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  • local vibes
    local vibes

    Keep the old front end but put like an 06 grille in instead of the 03 style

  • Mudflap 01
    Mudflap 01

    If you ever do another vehicle that's this rusty get a couple gallons of Ospho or a similar phosphoric acid solution and spray it on the frame. I live in western PA so I deal with rust on everything. I've saved a few vehicles with that and a few good coats of rust converting primer and paint. Have a 93 F-150 now that looks almost new underneath

  • Daniel Reynolds
    Daniel Reynolds

    Katie, can you send me the "newer" style taillights, please????

    • Daniel Reynolds
      Daniel Reynolds

      I have a '99 Superduty F250 that I have the newer style tailgate already installed and I've been looking for a set of the newer, factory taillights. Thanks in advance,, for your consideration!!!

  • Ryan McWanr
    Ryan McWanr

    Keep the classic 6.0 look just update to an 05 front end!!!

  • Robert Vazquez
    Robert Vazquez

    good looking woman

  • john T
    john T

    Rhino linings suck? Thinking no. Had one long time ago on my 91 ranger. Was great. Any liner can be crap, because the installer sucks at his prep work/application.

    • Katie Kae
      Katie Kae

      No hate on Rhino really.. just hard to imagine paying that much for a liner that has already chipped in such a short time!

  • Jacob D
    Jacob D

    Honestly I would supe up the look of the 6.0. Call me crazy but if you want the look of a 6.7........buy a 6.7. Just my opinion. Do enough to make it look wicked but not enough you lose the 6.0 heritage. Excellent work by the way!

  • Michael Mccoy
    Michael Mccoy

    I just don’t understand why you would complain about the bed lining, but then do such a crappy job doing the frame. Help me understand!!!

  • MrGommer101

    Beautiful house

  • Chasitek

    There are crappy bed coatings out there but the one in that bed is a quality spray. You would ruin it by spraying over it.

  • Adam Hanna
    Adam Hanna

    I would def upgrade the front end

  • Tysne13 Official
    Tysne13 Official

    Do not convert

  • Adrian Bustos
    Adrian Bustos

    Do the whole conversion

  • RoccoPanichellaVlogs

    Get the mcnasty custom front end kit

  • Huber's Ranch
    Huber's Ranch

    No flares, they just promote rust. Especially where you guys live.

  • Tyler Sheppard
    Tyler Sheppard

    Convert the the front end also

  • Ford F-350 1986
    Ford F-350 1986

    I take my fender flares off every year because it’s gets bad under their

  • Andrew Kellman
    Andrew Kellman

    No flares. Will trap salt and rust

  • Stephen Tanner
    Stephen Tanner

    2016 front and wider flares!!

  • Keverado_Z71

    I vote yes on the conversion & no to the flares, the flares will trap salt and thats no bueno for us clevelanders lol

  • Derek Fortney
    Derek Fortney

    full conversion with no flares

  • Trickypig

    Ok I'm going to tell you what we are doing. Sorry girl

  • Sasquatch Diesel Customs
    Sasquatch Diesel Customs

    6.0 front ends look best when color matched and are the 05-07 front end. The 11-16 front end conversions require a lot of cutting. And it’s just the fenders forward. The cabs are identical externally from 99-16

  • Mark Dibble
    Mark Dibble

    Rhino liners come off with walnut blasting.

  • Jace Ehnisz
    Jace Ehnisz

    2005-07 front end

  • Thomas Tanner
    Thomas Tanner

    Oh these two are a couple of bright lights Not

  • Adam Forman
    Adam Forman

    Look for the guy that does the hyda water spray to strip all the paint&rust, there's a guy out here in so cal that does it an it's new shiney metal when he's done,..🍕😎✌

  • Adam Forman
    Adam Forman

    My uncle had a truck like yours an it pop a head gasket an it cost alot of money to fix,..🤨

  • floridagremlin42069

    use a sand blaster to get that bed liner off of it...it will come off like butter

  • J96XONE

    Don’t update the front end

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark

    Love watching the progress on the truck. If you guys change the interior or modify it along the way please do the same and let us 6.0 owners know where you get the parts.

  • Lucad Morgan
    Lucad Morgan

    Sandblast the bedlinet

  • Mike Ranger6.7Diesel
    Mike Ranger6.7Diesel

    If you need any more OEM truck parts for build let me know? How much did you get bed for? Mike.ranger8@gmail.com email me or I'll send a email

  • Joseph Lambert
    Joseph Lambert

    I think it's a waste of money to fix a Ford especially a Ford after 2000

  • Colin Waldron
    Colin Waldron

    I like the front end conversion

  • WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy
    WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy

    I want to swap a 2015 bed onto my 2005 xlt. New rear lights look way better than the old one

  • S. Dycus
    S. Dycus

    2011-2016 has the indent around the wheel wells. You need to update the front end or it will look weird. The doors are all the same from 1999-2016.

  • Hard workin 6.0
    Hard workin 6.0

    Awesome awesome. Can’t wait. It’s definitely getting there! Keep up the good work.

  • Dallas Quebedeaux
    Dallas Quebedeaux

    You could have it sandblasted

  • Alex

    I hope that truck was free....

  • Kyle Eubanks
    Kyle Eubanks

    Do a 6.7 front end swap:)

  • Ryan Law
    Ryan Law

    I have a 2003 with a v-10 as a parts truck. I can help you with axles. I am rebuilding my 03 with a 5.4. Currently driving a 2011 F-250. I’m not to far from you guys.

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas

    Katie definitely do the front end conversion.

  • Taco

    How is this the holy grail of truck beds ?

  • Lee Justice
    Lee Justice

    You have to change the front end or put some flairs on it the body lines are different from the bed to the fenders. The lines on the bed started in 2011. it looks weird

  • Maurice Proctor
    Maurice Proctor

    Yeah redue the front end. Your dog wanted it's 15 secs of fame.

  • young11984

    My Rino liner has been on my truck bed since 2003, bed is dented but nothing has peeled or turned loose but it is nearly 1/4” thick too so it absorbs a lot of impacts. Do the front conversion but ditch that plastic junk you peeled off the bed sides, just a place for that Ohio salt to hang out and work its magic again b

  • cell pat
    cell pat

    Ford short beds are hard to find. I've noticed that. If you don't like the 2016 taillights let me know where to contact you, as I need a set of those at an affordable price. I have a 2011 F-250. 3:16 - the doors are the same all the way to 2016. the front clip will need a little modification to fit there are videos here in IRbin of people that have done that conversion. just look them up.

  • cell pat
    cell pat

    I like the bed but can't stop noticing how good you look in those leggings. the dog is very sweet with you. he behaves like a person.

  • CA Refugee
    CA Refugee

    Super hot girl ...wearing super hot cloths ... working on a truck with me .... ! 🤯

  • Jesse Abel
    Jesse Abel

    Definitely a newer conversion would be sweet, can't wait to see what it will look like there's a lot u can do, can't wait to see what it will look like as it progresses

  • Bryan Turner
    Bryan Turner

    You can burn off the bed liner with fire

  • Cody Reed
    Cody Reed

    I've done a few bed liner removals spray with aircraft paint remover and let it sit scrape it off.

  • Fonda Bowen
    Fonda Bowen

    It looks better with the fenders in my opinion but let them people go ahead but I like it cuz they give them more flow and more body

  • Fonda Bowen
    Fonda Bowen

    That's High's are you using for 5 and a half dollar rare fives to use on a vehicle me and my dad are working card's and we are leaving you and we never use that visor I that's never referee for a car so I know how that is unless fabric website my daddy Forge we are around class

  • guns4hire74

    Being from Texas I’m not used to seeing so much rust y’all have on vehicles?

    • Katie Kae
      Katie Kae

      It’s pretty bad 🙄🤣

  • Dr. Rick
    Dr. Rick

    I'd go to an 05-07 front end.

  • Richard Blaner
    Richard Blaner

    Look into contacting rhino liner it has a lifetime warranty see if they might do something for you. I know Ryan is a big supporter of raptor liner but might be worth the hassle contacting rhino

  • John Hale
    John Hale

    Leave the cab alone..

  • Firth_


  • Justin B
    Justin B

    Im a dismantler for a salvage yard and i mainly do diesel trucks and when they give me a ford i hate it. U always have to cut the bed bolts, i take a grinder to them then use a air hammer to chissel them out completely. And the 5.5mm socket is the dumbest idea ever. Only time i use it is on fords

  • Dixie Motorsportz
    Dixie Motorsportz

    To take off the Rhino coating have to get a good sand blaster to do it.

  • Thomas Conaway
    Thomas Conaway

    Definitely do the front end conversation.

  • o1mtbiker

    To remove the bed liner, heat gun and putty knife. It will take awhile.

  • Ty Brooks
    Ty Brooks

    I love your channel, yes do the conversion. Also, Ryan has to be the luckiest dude on the planet! You are a definitely a unicorn. Peace

  • Joseph Cirelli
    Joseph Cirelli

    I’m going to checkout America Beds on fb. I’ve been looking to replacing my ‘05 F350 6.0L’s bed. I’m in Pittsburgh Pa so even closer to them. Thanks!

  • Brian Young
    Brian Young

    It’s a Ford! 🤷🏼

  • heehaw Network
    heehaw Network

    What kind of dog is that

    • Katie Kae
      Katie Kae

      Golden retriever/ red heeler mix

  • RyanPlays

    Just keep the rhino liner its not like youre gonna use it for work anyway its just for show lol

  • OutdoorJunkie

    you can sandblast the bedliner off

  • T. Miller
    T. Miller

    It's up to u but I'd Leave the fender trim off. My old F150 had them on it and all they do is keep moisture and salt in between the trim and fender creating it to rust out faster. My bed was rusted out all around that trim piece.

  • Adam Spring
    Adam Spring

    Your truck frame looks rusted really bad you really need to get a brand new truck frame

  • Adam Spring
    Adam Spring

    TECO electric grinder and put a wire brush and it'll come

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson

    Leave the front the way it is. It is a 6.0

  • Frank M
    Frank M

    I worked in a body shop 2015 2016 we use to get brand new ford beds from the dealer 1,200$ shipped 6 or 8ft that was cheaper then used, we were swapping to newer fronts and beds for rusted out ones

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis

    Change the front end and leave the fender flares.

  • Levi Windsor
    Levi Windsor

    I love the sign above Ryan’s bed. Love y’all as a couple.

  • Quinton Laird
    Quinton Laird

    Love these videos of you and Ryan building the 6.0. Very enjoyable

  • Jonathan Vieira
    Jonathan Vieira

    Are you going to use a 08-16 tailgate?

    • Katie Kae
      Katie Kae


  • Deion Adrian
    Deion Adrian

    Had a hard time watching this video only cause you were wearing flip flops safety first🤣

    • Josh’s Quality Lawn Care
      Josh’s Quality Lawn Care

      Safety third

  • M Perkins
    M Perkins

    Keep the flares.

  • Ernest Quinones
    Ernest Quinones

    I like the look of the stock fender flares. But make sure Ryan paints it lol.

  • marcus lewis
    marcus lewis

    Definitely front end swap it

  • D L
    D L

    Katie says “Do I Look Okay?” I say Katie you are gorgeous!

  • All About Pressure Washing
    All About Pressure Washing

    Confused. She is cute and all but doesn’t know shit, just looks good in yoga pants

  • AD101

    Where is RYAN lol i feel so uncomfortable being in your bedroom and he's not there 😂😂😂

  • Jon Armstrong
    Jon Armstrong

    my girlfriend would get a swift kick in the butt if I caught her spitting in my garage lol

  • Aviation16

    How big of a lift are you doing?

  • Nathan Brodeur
    Nathan Brodeur

    Katie leave the flairs off cause you reduced the potential for rust

  • Todd Moyes
    Todd Moyes

    Oh and with the SODA Blasting there is no clean up like there is with sand blasting, most of the baking soda dissipates into the air conditioning r falls on the whatever ur blasting like sanding dust, and to the ground obviously but being environmentally friendly u can just wash the baking soda of the driveway/garage with the hose & perfectly safe to go into the sewer system, just FYI, saw Ryan’s new vid and he had made comment about it in a previous vid about the sand blasting, just trying to be helpful and in my opinion I think the with peas prep time clean up time cost efficiency of soda of sand + the environmental pro’s just the baking soda and air, over water and sand. As well with the soda don’t have to worry about it bouncing off and hitting any other surfaces causing damages as with sand an happen and cause pitting to finish surfaces once the soda hits it’s dust so have no worries there and why u save in any prep not having to mask off or cover anything that in the area that the sand being shot all over the place poss causing any damage. Sorry so long wanted to be thorough with pros and cons

  • OCMountainbiking 949
    OCMountainbiking 949

    That’s a nice rear end there 😂

  • TG_Performance

    I got tons of superduty axels out of Houston Texas and may have a 11-16 front clip (they come and go pretty fast)

  • The wolf Of Pennsylvania
    The wolf Of Pennsylvania

    I have a 2016 Ford superduty and personally its my favorite style and would definitely go for the conversion for your truck

  • James Gardiner
    James Gardiner

    The parts that you took off the bed are designed to collect rust. You could use stainless screws for easy access in future Say safe wash your hands

  • Bailey Wise05
    Bailey Wise05

    Dont put the fenders back on

  • 79bigoleford

    Wire cup wheel on a grinder will take the bed liner right off.

  • Bstinger7

    Im so happy you were able to get a bed and that seller is totally awesome for doing that!

  • Bstinger7

    Do the 05-07 front end conversion. I prefer that over the 2011-16 front ends

  • Cumminspower 28
    Cumminspower 28

    Front end swap and fender flares

  • Lucas Rudd
    Lucas Rudd

    oh we get to see where the magic happens with you and ryan every night. hehe