I Hired TWO PRO Warzone Coaches on Fiverr and Pretended to be a NOOB... *INSANE REACTION*
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Explanation & Info : 0:00
First Game : 1:18
Second Game : 7:50
BIG REVEAL : 23:09
Next Video Preview : 25:18
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  • Expel

    Just a quick heads up, these guys were actually awesome but I was unable to leave in the dozens of tips they told me before and during our games. Regardless, it was my fault on the editing as I wanted to get all the juicy bits to keep attention. Show some love. Not hate.

    • Gally Decapo
      Gally Decapo

      You’re so bad at faking it lol

    • Jones Texas
      Jones Texas

      Just pretend be a noob jaajajajaja

    • sinor chingon
      sinor chingon

      How did you find these guys?

    • SJG Floydrose
      SJG Floydrose

      Such BS

    • Ghoul Syco
      Ghoul Syco

      Can you please check out my latest video and tell me if it’s good or not?

  • psplfq1


  • DayStateC ,
    DayStateC ,

    That isn’t coaching one bit, the little things they did talk about to me is just general chat. You done well to cope with them 2

  • WoA_ MaRk
    WoA_ MaRk

    Just watched this video and I like you edits 🙏 good job

  • Jayden Cilliers
    Jayden Cilliers

    love your vids sub and liked

  • ItzGavin

    You grew a lot I been subbed since 25 k bruh and you pooped back up on my recommended

  • Peter Bou Saada
    Peter Bou Saada

    "drop some money bro ur rich" literally drops money lmaoooo

  • Harry Henderson
    Harry Henderson

    Warzone coaches? Wow

  • High Life Media
    High Life Media

    They didn’t coach a damn thing lol they were just playing like everyone else

  • Bigtimetreat

    Why you yelling bro?

  • brandon krupp
    brandon krupp

    Dude how how is your guy soo quick

  • Neil Sapno
    Neil Sapno

    You're a bad liar HAHAHAH

  • Leia Gurinsky
    Leia Gurinsky

    all love man, but its hilarious that they outplayed you on the 2nd one

  • Andy The Creative
    Andy The Creative

    "Pretended to be a noob"

  • UxknownA

    Your videos always make me laugh even if there old ❤️

  • Alaina Smith
    Alaina Smith

    Help please im new to modern war please

  • Kyle Bishop
    Kyle Bishop

    Me and my boys would smoke y'all frfr gg tho

  • 4leaf Tayback
    4leaf Tayback

    I was waiting for a video where u troll them much more, but here u don't even pretend to be a noob. Do it again but properly man! gluck

  • 4leaf Tayback
    4leaf Tayback

    man u dont even pretend to be noob, or ur just bad in it terribly

  • Xxx Killerxxx
    Xxx Killerxxx

    I’ve been in so many games wit people wit the gamer tag anon and then a bunch of numbers 😂


    Playing nothing but bots in that lobby SMH

  • D Tw
    D Tw

    You sound like Jack Black

  • john hunt
    john hunt

    Your aim snapped a few times... at like -18:30

    • john hunt
      john hunt

      Not 18:30 but it only shows the time like that

  • Sean P
    Sean P

    You suck at pretending to suck.

  • wavesofwaves

    Hey thanks for putting chapters on your videos.

  • Ricardo Reyes
    Ricardo Reyes

    Bro is the worst actor. Over acting lol and annoying ! Lol

  • LJ Perez
    LJ Perez

    Downing people wirh pistols and playing with FAL? Lol. They all use Hacks.

  • Da 6ixReactss
    Da 6ixReactss

    Honestly bro your content is effortless to me because your personality & how you entertain through your gameplay is what brings me back to your videos vs any one else’s keep it up .. you also inspired me to start streaming and make this account so in the future around New Years I will officially start YouTubing .. thanks bro

  • Chacci Topic
    Chacci Topic

    Thermal Kilo in groundloot??!?

  • Afk pillow
    Afk pillow

    hahahaha wish i hv money to hire

  • Nathan Wv10
    Nathan Wv10

    Imagine paying for coaching and they get a self revive instead of buying you back. These lot are fraudsters

  • Christaldo Gamer
    Christaldo Gamer

    😂😂😂😂 bro that’s so funny 😂

  • Kenton Dangerous
    Kenton Dangerous

    I guess "Pro" doesn't mean professional anymore. These dudes are garbo.

  • Izayik

    It’s funny how everyone cool with the recoil cheat this man shot a floor lmk across map no kick

  • jeffroxx68

    One dude has the same voice as Calum Von Moger

  • Samurai Rogue
    Samurai Rogue

    I deadass have never won a game of warzone In my life Wtf? Like ahh Idk Bruh The game is killing me and I'm not even that bad at it Campers always get the better of me.

  • Marty Klutch
    Marty Klutch

    They were trash and greedy. Not gonna check them out

  • Gareth S
    Gareth S

    My friends don't like me either so I also have to pay for teammates... 🥺

  • GreaTMaX32

    6:28 I like how he move his head too while he is getting shot :D

  • kami.

    there a fuck tun better than r6 coaches

  • Dimitri Vegas
    Dimitri Vegas

    Expel you dont need to pretend you are nob

  • ittotaq

    Should probably switch to a different mic if you are pretending to be a noob. Nobody that's a noob has a 400 dollar mic.

  • R N
    R N

    The guy who bought a self revive instead of him back, then wanted to be bought back right away. The irony.

  • Davy Horton
    Davy Horton

    Dude right when I checked his cash how much cash he has? Hes said I'm at 20k cash. Right when I checked his kills hes said I'm at 10 kills. Crazy shit

  • Davy Horton
    Davy Horton

    14:13 he sounded so upset 😂😂😂

  • AHPS 2018
    AHPS 2018

    So what is this guy even supposed to be teaching you these coaches are such dog shit it's a joke.

  • Operator kilo1105
    Operator kilo1105

    So you are that guy with username “Anon” i killed this guy couple of times on multiplayer... hyou good though

  • FaVe clan
    FaVe clan

    Fire advertisement

  • Cory

    man literally said i need a satchel, makes his way up that building then the coach yoinked it LOL


    Pc gamers: Recoil who? Console gamers: my controller won't stop shaking

  • Sweet Nastae
    Sweet Nastae

    “You can just buy another self revive if that’s better” the passive aggressiveness on someone literally taking your money to teach you

  • Trent Plays
    Trent Plays

    Why you let him finesse you out that satchel?🤣

  • Richard Schaefer
    Richard Schaefer

    I should do this. Get money by getting kids their first wins ez money while having fun

  • Fr0stPh03niX

    Fiverr works great with Rainbow 6 Seige, CS or Valorant type of games but in COD lmao? Your video was jackshit and didn't teach anything new or special and these so called "coaches" shouldn't even be calling themselves that. This whole video would have been same even if a noob with some knowledge of Warzone played this instead of your place. Heavily edited piece of clickbait crap.

  • aintnoscrubbb

    Doesn’t sound like they actually “coach” instead just get you a win

    • Devilman E7DvB
      Devilman E7DvB

      @Tyler Sato While your statement isn't necessarily wrong, It doesn't fit here.

    • Tyler Sato
      Tyler Sato

      Everyone has a different way of coaching

    • Devilman E7DvB
      Devilman E7DvB

      If you read his comment he clearly said he was unable to leave in the dozens of tips as he wanted to keep the content exciting to watch. Zzz...

  • Sicness

    just got an ad on this video for cs go hacks. wtf.

    • Sicness

      @Expel i have a total of 3hrs played on cs go. Lol I don't hack either never have.

    • Expel

      Ads are based on your search history.

  • LilDicc

    The weapon mount saying unbound is cause you don’t have the keybind set, just gotta click on the empty box and set it to a key or mouse button.. in case ya haven’t figured that out yet lmao

  • Astral

    Why he screaming in the intro tho

  • Papercrows

    Not gonna lie, Pretty shitty coaches. The one guy barely spoke at all.

  • Justin Holtman
    Justin Holtman

    That was so insane omg what a reaction

  • Justin Holtman
    Justin Holtman

    Dude u are a noob u unlocked the proximity mine. That tells me u have played this game maybe a day

    • Expel

      This is a separate account lmao

  • T3RNARYguide

    Bro, quit shouting at me. The mic will do the heavy lifting there.

  • Stte Devine
    Stte Devine

    This dude kinda sound like T-Pain lmfao

  • Cbl izy
    Cbl izy

    I love your face blocking the the kill score. You know that's not irritating at all

    • Cbl izy
      Cbl izy

      @Expel nah he did really good. I wanted to see his kill count. But it's cool I'll fuck off.

    • Expel

      Yeah because it doesn't matter lmao

  • The Brandon Lee Cook
    The Brandon Lee Cook

    I think it would be nice of you to maybe edit a new video showing what they actually taught you I’m a few minutes in and it dosnt really show the value of hiring them...editing or not...lol post the whole 3 hours man! Make your vids match the title for longer view duration. Just a tip :)

  • Jair Cruz
    Jair Cruz

    And they other guy didn't even care to buy u back 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jair Cruz
    Jair Cruz

    Idk they're kinda bad dude 😬😬😬 and he didn't buy u back, like they didn't seem to be Coaching u very more all though u wee paying him 🤔💭💭💭

  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat

    There are like dozens of videos on IRbin of people that know what their doing for free

  • Greene Irish
    Greene Irish

    They should be regular teammates

  • Anthony Gniazdowski
    Anthony Gniazdowski

    You’d be fun to play with bro your etiquette is outstanding.

  • For God And Country
    For God And Country


  • schnaz22

    How to make that weapkns look visable on ground?

  • loliseeyou

    Please don't promote people to go pay for "teachings". Practice makes perfect

    • Jack Garcia
      Jack Garcia

      @loliseeyou perfect practice makes perfect. If you’re not practicing the right thing, you’re wasting your time. Someone can show you the right thing to practice on your own.

    • loliseeyou

      @Hojjat enough said

    • Hojjat

      Why not?

  • dcuoSyMBOLiC

    love the idea of doing a undercover newb video shit is funny but what you should do is when your doing your undercover newb vids try less talking that really gives you away when you point out how much you dont know about br and not only that but you point out every little thing which makes it look like your feeding him information trying to convince him your a newb thats a red flag when you force feed someone info its because you want them to believe what your saying thats a dead give away .....just try a lot less talking and questions dont point out every single thing your doing likes its a play by play it makes you look like a host of a tv show... try more listening you can total tell your a troll and dont be so goofy thats another give away try to act like a chill/shy dude trying learn and make friends. act like your more camera shy rather then the star of a hit tv show you can total tell your not just talking to him and dont pick his brain so much like your interviewing a star player for sports center... if you do they wont suspect your a streamer undercover untill the end when you tell them who you are and one more thing you should tell them youve seen some videos and have a small idea on how to play and is there anything not mainstream you should know and stop asking who they watch on youtube hoping he says your name lol thats another red flag besides all that love your videos your a beast keep up the good work over and out...

  • Rocket's Recordings
    Rocket's Recordings

    I stare at his ammo and lose my mind when he doesn’t reload

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams

    Is anon your actual account? I get in a lot of quick play with a user with that user

  • M1 Productions
    M1 Productions

    He really ain’t pretend cause he was dropping everything lmao

  • 40gramsofProtein

    bruv this was sik. 👌🏽

  • Randy Mason
    Randy Mason

    Please don’t change after hitting 1 mil subs💔

  • Carlos Medina
    Carlos Medina


  • Wasff wrxd
    Wasff wrxd

    Sponsored whole video and plan

  • gunaddickt

    why would anyone pay a pro to teach them this garbage game?

  • Alfa Romeo
    Alfa Romeo

    what keyboard are you using?

  • Melissa Inman
    Melissa Inman

    So...you actually just paid them to play with you. I have not heard any coaching what so ever...lol...but hey I guess real noobs wouldn't know better

  • Hawkhunter07

    you dont have to pretend to be a noob, you ARE a noob at warzone ....pure garbage

  • Valentino Zoboli
    Valentino Zoboli

    You sound like Tom Hanks

  • Maniac

    why they made the game with all runners character without stamina?

  • Its Paralusuz
    Its Paralusuz

    Wait oh my gosh, I’ve always seen a username anon193819371 idk if that’s right. but was that really you?

  • Brendan Easter
    Brendan Easter

    How are his guns at low levels but he has all the atachments?

    • Brendan Easter
      Brendan Easter

      @Expel cool

    • Expel

      I dont always but I scroll and respond when I can

    • Brendan Easter
      Brendan Easter

      @Expel Oh okay lol. Also vid was awesome i just subbed! I find it cool that someone with 140k replies to comments! Thats sick.

    • Expel

      I picked them up from the other guys.

  • Rothbardo

    how much do warzone coaches cost?

  • Mr. Careless
    Mr. Careless

    I need some couches to go live with me lol

  • Roy Williams
    Roy Williams

    Is it a group of wit named anon. If so love playing against you guys.

  • Mr Dan TheOG
    Mr Dan TheOG

    That was funny

  • 怒りFlockahashi

    Video was great. You’re a natural man. Keep it up

  • Hefe The Frog
    Hefe The Frog

    I started the video, but he was acting too noobish for me. gave me PTSD.

  • Isaac Summers
    Isaac Summers

    That glitch though

  • Adam Fiala
    Adam Fiala

    You need to bind your weapon mount. You can see it says "unbound". Then you're 👍

  • Dunnsfamous

    I feel like ur too good to fake being bad Lmao gg man ur a beast

  • Shazia Sumbul
    Shazia Sumbul

    I have played with anon wtf omg😵

  • riggs_ nation
    riggs_ nation

    Yooo cant wait for the sequel