I set the KILL RECORD on Cold War...
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  • Itsmeyeti :D
    Itsmeyeti :D

    The record I think is 145 in kills and also someone did 75-0 75 kills 0 deaths

  • Mclane Davis
    Mclane Davis

    You should play more cold war

  • Keane Muller
    Keane Muller

    Jack I love ur vids man but u were in bot lobby's man

    • Thomas Gutierrez
      Thomas Gutierrez

      bc it was beta

  • Joan Emmanuel Sanchez Villada
    Joan Emmanuel Sanchez Villada


  • MKbeast

    Chain feeds got 74-0

  • RNG Quack
    RNG Quack

    He did not actually set the record be I had 98 kills with 10 deaths

  • _ SorryHJD
    _ SorryHJD

    Ok not trying to flex I got 90 kills and 16 deaths on satellite so?

  • ZOXTheGamer

    71 in Domination. How about 51 in Team Deathmatch: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/YKeWdJLE25yfrqk.html

  • TrexuS

    me sitting on 73 kills

    • Jacob Heininge
      Jacob Heininge

      I got a 75 Elim game and carried a 4 man squad against a 6 man squad on Satellite hardpoint nothin but MP5 250-234

    • TrexuS

      @akrist bharti @trexus56

    • akrist bharti
      akrist bharti

      really tho??

  • Dee-Nice

    i can guarantee i am top 100 in cold war beta players

  • Marius Toft
    Marius Toft

    The fact that i got 45-4 on satelite without beeing a pro or a streamer makes me wonder ?!

  • Thomas Hockley
    Thomas Hockley

    my friend dropped 78 on miami in the alpha lol

  • mr_handicap __
    mr_handicap __

    I got 85 kills 👍

  • The3rd Splashbrother
    The3rd Splashbrother


  • Dee Brit
    Dee Brit

    i have sen 104

  • Gary Sand
    Gary Sand

    I got 84 kills yesterday. So... . 🤔

  • brother man
    brother man

    god ur thumbnails make me cringe so much.

  • Haze Playz
    Haze Playz

    Well I've got 74 kills so gg btw with a sniper

  • darknategamer

    The most kills I got was only 34

  • Dillon Griffith
    Dillon Griffith

    That was without the chopper gunner also btw

  • Dillon Griffith
    Dillon Griffith

    Lol I got 76 kills my first game super crazy record to beat huh



  • Hello There
    Hello There

    I got 60 as my highest on this game so far

  • N3DIA

    i dropped a 52 kill game

  • Fade Bulletz
    Fade Bulletz

    Nah I got 83kills yesterday

  • Matty Ice
    Matty Ice

    I got 72-14 yesterday 😂

  • A2K IDRXP \
    A2K IDRXP \

    I beat your record

  • Lucius Harris
    Lucius Harris

    I thought mine was good when I got 31! 🤣

  • Carlos Aceves
    Carlos Aceves

    if thats the case. Go check my video deadass i drop 73 kills on the same map

  • Fiiggy

    I had a 74 kill game in my third ever game of the beta I win this comp jack

  • Senagrade

    I’m getting black ops 1 vibes from this and I love it

  • Team Epic Gamer I Gaming Channel
    Team Epic Gamer I Gaming Channel

    Nice! Great job brother. Keep up the great video content.

  • Slump God
    Slump God

    Marksman got more kills than that

  • Nate Searfoss
    Nate Searfoss

    Scump will break it when it drops

  • eyster10

    now we wait for all the pussies to cry to activision to start nerfing everything under the sun including killstreaks just like they did in MW

  • K-PaK

    Don't look fun.

  • uguess94

    Game looks like it needs some smoothing out with a couple minor things but overall feel good about this game. Warzone should perform top notch on it

  • Drew C
    Drew C

    What a horrible feature showing the enemies health once you damage them. You can completely track people through smoke which defeats the purpose of using them in the first place

  • SwiZz

    I hope the devs don't nerf the TTK, it seems pretty balanced tbh.

  • Not that Good
    Not that Good

    These maps are terrible

  • qwerty


  • bpowrz

    Your thumbnails are so fucking annoying.

  • nathan schwear
    nathan schwear

    i sEt ThE kIlL ReCoRd FoR cOlD wAr .... headass

  • j2theosh6969

    Courage goat

  • j2theosh6969

    I wanna play this so bad

  • Keith Wu
    Keith Wu

    this game looks like if bf5 and warzone had a baby

  • stealth_ mode_83
    stealth_ mode_83

    Gotta dislike bud just because of that stupid reaction face on the thumbnail. Stop doing that shit.

  • Corey Lay
    Corey Lay

    Yo you need to check out the game called "Riders Republic" Also killer game play

    • qwerty

      irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/m7SEYJjdlqyN3Xs.html .

  • Ryne Timpanaro
    Ryne Timpanaro

    Hey courage I am going to get the game but I need to get 2 of my classes up to a d if I want it that much I am really trying I love your vids btw

  • ShoguKnight


  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott

    didnt teep drop 78 kills? making your 71 void...

  • Robert

    that thumbnail so damn cringey my dude

    • VeryCoolMan

      But I fucking love it😂

  • Jezreel Correa
    Jezreel Correa

    subscribe to pro Ballistic47 and support him

  • Sam/ XnT
    Sam/ XnT

    Amazing the difference it makes when seth isnt in peoples lobbys ahah

  • Kevin Mejia
    Kevin Mejia

    Cant wait for the beta

  • Michael Charlino
    Michael Charlino

    Always click baiting

  • Regan Troup
    Regan Troup

    Why it look like battlefield

  • PURE Taco
    PURE Taco

    There this guy called dysmo he can take that record if it is one away from you

  • Jack W.
    Jack W.

    didn't kis drop 91

  • ToastyZach

    I think Kismet dropped 91

  • Jacob Padgett
    Jacob Padgett

    I can not wait for the game to come out. BO1, BO2, and BO3 are 3 of my favorite games ever. I just hope it has prestiging!

  • Dabz Mane
    Dabz Mane

    Game looks wack

  • Isaac Plays?
    Isaac Plays?

    I May be dumb but how is he on Cold War

  • Beast GamingMC
    Beast GamingMC

    Courage was frying!

  • Rose Bones
    Rose Bones

    Looks a lot like a map from battlefield 5

  • nolimit._päblø

    Bruh I swear Cold War got some bo3 and ww2 vibes

  • Box_Kev

    Doozy dropped a 26 kill streak tho...? And only with a weapon not kill streaks. He almost dropped a nuke in a beta launch 😂

  • Alex Biggins
    Alex Biggins

    I just did similar on MW. 78 and 20 Hardpoint.Was super hyped, felt like that's why I'm even still playing this buggy ass triple A tittle. Can't wait for BCW

  • Dabit Bakham
    Dabit Bakham

    I don't need anymore my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Davinho FutCrack
    Davinho FutCrack


  • Cadon Buckles
    Cadon Buckles

    Jesus loves you spread the word

  • Brocrash

    What is this. Battlefield 5??

  • Tim Fitzgerald
    Tim Fitzgerald

    I find the title of the video hysterical. Streamer of the year. (Every week there’s a “new” kill record on Warzone)

  • Silent ACE
    Silent ACE

    irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/qt-BimvZtatmqos.html Check This Out

  • Ryan Barker
    Ryan Barker


  • Wilson Gaspar
    Wilson Gaspar

    why you all ways do click bait stuff

  • Colin Wammy
    Colin Wammy

    Looks like battlefront

  • Cameron Hutto
    Cameron Hutto

    That chopper gunner view and cinematic gives me PTSD

  • Trevor Reniger
    Trevor Reniger

    Man. If only teams in any released game could listen to comms and play like that... Great game, Jack!

  • the basement god
    the basement god

    Why does this remind me of bo2

  • Bax xtab
    Bax xtab

    The graphics are cartoony and look like they belong 2015 at LATEST, guns sound beyond dumb, map looks like some other planet, waiting for exo jumps lmao. I will say that the streaks seem to be pretty fun looking though and it does look playable, but not amazing

  • Bax xtab
    Bax xtab

    Literally doesn't even look or sound like cod

    • BudEagle

      Completely disagree. This is old fashioned call of duty right here. Black ops 2 vibes with this game.

  • Moe V
    Moe V


  • __

    It looks so much like battle fields

  • sajitha suresh
    sajitha suresh

    AK74U was the best gun in cod mobile in the first and second season. Now they renamed it to RUS74U

    • sajitha suresh
      sajitha suresh

      @Bax xtab I am 16

    • Bax xtab
      Bax xtab

      @sajitha suresh6 years? how old are you?

    • sajitha suresh
      sajitha suresh

      @Bax xtab yeah I know. Maybe I could buy a pc after 6 years,when I get a job lol.

    • Bax xtab
      Bax xtab

      @sajitha sureshif you cant then I'm sorry that you live in such a non prosperous place man

    • sajitha suresh
      sajitha suresh

      @Bax xtab you speak like I could afford a xbox or PS lol

  • Ryan marmite
    Ryan marmite

    GG homie mad game that 🤘🤘🤘

  • A1 PopTart
    A1 PopTart

    Jack is gonna frag against everyone when this game comes out holyyy

  • Arnav Jain
    Arnav Jain

    Mobile vibes...

  • Homie Diego
    Homie Diego


  • Sam

    Who just came from the stream?

  • Ryan Bacich
    Ryan Bacich

    Courage in the stream wondering why this video flopped like he ain’t playing against bots ahahah

  • nz_ohxno

    Ayy love this shit!

  • Mushy YzY
    Mushy YzY

    POV:ur here from his stream because he linked it

  • Alex Warren
    Alex Warren

    Courage stream

  • clicksy ‘
    clicksy ‘

    Ayy from stream

  • Caleb Givens
    Caleb Givens

    Just came from the stream great vid man also gave the second channel a sub

  • Keefer Hoffmann
    Keefer Hoffmann

    Watched that live it was awesome

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Insert Really Good Comment Here

  • Zachary Wyss
    Zachary Wyss

    from stream

  • Anthony Romero
    Anthony Romero

    Who was came from the stream and just liked the video and viewed it