How to PROPERLY Repair a Rust Hole in your Car or Truck (DIY for Beginners)
Rust hole removal and repair. Repairing a rust hole in your car is something that should be done quickly to prevent it from spreading. You can easily do this at home with some practice and get the results you see in this video. I teach you the basics of what welder you want to use and how to weld so you can get started. I answer questions like, should you butt weld or lap weld floor panels? Rust is common at the wheel wells, quarter panels, rocker panels, and floor boards of cars and in this video I show the proper and most thorough way to remove and repair rust.
Buying this car for $300:
Rust Repair WITHOUT a Welder:
Cheap Flux Core Welder:
Cheap MIG Gas Welder:
Welder I Used:
Vent Tubing:
Full Face Respirator w/ Filters:
Rust Paint:
Sheet Metal Nibbler:
Angle Grinder:
Wire Wheel:
Digital Caliper:
Socket Set:

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  • Crispen Acido
    Crispen Acido

    what exactly the name of welding machine you are using..nice 'n cool..

  • J B
    J B

    thanks! very good technique to use copper !! i will use! thanks from Argentina

  • Ryan Demore
    Ryan Demore

    When are we going to see a turbo diy install?

  • TobbieDatBoi

    Chris is still answering, what a legend

  • Gunnar Andre
    Gunnar Andre

    Just wondering where is the turbo kit installation

  • P V
    P V

    This is just a perfect video, perfect job, perfect narration absolutely flawless. Car companies are going to hv toughtime selling new cars with workmanship of this type wud never retire a car even after 300000 miles.👌👍

  • darthvader5300

    Plastic paint containing 15% to 25% fish oil can make the plastic paint penetrate right though stubborn rust not removed by steel brushes or copper brush until it reaches uncorroded steel and iron metal and LITERALLY STOPS RUSTS AND REMOVES ANYTHING THAT CAN CAUSE FURTHER RUSTING CORROSION AND SEALS THE UNCORRODED METAL COMPLETELY.


    would have liked to see what the bottom looked like and should you not have done any finishing work there?


    damn chris,,,talk about being covid19 ready with those ppe's,,,one helluva mask and i thought my welder mask was good,,and that air suction unit ,it looks like you ready to go into the danger zone ground zero


    well so far i am proud of my accomplishments to get my car winter ready,,done break n rotors,drained flushed and changed the coolant,changed the oil n filter and now got the body work finished all on my own first time,it all started with the break job and watching your vids i ended up doing more on my own ,i had to borrow tools from good friends and i hope they keep letting me so i can do my own oil changes or what not from now on out of conveniance,doing the job right and saving lot of money ,thank you for the inspiring vids because it got me started and i feel better about myself at this new level


    i recently had body work done on my rockers because there was a dent in one on the driver side done from my mother plowing it on a concrete barrier and since the other side was also getting rusty i had them do both,,problem is the end trim at the rear (under the rear wheel well) was done sloppy because it leave a crack gap opening where water can get in and start rusting again ,they should have sealed it properly also there was a drill hole on the bottom trim metal (the new piece they put in) so i filled that hole with black silicone adhesive and for the gaps on the rear i did a poor man slap job but it was the best i could do with what i had ,i used soda can aluminum cut outs that i trimmed to slide and snug fit to cover the gaps and i used the adhesive on the seem to hold them in place ,waiting for it to dry out and i will add some more to patch it all up ,that stuff gets messy but its great stuff and dries like a hard rubber seal and withstands temps from -45degC to250degC ,i figure its better than nothing and should do the job to keep the water and salt out

  • Firehornet

    wheres the del sol chris im dying to see it again


    "you gonna need a welding machine" sure let me just grab it from my closet ,,,,and im a welder lol

  • Andy Fountain
    Andy Fountain

    I'd say this is a job weld done indeed - Angie

  • Jemmarie Salac
    Jemmarie Salac

    Man I love welding (somtimes) the sound of that and somtimes more pleasant than pressing a hand held pop rivet tool. Relaxing video

  • Lawrence Lemalu
    Lawrence Lemalu

    Not to be rude but will there still be a turbo tutorial???

  • Detroitking223

    I need your help chris i have a 2009 crown vic and i have a big hole in my floor pan right where i sit my feet on the driver side. What the name of that sheet Metal. Does it has heat barrier?

  • Rei Retsueki
    Rei Retsueki

    More than being amazing at fixing this, Chris is an amazing teacher, the way he guides you through everything, precisely, well-angled camera shots... even at 7 mil subs, this channel is underrated.

  • lkj _l
    lkj _l

    hey chris, I want to ask what happened to the Turbo tutorial.

  • Bank Teller
    Bank Teller

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    Timothy Moore

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    • Timothy Moore
      Timothy Moore

      @ChrisFix That would be a whole other *world* of problems. Ha, see cause contents are like a whole other world when you visit them. I'll see myself out.

    • ChrisFix

      I hope it never gets that big :o

  • Zart

    The rust kinda looks like africa in the thumbnail.

    • ChrisFix

      It kind of does!

  • Jeremy Ferrigno
    Jeremy Ferrigno

    when is the turbo del sol vid coming????

  • Your Local Russian Dealer Dog
    Your Local Russian Dealer Dog

    The hole shape looks like Africa lmbo

  • Nathan Putra
    Nathan Putra

    this is not for beginners. lol

    • ChrisFix

      I actually saw a lot of comments from people trying this out and welding for the first time!

  • Antek Zajkowski
    Antek Zajkowski

    Did you also notice that this hole is shaped like Africa?

    • ChrisFix

      I did!

  • Nur Cahyadi
    Nur Cahyadi

    Can't wait till this car is in total restoration...

  • Thomas Mcintosh
    Thomas Mcintosh

    Another good job!

  • Tim Rex
    Tim Rex

    Love u chris, you single handedly made the entire quarantine super exciting. God bless u m8

  • Alex Silver
    Alex Silver

    never in my life i saw someone fixing hole this way, i saw hundreds and hundreds time people fixing holes but not this way dude you need that piece you placing to fill the hole, you need to make it lay on undamaged surface by rust so it can be endurable and a lot more supported so in thsi case i told you, rust needs to eat a lot more surface to break that piece you put if all americans fixing cars like this then...

  • Mr215Alive✌🏻👆🏻🖐🏻🤙🏻

    That copper heat sink is a pro tip!

  • legendriera

    Did you finish the turbo build really want to see that video???

  • Robert Lau
    Robert Lau

    i like ur instruction its really simple details and clear

  • dave

    where would you get a piece of sheet metal already formed like that? Junkyard or just hammer a flat sheet to mole? Thanks Chris another gread vid

  • poppaluv

    How do you get rust preventative behind a panel with no access? I need to do a couple of patch panels, but nearby there is still a bit of surface rust behind them.

  • Brett Summer
    Brett Summer

    As for the Chicago welder, I bought it years ago and it worked for basic little things that didn’t require a “good weld”. However I bought the new harbor freight titanium (the new lime green) brand welder and it’s so much better than the black Chicago, it is a couple bucks more but do yourself a favor and save another week or 2 and get the new one

  • Frank Tierney
    Frank Tierney

    You are a great teacher. So many "how to" videos are like watching paint dry but yours is nice and pacey.

  • Lokmane Bernou
    Lokmane Bernou

    The hole inside the car look like Africa


    Only Chris FiX can be Chris FiX!!!!

  • Car DestroyerYT
    Car DestroyerYT

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  • John Nnaemeka
    John Nnaemeka

    Wonder video Chris . Thank you alot for all your help.. you forgot to tell us to remove the negative battery ,but I get it already cos I learnt it from you

  • Abbie Marshall
    Abbie Marshall

    On the thumbnail the (rusted pic on the left) the hole looks like Africa. Agree? 👇👇

  • hossein ghaffari
    hossein ghaffari

    well done thank you for uploading this video.

    • ChrisFix

      Of course!

  • Logan Fields
    Logan Fields

    Hey Chris, where did you get that weather stripping? Thanks in advance

  • Matt C
    Matt C

    I use cardboard pieces (from soda can cases) to quickly make a model of the right shape and size piece of metal then I trace it on the new metal piece. Might work quicker than going back and forth with the actual new piece.

  • Nick Hopkins
    Nick Hopkins

    You put the wire in the welder incorrectly.

  • Austin Sherwood
    Austin Sherwood

    the wire spool in the mig welders was backwards in the video

  • airs2k

    Awesome. Can I use mug or rig for redoing rocker panels on truck cab? Also my bed has some rust spots on fender. Do you have any ideas on how to repair those and what paint should I use to prevent rust on rocker panels and fender repair? I will be getting truck repainted

  • Andy Baker
    Andy Baker

    That was so useful - particularly your tip about the copper or aluminium heatsink.

  • George Black
    George Black

    an error in the second machine must put the wire to be from below

  • Ron McCaffrey
    Ron McCaffrey

    Oxy/acetylene is another way to weld it.

  • CRASH111

    coming from a welder you need to flip that spool over so the wire feeds down instead over it will feed better and not have as much drag

  • Remi Kristelijn
    Remi Kristelijn

    Awesome, you make it look so easy. Love the explanation of the welding, make me wanna try someday :D

  • Dave Nguyen
    Dave Nguyen

    Always on top of demonstrations! Thanks Chris.

  • IceManJr

    I need more del sol videos in my life chris

    • ChrisFix

      Stay tuned! Got some cool stuff coming up with that!

  • woodbine66

    Like the way Chris virtually jacked off when he successfully completed the weld and had a strong repair. Such enthusiasm is great to see. Keep it up.

    • Jesse Peterson
      Jesse Peterson


  • Ralph Galione
    Ralph Galione

    What a waste of time and money

    • Ralph Galione
      Ralph Galione

      @ChrisFix sorry, I mean no disrespect

    • ChrisFix

      Thanks for sharing Ralph


    Chris cool video as usual, I don't want to be that guy but its just a tip. flip your MiG wire wheel at 18:57 this helps feed the wire in smoother and it will also give your wire speed a little more consistency I am pretty sure that's what was holding your wire speed back at 25:50

    • SKOOOTER17

      @ChrisFix Sick Love your VIDs MAN!!

    • ChrisFix

      I did that to show the size of the wire, I flipped it around after the shot!

  • Sae Sae
    Sae Sae

    That rust hole looks like south america

    • ChrisFix

      Sort of!

  • Keith Hansmann
    Keith Hansmann

    Chris is teaching me more than if I was actually paying attention in class

  • Gail Pengelly
    Gail Pengelly

    Phenomenal instruction, even more PHENOMENAL ENTHUSIASM. you’re frickin ace dude. Thank you.

  • Rudy Hinojosa
    Rudy Hinojosa

    Hey Chris do you by any chance fix people's cars just for vides if you do i'd like to volunteer my 96 LT1 Buick roadmaster sadan for some fixing and for the how to videos on signs and things to do also tell my fellow Buick roadmaster owners and friends to look at your videos for the cars

    • ChrisFix

      If I get a 1996 Buick Roadmaster, I can make videos on it!

  • Anton Saiko
    Anton Saiko

    Chris is like a blessing from God

  • DitzyDoo

    Hey Chris, at the 18:56 mark you have your MiG spool playing out over the top of the spool. The chart on your machine shown the spool should feed from the underside in order to feed properly.

    • DitzyDoo

      @ChrisFix cool beans, I thought so, but thought I'd just ask. Great job on the fix.

    • ChrisFix

      I know! I did that to show the size of the wire, it got flipped around after!

  • Anthony Paulino
    Anthony Paulino

    This isn't really worth doing though to be honest. It's a metallurgy issue. Not a "time and weathering" issue. It's simply going to rust again...and again...and other places because the metal they used is prone to rusting as compared to more modern vehicle's standards.

  • B. Saulius
    B. Saulius

    you are so positive :) i like that

  • Oran7810

    And that list of things has still not happened. Dream on Chris

  • whenrosesfadeaway

    Can this same result be achieved with stick welding?

  • whenrosesfadeaway

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  • yuran soares
    yuran soares

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  • Chris

    Excellent video!

  • hassen Al-rikabi
    hassen Al-rikabi

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  • Максим Песенько
    Максим Песенько

    It will rust again. Just will. You didn't remove rust completley.

    • Corvette ZR1
      Corvette ZR1

      My first male Karen

  • Dylan Oking
    Dylan Oking

    Legend say that the previous owner still has that $300 In his pocket 2020

  • WindyJAMiller

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  • Barna Zádori
    Barna Zádori

    Oh my gosh, this was 34 mins?? Seemed like 11 😅😁😁 Nice work!

  • Leo Foenerro
    Leo Foenerro

    I'd just remove the side mirror and flip the whole damn fucker on its side lmao

  • Kevin Faris
    Kevin Faris

    what about if it is on the chassi? do you think a flux core welder and doing a butt weld or a lap weld would hold ? the rust is very superficial and would repair easy. I will buff out the rust and use a rust paint to make sure it doesn't spread. whatcha think

  • H4f1z NFS
    H4f1z NFS

    Still cant wait for the harness, roll cage and turbo install video.

  • Dave Cossairt
    Dave Cossairt

    and mig is a shite term, FCAW or GMAW would be the correct terms to use (GMAW in this case)

  • Dave Cossairt
    Dave Cossairt

    use pure argon it will cool faster and you won't have to poor man tig

  • Mystery47

    Excellent instructions. Some questions - how did you hold the new patch panel so solidly in place for welding? How would you change the welder settings to avoid that over penetration - slow down the wire speed? Where did you get that patch panel from - a similar car in the junkyard? Do you slide the welder nozzle along the seam to be welded to give a steadier weld? Or, do you hold the welder nozzle above the weld/patch panel and just use your other hand to steady the welding? Thanks.

  • Daryl C Mills
    Daryl C Mills


  • Low Key Builds
    Low Key Builds


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    Jamar Birkett

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  • Novella Moores
    Novella Moores

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    Are you still turbo changing this car ?

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      It did!

  • TheElAlejandro

    I have a rusting car, and i just bought it for 1K so its expected to have problems. I want to take care of it but worried i might mess it up instead

    • TheElAlejandro

      @ChrisFix okay now that you replied i have to go and make you proud !

    • ChrisFix

      Do some practice runs and once you get the hang of it, go for it!

  • yambo59

    Damn thats a solid repair, sure beats the old pop rivets and caulking ive seen done-lol

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    RJ Gatto

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    Berkeczi Zsolt

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  • Bill Stern
    Bill Stern

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  • Jeremiah Gemmel
    Jeremiah Gemmel

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    • ChrisFix

      I try! Have too many cars to keep track of lol

  • Johnleonil mejia
    Johnleonil mejia

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    • Johnleonil mejia
      Johnleonil mejia

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    • ChrisFix

      It kind of does!

  • Kawa Rider
    Kawa Rider

    Thanks, this forced me to buy MIG Welder and fix the rust on my E39 myself 😂 But I think in 18:57 you should flip the wire wheel (so the wire can go straight)

    • ChrisFix

      Awesome! And that was to show the size of the wire, it got flipped around after!

  • Anton Nonym
    Anton Nonym

    Chris, thank you so much. This is a great channel and I could sit and watch your videos the whole day/night through.

    • ChrisFix

      I'm glad you love the videos! Thanks a lot!

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  • Adam White Sr.
    Adam White Sr.

    Can u show me how to fix rust right at the wheel well right off the back door in a bad spot? It's a black cts I live in mn but the car means a lot to me