I got a makeover, and it made boys drool over me
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    First i don,t like praestn is so widan

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    Most stories are with girls

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    PrestonPlayz whatttttttt

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    The misogyny in this video kills me

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    No I’m first

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    With these either the mom really wants her daughter to date, or she really doesn’t want her daughter to date

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    Do you know what I would’ve done if my mum ever did that to me I would flip a half I would bite her and scream the house down run to my room act like a savage animal and make sure this and will never happen I would be better on the streets than in that house

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    Dang this is fast

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    Her : Mhh ew were just friends 🤨 Him : gives her flowers,card and a gift☺️ Her : opens and see a Batman collectible* DATING HIM DONT SEEM LIKE A BAD IDEA NOW 😘😘💍💍💍

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    My sis: -walks in the room- Me:what? My sis:what is your dream? Me:hmmm mmm Also me: for someone to flipping die My sis: -walks out of the room-

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    i am sorry but the music it makes me so tense



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    This video is very *sexist*

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    Your like me and my little sister

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    he say he was preston so he is briana


    Poor preston


    Preston like the youtuber

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    Grate story

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    First. Preston!? B?! PRESTON AND BRIANNA?!?!?

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    Omg to many things is happening at the same timeee😬

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    “Look at your sister she looks so cool” Me: 👁👄 👁

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    I feel bad for this poor girl who had to live through this

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    i dont like the details

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    why are they are wearing the same dress

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    The story was like: 5% boys drooling over her 95% else

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    Start a new life

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    I love dis video

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    Even i have a story to tell..... maybe u guys will like it

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    Same I what to get a makeover from Head to toe so bad 🤩💛 I live your dress 🤩

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    Why were they slow dancing when everyone if dancing crazy 😛

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    Of course how come girls have to either be a tomboy or a pretty pink princess why can't we be both

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    U should have four kids why? One will always get lonely two they will always fight three one will be left out four there is enough for each to play with that’s how my family works

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    Hey is that present presentplez lol

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      Leker voor stela

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    1:15 hey I think I know them.. * *INSERT I MADE MY PRINCIPAL WORSHIP ME HERE* *

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    not only do i hate stereotypers, but that girl has an ENTIRE FAMILY OF STEREOTYPERS i feel so bad for her

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    "Better to be who I am than to be someone I am not"

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    I saw the step brother in the dinner table

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    This is 3rd story i'm crying in

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    what a nice story

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    That’s good or you

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    We were going so fast

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    i didnt know a literal heart could be broken

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    Part 2

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    She didn’t break the dress cod wow

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    Ugh this annoys me

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    7:57 her boss looks like that chick from the hunger games 😅

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    The mom is homophobic

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    Wow I just realized I'm just like Ella not Sarah

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    This actually made me really sad...

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    No use out on ur

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    Can we talk about the underwear 🩲

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    My story animated

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    Fact: GIRLS are Aren't dolls

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    I saw the vamps band

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    The most non organised story ever

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    Your over acting eww🤢🤮

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    It's not a real story! Or is it? 😭

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    Bruh so sexist

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    this physically made me want to vomit all over my keyboard

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    say what you want about this channel there are some damn good stories

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    alla is ugly tho.....

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    this is so ridiculous its hilarious

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    Good ending Her daughter Rose is already a teen

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    Crazy mom

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    When dee girl vreen in here boyfrenda door her boyfrend hade green hair????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    Preston? The youtuber Prestonplzy

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    Can anyone noticed at the time he was at prom he actully made an UwU face lol XDDDD

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    she worst then a barbie plastic-

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    ella scared me a lot- 😞

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    No need for dramatic music.

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    This is literally so sad.

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    What even was this story

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    Roses are red violets, violets are blue,there a great couple,and I am just poo

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    He's using her

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    The guy that ran up behind her when he pushed her :👂👁👃👁👂 👄

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    preston looks like the youtuber preston lol

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    why does preston look like prestoneplayz the youtuber

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      like whata heck

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    Mom: Poor, POOR Preston! Me: Okay boomer but he deserved it. 🤘🏼