I bought a "PS5" on Wish...
Today on Wishtery Tech I buy more dumb stuff on Wish can you believe
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    I feel like Wish made a video and I just watched it.

  • Axotic Wxnda
    Axotic Wxnda

    i have that dinosaur robot at 6:11

  • KyAirHunting

    They need to band wish from the United States

  • Chronicles XD
    Chronicles XD

    I hope they made their money back with this video😂

  • ItsValor

    I said no more ~ verizon ad incoming

  • Alfred Lusure
    Alfred Lusure

    I feel so good to have my hacked account back thanks PONHACK_04

  • Alfred Lusure
    Alfred Lusure

    I feel so good to have my hacked account back thanks PONHACK_04

  • Deadpool-iz-cool Alfie allen
    Deadpool-iz-cool Alfie allen


  • Bhavan no
    Bhavan no

    It’s funny that I got a wish ad for this video

  • Markus Lada
    Markus Lada


  • Henry Hippo
    Henry Hippo

    I got a wish ad...


    " Just Find The Hole Ken"

  • K. M. Bellal Hossain Bappi
    K. M. Bellal Hossain Bappi

    I don't know what's the scam. This video or those rocks.

  • Lyric The Gamer
    Lyric The Gamer

    I am the 4000 comment

  • muhammad mir
    muhammad mir

    What the hell rocks I was going to buy a ps5 on wish but not anymore

  • yeetkid

    really they thought of breath of the wild before super mario odyssey

  • Phynx

    i’ve always wanted to buy a wish ps4 to see what it would do but i’m scared it’ll like blow up my tv

  • Made

    Omg I got a wish ad in vid lol

  • EyeJustSleep


  • Confusing Gameplays
    Confusing Gameplays

    6:55 King Kong vs Godzilla Official deleted trailer

  • TescosFinestHam 68
    TescosFinestHam 68

    I got an ad for wish while watching this



  • Banana Cat
    Banana Cat

    You heard that oof? Roblox reference

  • Yaas Haan
    Yaas Haan

    I hate ken

  • itchytastyurr

    the ps5 rocks....

  • johnny cashew
    johnny cashew

    Its not that Austin is balding, its more that his hair style is fucking stupid Sincerely, a bald dude that shaves his head everyday

  • ian jesse quiroz
    ian jesse quiroz

    y r u wearing an LTT shirt?

  • x_1LLuZ1Onz_o

    You didn't get your wish 🤪

  • Yossef Uriel
    Yossef Uriel

    Wish's services is crap. Do not buy anything from them

  • You better hide
    You better hide

    Ken be telling facts boii

  • You better hide
    You better hide

    Who else searched up 'ps5 unboxing' to find this?

  • Ps4 Gaming Family friendly
    Ps4 Gaming Family friendly

    Then your the stupid o e buying a ps5 on wish

  • shinja

    remember how long and how much money and effort they took to make this video

  • Cheese MCg
    Cheese MCg

    Who else got a wish add

  • FullAnime Videos
    FullAnime Videos

    When I clicked on this video I got a wish ad

  • no

    Love how i'm getting wish advertisements on this video

  • Short Scoper
    Short Scoper

    This is the biggest klikbait i ever sae in my life !... shame !

  • SnowLily Official
    SnowLily Official

    Hel my eyboard s dead XD how?!

  • SnowLily Official
    SnowLily Official

    A real Poemon(My eyboard s dead LMAO) TCG collector only buys legt cards (and types wh a worng eyboard XD)

  • Fakhriynsyh_

    11:18 anybody know the song?

  • C T P
    C T P

    Bro caked for the ps5🤣 smort

  • joel trammell
    joel trammell

    its obvious the tiny speaker box should have been read in an asian accent, but were too woke for that these days.

  • Geo FuegoTM
    Geo FuegoTM


  • Conor B
    Conor B

    Who else got an ad from wish ????

  • deme lighfe
    deme lighfe

    jus open the fake s5 already

  • Douglas Fuck you
    Douglas Fuck you

    its a caulic

  • Yasuシ

    I just watched a grown man run around a room in a dinosaur costume

  • decoder55killer

    I lost count of how many times this nigga has been scammed on wish..

  • prod. J04
    prod. J04

    How is this guy married

  • Wayne Adams
    Wayne Adams

    "I bought something on Wish" That tels me all I need to know about this individual.

  • Xx-Art1c-xX

    I got a wish ad on this

  • cohen mills
    cohen mills

    Me looking at GameStop website to see if I can pre - order a game: Website crashes because people are looking at the ps5

  • Todi Mihai
    Todi Mihai

    Dude....why are u screaming?

  • Mr Dino Dude
    Mr Dino Dude

    Im a dino fan boi and i laughed so hard at tge dino part

  • Miguel Yanez
    Miguel Yanez

    That fake phone with the cameras printed and the super old android haha

  • BasherOPS


  • Hauntss

    Who else got a wish advert while watching this video?😂


    22:57 4 year old me thinking im a natural musician

  • James Dong
    James Dong

    The telling polyester encouragingly carve because hill anaerobically tumble round a new spike. lush, painful brick

  • Amadou Doumbia
    Amadou Doumbia

    POV: You just skipped just to see the ps5😭😳

  • Donald Mccutcheon
    Donald Mccutcheon

    Noone wants to watch a couple lames unwrap crap with a hundred ads. Beat it.

  • ERØCKY _
    ERØCKY _

    Can u guys give away a ps5

  • Siphon2450

    This guy have better made $20,000 every 1000 viewers

  • Ezra Nixon
    Ezra Nixon

    Finally someone else who buys t shirts in size random colour

  • Van Tinh To
    Van Tinh To

    "No one would've known that you're stupid if you'd just kept your mouth shut" as the old saying goes!

  • David Halmø Vestby
    David Halmø Vestby

    LMAO I GOT A WISH video clip thingy idk what it is called IN 10:19 LOL

  • Adil Rahman
    Adil Rahman

    what's the music he played on the speaker?

  • Amelie Venable
    Amelie Venable

    to save 20 mins and get to the ps5 21:44

  • Rhys Glover
    Rhys Glover

    This is awesome dude 😂❤️

  • waddaya knoww 122
    waddaya knoww 122

    Damn the new godzilla movie looks strange

  • Yolki Palki
    Yolki Palki


  • Charlie Antoine
    Charlie Antoine

    Why did I get a wish ad right after he said no more items. 😂

  • cheefy30

    The green tint on the specs at end is priceless 🤣😅😆😆😆

  • Pico

    *kids you had your fun with the costume now pass it to your brother*

  • Alex W
    Alex W

    Was schreist du so du Hund

  • Miichi5

    3:00 you cant escape it..... It's everywhere...... It's all sus....... Help it's consuming me i..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ( From among us imposter ) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Guys please help

    • Miichi5

      @Zorak The Potato Man no help

    • Zorak The Potato Man
      Zorak The Potato Man

      Are you okay?

  • Alkis Giapizzas
    Alkis Giapizzas

    austin after the video:I don't get enough paid for this..! 6:20

  • mufbread21


  • phi8club

    why are those dinosaur legs so short?

  • Damian Frank
    Damian Frank

    The towering dressing preauricularly rinse because dash proximately suspend by a clammy cost. shut, gifted spoon

  • SpeedyGamerPlayz

    when i see him playing with the dinasour costume me: will u be my dad lmao

  • Sawym

    7:15 bro that’s kinda sus

  • Tee Sta
    Tee Sta

    He bought 100 ps5s with the money he made from this video.

  • Evangel

    I was planning to buy Far Cry Compilation on Wish, but upon discovering this video, I've reconsidered. That and I would've had to go through the trouble of creating a Wish account.

  • GMEss

    Something you should never do: Use wish Use wish and finally, Use wish

  • salty

    Buy a 3090 on wish

  • Espalha Lixo
    Espalha Lixo

    I miss the "Hey Guys, This is Austin"

  • urmomsahoe


  • wadi does yt
    wadi does yt

    7.14 kinda sus😏😏

  • The Dude
    The Dude

    Guy in the back sounds like hes got 5 Masks on

  • Flockseo ؓ
    Flockseo ؓ

    "Plain Scam 5"

  • Faaz does stuff
    Faaz does stuff

    He is not going to mentally recover from this...

  • Clarifi


  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    The able tendency symptomatically remember because wool legally join than a cut wealth. efficacious, knowledgeable halibut

  • TheYummyMilkChannel

    Here yea go 21:33 ps5 fake

  • Cobra Squad
    Cobra Squad

    Who got a wish add

  • Sledgemiha _
    Sledgemiha _

    And i got a wish ad lol

  • Kagiso Makgatho
    Kagiso Makgatho

    I only wanted to see a ps5 from Wish unboxing or something

  • Bewak Tembaga
    Bewak Tembaga

    Logic got scammed

  • Media Pool
    Media Pool

    good stuff