i completed this legendary bottle flip challenge using this patented move
i completed this legendary bottle flip challenge using this patented move
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels

  • Christian Topciu
    Christian Topciu



    I'm probably never going to get a bottle over there again I lied I'm totally going to get a bottle over there nevermind I won't get a bottle over there

  • Jennifer Morawska
    Jennifer Morawska

    1000% IMPOSSIBLE spike challenge Me: *switches to watching him play nirvana games**

  • Rick Booth
    Rick Booth

    Lol :b

  • Minie

    This is what parents think will happen, when their kids don't wear helmets

  • Not_Denis Gamer
    Not_Denis Gamer

    How Many times he Said ‘ass’ 👇

  • Tomas Gaizauskas
    Tomas Gaizauskas


  • patty Jones
    patty Jones

    Edit:you will die from laughter from this like no joke fr Me:*dies from laughter* My ghost: wow you were actually correct :l Lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IM BLUE I WOULD DA BA DA DY BE DY BA DAD DU I WOULD YEET A GUY A WOULD DE DA BA DYE lol

  • Isaac Dichard
    Isaac Dichard

    Gray you should make a vlog Channel called graystillvlogs

  • Edrian Surigao
    Edrian Surigao

    The haters: wow this is clickbate (but he acttualy does the bottle flip

  • Ace World of Fiction and Fantsa
    Ace World of Fiction and Fantsa

    When you end your channel,(which I don’t want you to) name it gray doesn’t play anymore

  • John B
    John B

    3:28 *gets ass hit by spike*

  • Kawaii Peach
    Kawaii Peach

    how many yeets could a yeet yeet yeet if a yeet yeet could yeet yeets

  • Yellow Face
    Yellow Face

    2:37 What happen???

  • Isaiah Pesicka
    Isaiah Pesicka

    is it a plan if he does it every time but hay no ne likes tom so that is fine with me

  • Dallas Woiken
    Dallas Woiken

    In the first bottle throw they miss out on naming it Danny DeYeeto instead of Danny DeVito.lol

  • Unattended Channel
    Unattended Channel

    Gray: ow ow ow ow oh God OW OW OW OW OWUGHARGHAAAAAAA Me:Dies from laughing

  • Zach Daily
    Zach Daily

    Gray is like the ”How do you do my fellow teens”guy if he was empowered by the tears of non-believers

  • mani Mac
    mani Mac

    4:53 MATRIX

  • Thomas Browne
    Thomas Browne

    When he was running from the meteor he kinda sounded like Luigi

  • Tina Pursell
    Tina Pursell

    Me when i get stabbed by a harpoon in happy wheels: *trying to pull it out*

  • AL_Baraa Ayedh
    AL_Baraa Ayedh


  • Yeet_skittle Gaming
    Yeet_skittle Gaming

    7:29 He has ascended to ET form with a flying bicycle

  • ArizonaXzaver

    At 7:48 its like a swarm of bees but its satans version

  • NoCopyrightMusic

    I literally just realised that spike falls are made of katanas

  • John Philip
    John Philip

    why is your thumbnail for happywheels are looking crappy ads

  • Alli Pop
    Alli Pop


  • Brooke Nash
    Brooke Nash

    Arrow to the knee.

  • QxeerRobinHood

    This is inspiring me to make a level

  • tigerjdc

    9:20 they ask you how you are and you just half to say your fine but your not really fine

  • Billie Jo Binkley
    Billie Jo Binkley

    That is not jets they are bees

  • Frych_HD

    "I cant hold my son because I dont have arms and I dont have a son" this made me laugh so hard, I fell of my chair😂

  • Zachary Feffer
    Zachary Feffer

    8:02 hell slowly unfolds

  • Shadow the protogen
    Shadow the protogen

    6:55 he sounded like pennywise

  • Wyatt_mills_777

    Hey gray Why do you say I'm still alive like that

  • Wyatt_mills_777

    I would Love 2Make A Happy wheels level For you Butt i I don't have A PC

  • BlackStone Playz
    BlackStone Playz

    3:20 And 1:17 IM STILL ALIVE

  • blackberries_finland

    god backwards is dog

  • The Assassin
    The Assassin


  • Story Time
    Story Time


  • Raffaza Alfareezqy Mustafa
    Raffaza Alfareezqy Mustafa

    how did he dodge that 4:52

  • KarissaSi Walker
    KarissaSi Walker

    Wendy’s New Gray Metal Sandwich Out Now!1!1!!!! 11:21 :)

  • Keegan Gorle
    Keegan Gorle

    I dont think he realizes you have to land the bottle on the name to actually get the name

  • i couldnt find a name so this is my name
    i couldnt find a name so this is my name

    @GrayStillPlays what platform do you use to play happywheels

  • Llamma Lover
    Llamma Lover


  • Nancy Costello
    Nancy Costello


  • Sonic The Hedghog
    Sonic The Hedghog

    11:38 i saw that


    The laugh though 6:57😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Raven Reigns
    Raven Reigns

    Gray had that laugh like Dexter's enemy from Dexter's Laboratory

  • Daniel Tejada
    Daniel Tejada


  • uclappedbyttv B0G
    uclappedbyttv B0G

    Why does he sometimes sound like markiplier

  • Elizabeth Fox
    Elizabeth Fox

    Also I really admire Gray

  • Elizabeth Fox
    Elizabeth Fox

    Gray: I'm starting to really hate Meteorites Me: Don't every one? I'm ean they could kill us all soo........

  • David Allan
    David Allan

    When you shot double in mega yeet and it called danny yeet

  • Hima Abdo
    Hima Abdo

    Wha. Hat? TH

  • Jorge Danganronpa style
    Jorge Danganronpa style

    He's scream

  • Jorge Danganronpa style
    Jorge Danganronpa style

    This is the funniest video he had made

  • The Cmachine
    The Cmachine

    Wait… If he calls Irresponsible Father Dad, does that mean he’s Tom Hardy’s brother?

  • The Cmachine
    The Cmachine

    Idk why but 11:22 gets me

  • Jade Box
    Jade Box

    Gray clicked??? Also Gray uses alcoholism to protect him self This is beautiful

  • Emiko Sophia Noelle
    Emiko Sophia Noelle

    Gray is the Master of Alcoholism.

  • Aydin Lustig
    Aydin Lustig

    He kinda sounds like pennywise laughing at 6:58

  • turtle_neck

    Gray: "gooo my child" Also gray: "ahahahaha" 13:42

  • Parker Gailor
    Parker Gailor

    What’s the song name playing in the background at 4:10? I’ve been trying to find it forever

  • Sacred SoIdier
    Sacred SoIdier

    Gray sounds like Santa at 5:48

  • Michael Hayes
    Michael Hayes

    I love your TikTok videos

  • M3dz


  • Rjrjr Jrjrjr
    Rjrjr Jrjrjr

    5:41 *angry Hitler noises*

  • 『MayedThree』


  • Far han Khan
    Far han Khan


  • Mishra Ayusman
    Mishra Ayusman


  • Mishra Ayusman
    Mishra Ayusman


  • tsmsavage 15
    tsmsavage 15

    "I'm still alive"- gray still plays every single video

  • Mishra Ayusman
    Mishra Ayusman

    Deeeep.io flyordie.io

  • Deg

    8:07 Mosquitos in my house:

  • william and anass
    william and anass


  • illumination gaming
    illumination gaming

    6:56 he sounds like pennywise

  • Jamadeus M819
    Jamadeus M819

    Dude the way he says I'm still alive in a raspy voice

  • SuperMarioMartinez

    12:07 u sounded like @Kwebbelkop

  • Clara Afton
    Clara Afton

    Gray's most popular word*yeet or i am still alive

  • izuku midoria
    izuku midoria

    Jacksepticeyes secret love Child I mean they both like to yell

  • DeclanPlayz


  • Delta Student
    Delta Student

    hi i love your vidz! :)

  • blubonichronic

    graytillplays is the creator of yeets lol

  • keith emmanuel verian
    keith emmanuel verian

    makes me luagh when he says "im still alive"🤕

  • riapql ඞ
    riapql ඞ

    8:31 cool

  • Dustin Shook
    Dustin Shook

    I love love love love love grace still plays

  • Daniel Duntavs Saunders
    Daniel Duntavs Saunders


  • lee root
    lee root

    DUDE I FOUND A ANOTHER PLAT FORM THAT SAID “gray will find a way” lol

  • Maxwell Ndzibah
    Maxwell Ndzibah

    3:27 Gray:*getting stabbed* Also gray: ouch

  • DaDarkAcid

    I'm dieing in every single video 😂😂😂

  • Collosus Andrew
    Collosus Andrew


  • Collosus Andrew
    Collosus Andrew

    11:38 The most talented yeet god elite audience

  • Collosus Andrew
    Collosus Andrew

    8:02 when you dropping timmy and this is what happens

  • ꧁Horsey Holly꧂
    ꧁Horsey Holly꧂

    6:57 me: Gray is now an alien Gray: I was never human to start of with

  • Dawood Awan
    Dawood Awan

    Seriously gray? YOU DIDNT ADD THIS TO THE PLAYLIST???????!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gloria Guevara
    Gloria Guevara

    Bro he has the force

  • Isaac Hodge
    Isaac Hodge

    Lol 😂 look what he says 4:29

  • layma lopez
    layma lopez

    2:16 Gray: Get in the hole *Pain for baby* Bottle: *touches pain for baby* Baby: pain Gray: *ignores*

  • Michelle Sidell
    Michelle Sidell

    Lol anyone see the gray will somehow make this shot I was laughing inside xD