I Hired a PRO Warzone Coach on Fiverr and went UNDERCOVER as a NOOB... *HILARIOUS REACTION*
I Hired a PRO Warzone Coach on Fiverr and went UNDERCOVER as a NOOB... *HILARIOUS REACTION*
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FINAL GAME : 18:27
BIG REVEAL : 26:46
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  • noob radmcbad
    noob radmcbad

    Wouldn't of learned a thing from these guys.. A tutorial on how to camp and take addy.. Wtf. When i would teach people things in video games, it was much more arduous.. Like, i have to remind them of where their crouch button is.. It would be obvious if i was playing with a pro cracking people in the sky, specially one That isnt even trying to hide it but even then, its all good.

  • T

    Imagine hiring a fivver coach and he teach you the art of camping 🤣

  • Afnan Murtaza
    Afnan Murtaza

    in the second game you were playing i sniped your teammate

  • White shadow
    White shadow

    The Vibes are fantastic

  • Eren Kad
    Eren Kad

    What happened at the end, is it a glitch?

  • Logan Davis
    Logan Davis

    When you pay someone to play games with you

  • O K
    O K

    I stg I played w sm1 called anon

  • Frikah Show
    Frikah Show

    You got 6k likes now what ? 🤪 add me Frikah_213

  • BoricuaRage Gaming
    BoricuaRage Gaming

    Dude wow watching you play hmm sus especially in bone yard

  • don dygert
    don dygert

    Everytime he says what🤣🤣



  • Jay Slimę ツ
    Jay Slimę ツ

    So let's goooo

  • Silly M3
    Silly M3

    I'm new to warzone and never knew about that recon thing and never took notice of the circle. Whats steaming someone explain

    • Super Bombad Darth Jar Jar
      Super Bombad Darth Jar Jar

      The recon let’s you know the zone and you can do multiple to know multiple zones Streaming is when playing record themselves for others to watch live


    I’m the noob =(

  • Wesley Looney
    Wesley Looney

    I could never be in a chat with you as much as you scream! I like the enthusiasm though lol

  • surya naik
    surya naik

    Wait wtf I think you came in my game not joking

  • Wav3y_ Laz3rzz
    Wav3y_ Laz3rzz

    My guy literally is say something's that are funny to him but noone else laughs

  • mexican crusader
    mexican crusader

    Guys, if u having trouble the video starts at 0:00

  • Lilomzijr Plays
    Lilomzijr Plays

    this is the first video watching you and when you said subscribe i did 🤣🤣

  • Shado Playz
    Shado Playz

    Walmart does sell mics😂🤷‍♂️

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    If you can’t clap cheeks on WZ yet. Stop playing

  • Cosoka

    Ew dragons breath nerds

  • Christian Dray
    Christian Dray

    They trash if they use a shot gun

  • Adrian Castillo
    Adrian Castillo

    Almost 6k ex Goodluck and great vid


    I've been playing war zone since it came out and I've never gotten to win sadly but I hope I get one but probably not anytime soon

    • CLPZ

      So i mainly play the actual game

    • CLPZ

      Same im cracked but cant get a win for shit im too aggressive

  • oArrid

    This is literally like a version on escorts but for cod lol

  • X V I
    X V I

    Ok no one gonna talk about hte guy voice like joker🤡

  • Carann The Girl
    Carann The Girl

    I love the vids keep it up their so funny and interesting tbh

  • Carann The Girl
    Carann The Girl

    Love the hat lmao

  • soullz for Zu lol
    soullz for Zu lol

    Is no one going to talk about the fact the one of the guys was sayin that he was hard 😂 that was hilarious

  • Lachlan Neale
    Lachlan Neale

    Haha that’s mad. Do this again bro

  • Elijah Young
    Elijah Young

    My first time watching yo vids but I see yo name and realize I been killing me a lot and I see yo name poping up

  • Smijo Joju
    Smijo Joju

    At least try being a noob

  • Gabriel Moraru
    Gabriel Moraru

    I played with a Chinese guy , he would destroy a hacker no problem, because he is the pro hacker

  • odst Pasko
    odst Pasko

    Oooooooo nice

  • gon freecs
    gon freecs

    How are you running so fast

  • Oscar Nieto
    Oscar Nieto

    Lol this came up on my recommended and it’s entertaining and funny, Consider me as a new subscriber my guy, Keep up the good work 👍🏻

  • Cole Stevens
    Cole Stevens

    Literally just copied Coconutbrah

  • dameel1

    why did you break all the windows downstairs? Wouldnt it be wise to leave them intact to hear enemy teams break them?

  • epg vibezzy
    epg vibezzy

    Uncircumcised gang wya

  • Fk Jett
    Fk Jett

    they was chill but talking about your mom like that nah bro thats just disrepsectfull frfr

  • Diana Smeltz
    Diana Smeltz

    Expel randomly popped up on my recommended 1 1/2 years

  • Shxdowed

    Does PC have like a community looking for group deal? I like to just vibe with randoms (xbox)

  • R!sk!t

    These kids are campers and scumbags wow I hate kids that do that man

  • Skyler Carroll
    Skyler Carroll

    I need a coach I’m a real noob lol

  • Tj Lovin
    Tj Lovin

    Lol I would never pay Already pay for season pass lol

  • xd Zoxi
    xd Zoxi

    Me: 0 wins in 2 months

  • The_Leo_Mari

    I'm a trainer!!


    Be more under cover.when your under cover when you do these type of vids js lol.they always know u sweaty

  • Tyler

    May I ask why do u drop the amour u have before using an amour box ???!?

    • barktreebranch3

      So you can full armor plates from the armor box, and you have the additional plates you dropped on the floor before you grabbed the armor from the armor box that’s why

  • carldudley

    Epic vid man

  • vTatts

    I don’t think that dude has actually EVER been to Walmart

  • vTatts

    They literally DO sell Mic’s 🎤 at WalMart! 😂🤦‍♂️ what a moron.

  • Montana Tatum
    Montana Tatum

    Expel: sorry I had to yell. Dude: it’s okay it made me a little more hard Expel: what....?

  • Brandon Copley
    Brandon Copley

    walmart don’t sell mics?

  • only fomo no homo
    only fomo no homo

    did you purposely miss those 2 people in the sky after nailing one? :D

  • Praimfaya Games
    Praimfaya Games

    o.0 seriously DAF****! 😂😂 now I'm just super needy to learn what people are dumb enoug to pay for this...... * honestly thou. Why do this-fair enough money. But if y'all top players (0.7kd player here. Lifetime kd that is) So if y'all push ten wins. Lets say "hypothetical" average guess we can say.... my average is about 4 per match. (Not saying i can compare to anyone above 1.2kd 🤫🤫🤫 But could this be looked at as a type of boosting. As its not liky yall dying that much.😂😂😂

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M

    My favorite expel video ever 🤣

  • ExtraFeatures

    These guys play like such fuckin losers lmao you pay them to teach you how to play warzone and they teach you to do recons and camp in a building

  • Bo Bo
    Bo Bo

    Are you hacking dude? Your aim is too perfect!

  • Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum
    Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum

    He sounded like a very decent guy and I actually found him on Fiverr, rocking the screenshot with you. If I decided to hire someone to teach me something, I know who I'll hire then

  • Alen Alibegovic
    Alen Alibegovic

    bro you got me , i subscribed 💪🤣

  • Xterra Modding Community
    Xterra Modding Community

    Guy said Walmart doesn't sell mics, yet where else does every 9 year old get Turtle Beaches?

  • Thecollect0r313

    I HATE THIS IDEA THAT YOU CAN'T LEAVE THE META. It makes the game so stale.

  • Laura Blackwell
    Laura Blackwell

    Lol... I needed that.. Funny... That's by the way, months ago I had several records on my dmv and lots of tickets I had to pay for... I was in need of help and got referred to Woken by a friend .. Said thay are professionals and the real deel... Gave him a try and a couple days he got my license reinstated and all records cleared..I urge anyone who needs his service to reach out wokendead @ g-mail. com

  • badsmel

    Why the hell would anyone buy an account with wins on? I don't understand the benefit.

  • Jeffrey Holland
    Jeffrey Holland

    I would play with most of you if you just paid me in rib eye steaks.

  • Scott Jorgenson
    Scott Jorgenson

    I played with a guy named hannibal. He would definitely destroy these pros.

    • M. Ha Times New Roman ntertainment & Education
      M. Ha Times New Roman ntertainment & Education

      hannibal got me too lol

  • Yugo Music
    Yugo Music

    He doesn’t love you. He want money from you




    Call of Fortnite! IS FOR 🤡

  • Alexandru Gajin
    Alexandru Gajin

    I have like 15 wins, but i made those wins with randoms, and very few with my friends, i mean we just kind of mess around in warzone, never focus for a win lol... But the fact some people buy accounts with wins... Like what are you trying to prove and to who? Those wins are for yourself really. I would probably say to myself eveytime i look to my bought acc with wins made by someone else. Oh look a reminder of how sad and phatetic i am...:)) Wtf ...

  • SS85

    Whats up with alot players having the name "anon" then numbers after. I run into them once a day. 9:03 my bad I didn't mean to yell, its ok it kinda made me more hard wtf wtf. Thats the same guy that said he's not into guys at the moment.

    • SS85

      @Expel 😮👍

    • Expel

      Anon is when they never chose a name on PC. User is when they got banned and can no longer change their name.

  • Jason

    22:25 WTF!! "That was my mom"

    • Matt V
      Matt V


  • Infinity

    *reads title* me: How creative thats never been done before ...

  • Carl Stewart
    Carl Stewart

    Dude said "you have to use the meta".....so basically hes a sheep

  • 3rd3y3-Hiii

    Literally play to win

  • spooky boi
    spooky boi

    "If your not subscribe, subscribed" True poetry.

  • Venom GamingZz
    Venom GamingZz

    5:28 true sweats

  • Venom GamingZz
    Venom GamingZz

    I just bought the gaz operator bundle and have to get 5 kills with a legendary weapon in warzone and I suck at warzone

  • Zach Koelzer
    Zach Koelzer

    Wait these guys get paid to teach people? I could out kill them any game

  • Evan Almighty
    Evan Almighty

    Lmao people buy accounts and these guys camp garbage

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Just subbed to you I love these kind of videos!!!

  • Evan O'Shea
    Evan O'Shea

    why are you talking like a child

  • Rich boy The goat
    Rich boy The goat


  • Troi Sharp
    Troi Sharp

    Expel! What were those guys doing at the end? Stimming? What exactly was goin on??

    • Zach Koelzer
      Zach Koelzer

      Stim glitch they had a few weeks ago, people could ride the subway and stim would refill at every stop which allowed them to have unlimited stim plus ride the train forever

  • grant roberts
    grant roberts

    People like this kill the game you will never get better sitting in a corner or on a roof the whole game

  • smp

    Love how he is literally breaking all the windows out 😂

  • RKLSS Absurrdity
    RKLSS Absurrdity

    Well he’s from grinder so...

  • Rayo Beats
    Rayo Beats

    is this click bait?

  • Chris McKnight
    Chris McKnight

    I wouldn't want to play with him he draws to much attention I like staying on the down low so people don't know where I am

  • King Vegeta
    King Vegeta

    How much do they charge and what’s the duration for that.The amount of time that they spend with you i mean.

  • HaZeDiStRuC7ION

    your a noob anyways lmao

  • Lastking 497
    Lastking 497

    People actually hire coachs on warzone lol shiet they must be makin bank then for coaching

    • Stomping Peak
      Stomping Peak

      @Lastking 497 yeah I even used to sell accounts with 50s on halo and high stats in a few cods over the years. Usually people only want these accounts when stats are visible in lobbies. So this years game I didnt even try to do it. Like I'll play cod off and on for a couple weeks and make 20 dollars for an account that has like a 3.5-7 kd in multiplayer. You get it to max rank before prestige and boom. 20 dollars.

    • Lastking 497
      Lastking 497

      @Stomping Peak dude idk why im just now finding this out 😭😭😭i live under a rock brother

    • Stomping Peak
      Stomping Peak

      People have bought accounts and done this throughout like every single game

  • Wizardninja7 Gaming
    Wizardninja7 Gaming

    How much does a warzone coach cost

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    I have 3 wins and I suck ass. Plus I'm really bad at the game. The third time I played with this 3 really good dudes, I probably died 4 times but got the last kill.

  • Kreepee


  • Elitesof

    Me: satisfied that i raised my KD to .86

  • Chris Groh
    Chris Groh

    Really Like these kinds of vids man keep it up GGs

  • ALTjetoy

    what headset does he use?