How to Repair Rims with Curb Rash or Scratches
Learn how to repair your rim and remove curb rash and scratches with this simple, step by step video. Scraping your rim against the curb is no fun, and the damage can cost a lot to fix until now!
How to Paint Wheels on your Car:
How to Repair Wheels with Body Filler:
Tools I used:
Flap Wheel:
Rim Polisher:
Clear Coat (made for aluminum):
Quality Sand Paper (1000-2000 grit):
Quality Sand Paper (400-600 grit):
Paint Stripper:
Tire Shine that Lasts a Year:
How to Restore Headlights Permanently:
How to Fix a Cracked Bumper:
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  • hector madrid
    hector madrid

    How did I end up here? I am trying to fix my car's air conditioner that is broken.

  • Blade Imel
    Blade Imel

    Great presentation Chris! Unlike so many IRbin videos, your speech is very clear...even for folks like me who are hard of hearing.

  • S G
    S G

    If you dont have breathing protection dont do it. Aluminium is very strong neurological poison.

  • Matt M
    Matt M


  • MalykEmmanuel555

    1:19 old soapy wooder logo

  • David Lincoln
    David Lincoln

    I wonder if it'd be a good idea to get them rebalanced afterwards?


    Will this work on chrome rims?

  • Savaiz Qureshi
    Savaiz Qureshi

    knowing you makes me skeptical if you caused scratches etc on your own for the sake of the video lmfao

  • Tuifiti

    My partners “curb rash” is actually one fairly big triangle chunk in the rim from driving over a chunk of curb in the road going around a bend. Is there a way to refill that chunk with an equivalent alloy to the wheel?

  • Soldier1287

    The stripper I got was like gel. Didn’t work like this one.

  • Leon Grössgen
    Leon Grössgen

    Viel zu aufwendig. Dremel dauert viel zu lange. Mit einer flex kann ich metall blank machen, oder Kratzer entfernen. Da gibt es genug scheiben Varianten.

    • ChrisFix

      Thanks for sharing, I like the precision of the dremel!

  • jeff Foote
    jeff Foote

    Weaken the rim, and it will bend.

  • Elzein23

    I've never painted rims before but I'm pretty sure it's the same with painting cars, wouldn't you want to go over the clear coat with a wet sand to keep remove any fish eyes you might have gotten while painting?

  • Javier Mendoza
    Javier Mendoza

    what type of sponge is the one that removes the clear coat?

  • Tom Howard
    Tom Howard

    Great job and thanks for the warning to wear face mask to protect lungs, as aluminum is poisonous to lungs, as exposure to fine dust can cause scarring of the lungs. (pulmonary fibrosis) .

  • Dip My Ryde
    Dip My Ryde

    Good lord, how long did that take you?? Seems like it would be significantly cheaper to just pay a mobile wheel repair $100 to fix it.

  • Honda Dude
    Honda Dude

    If anyone knows of anyone in the Buffalo NY area that fixes rims like this, please contact me. I need all 4 of mine done thanks to the previous owner hitting curbs! Thanks.

  • William Ryan
    William Ryan

    I just bought my car and I'm not used to low profile tires. I caught the curb with my rim on the Right side pulling into my parking spot. Not as damaged as your wheel. I was wondering if you can avoid stripping the whole wheel and re-clear coating and just do the repaired area and buff out the transitions to the old and new clear coat. Thanks for putting together the video with detailed and clear instructions.

  • Random Rides
    Random Rides

    Now if I tried to do that in the garden I could guarantee you that the rim would be absolutely full of grass, bugs and anything else blowing by, not to mention it'd more than likely rain halfway through 😂😂

  • Jaxson Carter
    Jaxson Carter

    it is 18:53

  • Jaxson Carter
    Jaxson Carter


  • snodog3

    Use muriatic acid ... takes clear coat off in seconds

  • Xau Thu
    Xau Thu

    0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.

  • Francis W Davis jr
    Francis W Davis jr

    That's easy for you to say if you got a Cadillac them damn rims cost like three four hundred bucks a piece

  • Francis W Davis jr
    Francis W Davis jr

    How you doing Chris my name is Frank from Connecticut I'm doing a similar Rim like this but I have the aluminum by the valve stem is torn what can I do about it

  • Gabriel

    You'd have to pay me to do this 😂 not a bad gig if you're willing to go through the process!!

  • TuroMisu

    Now only 3 to go guys... This level of commitment

    • ChrisFix

      Once you get the first one down, the next 3 actually get way easier!

  • Derison Puntier
    Derison Puntier

    Can you do a video on how to fix scratches on a rim that has paint and not aluminiium tiers

  • Julio Diaz
    Julio Diaz

    No son llantas. Son rines o aros. Aprende

  • Moeed Ahmed Baig
    Moeed Ahmed Baig

    Most comprehensive video on wheel restoration ... followed the steps mentioned by Chris on used oxidized wheels and able to fix all four of them .. although it is time consuming but able to save around $700 .. instead of clear coat I used Protecta Clear by Everbrite .

    • ChrisFix

      I'm glad saved that much money! Plus you got to know you did it perfectly!

  • nejolo

    I’ve an aluminum bike wheel with oxidation spots I’ve removed with sand paper. I went through the entire wheel. I didn’t get a layer of clear coat material on the sandpaper nor with layering it multiple times with acetone. I know the recommendations are for paint stripper but I gave acetone a try. Could it be possible that the wheel didn’t have a clear coat? I was wondering given that I’ve sandpapered the problem away and buffed the entire wheel. Can I go ahead and spray clear coat on the wheel. Or do I need to put paint stripper on the wheel? I mean i didn’t get a coating of with sanding the wheel down.

  • foster mckeon
    foster mckeon

    What about the barrel of the tire?

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez

    Hi Chris! Just wanted to ask, won't doing this ruin the balancing of the car?

  • Duncan Boucher
    Duncan Boucher

    Dish detergent

  • Edgar Hasbun
    Edgar Hasbun

    I have you a question ❓ How it affects the rim balance?

    • ChrisFix

      Unless you do a lot of very thick, bad runs, you won't do anything to the balance!

  • Supernova

    Beautiful! But that looks like an incredible amount of work. I think most people will need a weekend to get this job done.

  • Jeremy Rapp
    Jeremy Rapp

    Wheel not rim

  • Karan Thakur
    Karan Thakur


  • Josh B
    Josh B

    Is there an easy way to do this with a pair of rims that have two colors on each wheel? I have a mustang ecoboost tire with black paint or vinyl on a brushed aluminum rim

    • ChrisFix

      You would have to tape off the part you aren't painting and do it one at a time!

  • Azizbek Yusufshoev
    Azizbek Yusufshoev

    da best!

    • ChrisFix


  • steelonius

    Awesome video! Is there a good method if you wanted to have these turn out a dark charcoal or matte black? Is that a crazy idea, perhaps you would have to start out with a different alloy wheel? Or is it possible to change the color totally?

  • Joe jeans
    Joe jeans

    this process only took 2 weeks and 10 cases of sanding discs.

    • ChrisFix

      It was way less than that but thanks for sharing!

  • Karl Juice
    Karl Juice

    A loo minoom.... Lol it’s aluminium..... That’s in English.

  • Alistair Grant
    Alistair Grant

    I think I heard my mum doing this fix in her bedroom last night, she sounded very happy with the results.

  • Alex Pap
    Alex Pap

    Excellent video and job with details. Thank you Chris! 👍

    • ChrisFix

      Thanks a lot!

  • Yabby Gideon
    Yabby Gideon

    Can you please make a video on how to repair corroded, scratched, curbed rash chrome wheels? I bought AMG monoblocks for a fucking a steal, but they have these issues, especially corrosion

  • Ian Chan
    Ian Chan

    I'm combining what you did in both vids. I had to remove the previous bubbling paint with chemical stripper. And I gotta correct some gouges in the aluminum with bondo.

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez

    Gotta do 4 20 inch rims tomorrow

  • JC AND
    JC AND

    Seeing how were treated these rims before the process, they will not last very long before beeing shi**y again... 🙄

  • Jesse Romero
    Jesse Romero



    Is it possible to just use the first tool to remove the scratches and stop there and leave it that way? (Like at 4:16) so Like without going in and removing the clear coat off the entire rim and then adding a new one? I wouldn’t mind having the dull areas rather than the deep dark scratches my rim has. And I don’t have many. Just wondering if I do that, if the clear coat will eventually start peeling away from those areas anyway due to sanding it

  • Derek Poland
    Derek Poland

    I enjoy working on cars but the thought of fixing mags... removes all that joy. How many hours did this take!!! I'll be taking mine to the garage. Cool vid.

  • fistofdragon y
    fistofdragon y

    i was considering working on my rims. i am just gonna buy new ones and sell the old. thanks for making that decision so easy

  • Henry Stone
    Henry Stone

    9 okt 2015 Hey ChrisFix here lets fix these Rims 27 okt 2020 and thats rim number four all done, thats how we fix Rims.....

    • ChrisFix

      I got it all done in a matter of a few days (only because I was filming) :p

  • girlonlaptop

    If it takes you 2 hours I am guessing it will take me 6 hours per tire. Hmm.

  • Suda Pramana
    Suda Pramana

    May i know what machine u using ?!

  • 07cateye Duramax
    07cateye Duramax

    Nice rim job chris

  • Joe Sealy
    Joe Sealy

    Dam and I have to do all tht for 4 rims 🤣 think I'd rather new rims 🤣

  • Doug Zbikowski
    Doug Zbikowski

    ::Watches video:: ::Looks up price of refurb OEM rims:: ::Buys replacement rim::

  • Dean Mindock
    Dean Mindock

    Well made video. Kudos to you.

  • Truman Barney
    Truman Barney

    5:44 my girl asked why wouldn't you want the "stripper" to contact your skin.

  • cody custer
    cody custer

    Polish the rim with buffs

  • Aaron Kashmer
    Aaron Kashmer

    You REEEALLLY need to start showing these guy 2K. Stop using that enamel crap.

  • Patricia Hanley
    Patricia Hanley


  • tracey potts
    tracey potts

    Does this affect wheel balancing take off that amount of material

    • Cameron

      Not enough to make a difference. The actual amount of weight lost is minimal.

  • All About Shoes
    All About Shoes

    Too much work 😆, im just going to buy something that will get the scratches out

  • Shamika Brown
    Shamika Brown

    Will this work on pt.cruiser rim?

  • DrBolt

    Also be sure to balance your wheels after you are done! :D Greetings!

    • Howard

      why would you need to balance the wheels ?

    • DrBolt

      ChrisFix wow I was like why im even commenting it's old video😂 But here we are now Im glad i did it

    • ChrisFix

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Janie Rios
    Janie Rios


  • Janie Rios
    Janie Rios


  • Rene Meraz
    Rene Meraz

    Are chome coat rims that have curb rash fixable?

  • Billy Musselwhite
    Billy Musselwhite

    I don't think so Tim

  • Bob Scherer
    Bob Scherer

    Thanks for making this video.. I used your method for cleaning aluminum wheels on my motorcycle and it was like a mirror finish.

  • ThePolarBearProductions

    Dumb question I know and sorry but can you use plain acetone as the stripper? Got a whole pint of that stuff in my shop

  • Billy MTB
    Billy MTB

    This guy is a wizard 🧙‍♂️ 🙌

    • ChrisFix

      Haha thanks!

  • Michael Rosario
    Michael Rosario

    Hey Chris can you fix up fuel rims with the rivets or tell me the best way to cover the rivets its very hard to cut tape in a perfect circle to cover them

  • Hasan Özcan
    Hasan Özcan

    Now do this with all 4 wheels 😐😂

  • This Name Is Stupid
    This Name Is Stupid

    Imma do dis to my rims

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez

    Chris how many cans of spray paint and clear coat did you need for all 4 rims?

  • Stephan Schop
    Stephan Schop

    what is the easiest way to fix curb rash ?

    • Stephan Schop
      Stephan Schop

      sand down the edges and repaint/spray? or do you need some sort of primer first ?


    Talented guy Chris is! Thank you! God bless!

  • My trash account
    My trash account

    What nobody talks about in those kinds of videos, and which may seem negligible, but is very important, is balancing.


    what about the black rims ?

  • Mike P
    Mike P

    ive got the same wheel. cant wait to try it


    After watching this i bought a lamborghini urus

  • Andrew Dimick
    Andrew Dimick

    The recommended sanding/buffing bits did not work for me at all. Very poor quality. Other than that, great video! As always, great job Chris. Thanks for the post.

  • JOHN David
    JOHN David

    You know CF is rich because at the end of the video he says it's real cheap. Here's the list Dremel rotary tool + attachments 3M 400, 600, 1000 & 2000 wet and dry sandpaper Mag and aluminium polish Safety glasses Chemical stripper Gloves and abrasive sponge Drill with foam polisher Rubbing alcohol Clear coat spray paint. It would be really cheap if all you needed was no cards, soapy water and a towel. lol.

  • Jay Chowdree
    Jay Chowdree

    Can you do this on your rim

  • Jay Chowdree
    Jay Chowdree

    Do a video of dent removal?

  • Brandon Densmore
    Brandon Densmore

    But what's the fun in that? I do understand ya

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley

    The not daa

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley


  • Elies

    I just use hummus or peanut butter to smooth out the scratches

  • Erik Schwichtenberg
    Erik Schwichtenberg

    You should do a video on fixing corrosion on rims.

  • Politically Inept
    Politically Inept

    I checked EVERY store in my town and the next one over. Nobody sells wooder. Please post link.

  • Clint Hightower
    Clint Hightower

    The card tip was especially well appreciated! Nice, thanks again :)

  • Clint Hightower
    Clint Hightower

    Flipping awesome job Chris, I've never removed scratches from a wheel only painted, but I feel like I can do scratches now too. Thanks!

  • Sanjok Gurung
    Sanjok Gurung

    IRbin platform is meant to be for people like Chris and not some tiktok assholes


    I'm 15 years old and I have been watching this channel from I was 7 and I still love ur videos KEEP IT UP CHRIS 👍

  • TheGP

    As usual, another great solution Mr. Fix

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