I wanted short hair so I decided to cut my own hair - big mistake! Had to go to SuperCuts to fix it!
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  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.

    2021 anyone??

  • sham gh
    sham gh

    I've been a fan of u guys since 2016 or 2017 iforgot

  • Afroza Khatun
    Afroza Khatun

    Jillian you cut the hole side of your back

  • Nasreen Bagam
    Nasreen Bagam

    What the hell did she do

  • Saif Ali
    Saif Ali

    Your so weird jil

  • Matthew Tierney
    Matthew Tierney

    Jillian you did a pretty good job better than anyone else Who is not a hairdresser Except for the back.... but good job

  • Alberta Delrio
    Alberta Delrio

    So funny !! 😅😅😅

  • Fauxia 15
    Fauxia 15

    Oh God 😯

  • Tayah Perera
    Tayah Perera

    I been watching her for ages

  • Heidi 2000 Magic
    Heidi 2000 Magic

    Correction:she HAD those scissors

  • Ermosa Rosales
    Ermosa Rosales

    she 12 years old and being a 6 years old playing with toys

  • Kalpa Kara
    Kalpa Kara

    Wow nice

  • SuGodKort JX
    SuGodKort JX

    Bruh why out of all scissors, you use those scissors

  • aziz maken
    aziz maken

    I like your house so much fun

  • giovanni tinoco
    giovanni tinoco

    I like you cut g

  • mau s world
    mau s world

    In old videos small hairs

  • alright

    its the craft scissors for me

  • arianne1022

    I Am Much Worse Than you

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia

    I love it

  • LarowTube HD
    LarowTube HD

    Oh no she didn’t

  • R Mac
    R Mac

    Roblox cookie do you watch cookieswirlc?

  • Bang Bang Ash Su
    Bang Bang Ash Su


  • Alexandra Tiron Hy6a Hyllinge skola
    Alexandra Tiron Hy6a Hyllinge skola

    ya look like charlie damelio...and my friends always tell me i look like addison

  • salami

    people with pixie cuts 👁👄👁 *cries in awkward phase*

  • Farhad Ali
    Farhad Ali

    I’m a big fan

  • Nohbella Kids
    Nohbella Kids


  • Amin Farnia
    Amin Farnia


  • Cookies yummy
    Cookies yummy


  • Pamela Pinckney
    Pamela Pinckney


  • Nathaniel Joseph Soldevilla-2019
    Nathaniel Joseph Soldevilla-2019

    I like jillan

  • Mixa Ღ
    Mixa Ღ

    I just love Jillians personality!

  • Chloe T
    Chloe T

    I wish I could turn on my notifications but I dont use youtube kids so i cant

  • Dayana Hernandez130
    Dayana Hernandez130

    Wow jill

  • Shenilaz

    Did you feel pain while you cut

  • Craig Kirby
    Craig Kirby

    hairy but LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Garnica
    Jennifer Garnica


  • Kaisan Arrington
    Kaisan Arrington

    Love DT MT even Jilli

  • Subhash Sen
    Subhash Sen

    4:27 that time where mommy tube said "Oh" made me laugh so hard lol

    • anathalie leyva
      anathalie leyva

      Ikr.... same!!!!

  • Jivneet Bindra
    Jivneet Bindra


    • Jivneet Bindra
      Jivneet Bindra

      Lego is fun

    • Jivneet Bindra
      Jivneet Bindra

      Hi 👋

  • Jivneet Bindra
    Jivneet Bindra

    Ha haha haha haha haha

  • Mirie Bassem
    Mirie Bassem

    This is crazy

  • shadow and stevie
    shadow and stevie

    I wish i could meet her she is s year older then me

  • Angela Nowack
    Angela Nowack

    I didn’t expect her mom to be that mad

  • Noey Sanders
    Noey Sanders



    0:26 dora is quaking rn

  • Jayna Patel
    Jayna Patel


  • Dipesh Modha
    Dipesh Modha


  • dark queen
    dark queen

    No offense but you can’t sing and your not funny kinda sad tbh

  • Aaqiba Rasheed
    Aaqiba Rasheed

    Me too

  • Sozo Salem
    Sozo Salem


  • Carmen Castillo
    Carmen Castillo

    Dont mind me i only cut my eyelash!

  • KBCubing

    Yo eww

  • Tea Spills
    Tea Spills

    I was crying because my mom told me to get a haircut

  • Rosalyn Mc cormack
    Rosalyn Mc cormack

    Are you out of yore mind

  • Ashton Vasquez
    Ashton Vasquez

    How old are you

  • gurjit singh
    gurjit singh

    First I thought that Jill was wearing a wig give this comment a thumbs up if you thought that to.


    No way you just did that

  • Allison And Melissa
    Allison And Melissa

    Hi Jillian never watched IRbin videos since 2018 and your voice changed a lot I'm surprised you're growing up soo fast ps I really want a shot out in one of you're video

  • Ethan Lee playz 2.0
    Ethan Lee playz 2.0

    Jillian tube HD is added in my favorite channels on IRbin

  • Vicente Brito
    Vicente Brito

    Her name is emma

    • Genevieve Cox
      Genevieve Cox

      Vicente Brito nooo

  • Vicente Brito
    Vicente Brito

    My sister likes mile

  • Vicente Brito
    Vicente Brito

    Kiss mike

  • Octo Chara
    Octo Chara

    (Comments were disabled on your tiktok video so I’m commenting here.) I deleted my tiktok account because my mother heard about something relating to the app on the news so she told me to delete it.

    • Genevieve Cox
      Genevieve Cox

      Octo Chara neko same :(

  • Anthony Tukay
    Anthony Tukay

    I Am Not Believing Who Is The Best person Read First Two Words Jk lmfao 😂

  • Kaeleigh

    You need to do Asmr

  • Lesly

    Big mistake

  • Top Royal
    Top Royal


  • 🍪Roblox Cookie 🍪
    🍪Roblox Cookie 🍪

    2020 Anyone Like If You Are In 2020

    • Jonah Ahn
      Jonah Ahn

      It's 2021 now so this comment is pointless

    • aziz maken
      aziz maken

      are you cookie swirl c

    • DAA OP
      DAA OP

      🍪Roblox Cookie 🍪 me

    • Zackk

      JOHANNA KAJOL MOHAN ROY oh ok then you shut up I already know but I prefer not to shut up whether you like it OR NOT

    • Layan Tubaileh
      Layan Tubaileh


  • Blue Bandit
    Blue Bandit

    2:57 She is shedding

  • air MC
    air MC

    I bet u are not watching in full screen

  • Vita Martinsone
    Vita Martinsone

    Evan will eat baby yoda

  • Migs

    Happy New Year!!

  • shadow x
    shadow x

    It's funny that I still remember her old videos I am her age to

  • Vu Tran
    Vu Tran


  • Chris Bruns
    Chris Bruns

    Hi my name is pat chris is my brother sorry to much details. anyway I am a big fan of your channel please reply 😊😊

    • light side gamer
      light side gamer

      I did reply

  • Sara Vazquez
    Sara Vazquez

    Omg she did that 😄😁😆😮

  • Nevaeh Schmidkunz
    Nevaeh Schmidkunz

    Your still beautiful jillian

  • Aria Langley
    Aria Langley

    How to ask mom for things 3:30

  • Amanda Felton
    Amanda Felton

    no cat

  • Lorraine Mabbayad
    Lorraine Mabbayad

    Wow puberty is attacking you

  • Yaimarilis Ramos
    Yaimarilis Ramos

    O my why you did that you are crazy

  • luen milan
    luen milan

    Jillian can you pls play roblox

  • xXUniPlayzXx

    You changed…

  • Among us Lover
    Among us Lover

    The sound 🥴🥴

  • Johanna King
    Johanna King


    • shanta gill
      shanta gill

      Yeah gurl

  • Anoushae Shah
    Anoushae Shah

    omg jillian looks so much older last time i saw her she was like 8😱

    • Afaf Noor
      Afaf Noor


  • Annika’s Game reviews
    Annika’s Game reviews


  • Charlene Mcneil
    Charlene Mcneil

    Jillian how old are u. Now?

    • Migs

      She’s 11

  • Sergeant Egg
    Sergeant Egg

    I don’t know how to get to the toe and keep Jojo Siwa hostage by the way I wanna is the day I eat her toe

    • Migs


  • Evan Brown
    Evan Brown

    I go to ur school And jojo siwa tastes great

    • Migs

      Have you seen her there?

  • Xavier Alvarado
    Xavier Alvarado

    Your so pretty

  • ꧁Адонис Кастильо꧂
    ꧁Адонис Кастильо꧂

    So you know whenever you have milk, then you leave it outside on your desk for a couple of months and it develops a kind of skin on it. Whenever you taste the milk it’s kind of sour and it’s got chunks in it and it smells rancid. It also starts to grow some weird fuzzy grey and green spores and molds on the sides of the cup. It gets hard and sticks to the inside of the actually cup and you can’t get it out of the cup. Yea don’t do that, it’s gross.

  • Jane Landicho
    Jane Landicho

    Am just joking haahaha she is pretty

  • Wania Ausaf
    Wania Ausaf

    Wow Jillian voice sounds different and grown

  • supayagamer Boy
    supayagamer Boy

    Haha super funny Mommytube:what did you do Jillian: jumping around

  • NotClip zey
    NotClip zey

    Not tryin to be rude tho

  • NotClip zey
    NotClip zey

    Go to the point of the vid 5:28 THAT DOUBLE CHIN

  • Sabitha Jose
    Sabitha Jose


  • ashley gamboa
    ashley gamboa

    Jillian looks sm older 🤩 last time i watched her was like 4 years ago!

    • Serena Bowes
      Serena Bowes

      My too

    • FunForAlways

      same also evan hes GROWN SO MUCH

    • destiny

      same! she had a glow up!

    • Galaxy Boiii
      Galaxy Boiii

      Im kinda not a fan but what I mean is I just watch them 4-2 years ago and WHAT!!!! Jillian and Evan are older now

    • Galaxy Boiii
      Galaxy Boiii

      Eyyy sameee

  • Kxllyxo

    Nice asmr