How to Introduce A New Dog To Your Pack | Cesar Millan
Starting off on the right foot is important for dogs! Cesar teaches some potential parents to disobedient Harry, a basset hound mix, how to introduce their existing dogs to a new pack member.
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  • Princess

    I just want to control ceaser 😏

  • Penelope Jupiter Zela
    Penelope Jupiter Zela

    hahaha I love how the groomer chose a dog which needs little to no grooming :)

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    New tips


  • Akash Arasu
    Akash Arasu

    If thy owner never take they pets back what Cesar wiill keep them with him

  • Sitcom Christian
    Sitcom Christian

    Psalm 25:6-7 Remember Your mercy, O Lord, and Your steadfast love, for they have been from of old. Remember not the sins of my youth or my transgressions; according to Your steadfast love remember me, for the sake of Your goodness, O Lord!

    • Saku Czads682
      Saku Czads682


  • Isabel Pulido
    Isabel Pulido

    I just got a 5 year old male great Dane and I already have a 1year old German Shepherd but the great Dane is not going to well with WHAT DO I DOOOOO😭

    • Isabel Pulido
      Isabel Pulido

      @Frenchie Nintendogs thank you so much 🙏🏻❤️

    • Frenchie Nintendogs
      Frenchie Nintendogs

      Selena Espinoza ok. I’m glad you made the right choice for your first dog, but I feel your German Shepard may need a little therapy if he/she is traumatized after the meet with Great Dane. How about getting some special toys or stimulation toys? Hide treats in a Kong and test their skills. Always give the dog comfort when it’s calm. Try researching some places that can help with your German shepherds scared- ness. Hope this helps and good luck!

    • Isabel Pulido
      Isabel Pulido

      @Frenchie Nintendogs thank you but the great Dane wanted to eat him so I return him back

    • Isabel Pulido
      Isabel Pulido

      I got rid of the great Dane he wasn't a good fit my German Shepherd loves dogs but ever since he saw the great Dane he is scared

    • Frenchie Nintendogs
      Frenchie Nintendogs

      Well, the first dog that was in your property should have the favor. After all it IS and has been their territory for a while. That dog will decide wether the second dog is eligible to stay. Compatibility is key, also behavior. Is there any critical aggression? Any critical nervous behaviors? Your first dog shouldn’t have to be givin away because your new dog doesn’t like him/her. The one that was there first always gets the upper hand. Did you meet in a nuetral place? Could you tell the signs? Any red flags? If you feel they don’t get along it’s best to not rush or risk any dangers upon both animals. I would seek a trainer or return the dog to its foster or shelter if it’s REALLY BAD. DO NOT SEND IT TO A POUND :( that’s just worse for the lil creature. Hope this advice helps.

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  • yuvraj lad 003
    yuvraj lad 003

    You are great man...i m from india

    • Yo Man
      Yo Man

      @MW Q lol pakistani speaking

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      ekam behl

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      Robyn kelly h

      MW Q I feel horrible for laughing

    • MW Q
      MW Q

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  • Stacey Lee
    Stacey Lee

    Is this filmed in uk? Almost all ones I’ve seen so far are English people

    • Gustavo Plays Fortnite
      Gustavo Plays Fortnite

      Stacey Lee u could tell by the accent

    • Bic narok
      Bic narok

      UK? With weather like that :)

    • TheDexsword

      They rnin ceasar place in cali, its actually cheaper for the studio to send them there instead ceasar and his crew.

    • MrBrap28

      Was thinking the exact same thing but doesnt look like the uk from the scenery in the background but not too sure

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      Ann Coyne


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    Normajean Chartrand

    Thanks Ceaser

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      ChulHee Ssi

      Cheaser Silent (h)

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      Tian Armas


    • Sarah Regina Gultom
      Sarah Regina Gultom

      It's Cesar

    • Sarah Regina Gultom
      Sarah Regina Gultom

      It's Cesar