Installing a 4" Lift Kit on My New Truck🤤
I have dreamed of giving a truck since I was young, this may not be the biggest baddest lift ever, but it keeps the truck reliable and also makes it look badass while doing it! Just needs new wheels and tires to complement the lift now!
Lift is from Belltech!
Part # - 150212SP
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  • The G35 Channel
    The G35 Channel

    Anyone one else noticed the quality of the the videos lately they are so much better and Robbie even seems happier.

    • Eleazar Quezada
      Eleazar Quezada

      The smile a Chevy puts on a man

    • Niel Tveten
      Niel Tveten

      Maybe cause he's been getting some good good 😏😉

    • Presley Woolum
      Presley Woolum

      @xxjang cause there's not many 2020's squatted

    • xxjang

      @Presley Woolum why tho

    • Presley Woolum
      Presley Woolum

      Squat it

  • Medo Manjic
    Medo Manjic

    Meet a 12inch truck

  • Aaron Boucher
    Aaron Boucher

    Belltech for whatever reason won't ship to Ontario 👍

  • p Adams
    p Adams

    I commend you on the job, new subscriber.

  • NY72A

    where is this taken? That view was Beautiful!!

  • Michael Bush
    Michael Bush

    Tire tech checkin in thx for noticing

  • Infinite Speed
    Infinite Speed

    you have two wheel drive or 4?

  • alexander pabrezis
    alexander pabrezis

    How much money did the 4" lift kit Cost and what's the Largest size rims in tires that you can fit on there now without any rubbing

  • andrewjocar

    Kid can’t even grow a beard 🤦‍♂️

  • Dominick Boggess
    Dominick Boggess

    How are the cv angles? Does the 4wd still work good with this kit? Can I use factory wheels

    • Gil Rey
      Gil Rey

      I just installed this kit on a 2017 Sierra and looks and rides great but I'm a little concerned about the cv angles since there is some smaller angle, they are not straight to the diff. I been looking if someone else installed the kit on a 2016-2018 chevy/gmc to know more details, definitely stock wheels will hit the upper control arms, will need offset wheels or spacers

  • Dragonslayer 129
    Dragonslayer 129


  • 15Robin15

    How did you downshift the auto? Thanks in advance. Truck came out pretty badass good job 👍🏽

  • Kirk Dunn
    Kirk Dunn

    You should probably drop the front differential down bro....@ 4" most likely gonna have issues dtl. This kit is way better than spacer kit.....those are the ones that jack up ride quality because you lose all your travel

  • Kevin Kreutzer
    Kevin Kreutzer

    Interested to see what the CV angles look like with this kit, anyone install this kit on 19-20 Silverado. Any issues?

  • Movement On Wheels
    Movement On Wheels

    What drone do u use?

  • Pedro Torres
    Pedro Torres

    sell me those wheels lol

  • Guardrail

    Go up another 1/2 inch in rear. It still looks a hair taller in the front.

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor

    Dont take her off road buddy.. Not worth it unless your going to turn her into a bush truck. That's alot of cash to throw into a mud hole. Also where did you order that kit from? Makes her stance sexy as fuck.

  • Üte T.
    Üte T.

    When you lift, don't forget to re adjust the headlights. You will get tired of jumpin' in n out.

  • Zephaniah Satchell
    Zephaniah Satchell

    You put the lift kit on the wrong side

  • Star Lords
    Star Lords

    Should of gotten your self atleast the LT trim

  • Barry Mantelli
    Barry Mantelli

    we're not gonna mention the attempt to remove the spindle nut? 🤣 Nice video. Good angles under the truck on the new suspension parts. I'll be looking forward to doing my 4" liff in the driveway after watching this.

  • Victor Castillo
    Victor Castillo

    You should’ve just got a 2500 & do a 2 inch lift kit & it’s the same & better .... lol

  • PMU

    So dope

  • Bobby Henry
    Bobby Henry

    What did u do to the sway bar

  • Christian axb
    Christian axb

    People that say it will be a rough suspension and all that BS, know nothing about trucks

  • WontedBaboon

    Yea stock gmc/chevys are 1 in higher in the back

  • Chase

    Give the lift kit a week and let the struts adjust. I installed a 2.5 in level and it made my truck have a Carolina squat look, weeks later and now it’s lowered in the front due to the adjust period.

  • Chase

    No one asked but I would much rather have a hydraulic lift and rusted bolts then no rust and a jack .... but having a lift and no rust is an orgasm.

  • Byronr

    Half the viewers are mexican lmaoo like me

  • Super Craps
    Super Craps

    tight job on your truck, Wheels and mud grips are next for sure. When I did my Silverado right off the lot friends and girlfriend said are you nuts? I said NO! I have a clear picture and it came out like my Austin Martin clean and built for distance and performance. Your truck is sharp and nice job and way to go on the attack to give it distinction.

  • G Dub
    G Dub

    I bet you love ur parents 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tommy Ealey
    Tommy Ealey

    Wander if you could of swapped the front struts to get the logo to show out!

  • Tommy Ealey
    Tommy Ealey

    Nice truck buddy. Wander if 33”s would fit with that lift.

    • Tommy Ealey
      Tommy Ealey

      @Nathan Dickey sweet. I have a 15 I’m debating on how high to lift. I’d like 33”s. Probably going to do the 4” level lift like this one

    • Nathan Dickey
      Nathan Dickey

      Hell yeah they would , I have 33s with -44 offset on a 2.5 level.

  • christian Estrada
    christian Estrada

    Truck said "CaRoliNa SquAt

  • Limited Slip Automotive
    Limited Slip Automotive

    How long did this take to install?

  • Jumphouse2

    He certainly has enthusiasm. Gotta give him props for that.

  • skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
    skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo

    Lift kits are great, but too much lift is not a good idea.

  • Nathan Flowers
    Nathan Flowers

    The biltec sign doesn't show because you out it on the wrong side. No big deal tho

  • GL2814

    Was there a differential drop on that kit? If not, those CV angles are going to be nuts and you're gonna wear them out WAY too soon.

  • Incompleting

    Put American Forces Chrome 👍

  • Leo Bruneau
    Leo Bruneau

    Good job

  • Noah Penitito
    Noah Penitito

    Oh no, he had a gay boy lift

  • 97lowbo

    How’s the axle angles?

  • Shiftey Greig
    Shiftey Greig

    This dude talks like a valley girl. Shame

  • Colton carroll
    Colton carroll

    It’s a Caddy lean. When the fronts higher than the back

    • Colton carroll
      Colton carroll

      Justin Dezotel nah, caddy lean.

    • Justin Dezotel
      Justin Dezotel

      its called Carolina Squat....

  • carter oyen
    carter oyen

    This is actually dope just found your channel and I am hitting the sub your vids are soo cool I might do this to my first truck next year

  • Henry Guzman
    Henry Guzman

    Nice bro

  • Gerardo Chavarria
    Gerardo Chavarria

    My dream Garage. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • gimmpy91

    Bro 😂😂 you put the shocks on the wrong side 🤣🤣🤣🤣 doesnt matter just sticker on the inside not the outside.


    Hi, what city are you filming from.thx

  • Sweet68Camaro

    Quick question, did that sway bar come with the kit? Or was it bought separate. It’s not noted when I looked to order it.

  • maxum3300

    Is this a 4 wheel drive truck? If so and you just lifted it 4 inches without lowering the front differential your CV angles are going to be extreme and will destroy your CV axles.

    • Gil Rey
      Gil Rey

      Looks that this kit doesn't have drop spacers for the diff for some reason but for the 16-18 it comes with spacers

  • evolusd

    Think you put the spring perch on upside down.

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones

    The lift will settle a bit over time. Don’t worry, she won’t squat forever.

  • Cadey Yonkman
    Cadey Yonkman

    Great video!

  • • SuzukiLifeLtr450 •
    • SuzukiLifeLtr450 •

    “Maybe I can do a lift kit myself” watches video *nope

  • Zack Morehouse
    Zack Morehouse

    Those sprints are nothing compared to my tundra.

  • Gear It First
    Gear It First

    This was a fun video to watch.Consider doing an airbag kit in the rear for the perfect level!

  • Redneck Patriot
    Redneck Patriot

    But its a Chevy....I grew up in a GM family that only bought GM cars. Not anymore. I have sold cars for the last 5 years and we have the most issues with GM trucks and big SUVs. Transmission issues mainly. Just had a 2019 Yukon XL traded in with 17k miles. Transmission issues already. Sad. GM trucks look the best IMO but they wont last

  • Jake Soucy
    Jake Soucy

    3:48 I’ve heard that music before and it’s been stuck in my head for so long I wish I knew the name of it

  • John Anthony
    John Anthony

    My girl thinks 4 inches is wicked crazy!

  • GamesForHardwareTest

    Shifted axles on a new truck? No thanks

  • Nel Kabal
    Nel Kabal

    Chevy is a really bad brand for “reliability “. Sorry, its just the truth

  • Daniel Alamo
    Daniel Alamo

    Please add some paint on the unpainted suspension parts. A little black rattle can paint goes a long way. Road debris and moisture make things rust quickly.

  • Ultimate Sus
    Ultimate Sus

    Truck looks great man

  • Mario

    Time 8:36 of the video: THATS WHAT SHE SAID!

  • Stanley Kania
    Stanley Kania

    Committed to what ?

  • Eddie Hernandez
    Eddie Hernandez

    How has the lift affected you mpg’s?

  • Jacob Schweitzer
    Jacob Schweitzer

    Buy a 4” lift kit. 2” in rear 6” in front. 2-6=4 😂

  • brodie brasseaux
    brodie brasseaux

    What brand was your lift?

  • Jhonny Garcia
    Jhonny Garcia

    Made the same mistake put spring collar upside down. Made my two inch lift look like 4 inch lol

  • Alex Ortega
    Alex Ortega

    It's more stiff if you get new wheels and tires

  • Dale Huntington
    Dale Huntington

    I pruched my 2011 silvrerado, shoud me how to start it, then said letsgo have a beer, dale

  • Marvin R
    Marvin R

    Looks nice! 👍

  • AmazingTSDO

    You gained a sub today brother! Nice job!!


    GreAt looking truck dude!!

  • Marcus Mendoza
    Marcus Mendoza

    Rip to your suspension not smart to do that much lift without doing a real diff drop and crossmember drop

  • Alan Caballero
    Alan Caballero

    i got a 2019 silverado and all i did was put a leveling kit and a trail boss suspension and it tows just fine

  • Reckle

    Carolina squat

  • Carlos Chacon
    Carlos Chacon

    You should have lowered it

  • Epic Sack69
    Epic Sack69

    Would of just added another in on the back it’s easier

  • KBTR

    Stock wheels would be fine just need bigger tires which looks better than those new low profile tires and it'll ride like a dream

  • Lou Indorato
    Lou Indorato

    What did it cost for the lift kit

  • Ганг Рена
    Ганг Рена

    After this, I'd buy and mount an external high air filter.

  • 6Th Gen Rudy
    6Th Gen Rudy

    Looks clean man great work 👍🏼

  • Juan Hernández
    Juan Hernández

    The time he became a man 🥺

  • Andrew Stidham
    Andrew Stidham

    Great video. Did you have to do any cutting or fabrication work when installing the kit?

  • Tony D
    Tony D

    Looks great. 1300 for a factory 2" kit to retain the lifetime powertrain warranty... hmmm.. im in a dilemma

  • Tony D
    Tony D

    Lift = Happiness the entire time its up there. You are closer to Heaven ! (unless you break something, or have to park in a tight parking garage... all the time, but then its still better).

  • Charlie11series

    I'll be lifting my tahoe soon. Your truck looks awesome!

  • Jerome Kendrick
    Jerome Kendrick


  • Dominick Boggess
    Dominick Boggess

    How were the cv angles without there being a differential drop

  • Collins keith
    Collins keith

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  • John Maldonado
    John Maldonado

    She's a beauty

  • Jonathan McCardell
    Jonathan McCardell

    How are you liking this so far? Can't find much in terms of people using these kits.

  • Toofast For you
    Toofast For you

    WhT kit is that

  • Mel Hardee
    Mel Hardee

    Just remember a lift kit will cause additional strain on your transmission over time and it changes the angles of steering and front wheel driveshaft, things that were designed to work at one level will be different and over time causes wear problems. I've seen tons of trucks with kits have problems later which added up to a huge repair bill. Also with a lift kit you'll probably want larger more expensive tires, trucks eat enough fuel at stock height so when you put on larger tires it only eats more fuel. Just something to think about. I've been there done it and got the t shirt with these trucks.

  • Fahmi Dabbagh
    Fahmi Dabbagh

    we installed the same kit it looks very nice but when passing a hump there is a big sound at tye front

  • ENBarber

    I leveled my 12 Silverado and I was feeling the way u was ... I need to get this lift kit for my. Truck now