How to SUPER FLUSH your Cars Cooling System
Learn how to flush your cooling system including the radiator, heater core, and engine block. I go though every step to SUPER FLUSH your cooling system completely. My truck's cooling system was really really bad and it needed a good flush. Now the cooling system is filled with brand new coolant and is clean!
If your system is old or dirty, that dirt could be clogging holes in hoses, seals, and gaskets so take that into consideration when you do this.
Spill free funnel I was talking about:
Black Socket Set I use:
Hose Clamp Pliers:
Large Drain Pan:
Universal Antifreeze:
Quick Flush your Cooling System:
Here is How to Test your Cooling System:
Here is how to Flush your Heater Core:
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    Learn how to replace your radiator if your cooling system is too far gone (wont get clean, has a leak, overheating, etc):

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      James Robinson

      How replace a ac pump I got car

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    • Jeremy Vest
      Jeremy Vest

      Yo Chris I noticed where you poured that into the overflow tank when you emptied it it was clear just like the radiator cleaner in the yellow bottle isn't it true that most of that will not enter the radiator unless it gets too hot or overflows into the tank and then as it cools it sucks it back into the radiator

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    Cristian Chelcea

    the engine must be relatively cold before the flushing to prevent cracking the engine block ...

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    Matthew Bell

    No BS with this guy he's blooming good 👍👍👍

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    Matt P.

    My only problem is my civic si doesn’t have a temp gauge. It’s just a over heating light

    • ChrisFix

      If that's the case then be sure to keep an eye on where that light would come on so you can react in case the temperature spikes!

  • minetime4

    my truck was overheating I changed my thermostat and added new green coolant after some driving my reservoir is full of brown coolant and my truck still overheats if I do this should it help with the over heating problem?

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    CJ Coriz

    You sir are brilliant I’ve been watching your videos for quite sometime and I must say you’ve been very helpful especially when it came to drum brakes definitely helped me out at my work place look forward to watching more


    We can use this in second hand cars at purchase time.

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    Tarule Shakur

    Can I use deionized water instead of distilled water?

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    Dorothy Ali

    @chrisfix love you’re videos. I want to do a total coolant flush on my e30 but as the gearbox is disconnected (linkage) I can’t take it for a drive. Can I flush the coolant system? The car still starts but just can’t drive it.

  • Janelle C
    Janelle C

    On the Peak website it's saying this antifreeze is Yellow.. neon yellow looks greenish yellow to me lol. I have a 99 ranger and picked up some prestone antifreeze which is also yellow. Happen to know if it's safe to use or if I should go on the hunt for labeled green antifreeze? I've been trying to read forums and articles to figure it out, but have been pretty unsuccessful. P.s. LOVEEEE your content it's helped me so much! :) especially the scratch repair videos and now I'm going through fluid changes

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    dylan rap

    I love the video but @5:20 you said to find something to suck on the hose. What could I possibly use? What about if I sprayed water into the hose and then turned the water off. Would that work?

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    D Riv

    Would you recommend to add a cleaner chemical with every flush cycle? Or only at the first water flush? Thank you for your videos!

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    Wes Harris

    Is it totally necessary to use distilled water to do the flush? I apologize if this has been asked and answered 4,374 times in the comments already...

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    2020 he’s still using the same truck

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  • Chief

    So I spent 2 days doing this. The 5th flush was just as bad as the first. I finally flushed the system with a hose and made decent progress but still not super clear. This is how i will do it next time- - drain radiator of coolant, then flush with garden hose. Replug radiator. - drain engine block of coolant then flush with hose again until clear fluid runs out of engine block. - maybe flush heater core, maybe not. - after flushed with hose I will then super flush with distilled wooder, let run for 15 minutes and repeat as necessary. - drain last flush then refill with new antifreeze. I was going to have to do 10 flushes and would have still had crappy water

    • Chief

      @ChrisFix Hey, my system is way better than it was 24 hours ago, so Im cool with that for now. thanks for the videos.

    • ChrisFix

      Interesting, you might have to replace the radiator and hoses next time ( due to how bad you're saying it was (that was the issue on my truck)

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    val sammut

    Nice video, my dealer wants 200 bucks to change coolant

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    I was told they change the mix of that stuff years ago and it no longer toxic to animals cuz ppl back in the day would use it to kill their neighbor's annoying pets that wouldn't stop barking =/ oof anyone know if there truth to that?

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    Joseph Ramirez

    November 14, 2020. Great video! Thanks Cris. Don’t suppose you have any videos on Vanagons? Thanks again 👍🏻😊

    • ChrisFix

      Thanks a lot! And I do not, but if I get one I can make videos on it!

  • Chief

    You never mentioned the engine block drain plug, Chris Fix. Talk about a nightmare.. at least on a ‘04- 4 cylinder Nissan Frontier. 🤦‍♂️ I just did my flush today. I had no heat in a used truck I just purchased. Went to add fluid and radiator was full of yellow/rusty/ foamy sludge. Don’t think it’s oil but not sure what it is. Could only drain 80% of fluid without the engine drain plug so I did that as well. Didn’t change thermostat either because... Nissan. Thanks bud!

    • ChrisFix

      Those plugs can definitely be annoying to deal with and keep an eye on the cap after the flush! Thanks a lot!

  • Oniram Suda
    Oniram Suda

    Hi Chris how do I open the coolant cap on my Dodge Charger sxt 2016 sealed cap.? Sorry might sound like a dumb question but I want to put coolant. 😂

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    Chris Smith

    Can I use that Preston flush on a 2015 Honda Odyssey? It has blue coolant.

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    ReeTV Documentaries

    I mean, there’s not a chance on earth that I am going to try this,. I just like watching other people doing it. Great vid 👍

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      Thanks a lot! And I promise it's easier than it looks!

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    Adyn Steenbarger

    Thanks so much for the demonstration! I know basically how to do it, but a quick refresher was much appreciated

  • Guillermo Paredes
    Guillermo Paredes

    How critical is the Color of the anti freeze? I have a tacoma that had red Anti freeze and JiffyLube swapped it out with the green one. Should I be concerned?

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    dchristian bordios

    Sir how about the engine block, In which part of the video that inside the engine block already drain? I want to do this on my unit.. Thanks..

  • Samuel Jamieson
    Samuel Jamieson

    Love ya work, tried this on my 300ZX but had an air trapped somewhere, mechanic ended up raising it on an angle to get the air out, pain in the butt, but would try again

    • ChrisFix

      Interesting, thanks for sharing!

  • Bernardo Batista
    Bernardo Batista

    How that you maneged to take all the water out to be able to put a 50/50 coolant? My pajero barely empty half of the capacity through the radiador bottle valve

    • ChrisFix

      You can drain out what you can then start the car to have the water pump force out the rest of the coolant, or you could drain from the block! You aren't going to be able to get every single drop of water out, but you should get close enough to be able to fill back up with the correct ratio!

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    Night Hawk Sim

    I didn't even know this was a thing. I think I might do this on my Ford tarus.

    • Night Hawk Sim
      Night Hawk Sim

      @Chief ya. I didnt even know my car had a cabin filter. shows ya how out of touch allot of us are.

    • Chief

      All I ever buy is used cars and it appears most Americans don’t seem to know this is a thing. Cheers

    • ChrisFix

      Definitely check the condition of the fluid ( and if the coolant needs a flush, you'll know how to do it!

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    Omg the original looks like mine

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    Brandon Howe

    Hey Chris, I’m working on using this method on my 1979 Corvette and had a couple questions. 1) I’m on flush number 9, the flushed water looks much better but isn’t quite crystal clear. Does it need to be? What might be causing it to still be cloudy? 2) Was the fluid very dirty, it was it orange to begin with? Did you switch to green? If so, what are the benefits and would you suggest this?

  • vezina808

    aren't you supposed to put in the thermostat first then the gasket?

    • ChrisFix

      If you can to prevent dust from falling in, then you can do that!

  • Niel

    Will this process work even if the Blower Motor isn't working? I am repairing this car I bought but it doesn't blow any air. The coolant reservoir looks dark brown so it really needs the cleaning

    • Niel

      @ChrisFix Thanks Chris love your vids, been a long time follower :)

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    Sam Plautz

    What if I mix two different brands of coolant? I'm not saying mix orange and green, what I am saying is what happens if I mix two universals, like Prestone and something else? Will that damage the cooling system. I'm wondering because I've noticed my dad has put like 4 brands in his truck in the last month. They were all the universal coolant, 3 of them clear and one of them green

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    Stephen Schulz

    BLACK LABEL products are my favorite too.

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    Don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but when putting the thermostat in it should have gone into the hole which has a relief cut, which also needed cleaning out BTW, before putting the gasket on not placed on top of the gasket as was done in the video!!

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    Anybody know where I can buy coolant thats 50/50 mix with Wooder?! All the stores I went to only have 50/50 mix with water.

  • Božidar Mihailović
    Božidar Mihailović

    Can someone explains to me what is the difference between forced flushing with pouring water into outlet hose of heater core and just regular flow of coolant through heater core? It looks like that’s just a flow of water(coolant) through heater core, just in opposite direction when you flush it with water. Why than just coolant flow can’t just flush heater core with regular flow when you turn on heater. If there is any clogging, what is water gonna do different than regular coolant flow? Thanks for help in advance.

  • Suraj Bubber Chauhan
    Suraj Bubber Chauhan

    Hey Chris, Can you help me to fix P0a01 error on Infinity QX60 Hybrid, it comes battery sign and loose the power, cannot accelerate, as it is coolant sign and infinity replace sensor related stuff. But when I drive 30-40 minute Battery sign comes back and vehicle not accelerate and has to shut the engine off and after 2-3 minute it start and pickup with battery sign stays on for another a minute or so for good.. Pls. help me

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    Justin Overholtzer

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    Justin Overholtzer

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    when you did this to your bmw you drained it through the petcock and it drained your reservoir tank which was hooked to your radiator but here it did not drain the reservoir? so if i do this on my car which only has a reservoir and no radiator cap it wont drain the reservoir unless i find this hose and do the gravity thing?

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    • ChrisFix

      I added the chemical flush at 10:21

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    Flawless video

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    how did the new thermo open if there is no coolant from the engine to heat it up??? i was wondering how you get a full coolant fill in the whole system if the thermo valve is in a closed position?

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    I have a question for ChrisFix and anyone reading this: i just bought my first used car. While checking the engine coolant, the fluid is still clear after couple of drives, but the reservoir level is shy below the "low" mark. The color is blue, but since we don't know which brand of coolant used, is it okay if i use another brand of coolant with the same color to fill the reservoir, or would distilled water suffice? Thanks everyone!

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      If it's just under low you can top it off with distilled water.

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    Minimum Effort

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    • ChrisFix

      Fill your funnel with coolant, turn the car on (with heat) and it will suck some down so keep filling the funnel. The wooder pump will cut any air bubbles inside the system and once you can't put any more in (should take a few minutes) remove the funnel and make sure it's at the correct level. At that point, there won't be any air left in the system! I would always check later though, and if the coolant level hasn't dropped, you're good to go!