I Adopted A Puppy Today.. My First Dog Ever!! *Chocolate Lab*
Today I Got A Chocolate Labrador Retriever Named Rocket!!
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  • Davyn Bryant
    Davyn Bryant

    I can't loik away

  • Ethan Zolecki
    Ethan Zolecki

    I have a chocolate lab!

  • Barbara Boger
    Barbara Boger

    Rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket

  • Jason Connell
    Jason Connell

    I’m getting a chocolate lab on Monday on the 23th


    I follow you on Tik Tok

  • GatorGamers77

    I literally have the same dog but silver hope you stay safe with rocket

  • Brown Gaddy Outdoors
    Brown Gaddy Outdoors

    LABS ARE THE BEST! *change my mind*

  • Christian Coble
    Christian Coble

    I wish I was in Mack fam btw I’m adding you on Xbox eli

  • RealSarton

    If you turn on subtitle his name is rocky

  • Gonzalo Gonzalez
    Gonzalo Gonzalez

    I have a lab to to breed

  • K&C Vlogs
    K&C Vlogs

    I have a choclate lab to

  • Dontrell Braggs
    Dontrell Braggs

    Rocky look like a nice dog to have

  • Giants Fan
    Giants Fan

    I got my puppy for the same reason why you got rocket

  • ItsThat Diamond
    ItsThat Diamond

    *cough* *cough* 👁👄👁 Coronavirus Lol how he said it😂

  • Michael Oreus
    Michael Oreus

    Can’t wait till I get my own crib and get my first dog

  • Jodylee Lyons
    Jodylee Lyons

    I got another dog 🐕 since my last one died

  • chet Robinson
    chet Robinson

    hi Rocket

  • Swann Lawrence
    Swann Lawrence

    and also Rocket heals

  • Swann Lawrence
    Swann Lawrence

    Rocket is really cute and i hope u an Rocket have a blessed day

  • Marshawn

    Hey mack what does F.O.B mean sorry i jioned on January 1

  • Jett Jackson
    Jett Jackson

    i have a chaclate lad too

  • VRosè

    Eli is blessed

  • Joseph Mallow
    Joseph Mallow

    Yoy should make Rocket a youtube channel

  • Joseph Mallow
    Joseph Mallow


  • Kj 3
    Kj 3

    I have my dog at eight weeks to and I’m gonna tell you what his namebo

  • Good Pone
    Good Pone

    I just got a black lab puppy, good luck wit da rocket #ROCKET

  • George Idan
    George Idan


  • Joshua Guzman
    Joshua Guzman

    I used to have a dog but he sadly died 5 years ago on Christmas. U are lucky that u have #ROCKET and he is lucky that he haves you. God bless u.

  • Jamie Dattage
    Jamie Dattage


  • Jamie Dattage
    Jamie Dattage

    Rocket is so cute

  • Brian Wroten
    Brian Wroten

    Rocket eli's dog

  • Ayden c Christen
    Ayden c Christen

    Pls help me get better aj_has_mods_211 ps4 modded 21

  • The Official Astr0
    The Official Astr0


  • Elijah Cannizzaro
    Elijah Cannizzaro

    Your in the chaniel Rocket

  • Madden Max 55
    Madden Max 55

    One Time I Had 2 Boston Terriors But One Passed Away I Feel Sad Cause My Dog Odin Died

  • Eagles 4Life
    Eagles 4Life

    He is so cute

  • Noris Lopez
    Noris Lopez

    You ugly

  • Thomas Shaffer
    Thomas Shaffer

    Omg he’s so cute

  • 4ever Autumn
    4ever Autumn

    Rocket Rocket ROckET ROCKET


    He was jumping you 😂 mr best live stream

  • Gaming with Chase
    Gaming with Chase


  • Skyler And Tyler gaming
    Skyler And Tyler gaming

    Name him tucker

  • Darion Maples
    Darion Maples

    just started watching and is all ready a big fan cant wait to see more of #ROCKET

  • Snag aholic
    Snag aholic


  • Trenton Clark
    Trenton Clark

    So cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Bryson and mom
    Bryson and mom

    He o cute my g

  • SmaIl Knowledge
    SmaIl Knowledge

    Rocket is the best dog I saw love u mack

  • jackie valdovinos
    jackie valdovinos

    My dog looks like your dog

  • mike blum
    mike blum

    Bruh I got a chocolate lab too

  • Kabir Roohea
    Kabir Roohea

    Yo, watch out for the pool man. Another youtuber named cjsocool lost his do blanco because he drowned. I do not wish it to happen to rocket that’s why I’m telling you that

  • Kaden Ward
    Kaden Ward

    i got a cholate lab to there so cute

  • Mikee gamer
    Mikee gamer

    You should go on a shopping spree for him

  • the original original
    the original original

    Yo that prank was crazy

  • Wyatt Miller
    Wyatt Miller

    Rocket is the best dog ever


    dog cute

  • Jay Albury
    Jay Albury

    There’s no way you live in palm beach I live there to😄😎

  • BryceCreamTheGamer

    I got my puppy 5 months ago

  • Justin on Gfuel
    Justin on Gfuel

    Eli you dog is so cute and I hope you enjoy him and can u post more videos about that toxic kid who u always win against in madden

  • Cadillac_kamara

    His IRbin name should be the “Mack Puppy”

  • Friendly Neighborhood teen シ
    Friendly Neighborhood teen シ

    Rocky the pack dog???

  • Timeless Angelo
    Timeless Angelo

    Eli Mack playing madden: TELL THEM WHATS GOOD #ROCKET

  • Jaynette Simmons
    Jaynette Simmons

    I have a 🐈

  • Remzi Syla
    Remzi Syla

    So cute

  • Kindo Leaf
    Kindo Leaf

    I like u playing madden

  • Bryan Sanchez
    Bryan Sanchez

    Eli you should make a video with Rocket where he chooses your superstar ko team via treats

  • Chris Cottle
    Chris Cottle

    You should let your brother and your sister move in

  • Dallas Baxter
    Dallas Baxter

    Awwww he’s so cute

  • Trevor Waller
    Trevor Waller

    I got an 14 week old lab he do be epic tho but watch them cords and there crap dont smell good

  • C.A.W Wrestling
    C.A.W Wrestling

    I have a chocolate lab

  • akaflash1011

    I had a chocolate lab but he died😢

  • Braylon Howard
    Braylon Howard


  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen

    If you want the dog sees you sit on the floor

  • BiggMoo 13
    BiggMoo 13

    He’s a keeper for sure! Congrats,

  • JP Matteson
    JP Matteson

    Tell me he don't look like daries slay

  • Ben Hale
    Ben Hale

    Great place

  • Ben Hale
    Ben Hale

    Puppies is where my fam got our dog

  • Travis Kontny
    Travis Kontny

    I feel bad that all the dogs have to wait for a family hope every dog gets a loving family like Eli Mack

  • Logans gameing corner
    Logans gameing corner

    You're my favorite IRbinr

  • ATL_ Draco
    ATL_ Draco

    welcome to the fam rocket

  • Donna Aldred
    Donna Aldred

    He his so cute man

  • Wharf Rat
    Wharf Rat

    Awesome dude...I got my first chocolate lab in April...he is 8 months old now...best dogs... watching this reminds me of Bear when I got him...they grow up so quick 🐕

  • Que Pizzle
    Que Pizzle

    Bro that puppy is so cute

  • TX BuxKetSs
    TX BuxKetSs

    One day later lost dog

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green

    Rocket what is my dogs name to

  • Jen S
    Jen S

    #Rocket better get a IRbin channel

  • Jen S
    Jen S


  • Kathy Cook
    Kathy Cook

    rockets the cutest puupy if my dog ment with your dog their would be a perfuit pair

  • Joseph Stevenson
    Joseph Stevenson

    My dog name is rocket too 🤣🤣

  • Gloria Williams
    Gloria Williams

    He so cute

  • Bogwee1

    We love rocket!!!

  • Jackpot To Win
    Jackpot To Win

    My chocolate lab died yours is so cute congrats

  • Lite galaxy
    Lite galaxy

    I got a lab and it tastes like chocolate 🤣

  • TherapperE_Man

    Welcome to the Mack fam rocky

  • Amber Serluca
    Amber Serluca


  • Damontae Carter
    Damontae Carter

    rocket is so cute

  • Damontae Carter
    Damontae Carter

    the dog is so cute

  • Typoz

    BTW these dogs love swimming so suggest taking him to a river once he gets a little bit older

  • Typoz

    Bru my dog his name is rocky and he is a chocolate lab 🤯 and I'm sitting next to him😅

  • John Schlegel
    John Schlegel

    Gang gang

  • John Schlegel
    John Schlegel