I Challenged MrBeast To An Art Competition And He Accepted! ft. MrBeast | ZHC Crafts
i can't believe we challenged mrbeast and his crew to an art competition! winner gets $5,000
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    ZHC Crafts

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    • Ayman nasib
      Ayman nasib

      Tbh I. Did not know jack and Nolan. I only knewed mr beast

    • Chris Hickey
      Chris Hickey


    • Omar Nassrallah
      Omar Nassrallah

      @Daniel Rojas is

    • Skylar Craigie
      Skylar Craigie

      Hi I’m a huge fan love you guy’s 😁😁

    • Micah Toomire
      Micah Toomire

      Is it me or would Karl and Jaz make a good couple

  • Kian Playz roblox
    Kian Playz roblox


  • Sally Smith
    Sally Smith

    Me east, Karl and Nolan have some skills!! :0

  • Monique Feliciano
    Monique Feliciano

    Ship jaz and karl

  • Jagan T
    Jagan T


  • Jagan T
    Jagan T

    Can u draw for me?

  • Hennerz 456
    Hennerz 456

    Jaz and Karl are such a cute couple ngl

  • Redford Sim
    Redford Sim

    Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

  • Its Mr Comic Gamer
    Its Mr Comic Gamer

    My God!!! Karl and Mr beast were soo mean to nolan by ripping the drawing

  • Hoang Tuan Hung
    Hoang Tuan Hung

    MrBeast have a talent is giving money

  • Innocent Person That Albert killed
    Innocent Person That Albert killed


  • Kieran Man
    Kieran Man

    Karl and Jaz sitting in a tree KISSING ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙

  • Omar El Aghoury
    Omar El Aghoury

    Best team up eveeer

  • Adalynnn Brown
    Adalynnn Brown

    I subscribed just because mr.beast won! :D

  • Mariam Lol
    Mariam Lol

    how can you send me gifts and I am in a other contry

  • Pro Coop-dog Pro Coop-dog
    Pro Coop-dog Pro Coop-dog

    ZHC vidow are so good

  • Jack Griffiths
    Jack Griffiths

    You are so underrated :( I wish you had more subscribers

  • Durga Malleswari
    Durga Malleswari

    I love. Mr Beast. Channel

  • Marleigh Margarette Eborda
    Marleigh Margarette Eborda

    Is it just me or jaz and carl kinda good together

  • Satyarth Prakash
    Satyarth Prakash

    So bad michale was a girls

  • Ibrahim Shah
    Ibrahim Shah

    Its funny how everyone just chased nolan except ZHC

  • RBLXNoob YTPlays
    RBLXNoob YTPlays


  • Layla Lopez
    Layla Lopez

    i ship karl and jaz 100%

  • Chaithra Abhishek
    Chaithra Abhishek

    I never thought I would see 10 adults running around and growing a crumpled piece of paper with shrek on at each other But realize I needed it

  • Shahed Alkabra
    Shahed Alkabra

    I ship karl and jaz

  • Fionna G
    Fionna G

    does anyone dhip jaz and karl plss comm

  • melina chen
    melina chen

    I like ZHC and MrBeast

  • melina chen
    melina chen

    Kim Namjoon Kim Seok-jin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook BTS Snap :melina13781

  • Kaushallya De Alwis
    Kaushallya De Alwis

    Great vid 😉

  • melani thomas
    melani thomas

    Jaz was flirting with karl

  • Zen gabriel Bangi
    Zen gabriel Bangi

    FU ZHC

  • Dylan Ceprish
    Dylan Ceprish

    Karl and Jaz hitting it off

  • Willian Chavez
    Willian Chavez

    Love you man keep it up

  • Zedekis


  • Zedekis


  • Keegan Blevins
    Keegan Blevins

    Nobody: ... Me beast: bribing his artist to do good

  • Holly Lee
    Holly Lee

    1:13 MrBeast/Jimmy:Zach! Can i bribe my artist money to do well?! Me:Does Jimmy not want to do anything..

  • Maria Helena Anteza
    Maria Helena Anteza

    i love carl he's funny sometimes and goofy

  • josephine trim
    josephine trim

    I ship Karl and Jaz

  • Maricris Dangan
    Maricris Dangan

    is he A friend of mr beast if he is ill sub to him

  • AmarisJames Luna
    AmarisJames Luna

    2:41 I just laugh when Jake wrote the we love BLACKPINK

  • Dwayne kaiser Dapat
    Dwayne kaiser Dapat

    Karl has his own channel

    • Dwayne kaiser Dapat
      Dwayne kaiser Dapat

      Comment to him

    • Dwayne kaiser Dapat
      Dwayne kaiser Dapat

      Hit the bell

    • Dwayne kaiser Dapat
      Dwayne kaiser Dapat

      And like

    • Dwayne kaiser Dapat
      Dwayne kaiser Dapat

      Sub to karl

  • Kendra Solhaug
    Kendra Solhaug

    Ship Karl and jazz

  • Leví Gaming
    Leví Gaming

    I love ZHC & MRBEAST

  • Noc Shift
    Noc Shift

    “ by the way guys if you don’t know, this is MrBeast” Me: We all know but some may not

  • Danielle Lewis
    Danielle Lewis

    i know mr beast you think not.

  • Maryann Leyva
    Maryann Leyva

    ok who else thinks karl was simpin 😳

  • SCP Foundation
    SCP Foundation

    8:22 i hear allot of Roblox oof

  • Stepan Khudaverdyan
    Stepan Khudaverdyan

    I'm subscribed

  • Owen Downham
    Owen Downham

    make a vid with jazza

  • Petar Hristovski
    Petar Hristovski

    can you suprese mr beast with a frendli tiger and then costomize with mrbeast's logo

  • David Breheney
    David Breheney

    I am a good drawer I sometimes mess up but I try again.

  • C J
    C J

    Can we appreciate that the video is exactly 9 minutes

  • LessLessLife LifeLife
    LessLessLife LifeLife

    Who’s Nolan?

  • Zi Song Koay
    Zi Song Koay

    I love your videos i subscri and I like and my mom is super happy so good luck.

  • Zi Song Koay
    Zi Song Koay

    Zhc do you have 200.000.000 subscribers zhc.

  • Shilpa Kalyan
    Shilpa Kalyan

    Why didn’t the first Mr. beast didn’t say jake get your butt over here

  • Youtube Algorotot
    Youtube Algorotot

    Who's Jimmy?

  • Riley Williams
    Riley Williams

    Ok mr beast I’ll sub just for you I’m a big fan

  • cerys byles
    cerys byles

    Zhc:maby Mr beast has some talent Me: what he dose People seeing this:... Me: his talent is giving away money

  • Matanya P
    Matanya P

    אני מלך

  • Dumb Face
    Dumb Face

    Give him the hundred subs

  • LM - 06CJ 927692 Erin Centre MS
    LM - 06CJ 927692 Erin Centre MS

    Karl And Nolan: "im doing good" Mr.Beast: "ill pay u $5000 dollars if we dont lose"

  • Yujeong Lee
    Yujeong Lee

    I thought Nolans was the best

  • Micro Soft
    Micro Soft

    ░◢■◣◢■◣░ ░■■■■■■░ ░◥■■■■◤░ ░.....◥■■◤.....░ ░░.....◥◤.....░░ I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

    • Micro Soft
      Micro Soft

      Do you think i draw a good heart coment fown below "YES OR NO"XD

  • L&L Triplets
    L&L Triplets


  • David Brakocevic
    David Brakocevic

    You ZHC Crafts Is lusser

  • Zawadi Ruvubika
    Zawadi Ruvubika

    hi zhc I am already subscribed and i love Ur video

  • Wutthichai Morya
    Wutthichai Morya

    Jimmy donaldson

  • Sunflower Gwensi
    Sunflower Gwensi


  • DragonCat Draws
    DragonCat Draws

    Me: cringing as Mr. Beast wastes posca pens.

  • Pranish Joshi
    Pranish Joshi

    I hate black pink

  • Mrniko

    who ships Jaz and Karl

  • Khadre Schloss
    Khadre Schloss


  • Kai Adams
    Kai Adams

    Karl and Jaz are a dream team

  • 160 subs Please
    160 subs Please

    Karl and jaz would be a cute couple

  • yellowdxckie

    I ship jaz and Karl!

  • Shamsun Nisa
    Shamsun Nisa

    I think Mr beast was a little rude


    Where is chandler? 😠

  • Kim Burchfield
    Kim Burchfield


  • Mika YT
    Mika YT

    i knew it!

  • K-pop lover 62
    K-pop lover 62

    Wait mrbeast likes black pink??!!! Is he a blink or.......ayne I'm overthinking please tell me I wanna know I'm so curious (•~•)

  • Jonathan e kule :
    Jonathan e kule :

    I didn’t know me beats was so good at dodgeball.

  • Clay

    Just me or you think jaz and Karl should date?

  • Frontline Lifestyle
    Frontline Lifestyle


  • Alainna Bell
    Alainna Bell

    Paint A skyscraper5555

  • Crystal jijo
    Crystal jijo

    poor Nolan. I feel bad

  • EzTTvbreakerx

    Leave poor mrbeast alone the man can't take a break

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez

    i only watch it bc mrbeast is in it

  • Kat Willoughby
    Kat Willoughby

    i feel so bad for Nolen and Michelle cause they got eliminated first and Mr. Beast round it i mean they could've kept it

    • Kat Willoughby
      Kat Willoughby

      and Mr. Beast bragged ZHC to pick his so that's not fare

  • Kenny Dong
    Kenny Dong

    Done but do jaz have a youtube channel?

  • Isaiah Tejada
    Isaiah Tejada

    I like the Oof sound at the end haha

  • Pransukh Batas
    Pransukh Batas

    I subed

  • DeAnne Mae
    DeAnne Mae

    Karl hands down wins

  • romel Polanco
    romel Polanco

    wait why is mr. beast here?

  • Sangam's Oil paintings
    Sangam's Oil paintings

    After watching this i have started to paint. irbin.info/both/ZAVvz2Vd1JDK7YTSHU2t0Q . Thank you MrBeast 😊

  • April Berger
    April Berger

    I know who is Mr. beast is cool the burgers to everybody and a bunch of

  • Aarya Shenoy
    Aarya Shenoy

    Mr Beast: I don't know if they know me. Like bruh Who doesn't know Mr Beast 😂😂. I love Mr Beast. Like here if u like Mr Beast 👇👇

  • Krisvel Montenegro
    Krisvel Montenegro

    "we love Blackpink" that won in my heart.

  • Erika O'Connell
    Erika O'Connell

    I think Jax and and her partner Be right by what gf and bf

    • Erika O'Connell
      Erika O'Connell

      Bf and gf