaching the Super Bowl for the first time ever. Their 2017 season was an impressive, unexpected ride as the defense turned in an incredible performance and the offense rushed through everyone in their way. But even when so much falls in place for a team, the Jags are a cautionary tale that sometimes EVERYTHING must go right to be successful in the NFL.
There were issues in free agency, from an extension to Bortles to picking the wrong receiver to just totally screwing up potential deals. Infighting between players and a leadership role that went unreplaced led to further disfunction. And when the man in charge of the entire operation is, essentially, an ass, everything gets cranked up a notch.
Written and produced by Will Buikema (@wbuik)
Directed and edited by Ryan Simmons (@rysimmons)
Motion graphics by Phil Pasternak
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  • Secret Base
    Secret Base

    thanks for coming by, hope you stick around and enjoy yourselves. get comfortable and once you tire of our abode, feel free to read about the time Blake Bortles ghosted me (Will) -

    • Martin Cain
      Martin Cain

      @Thomas Berryman ll and the Seahawks

    • Thomas Berryman ll
      Thomas Berryman ll

      You should do the Eagles next.

    • Martin Cain
      Martin Cain

      Guys please please please do a collapse on the Houston Texans I just found out that J.J. Watt is no longer with the Team he asked to be released guys This is the end of the Houston Texans

    • truth seeker chris
      truth seeker chris

      @Erik Inc yes even 0ne of the analyst said nobody wanna see jags in superbowl. They wasn't marketable enough

    • Harry Engel
      Harry Engel

      Good in the early 80’s, but sucked in the back half of the decade. Passing (no pun intended) on Dan Marino hurt greatly

  • Dylan Dickey
    Dylan Dickey

    Myles jack wasn’t down! The nfl robbed the jags🤬

  • Broman

    Give me an Eagles Collapse now that we have lost just about everyone. I want to feel pain.

  • LEE Paul
    LEE Paul

    This episode is a bit stretch, as the 2017 season was a fluke or one-hit-wonder at best, but not a collapse cuz the Jaguars were bad in previous seasons! From 2011 to 2016, they averaged 3.4 wins per season, and worse since 2017. 2017 was nothing but a fluke. At least other teams made to the championship games or had a best record, or a contender for a period of time. The Jaguars fit none of them.

  • doommaster677

    As much as it pains me to say it, a collapse of the Blackhawks dynasty after that third Stanley Cup victory back in 2015 is likely on the docket as well

  • Paul

    Mark Brunell.

  • maddie A
    maddie A

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  • alda benavides
    alda benavides

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  • Lani Mota-Garcia
    Lani Mota-Garcia

    Do a Celtics one after Bird left

  • Alex Spitznaugle
    Alex Spitznaugle

    Unpopular opinion: Myles Jack wasn’t down And I’m a Pittsburgh fan

  • Eli Smith
    Eli Smith

    The next episode of Collapse better be the Falcons. 28-3 in the Super Bowl, flash forward 4 years and they're 4-12 and losing games in spectacular fashion.

    • Macabree

      perfectly said. And remember, the year before their SB, they were in the Divisional championship and lost a nailbiter. Flash forward and they're pure horrible and getting worse because Matty Ice is nearing end of his career

  • Javier Arroyo
    Javier Arroyo

    Collapse!??!! One good season

  • itsdrearwolf gaming
    itsdrearwolf gaming

    Do one about the wizards from 12-19

  • Y V
    Y V

    Philadelphia Eagles

  • Göbekli Pepé • 12K years ago
    Göbekli Pepé • 12K years ago

    Thanks jags for giving us championship Lenny.


    Yes they actually had a lead in that AFC title game against the Patriots. It's almost as if the team didn't believe they were really about to beat Brady and company. Same goes for the Falcons the year before. They needed the mentality and focus of the Eagles.

  • B. Weatherspoon
    B. Weatherspoon

    Waiting for the 85 Chicago Bears, that collapse hurts like hell

    • B. Weatherspoon
      B. Weatherspoon

      @Macabree ferocious but a ton of personality and fun to watch. Jim McMahon and Steve McMichael became my two favorites, if they weren't football players they could have fit right into WWF...except one tried...oh God don't make me relive those memories 😭

    • Macabree

      yes a brutal 85 bears defensive team. Only people who got to watch that team play will understand how ferocious that team was against their opponents

  • C S
    C S


  • Xaysana Boriboune
    Xaysana Boriboune

    Do new england after brady

  • KJ Martin
    KJ Martin

    You guys should do one on the Legion of Boom

  • Ry Watts
    Ry Watts

    As a lifelong jags fan, this video brought back painful memories. #mylesjackwasntdown

  • David Kirker
    David Kirker

    This is great, but I cant wait for the 2017 Eagles ones.

  • zack manerd
    zack manerd

    Pls do the Texans collapse from the 24-0 lead in the div playoffs

  • Corey TheApprentice
    Corey TheApprentice

    Can talk do the Detroit Tigers. From world series to.... Whatever they're doing now.

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis

    Don’t worry guys we’ll get the patriots collapse in 2-3 years

  • Brian

    Is this a re-upload?

  • Pedro Salazar
    Pedro Salazar

    The downfall of the Jaguars started when the refs blew that ball that Myles Jack returned dead

  • Vincent Desbiens
    Vincent Desbiens

    This was amazingly painful to watch. Thanks SB...

  • Jules Morel
    Jules Morel


  • David Ford
    David Ford

    Ima die hard titans fan but I still wanted them to beat NE and get fed to the Eagles

  • Wesley Davidson
    Wesley Davidson

    Jags had some of the best uniforms in NFL history

  • Life in the 413
    Life in the 413

    Jason Mendoza's favorite team.

  • Siders Productions
    Siders Productions

    Boy this thing hurting me too watch! I probably cry when the credits hit.😂😂 I been a Jags fan since ‘99 but after this year and the implosion of the team and talent along with the unwatchable season last year, I threw in the towel! Too soon.😔

    • Siders Productions
      Siders Productions

      @FIU Student what about him? He needs receivers, an O-line, a great offensive scheme. Nobody even knows if he will be anything in the NFL.

    • FIU Student
      FIU Student

      What about trevor lawrence

  • Derrick Ross
    Derrick Ross

    My go-to burger topping is hatch chiles. If I can find those, that's what I roll with.

  • Tik Toks Greatest Moments
    Tik Toks Greatest Moments

    Come on man, everyone knows that this game was rigged and. The jaguars were the clear winners here but the officials took that away from them.

  • Bigbluedog 123
    Bigbluedog 123

    Do 2017 eagles

  • Jake Melchior
    Jake Melchior

    Now that the Wentz Pederson era is officially over you gotta do the Eagles

    • Tanner Plummer
      Tanner Plummer

      I hate to admit it but yes

  • The EngiNerd
    The EngiNerd

    “Josh Allen trash” I bet Jalen Ramsey is eating those words now

    • Doogan P
      Doogan P

      I’m sure he’d just give all the credit to Diggs.

  • rnk 71
    rnk 71

    Do the 2012 bulls

  • Nikolas Beeney
    Nikolas Beeney

    you should do the 2016 falcons


    I just realized that all 4 teams in the championship games that year missed the playoffs this year jags, pats, Vikings, and eagles

    • EZR

      @James Burns neither did the 4 teams from 1998 championship games: Broncos, Minnesota, Atlanta, and the Jets

    • James Burns
      James Burns

      So did all for 4 teams from the 2015 championship games Pats, Broncos, Panthers and Cardinals

  • Boski Woski
    Boski Woski

    Blake Bortles missed wide open receivers in 4th qtr ruined their chances. His bad throwing mechanics finally caught up to him. And now he's no longer with team. Enough said.

  • Lane Dwver
    Lane Dwver

    I love how 3/4 of the video is just the Collapse

  • Julian Herrera
    Julian Herrera

    2014 Seahawks

  • Brian Barnes
    Brian Barnes

    Leonard Fournette got his ring 💍 . Missed out on his first sb thanks to Brady and got his first sb win thanks to Brady.

  • DAY 99
    DAY 99

    Please do the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles 🤞🏽

  • Vincent

    Jags FO could’ve had kings ransom of picks for all the players they got rid of instead they let go of everyone for practically nothing

  • finchborat

    I'm not sure this qualifies as a true collapse. They didn't really do anything or achieve anything. To me, it's not a collapse if your peak was almost making it.

  • David Irons
    David Irons

    The basic premise here and in all professional sports is that greed and incompetency on behalf of the players and front office will lead to a demise and inconsistency. Some call that the salary cap, but I have my definition. Can't blame the players and can't blame the front office. Two entities looking out for their own interest. If however, a team and some players really wanted to win a superbowl you could easily stack a team if players sacrificed pay for a year or two. Then again that very idea is why I hate college football. I like how anybody can be anyone on any given sunday in the NFL.

  • Joey Morris
    Joey Morris

    i sat at that afc championship and balled my eyes out. this organization killed itself. culture change is needed. i will forever be a jags fan but god is it hard to watch a team who doesn’t know how to be a team. go jags always!! duvallllllll

  • Sports Fanatic
    Sports Fanatic

    God bless Jesus loves and has a plan for all have a blessed day!!!

  • Fishtick Gaming
    Fishtick Gaming

    Did you see Tito at 8 seconds

  • dayaaron87

    These series are the best!!!

  • Rust Bucket
    Rust Bucket

    I liked this except The part where you falsely say Bortles outplayed Brady, Brady made key plays as well and stat wise they both were 25/37 290 Yards and Brady had 2 Tds to Bortles 1

  • Anthony Laureno
    Anthony Laureno

    15-1 Vikes

  • Justin Swedock
    Justin Swedock

    I forgot foles went to the jags

  • Mihai Sanchez
    Mihai Sanchez

    I'm an Eagles fan, and it pains me to realize them going from Super Bowl LII Champions to this current mess that just only 4 games in 2020 is kind of worth a Collapse episode. And Carson Wentz's regression too.

  • Jorge Ortiz
    Jorge Ortiz

    Strongly believe if they had a better QB they would still be a team today

  • binarystar300

    Didn't realize that Tom Coughlin and his old man plantation-owner mentality was such a distraction

  • Slam, Master of Memes
    Slam, Master of Memes

    So basically if your NFL team's name and mascot is cat-based then it's doomed to have 1 good season every so often but mostly bad seasons.

  • Nugmuncher

    The Jaguars really said here take all my pro bowlers have fun in the super bowl

  • Mathew Rowe
    Mathew Rowe

    the fluke that was the 2017 jags is a real thing folks. similar to the same year of the Eagles. Look at them now

  • Earl Shepherd
    Earl Shepherd

    Do you not realize after the game Ramsey tweeted that his coaches said give the game to Brady that’s why the leauge fired Ramsey. The games are rigged.

    • Earl Shepherd
      Earl Shepherd

      @GoatBrady Brady is The NFL golden boy sorry the games are rigged not saying the SB was rigged I’m neither a fan of both teams but I can see it plain as day

    • Earl Shepherd
      Earl Shepherd

      @GoatBrady I can promise you he meant what he said no grown man goes out and says that and non mean it in a literal sense. He even said his coach said it’s best for buisness if they give him the game.

    • GoatBrady

      what he meant was the coaching and playcalling was soft

  • Robert O'Neal
    Robert O'Neal

    2017 Eagles are next

  • J

    Anyone remember when football was a team sport? It's as pathetic as basketball at this point. Bull crap of the highest order.

    • J

      Bunch of losers acting like divas

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Do a video on when Bill Parcells took over a 1-15 Jets football team in 1997. His three years with the Jets, his records was 9-7, 12-4, and 8-8. After Bill Parcells third year, he stepped down as the Jets head coach.

  • Deborah brune
    Deborah brune

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  • BasketballAddict

    I just think it’s nearly impossible to consistently rely on a defense because they regress so much especially when your offense sucks

    • GoatBrady

      yh and the defense quit after a certain point when they lose faith in their offense

  • HOF Glass cleaner
    HOF Glass cleaner

    These videos are amazing, there are so well put together and just the narrator is amazing as well. Could you please do this on the Broncos

  • Alejandro Navas
    Alejandro Navas

    The Refs screwed this Jags team out of a super bowl. Big time. You can’t convince me they didn’t.

  • Francisco Encinas
    Francisco Encinas

    That’s brady he’s a franchise killer 😭😭

    • David Bordelon
      David Bordelon

      True dat.

  • Joe Michigan
    Joe Michigan

    I blame the uniform change after 2017

  • Broke Moe Howard
    Broke Moe Howard

  • Svricci15

    It hurts being a jags fan and then I was just happy we and didn’t really know that much and ever since I like 2019 I realized how hard we were crashing

  • Anthony Hutchins
    Anthony Hutchins

    I can't stand Jalen Ramsey...

  • Single-cell Shark
    Single-cell Shark

    I'll never forget hearing "Man, Jacksonville was doing really good UNTIL they started committing all those penalties..."

  • Bald Bill
    Bald Bill

    I’m getting some serious dejavu with idiot management

  • Ariel Ponce
    Ariel Ponce

    Like so many teams in the last 20 years, they were moment's away from greatness, then Tom Brady happened.

  • Alex D
    Alex D

    Coughlin is still the only man to ever have success with the jags. 3 afc title games. Division titles.

  • Andrés Martín Girardo
    Andrés Martín Girardo

    Trevor Lawrence could be Brady's wife.

  • Emsbre Lopez
    Emsbre Lopez

    Do one on the 17 Falcons how they went from 28-3 to where they are now pls

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M

    Panthers did the same 15-1 season to the bottom of the league

  • Independent George
    Independent George

    For a second, I thought this was about the 1999 team that went 14-2 in the regular season and lost the AFCCG. All three losses that season: their division rival Tennesee Titans (13-3).

  • lil pitt
    lil pitt

    Do the Seahawks next

  • mikebonaduci

    Awesome work! We have a lot to looks forward too. T. Law , free agents & a slew of draft picks. You might be an ascending one for the Jag in a couple of years.

  • theatom123

    As a Jags fan this hurt. I can remember this vividly. Great video guys. Fantastic.

  • theatom123

    I can remember this vividly. As a jags fan this hurt. So good though.

  • Banana Chicken
    Banana Chicken

    You should do one on the 2018 Chargers

  • Einar Grude
    Einar Grude

    You sound like it's the first time you've ever read the script

  • Knight Light Media
    Knight Light Media

    Ahhh yes... Yet ANOTHER instance of Brady blowing refs before the game to get clutch calls to go his way...

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    We've seen this happen SO many times, Elite #1 Defense plus bad QB = one year wonder. When you only allow 14 points, the QB is never forced to pass, can hand off on 3rd and 10, no problem. The few times they do pass its favorable its 2nd and 4 or less. Mitch Trubisky 2018, Mark Sanchez 09-10, Blake Bortles 2017, 2006 Rex Grossman, Case Keenum Vikings 2017 its so predictable. Because Elite NUMBER 1 Defense never lasts,at best, it regresses to very good. Very good isn't good enough to hide the flaws of a bad QB, now you have to score 21+ points, and 30 hand offs aint gonna cut it.

  • Sapphire Entertainment [Gemaconda]
    Sapphire Entertainment [Gemaconda]

    this hits really different when you realize the buccaneers, if this core holds up, could be a few years away from one of the craziest nfl franchise falls in history

    • Luc-Rikardo Fils
      Luc-Rikardo Fils

      I hope not as a Bucs fan. But I definitely can see your point. It helps to have at least a competent qb. Someone who is not going to lose you gm while you look for the solution at quarterback.

  • ujung wjsn
    ujung wjsn

    lol i can already see Trevor Lawrence leaving this team after finishing his rookie deal

  • Ismael Ortiz
    Ismael Ortiz

    3 words "Big.. Nick Foles" 😂 I see what you did there, nice vid man

  • Dabbing Toaster
    Dabbing Toaster

    Any Jaguars fan with two braincells to rub together knew it was over as soon as the front office extended Bortles.

  • Barzy13

    Never forget when Jalen Ramsey said he could make the NHL in 6 months 🤣

  • FoxFire Gaming
    FoxFire Gaming

    Ok the afc championship game was rigged they cheated

  • Darius Graham
    Darius Graham

    Jags and Pat's Game is the Perfect example of how Rigged the NFL is

  • Darius Graham
    Darius Graham

    Damn they had Ramsey?

  • shawn daniel
    shawn daniel

    the collapse of the san francisco giants from 2014-2018 would be an interesting video