How to Deliver Humvees - Fast Edition
Humvees are usually airdropped with parachutes. That's pretty fast, but what we have in mind, is

I Wish That I Was A Mad Man (Instrumental Version) - Staffan Carlen

US Department of Defense

Note: "The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    “That was probably the fastest humvee airdrop” he’s out of line but he’s right

  • Randy Mitchell
    Randy Mitchell

    Well, somebody is walking

  • Paintball-Bomb

    this is literally PUBG

  • Deacon Andrew King The Inspirational Gospel Poet
    Deacon Andrew King The Inspirational Gospel Poet

    The military's dumbest Sergeant who is now a private 😵😱😵😱👎🏾👎🏾

  • Josh D
    Josh D

    Imagine pushing $100k tax dollars into a 240mph free fall

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      Actually Humvees and other things that are dropped even with parachutes and low or high altitude come crashing to the ground More than people know it

  • Aleksander Kuhorenko
    Aleksander Kuhorenko

    Ну шо .бывает

  • Andrew Urban
    Andrew Urban

    Worlds fastest humvee drop 😂

  • rowan crist
    rowan crist

    Me: AirDrops my friend Also me: i hear the whole ground shaking and a massive explosion happens

  • sce lp
    sce lp

    I thought those were people bailing out

  • Anusheel Anusheel
    Anusheel Anusheel

    US military humvees getting damaged is equivelent to my rice and flour getting spoiled because of being kept in a damped and moist place during monsoon, no regrets, can always buy some new ones

  • Online Lakshmi
    Online Lakshmi

    How to waste public

  • UntoastЭD Twizt8d710Thoughts
    UntoastЭD Twizt8d710Thoughts

    A lil bit of trickery🥴🥴😂😂😂😂

  • GarkosQ

    Mission failed sucessfully

  • Bill Fox
    Bill Fox

    We gotta drop the load!

  • Raven

    Imagine falling that on you

  • H3N

    And that’s what our money is being used for.

  • Ben Rubino
    Ben Rubino

    My buddy I’m stationed with now was in that unit 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Erie Setiadi
    Erie Setiadi

    Never mind, it's only their taxes.

  • Thomas Schaeffer
    Thomas Schaeffer

    Actually Humvees and other things that are dropped even with parachutes and low or high altitude come crashing to the ground More than people know it

  • Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez

    “That’s a negative on the close air support 2-2” “DROP THE HUMVEES ON EM THEN”

  • great channel
    great channel

    Is that a pubg reference

  • The Hacks-By-Jack Channel
    The Hacks-By-Jack Channel

    A Toyota would have survived that fall. Scotty Kilmer and Top Gear.

  • Christian Caldentey
    Christian Caldentey

    They took him all the day down to E-1 f to pay respects

  • Paul Burgess
    Paul Burgess

    That soldier was doing the Lord's work 🥰

  • ACiD RuNNeR《23》
    ACiD RuNNeR《23》

    Is not a Hummer,... its a Mutt car^^.......!!!

  • Jumps 11
    Jumps 11


  • John Williams
    John Williams

    I see now why my $10,000 supply drop on warzone

  • C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13
    C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13

    Hum-VEE Max.

  • Lemuel Dunleavy
    Lemuel Dunleavy

    "The world's fastest humvee air drop" Not much of a bright side

  • Tshepo Raophala
    Tshepo Raophala


  • Dennisa Setyaningrum
    Dennisa Setyaningrum

    Hey... that's waste of my tax money..

  • Akai Gomez
    Akai Gomez

    Humvee airdrop speed run

  • OleMissFan15

    This makes me think of Fast 6

  • disgruntled pedant
    disgruntled pedant

    If he's being drummed out, why does his rank matter??

  • TheCodyNamedKidNextDoor

    I just got PTSD from pelicans dropping warthogs on me in halo... thanks

  • FinessedBricks

    I guess I missed the part about it not being what I think.

  • Mr. gαmenest
    Mr. gαmenest

    Players be like: eyy get the drop get the drop

  • C.Dubble-Dubble

    Probably the coolest waste of American tax dollars I've ever witnessed!

  • James Ainsley
    James Ainsley

    Tax payer money well spent

  • Shinanigan • 10 years ago
    Shinanigan • 10 years ago

    Care Package Awaiting orders

  • Eric Mok
    Eric Mok

    World's fastest humvee drop and also the world's fastest firing.

  • Kerry Boles
    Kerry Boles

    What happens if you speed ball a Humvee

  • Romaine Knight
    Romaine Knight

    How many kills for a humvee care package? None we're literally dropping these things

  • YaBOI

    All I hear is "friendly carepackage inbound"

  • 小鄉


  • domi

    fhat soldier did a great job, at least tried to somehow damage america and stop unnescesairly death

  • rap paul
    rap paul

    Yo boys let's get our loadoute

  • Mattie Gallagher
    Mattie Gallagher

    Lol at American taxpayers giving their armed forces money to do stupid shit like this in between events of "friendly fire".

    • Bucket

      Ok mattie

  • Davion Elliott
    Davion Elliott

    Just like in furious 7

  • Raits Hots
    Raits Hots

    Very bad variant............

  • ChaosBacon

    What a Chad

  • mowgli2071

    I knew it was going to make me wince before I clicked on it

  • Cristobal Lozada
    Cristobal Lozada

    No. Way broken. HUMMERRS DONT FORGET THE TOOLS. SO WE CUDE. fix Them after The Drop

  • Sander

    There goes the taxpayers their money LOL

  • Catherine Harris
    Catherine Harris

    💡It's situations like this that should be considered making these people a danger to society when these men/women leave the military and apply for job's being police officer's😷

  • Costantino

    A true service caring of delivery time. 10/10

  • Anarcho Capitalism is Contradiction
    Anarcho Capitalism is Contradiction

    E1?? I would have joined the freedom fighters--i mean terrorists at that point

  • Andre Germany
    Andre Germany

    Made in USA

  • Ajan Beko
    Ajan Beko

    ISIS thanks for supplies Amazon

  • Maz Z
    Maz Z

    ریدم تو این خوندنت هموطن

  • Caleb Miller
    Caleb Miller

    I actually got to see one in a night drop at Bragg, pretty cool to see in thermal

  • Genjutsu Wxrld
    Genjutsu Wxrld

    Him: "Ham V this, Ham V that" Me:"whut the f is hamv?"

  • L TY
    L TY

    There aren’t only three types of airdrop There is also Apple AirDrop

  • ali renfro
    ali renfro

    Tada- spare parts!

  • Gig Mar
    Gig Mar

    Its how I bought my last car , they dropped it off in the wrong driveway though.

  • Kami

    Lemme grab my loadout real quick cover me

  • minimum bet small timer
    minimum bet small timer

    This is we’re are tax dollars go a million + each just for a faulty parachute what a waste of time and money in general.

  • Kurt Flint
    Kurt Flint

    Fourth Way called lapes for low altitude parachute extraction has the aircraft almost skimming the ground and all the parachute does is pull the car go straight out the back.

  • Aaron Kennedy Duffy
    Aaron Kennedy Duffy

    "Why did you cut the parachutes?" "So they'd drop faster" "Hmmm... so I see u worked as a package courier before enlisting"

    • Allons Gaming
      Allons Gaming


  • Joe Gilbert
    Joe Gilbert

    Don’t forget, that’s YOUR tax dollars

  • Speen Ghar Wazir
    Speen Ghar Wazir

    hamvi is scrapping without talban attack ... hohohohohoho😝😝

  • Killa Gamez
    Killa Gamez

    How to lose millions of dollars fast

  • Steph 3400
    Steph 3400

    Lmao these are environmentally friendly atomic bombs

  • Morgan Barnes
    Morgan Barnes

    Funny story, I was there. Lol

  • curt

    How my package be getting in my houde

  • George Whitton Sr
    George Whitton Sr

    Should have gone to Leavenworth for life. Destruction of very expensive military property.

  • Darl Session
    Darl Session

    He demoted all the way back to e1 nooooooo

  • bluefalcon5537

    Troops on the ground: We need humvee’s asap! Pilot: humvee’s on the way! Troops: The fuck its all smushed Pilot: but you said asap 👍

    • The Hacks-By-Jack Channel
      The Hacks-By-Jack Channel

      The pilot didn’t cut it he had to fly the plane. It was just a few morons in the back that couldn’t do even one thing right.

  • dodge sportsman
    dodge sportsman

    But.... Why? That sgt just ruined 300,000.00 dollars with of our taxes for what reason?

  • Arthur Crownover
    Arthur Crownover

    Why bother with a reduction in grade with a bad conduct discharge?

  • Dynamite May
    Dynamite May

    Where's the red smoke that signals it's location?

  • Luzuko

    May have looked like a disaster, but it was the fastest hamvee air drop...🤣

  • illitero

    lol haha wasted resources and taxpayer money that would have been better spent elsewhere lolol 😂😂😂

  • Albuggy

    Lol not a smart way to do this as you can tell from your own clip

  • Nader Alqam
    Nader Alqam

    The narrator has an Iranian accent

  • Tyler

    Had to put out a forest fire because of a humvee dropping like this in the forest lol 💀

  • Arthur666

    Use the pubg way

  • Gerdy the grey
    Gerdy the grey

    You guys know that you can just drive them right?

  • w4shep

    What is it called when they push it out of the plane without the parachutes again?

  • Steve Schmitt
    Steve Schmitt

    Lmfaoo wtf is this upload short?



  • z10n

    Americans tax money fastest air drop

  • Sqii

    Damn so the sgt didn’t know? He got demoted that sucks😂😂😂

  • OG Bobby Knuckles
    OG Bobby Knuckles

    Ouch BCD.. well his life is over. What an idiot.

  • Laquan Porter
    Laquan Porter

    Hell no

  • Laquan Porter
    Laquan Porter


  • m

    Karen's falling from the sky*


    It usually happened in Afghanistan only


    That's sad