How to Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY
Headlight Restoration using Clear Coat. This video will show you how to clean and restore your headlights so they will never turn yellow or hazy again! You have seen videos on restoring headlights with bug spray, toothpaste, baking soda, and the kits you buy in the store, but all of these methods are temporary and eventually the haze and oxidation will come back.
My method will first make the headlight clear by wet sanding and then put a UV coat on it to seal it in.
Headlight Clarity Updates:
1yr Later:
2yrs later:
New longer lasting clear coat:
Clear Coat I used:
2000 grit sandpaper:
Compound polish to remove orange peel:
Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Lens:
Using Bug Spray to Clean Headlights (WARNING!!!):
How to use Toothpaste to Clean Headlights:
How to Remove Moisture from Headlights:
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  • sharkvshark

    After 3 coats of clear gloss... There is some haziness from paint I believe. What shall I do to get absolutely clear glass now?

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      @ChrisFix ur the man ty

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      David Cordova


    • florret2003

      @ChrisFix PLASTX is for UNCOATED clear plastic, not painted surfaces. It is a plastic abrasive, not a paint abrasive like compound.

    • Sepehr Mn
      Sepehr Mn

      He does! I once asked his opinion about a project car I wanted to purchase in the comments. To my amazement, he actually replied! I loved that.

    • Amber Philpot
      Amber Philpot

      @ChrisFix this method is how professional car detailers do it. :)

  • Mo Khodajo
    Mo Khodajo

    It seems like that I can't source neither of the two clear coats mentioned in the description in Australia. They are either unavailable or nobody ship them to Australia due to some postage restrictions. Do you know of any other products that I can find here in Australia?! I would appreciate it your response.

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    and you cant see

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    ricardo jorquera

    Buen trabajo...quiero saber la lija q ocupas es de agua?...

  • tomcat69fl

    This is one of the more thorough videos on headlight restoration.Headlight Coating. You can find it at Walmart or online for about $8,00. Clear coat paint is a paint and can crack after a while according to body shops I talked to. Perhaps the was that Chrisfix applied will prevent this. Nevertheless, the Meguire's product I used dried crystal clear. Thanks Chrisfix.

  • William Robert Chapman
    William Robert Chapman

    Hi Chris, I have a 1991 Ford Ranger 2.9 litre. I broke a spark plug while attempting to remove it. This one was right below the Power Steering Pump so it was difficult to get at. It was so rusted out that I don't think that had ever been removed. Any info on fixing this or links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Half Star Films
    Half Star Films

    Why not use a buffering pad before adding clear coat?

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    KNG Blizz

    Its been 6 years and he still liking comments

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    Are u dutch ???

  • Dan Offen
    Dan Offen

    All steps worked well EXCEPT the clear coat, it was so cloudy looking that i had to resend and decided to put on meguires headlight sealant instead, looks much better.

  • Richard Attenborough
    Richard Attenborough

    I tried it left orange peel, even after final 3000-5000 wet sand. Carnoba wax didn’t make it any clearer. Can someone tell me what I’ve done wrong

  • Borp

    Is this method better than using sandpaper, then polishing compound, then Meguiars headlight spray?

  • Jamie Lamb
    Jamie Lamb

    I dont know if it was an accident or not but around 12:10 you can see alot of your face in the paint. Might wanna edit that since you seem to want your face hidden

  • carlo vincetti
    carlo vincetti

    Ive been using on any headlight in any condition buffing pad and liquid polishing compound and ten min they look like new or at least clear. Rinse repeat if you need to in months if at all. You need only remove a very thin layer to get clear plastic. Any cutting into the plastic I have done is the edge of a straight blade or steel wool 0000 only much easier to buff out. You cant tell me this is permanent as a coating, although better than many I have seen. I wont talk about the cost of my method it's irrelevant the results are better for the effort given. Dont listen to me try it and see.

  • Adam H
    Adam H

    Rare reflection of ChrisFix at 12:08 Great video man! Keep up the good work

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    Ted Jordan

    All I gotta say is woiter

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    Is he saying water or wooder? Is there a difference? Lol

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    unknown lol

    only thing that got my attention was the way you said "water" love the video tho!

  • Clayton S
    Clayton S

    wait, PT cruisers arent supposed to have the hazy headlights?

  • Boostleak

    So if the headlights are messed up on the inside would it be the same thing you just have to take the housing out and do it to the inside ? Anyone know

  • A A
    A A

    Finally seen your face in the reflection

  • Aric Magallanes
    Aric Magallanes

    Should I spray macguire headlight coating after the clear coat? Or is just the clear coat good

  • Daniel Pichardo
    Daniel Pichardo

    If i do mess up and the clear coat runs a bit, how could I correct the mistake?

  • Jeannie Myers
    Jeannie Myers

    A good fix for worrying about lint from drying on the light from paper towels is to instead use a few new coffee filters instead. They wont leave any lint behind!!

  • freakboy7434

    I have tried everything for mine they won’t come clean or clear for nothing I’m trying not to replace them because they cost over 300 a piece what else can I try

  • Austin C.
    Austin C.

    I just bought a 09 with 77,000 miles on it, would it be a bad idea to give the headlights a coat or 2 of gloss to keep the yellowing/hazing to happen? They are good right now, no hazing

    • ChrisFix

      I would recommend doing it, i've done it on headlights in good condition and it definitely helps them!

  • Cynthia Marie
    Cynthia Marie

    I bet ur arm is tired "What r u doing?" "My car needs surgery!"

  • Denver Wright
    Denver Wright

    Thank you this helped me so much

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    Star Light

    I subscribed just because Chris still replies to comments even after 6 years.

    • ChrisFix

      Welcome aboard! And I spend 4 hours every day reading and responding to you guys!

  • Ole Deleon
    Ole Deleon

    Looks great!

  • Pablo Avila
    Pablo Avila

    Why no compound polishing after sanding?

  • Picking Strings
    Picking Strings

    Hey Chris, I just did this and you saved me a couple hundred bucks plus the time to replace headlights that didnt need to be replaced. Thank you and I can send pics if you want them. Have a happy new year bro!

    • ChrisFix

      I'm glad the video saved you a few hundred dollars! Happy new year to you as well!

  • Ned Read
    Ned Read

    But shit actually

  • santosh singh
    santosh singh

    Hey chrish im your briggest fan and im waching your vedios since years i wanna know do i need to be afraid of opening my car. I need to change my lower controal arm . I know everthing about it yet i afraid of opening it cause i have never perform such repairs in past

  • Kevin Connot
    Kevin Connot

    Over $100 dollars to replace!? My Cadillac srx with flr lights are over $2000 ea.!!!! Thanks for the info! Mine are bad. Hope this works.

  • Harkirat Sandhu
    Harkirat Sandhu

    Can we use higher grit sandpaper for more clear headlights.

  • Nεκτάριος Καραπιπέρης
    Nεκτάριος Καραπιπέρης

    Those headlights is like the Honda Del Sol headlights.

  • patrick G
    patrick G

    goog job tanks you for that.

  • F R
    F R

    brah, no offense but not everyone has time like that, can you make a video that demonstrates a technique that can be done in 1 minute?

  • Rick Hinojosa
    Rick Hinojosa

    I sure hope this method REALLY works because I'm going to try it on my daughter's car! 😬

  • Huey Tlatoani
    Huey Tlatoani

    Should it be carnuba wax or could be any wax?

  • Gage Putman
    Gage Putman

    Very detailed video, Chris! Question, to help with drying and prevent dust/debris from attaching to newly clear coated headlights, did you store car in a warm garage for your "24 hours" comment (12:46)? Manufacturer recommends applying application at 64° F - 77° F (18° C - 25° C). Thanks in advance.

  • Imran Husain
    Imran Husain

    I had bad experience. After sanding it and all these steps, I used same looking Restoleum can from Home Depot and after careful spray the giraffe type cracks started to appear. Looked very bad. Recently, I ve to resand it to remove Restleum clear caot.. such a waste of time and efforts.. 😥

    • ChrisFix

      Darn! What kind of temperature/humidity were you spraying in?

  • Alex Chavez
    Alex Chavez

    Thank you soooo much. U have saved me a few hundred bucks man. Did this to my edges headlights. 🙏 came out amazing

  • Union Pacific
    Union Pacific

    How To Restore Great

    • ChrisFix


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    Tranvo Phucduy

    I love u girl

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    7:43 I can't be the only one to think that the left side of the trash bag has a small humanoid figure, right?

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    Tyrese Miller

    Anybody watching in 2021?

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    Lil Hank

    I’m glad I found this channel again I’ve been subscribed since almost the beginning but I just recently found your channel again and I still love it

  • Matthew Morningstar
    Matthew Morningstar

    Running paint is no joke 😔I had to start over from the 600 grit to fix it

  • Daniel Ortega
    Daniel Ortega

    If I do this and cracks start to appear . What do I do ?

  • Eddie Valiant
    Eddie Valiant

    Damn, just purchase new headlight assembly's!!

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    Bernadette Whiunui

    Awesome!!! Thank you Chris Fix it 😊👍

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    Dav davvv

    I love how Chris keeps replies after 6 years :)))

  • Chris R.
    Chris R.

    How did it keep up? Any reapplications needed after a few years?

  • Brittan Piatt
    Brittan Piatt

    WD 40 my friend. It's a solvent that acts as a lubricant because of its dissolving properties.

  • Jhona Cr
    Jhona Cr

    Would you make a video about how to fix a bad sticky dash board? I have a nissan máxima 2012, and the dash board is so sticky that it feels like the plastic is melting.

  • Roberto Cuestas
    Roberto Cuestas

    What about headlights where the clear coat is peeling off?

    • Roberto Cuestas
      Roberto Cuestas

      @Stefan Kraft Thank you!

  • MAFCA Webmaster
    MAFCA Webmaster

    Excellent. I've treated my 2005 Prius headlights twice and after a year or so, they get "foggy" again. Going to try your method on both of my cars!

    • MAFCA Webmaster
      MAFCA Webmaster

      @Stefan Kraft Aha. Dankeschön :). I lived in Munich in 1967.

    • MAFCA Webmaster
      MAFCA Webmaster

      @Stefan Kraft What was the brand name of the 2-component coat?

  • Jai Vaja
    Jai Vaja

    Hey Chris, I did your method but I’m struggling to remove what I think is the orange peel. They are very old and severe headlights with crazings so I don’t know if it’s either just that or I used too much clear coat🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Kevin Cross
    Kevin Cross

    just completed this, it's impressive how great the lights look now. If fact they look so good they look out of place on my 17 year old car.

    • Justsomeloser


  • Enrique Arayata
    Enrique Arayata

    I’m planning on doing this to my fog lights, but I’m going to wrap it with a yellow tint. Should I still apply the clear coat or should I just put the yellow tint after using the 2000 grit and cleaning it up with alcohol?

  • Nad Tv
    Nad Tv

    bro can you apply this method on the back light?

  • Z Abd
    Z Abd

    This is awesome

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee

    Did this today on 2004 headlights. Worked great. Thanks for this video.

  • niomonstruo _88
    niomonstruo _88

    Sprayed clear coat on high humidity and came out bad can I re sand and start process again. And how long should I wait before sanding clear if it possible

  • blazereh o/
    blazereh o/

    LOL I’m here to fix my cruiser’s headlights too

  • Richard Attenborough
    Richard Attenborough

    Do it properly once and people will watch for years to come!

  • john denver
    john denver

    I sprayed my clear too thick and have runs. What do I do please help

  • D-Auto Srl
    D-Auto Srl

    Crixxfix crixxx fixxxx i translate in italian, pay me!

  • chris chilson
    chris chilson

    The varnish you used only last about a year in direct sunlight.

  • daniel villa
    daniel villa

    i sort of messed up with one of the headlights by not sanding properly or putting too much spray paint. it looks all choppy and cracky and i want to start from scratch with this one. However my other headlight came out phenomenal. What would i do to correct my error?

  • owen ramirez
    owen ramirez

    I did this to my Honda Civic and I got this alligator skin type of texture as a final product. The spots that weren’t cracked looking look clear but I am just not sure why it happened like this. Anyone have any idea as to why this happened? Any ideas would help. Maybe I have to do another 2000 grit sand and it will go away?

  • Pierre Chery
    Pierre Chery

    So my clearcoat was matte not glossed and I thought it wouldn’t make much of a difference but it looks hazy now not oxidized but a matte haze I’m so disappointed but maybe it’s cause it’s not fully dry yet I’m going to wax it and see and maybe after 24 it’ll look better if not I’m gon do a pain correction buff and put a glossy coat and see if there’s a difference

  • Tdaz250

    Chris I gotta ask is there any reason not to buff the headlights to a shine and then clear coat ?

  • Joseph Orellana
    Joseph Orellana

    Hi Chris, for the final step, did you sand your headlights before applying wax it to them? Thanks!

  • betoen

    That PT Cruiser raised $2 in value just right there! AWESOME!

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    Well done!...And $10/headlight is less than the cost of a replacement halogen bulb.

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    suzanne quashie

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  • John

    One headlight for my 2012 Mazda Miata is $1200.00 Canadian. Quote from Mazda. On ebay they are around $600 American. Yikes! I'll try this method.

    • John

      @Pierre Chery Thanks for the tip. Another tip is use one big sheet of plastic if using chemicals to remove the old clear coat. I used small blankets I had lying around which means there are seams between the blankets. Somehow the solvent snuck between the towels and my hood will need repainting now. About a dime sized amount of paint wrinkling bad now. Saved money on the headlight but now will have to paint the hood. Easy come, easy go.

    • Pierre Chery
      Pierre Chery

      I just tried it on my Miata 2011 lmao tip dont use a matte clearcoat it did come out as clear as oem

  • Darth Raptor
    Darth Raptor

    Just finished the job, looks great. Thanks!

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  • Mike Dong
    Mike Dong

    Just tried this on my 2006 Toyota Tacoma and what a difference! Can't believe how it turned out. Thank you Chris for posting and sharing this video.

  • Alejandro de Basilio
    Alejandro de Basilio

    I did this step by step just as explained but it didn’t turn out good at all. I’m not sure what I could have done wrong. The headlights on my Suburban are now foggier that before.

  • Garfield Blake
    Garfield Blake

    Hey Chris, I hope you can help me with this I follow your steps but my results came out different the clear coat start cracking you have any idea why this is happening?

  • lawldx, the barbecue frito lord.
    lawldx, the barbecue frito lord.

    having a pt cruiser and actually taking care of it means you are honestly a madlad. nobody even likes pt cruisers for some reason, i like them tho. i spent 12 minutes tryna make this comment

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    Daniel Meecham

    Well done Lad! I am rewatching and enjoying your how-to videos.

  • Stephen K
    Stephen K

    Hey Chris. Thanks for this video. I used it to restore the headlights on my 2005 Pontiac Sunfire and they came out great. I used the same Gloss Clear that you used in this video. I want to take care of a couple rust spots on the body. Nothing major...just a couple rust areas. Can i used the same Gloss Clear as a clear coat for the paint?

  • Tyler

    Chris your instructional video really gave me the confidence to work on my dirty old Mazda 3 lights. It only took about 2 foo fighter albums and they turned out beautifully!!!

  • Hank and The Cuban Queen
    Hank and The Cuban Queen

    Chris have a question. Just finished and I noticed about 10 minutes later there's a crackiness look to the clear coat. It's 61° outside so it falls within the range of the temperature. Any reason? I use the same exact clear coat you suggested

  • Himanshu Gala
    Himanshu Gala

    In India where do we get clear gloss spray .if you have any information please share. Thanks

  • Wyatt Wolfe
    Wyatt Wolfe

    and 3 months later it will be yellow AF - go to an auto store not a hardware store.. get automotive clear.. that clear is made for inside people doing crafts


    If you have a car with good clean head light and spray the clear on it ..will it keep it looking new

  • Q L
    Q L

    Just use Baking Soda mix with Vinegar that’s it. Take 15 minutes each headlight. The best trust me.

  • John Lytvinenko
    John Lytvinenko

    Chris, how do you get accidental clear coat overspray off windshield?

  • John Lytvinenko
    John Lytvinenko

    Thanks Chris. This is the most comprehensive method of clearing up headlights I’ve seen. Thanks again. John