I Found A SECRET BASE Under Jelly's Minecraft House!
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  • Connor Peters
    Connor Peters

    your house blew up

  • pgclax133

    Do it

  • pgclax133

    Burn down jelly’s base

  • pgclax133

    You are the best

  • Mr LinkinJason
    Mr LinkinJason

    why are they fighting over diamond when netherite is rarer????????!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiran Pai
    Kiran Pai

    Is the password really 1234?

  • Rebecca Hocking
    Rebecca Hocking

    Its in a big cave or reven.

  • Rebecca Hocking
    Rebecca Hocking

    Jelly has a secret nether portal and he hid diamonds in there. :)

  • Jedaiah Matendo
    Jedaiah Matendo

    Pls play this again please

  • rong Yao
    rong Yao

    Not going to lie your house is really beautiful it’s like a little mansion really beautiful prettiest house on the server so you’re the richest and I don’t know a crane or has he for some reason just has like a crib and I don’t know what jelly has either let’s go and check it out

  • Mary Padilla
    Mary Padilla

    Survival world and burn down your house or I want to subscribe

  • leo kamau
    leo kamau

    slogo did not aplod another video on new cow town

  • Gila Games
    Gila Games

    It’s under his crafting table go go now and look

    • Gila Games
      Gila Games

      Oh so good job

  • Kobi Harrington
    Kobi Harrington

    Great singing josh

  • Hannah Evans
    Hannah Evans

    I have see. Vids of I saying about your server and I can not do it on xbox

  • Gabriel Witt
    Gabriel Witt

    jelly hide his diamods in Furnuce

  • Rhea wheeler
    Rhea wheeler

    Hi slogo i wanted to snitch on crainer about where he hide's his diamonds its in a barrel from a lamp post next to crainer's house hope you can read this.

  • Archer gta87
    Archer gta87

    ha ha you fell into lava

  • Stephanie Griffin
    Stephanie Griffin

    Slogo at the entrance of new cow town look at the poles

  • Royston Templeman
    Royston Templeman


  • Royston Templeman
    Royston Templeman

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 🐗🐸

  • Royston Templeman
    Royston Templeman

    Yes yes yes😯😈😀

  • Royston Templeman
    Royston Templeman


  • Royston Templeman
    Royston Templeman


  • Ashna Somai
    Ashna Somai

    crainer has 7 dimonds on a poll

  • Ashna Somai
    Ashna Somai

    jelly stool your dimonds

  • Ashna Somai
    Ashna Somai

    all to jelly blow your house op!!!

  • Tania shahid
    Tania shahid

    Guys crainer has diamonds In the waterfall

  • Joshua Demeritt
    Joshua Demeritt


  • Joshua Demeritt
    Joshua Demeritt


  • Malachi Bland
    Malachi Bland

    im a jelly fan

  • Oblivion. Frost1
    Oblivion. Frost1

    Jelly hid his in a furnce

  • MarlonYT

    Slogo your such a bad youtuber he grinned for that do you know how hard is it to find diamonds he grinded hard for it and that's not fair for both of them

  • Keshminder Singh
    Keshminder Singh

    Hi silt

    • Keshminder Singh
      Keshminder Singh


  • charles kufa
    charles kufa

    Kwebblkop is in your micraft saver

  • Jm Vibora
    Jm Vibora

    Slogo plss kill the dragon

  • Nacho Gamer8000
    Nacho Gamer8000

    You bot I won’t tell any secrets of Jelly

  • Southern Mama
    Southern Mama

    Will you name a chicken after me because I liked subscribed and rang the notification Bell

  • Lizard plays C-ops, ROBLOX, and others
    Lizard plays C-ops, ROBLOX, and others

    3:31 I enjoy watching this

  • Aasritha M
    Aasritha M

    slogo jelly beeted the endder gaeene

  • Enzo mateo
    Enzo mateo

    This is re edit

  • Debbie Surpas
    Debbie Surpas

    Jelly's diamonds are in the nether he made another portal he fought the Ender Dragon

  • Blake Smith
    Blake Smith

    jelly went to the end and cranir has dimons in a viliger house and you can make him a house for two dimons

  • LukeRoblox

    Slogo, Crainer, And Jelly: *just casually reading the script for the plot* Me:

  • Dagan Viljoen
    Dagan Viljoen

    Series with keblekop

  • Dagan Viljoen
    Dagan Viljoen

    Josh jelly stoll the horse amar

  • Jacob Zelaya
    Jacob Zelaya

    What’s the code to there Minecraft Server?

  • So han
    So han

    do a new video in turtle town

  • Johandre Oosthuizen
    Johandre Oosthuizen


  • rosfan Irwan
    rosfan Irwan

    Go to in crainer house secret base I no secret in code door 1422 seem code 1422 in chess lot off diamond

  • Rick Talukdar
    Rick Talukdar

    Slogoman jelly has betten the ender dragon in cow town but he didn't found the elytra

  • Za KillGod
    Za KillGod

    HEARING OUT TO ALL NEW COWTOWN VIEWERS! Lets make a deal. Each of us snitch and some of us get mad. So here is the solution for that... We have to not watch the other 2’s Videos and if you dont know what i mean is that we have to only watch 1 youtuber in this series so there would be less snitchers. So that was the deal. You got it? If you agree to this deal... spam this on every new cowtown video if possible. Im gonnna spam this on every new cowtown video too. So you question... why am i making this deal? Cuz i want to make comments more normal instead of seeing snitch comments all day.. And its risky, if you comment om their video, a notification with a snitch in it so it might pop up on their mobile device, and they may write it down on a paper so they have the location if the stuff or the secret base things or whatever you call it. Or they might even have notifications off... its still risky tho.

  • Christina D'Agostino
    Christina D'Agostino

    And a diamond sword

  • Christina D'Agostino
    Christina D'Agostino

    Make a diamond pic axe

  • Alma Mendiola
    Alma Mendiola

    Good job for 9m subscribers

  • Vincent Thao
    Vincent Thao

    Slogo crainer found diamonds in a item hopper the house has a yellow wool

  • Tulashi Ghimire
    Tulashi Ghimire

    Josh go in a cave with 2 entrances and go to the right entrance and whenever you find a wall full of gravel mine the wall you will see a neither portal go in that portal and you will find jellys diamonds and go in cowtown and if you see a house with yellow wool or if in your akcent wall then climb to its roofand check the hopper in the chingmny and you will find crainers diamonds

  • Jhanrie Rivera
    Jhanrie Rivera

    Jelly burn the roof

  • Sandra Altena
    Sandra Altena

    I noticed this video Josh didn't set his respawn point LMAO

  • RalphIsh Nogla
    RalphIsh Nogla

    Slogoman jelly killd the ender draggon

    • RalphIsh Nogla
      RalphIsh Nogla

      Slogoman jelly killd the ender dragon

  • Blue Migz
    Blue Migz

    Slogo key beat ender dragon stole jelly’s elytra a

  • Balloon4u

    SLOGO THIS IS IMPORTANT PLEASE READ BELOW READ THIS: Jelly has defeated the enderdragon and he said in his video he had a diamond chest with stuff in it its in the nether U can make a nether portal and try to teleport there he left 3 diamonds in it and made a diamond sword

  • Marc Lacaba
    Marc Lacaba

    hey slogo jelly beated the enderdragon

  • Caellum Clarke
    Caellum Clarke

    Hey josh jelly has your diamonds in the nether !!!!

  • David Abebrese
    David Abebrese

    Crainer has a secret in the well and jelly has a secret in the never pls read this and bame crainer for it

  • David Abebrese
    David Abebrese

    Slogoman i can tell you what jelly and crainer are doing

  • Emma Lew
    Emma Lew

    How do you know how to make a elavtor

  • David Abebrese
    David Abebrese

    Slogman can you make jelly house have lava then help crainer get his house and you and him can troll jelly pls

  • Romeesh Mclean fok it
    Romeesh Mclean fok it

    i wont to c you in mincraft

  • Romeesh Mclean fok it
    Romeesh Mclean fok it

    i wont i vilig in sovivr ow i am gowin to find the vilig

  • Rock_starveerb

    Crainer asked a pro builder to build him a mansion

  • Pop smock Cele
    Pop smock Cele

    Why are you sterling from JELLY beach

  • Jazelle Kirkland
    Jazelle Kirkland

    Why do slogo and jelly keep messing with Crainer if jelly do something like for Instant jelly put a whole in Crainer roof then slogo had to make his house worse by Burning his floor I know it is just a game but still if I was Crainer I would not like to play with y’all y’all are so mean No matter what I still love y’all and y’all will still be my favorite youTubers

  • Vennessa Alvarez
    Vennessa Alvarez

    Jelly stole your diamonds in the nether porter portal

  • Vennessa Alvarez
    Vennessa Alvarez

    Josh I’m your biggest fan but Jelly told your diamonds it’s another porter Porter

  • Rron Reçica
    Rron Reçica

    when is the next vidio going to be posted

  • Murali Krishna B
    Murali Krishna B

    I like that they are StealingTheDiamond from jelly,crainer,josh but not using it if they use it no one can get the diamond

  • Funtime Holly
    Funtime Holly

    Slogo I love your videos

  • rasamobile 66*/
    rasamobile 66*/

    Who miss pig town that crainer blow up

  • Brenda Madden
    Brenda Madden

    JELLYS SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  • Rosa Flores
    Rosa Flores

    Yay cow town is back god buy creaner city and hello cow town

  • Terry Postletheweight
    Terry Postletheweight

    Do you think she can blow up I smile one of them there's one with a cobblestone if you've already found it lying.

  • Terry Postletheweight
    Terry Postletheweight

    Slogoman watch one of Joey's videos the one where he finds the painting then I won't show you where we hid your diamonds serious

  • Berta Chalouh
    Berta Chalouh

    jelly hid your dimins in the nether

  • Ranjini Mamidi
    Ranjini Mamidi

    Make another video

  • Saphiste Melton
    Saphiste Melton

    Check it out

  • Saphiste Melton
    Saphiste Melton

    Jelly is hiding a secret chest full of diamonds in the nether

    • Alex Weaver
      Alex Weaver

      Frick off mean

  • 1E - William Deevan chainando
    1E - William Deevan chainando



    can u do it for me?

  • Leeroy Rhodes
    Leeroy Rhodes

    Build a secret base under neth his secret base


    slogo can you prank jelly and crainer and blow up their house?


    buy ps


    Jelly has stolen the 5 diamonds from u what you stolen

  • Monster

    Jelly stole your diamonds and put it under his crafting table

  • Craig Masson
    Craig Masson

    After taking them back

  • Craig Masson
    Craig Masson

    Josh jelly put his diamonds in the nether

  • namita gupta
    namita gupta

    Slogo jelly found your hidden painting and collected his diamonds

  • shadow _7777
    shadow _7777


  • Nancy Sult
    Nancy Sult

    Gg dude

  • The new World
    The new World

    You have keep emetory