"I'm Going To Davos As Colbert" - Robert Downey Jr. On His Plans For The Footprint Coalition
Robert Downey Jr. was inspired by Tony Stark to use technology to make the world a better place by investing in environmentally friendly products like bamboo toilet paper and insect protein. Learn more about the mission of the Footprint Coalition at www.footprintcoalition.com. #Colbert #LSSCSuperBowlSpecial #RobertDowneyJr
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  • Peter Bathum
    Peter Bathum

    good on u supporting new greener products, it helps people see its possible for humans to save ourselves if we could just stay out of our own way

  • Peter Bathum
    Peter Bathum

    oh my my my, the character costume potentials ... color color color u will be fab-u-all-amazing

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy

    Of course Tony Stark has a Banksy !

  • ArtSeallion

    What an amazing surprise!! Did not expect Robert Downey Jr. to come on to talk about sustainability. The earth will thank you!!!!

  • BigBotz One
    BigBotz One

    I was sitting at diner with wife and kids and I said "I really miss Robert Downey Jr and Its a shame he went so young." Everyone agreed without thinking about it at all. It took about 45 seconds when my son said "Dad, I'm pretty sure that was Iron Man/Tony Stark that died, wasn't it?" And we all got a look so confused how stupid we were and laughed through dinner! RDJ became Tony Stark 100%, thank you!


    Why does he look like he just came back from filming a secret cameo in a flashback for an upcoming Marvel film?

  • Abby Normal
    Abby Normal


  • AJ

    If you don't vote for me, You're not black! -Joe Biden. The words from a real raciest!

  • drzmak

    As someone who loves Maria Hill and thinks she is sorely underappreciated and utilized in the MCU it tickles me that RDJ keeps bringing her and my girl Cobie Smulders up!

  • Ghina

    *Me every time I see Robert Downey Jr.* : Man........ What a daddy

  • Rishab .B
    Rishab .B

    I like how he's actually cool. *cough* Will smith *cough*

  • The Spaniard
    The Spaniard

    Robert Colbert Jr

  • Brian Marisa
    Brian Marisa

    These guy look alike

  • Patricia Goetz
    Patricia Goetz


  • JK Kaki
    JK Kaki

    Ma MAN🖤✨🙌🏾My Iron Man😃loveeee RDJ. Keep at it👏🏾Much respect monsieur, much respect🙏🏾

  • Mgx Poin
    Mgx Poin

    Awwww he said James Spader is going to cure the covid, love those two 😘

  • Nishith Kumar
    Nishith Kumar

    Great interview. Also, can't you people use bidets instead?

  • Justine Harper
    Justine Harper

    I did not expect Tony Starks death to affect me as much as it did. I wss literally sobbing in the theater, and the next day at home I thought about it and started sobbing again. Kudos to Marvel. They did something amazing

  • Alec Spinoza
    Alec Spinoza

    I love the way they both have the three point visible psychopathic eyes. I wonder, do these clowns have original thoughts of their own? Ever? Legacy media. Legacy Colbert on his legacy website, bumped up for his legacy votes. Roberty Downsy Junior, a legacy actor, legacy opinions and speaking for the old Pharohs of yesterday holding on to their legacy power. Burn Hollywood.

  • Tilda Kärrbrink
    Tilda Kärrbrink

    I knew I was gonna read at least one “tony stark does a great job playing Robert Downey jr” lol

  • Xena Be
    Xena Be

    Yeah, I got a bit choked up at the end of End Game, too. And I'm not even a fan of Tony Stark. I love RDJ, but I hated Stark from the minute he disrespected Cap in 2012, right up until he was starving to death in that space craft at the beginning of End Game (That's a compliment on RDJ's acting ability, btw xP) He had some more bitchy and dislikable moments through the rest of the movie, so yeah. I guess I didn't rlly like the guy until he died to save the universe. Maybe I'm too harsh a critic? :& I'd love to see Colbert as an Avenger :D

  • DanHarkless ﴾Halloween, theme parks, YTPs, & more﴿
    DanHarkless ﴾Halloween, theme parks, YTPs, & more﴿

    I guess Robert has makeup on here, but man, he's looking unaged!

  • Ana Perez
    Ana Perez

    Cap Colbert???? Yes!!!! Feige, make this happen!!!

  • Edward Davis
    Edward Davis

    I thought this guy was arrogant...but I decided....not. He is genuinely intelligent, imaginative....and interesting.....would love to meet him....come on down to Colombia bra....see how we live down here.





  • Rienna Robertson
    Rienna Robertson

    Is it just me or does he look and sound off... I'm not a conspiracy theories AT ALL my husband thinks so too am I wrong???

  • Mark Cuellar
    Mark Cuellar

    Iron man just tried to sell us European Herbalife@7:35

  • fairycatLJT

    My thirsty-for-Sacha-Dhawan ass saw "Davos" and "Robert Downey Jr" and SERIOUSLY misinterpreted the title. Only when it came up did I remember Davos is also a place in Switzerland or something ;_;

  • Teri F17
    Teri F17

    Robert Downey Jr is my jam. When he was down I was sad, now he’s up and I’m glad.

  • Ronald Nsokoshi
    Ronald Nsokoshi

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  • y1521t21b5

    *_Thespian extraordinaire._*

  • Peter Hoeller
    Peter Hoeller

    I'm sorry, I honestly can't see RDJ as himself and not just a real life version of Tony Stark, that's the effect the MCU has had on me. To me this is just Tony Stark appearing on The Late Show.

  • Steven Jackson
    Steven Jackson

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  • Eli R
    Eli R

    This Bob punk is too crazy, but he lost himself in Chaplin.

  • Ostblock Latina
    Ostblock Latina

    "You don't have to sacrifice quality for the sustainability", because why should minimal wagers have any problem with paying for the sustainable, high-quality equivalents that cost 10 times more than the classic items of daily use. I'd love to live sustainable, but I can't afford it. I'm funding yachts, rolex watches and luxury female companions for my employer with my work. Also, the local Bio-shop refused to accept the payment with non-purchasable love that is so widely advertised in songs sang by well-to-be artists as a happiness and life quality enhancer for poor people.

  • Jon Erlandson
    Jon Erlandson

    *how do I turn this autoplay off?* ...

  • PS G
    PS G

    i can't stop smiling for no reason , the awe

  • Matt Moore
    Matt Moore

    Somewhere in that house should be Captain America's shield.. If its not in his house its still on a shelf on his set. I am pretty sure he is already an Avenger. =)

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe

    RDJ is great but prefer his non-super hero movies. Good career!

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe

    JAMES SPADER!!! yes

  • George J
    George J

    Is that a Banksy ?

  • Kyle Hardwick
    Kyle Hardwick

    Tropic Thunder getting first mention! Colbert knows his comedy

  • Neo

    Oh it hurts.t hurts... I miss Tony Stark... It hurts...

  • ooglepants

    RDJ, what a great interview. Some actors/actresses do these interviews to "look good" but you don't get such a reaction from Colbert if you are a Dbag. No, it would be great to have Colbert in a movie with RDJ.

  • Uw Ayw
    Uw Ayw

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  • Welcome to Cat Town
    Welcome to Cat Town

    omg these two are so wholesome nowwww kith

  • Margaux Da Silva
    Margaux Da Silva

    Thank you for submitting the video clip ... I will go interview my hair shampoo in the shower, be right back with the scoop ... :P.

  • Ellie Ann
    Ellie Ann

    Mealworms (。ŏ﹏ŏ) Even in powder form looks unappetising to me I could never force myself to eat that thing (╯︵╰,)

  • Albertha Lin
    Albertha Lin

    The fluffy promotion pharmacokinetically fit because bike characteristically hunt per a amused scale. long-term, nosy head

  • Double AA
    Double AA

    Tony Stark doing a great job as RDJ. Respect 👍

  • michael D
    michael D

    That's super cool, bamboo is kinda like hemp except it doesn't have quite as many uses, but it's still super useful. lol Definitely a bigger part of the future. But man, the meal worm protein. Dude, we can just skip the middleman and use plant protein. 1. It's healthier and doesn't cause cancer and all the other diseases that "animal" protein does. 2. Plants are more sustainable because either way you need to grow them. That's what the worms eat, and every time you run energy through another transition it loses energy. That's just physics. (the worms expend energy eating, pooping, breathing, metabolizing, etc. = wasted energy) 3. People already eat plants. Nobody in the west wants to eat worms, or put worms in their smoothie. Other than that, nice job RDJ. It's nice to see rich people that actually have a goal of advancing humanity in a good way, and not just to make more money.

  • genie michelle
    genie michelle

    Robert Downey Jr.'s endeavors are pretty cool

  • genie michelle
    genie michelle

    Robert Downey Jr's worth $300 million... That's like only the wealthiest man in Hollywood, and Lady Gaga

  • Kyle Damron
    Kyle Damron

    RJD putting his money where his mouth is. Respect

  • D Lee
    D Lee

    Did Steven just spoil the avengers 5 " thats the thing with RDJ there's always a little more " Iron man lives lmao.

  • Steven Rodriguez
    Steven Rodriguez


  • shamrockink

    Worked with Robert Downey Jr. many years ago as a prop man. He is an absolute genius! Impossible NOT to watch him. Even when the other actor is speaking, you have to watch him. He LISTENS better than most actors speak. And by far, the funniest man I have ever met.

  • yowza234

    Are we not gonna address how genius it is that: - we know consuming insects and some worms is technically good for us - but it grosses us the fuck out - so, if it grosses people out, why not turn it in to powder *mindblow* I'd be down with eating powdered worms lol

  • stephen k
    stephen k

    Self destructing nanobots, come on Colbert.

  • Roland Deschain
    Roland Deschain

    The evil twin always has the mustache...

  • trey graham
    trey graham

    The workable blowgun equally reach because calf acromegaly groan absent a fanatical airship. nutritious, stiff aluminum

  • Patricia Gabe
    Patricia Gabe

    OK - We need the Stark Expo for real!

  • Patricia Gabe
    Patricia Gabe

    Too bad epcot hasn't taken this idea and run with it. Epcot is just a big commercial, no science. It's sad.

  • jaakkokorhonen

    Why would you eat insects rather than fish and mussels?

  • Something Random
    Something Random

    The infamous david universally battle because sponge genetically snatch pro a old-fashioned lilac. massive, spectacular latex

  • Angie Hemenway
    Angie Hemenway

    The chemistry, I'm here for it 😍

  • Pruz Zilla
    Pruz Zilla

    I hope Downey does more movies like The Judge. I loved that movie... and Sherlock Holmes. And Ironman... Doolittle... etc.

  • Валерия Фишер
    Валерия Фишер

    Oh, this is good interview!!!! RDJ one love 😎🥰

  • strk ijahz
    strk ijahz

    whatever you will do Robert, we will always support you, we love you 3000❤️

  • Angelina Stephens
    Angelina Stephens

    I'msorry but I 100% said to myself oH my GoD it's RoBert DownEy jR upon seeing this bless

  • Mcouey2

    This was delightful! I love how playful they are together considering this is their first interview, I mean if Stephen wasn’t joking.

  • Briguy _38
    Briguy _38

    That is a great cause. Very cool.

  • ft.Jack&Jimmy

    RDJ is learning a lot from Gweneth Paltrow and he just does it better.

  • BilgemasterBill

    The painting in Downey's background is beguiling. I presume its "FPC" may stand for "Foot Print Coalition" (though I'd spell "footprint" as one word). Still, it's an intriguing composition. Good luck to Downey. Even during his "rough patch" he seemed like one of the good guys. I wonder if he still does that "goat boy" thing...

  • marbletrouble


  • Alexa Ales
    Alexa Ales

    i am not a comic book girl but MCU and how it all came together over the past 10 years completely drew me in, love it! oh, and its Davooos, the emphasis is in the second syllable.

  • Dane Nielsons
    Dane Nielsons

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  • Maribel Caudillo
    Maribel Caudillo

    Thank you, Mr. Downey. I'll pass it on!

  • Wyatt Wilson
    Wyatt Wilson

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  • Hilary Herron
    Hilary Herron

    If someone is going to feed me insects, just don’t tell me you are feeding me insects.

  • Christopher Landon
    Christopher Landon

    Is it just me or does Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Hanks sound very much alike. Wow lol.

  • Brienne of friggin Tarth
    Brienne of friggin Tarth

    His voice sounds so much like Tom Hanks!

  • Cryptameria•

    Can Robert Downey Jr get any hotter. he is going to be Colbert and he cares about the world.

  • smrttgrl

    I love RDJ. Obviously Iron Man/Tony Stark is an identity I "grew up" with, but RDJ morphed and became as good as we thought he was. Thank you for just being you. Thank you for 10 years

  • Bonnie

    I love Colbert's relaxed wardrobe. He looks so handsome!

  • Christine McPhillips
    Christine McPhillips

    Love these guys. RDJ looks like he's had face work done. Looks nice, but I hope he doesn't go to an extreme.

  • Amy Taylor
    Amy Taylor

    Robert Downy Jr looks like if colbert & johnny depp had a baby

  • Paula Hildebrandt
    Paula Hildebrandt

    Early videos of Colbert are jaw-dropping...he looked even more like RDJ

  • PC 24
    PC 24

    When he went to prison for drugs, I thought his acting career was over. lol

  • Diego Gutierrez
    Diego Gutierrez

    I hope he becomes rich enough to build an iron man suit 👏

  • Amri Syafari
    Amri Syafari

    Someone need to make a movie with the both of you starring.

  • MilluM Art
    MilluM Art

    It's amazing how Rob made a genuine unlikable, sociopathic and truly selfish character so endearing, humorous and loveable right from the get go by using all of these personality traits, that was originally written out to make the Tony Stark, as he was intended to be. It's just pure art expressed in acting

  • Abracadabra


  • Abracadabra

    This isn't for me

  • Organon

    Ironman fought Davros? I must have missed that episode.

  • Ric Mo
    Ric Mo

    Downey: "Let's save the world with non profits and sustainable energy efficient products." Gwyneth: "Buy my vagina candle for $75."

  • Kel Green
    Kel Green

    As soon as Stephen reminded me of Tropic Thunder, I stopped the video, typed this and now I'm going to find another video. I do NOT care for Downey Jr.

  • Steph Tan
    Steph Tan

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  • vcr_nostalgia 77 - 88
    vcr_nostalgia 77 - 88