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  • PsyferInc

    I would rather hear Dan break a fight down than hear anything Ariel has to say... Ariel's ego has become beyond bearable...

  • Ant Wan
    Ant Wan

    Dan is 100% the best MMA analyst

  • tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
    tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG

    Jan's combination that ends with that left body kick is my favourite combination to watch. It'll definitely be on against Adesanya, but he'd probably be better off in the clinch. I think Jan could beat Jon Jones, but Adesanya might be just too technically gifted on the feet for him.

  • Kirk Landau
    Kirk Landau

    It's kind of funny how blatant Dan Hardy is with the notion that Blachowicz is pretty much fucked in a straight up striking match with Adesanya, without ever explicitly stating that outright haha. But he's probably correct, I thought the same thing, and Hardy confirms it with his striking expertise, providing compelling and eye-openingly small-detailed yet visually understandable examples of how Adesanya's kickboxing virtuosity actually works so well and so consistently and how Jan has openings and flaws on that higher level of tactical awareness/involvement/mastery.

  • Kirk Landau
    Kirk Landau

    Around 19:00 in the video or so, Hardy points out that Adesanya generates unexpected power by performing a sort of exaggerated whipping motion with his arm that seems almost bizarrely extreme. Adesanya has an exceptionally long reach and one of the most uniquely odd (yet intriguingly effective) physiques and body structures that I've ever seen in all of combat sports history. I'm wondering, does anybody know of any *boxers* that have thrown these sort of hyper-power hooks (it's more than a standard power hook) with this kind of exaggerated whipping motion and full bodily torque exertion to such an almost contortionist degree? Because Adesanya legitimately looked like a high level boxer in throwing it, but I don't actually recall seeing any high level boxer before throw that particular technique or style of exaggerated contortionist punching. Could this be a sort of small, extra innovation to boxing itself on the part of Adesanya? Or is it a peculiarity of his exceptionally unique body structure that he's able to generate so much extra power in such an unconventional way?

  • Magnus

    The Jab. That's it.

  • Jon Brandell
    Jon Brandell

    So Dan is fanboying over Izzy ... suprice factor 0. That beeing said I think this match is gonna look like Anderson Silva vs Forest Griffin.

    • Full Reptile
      Full Reptile

      I’m a fan of both, and have actually been friends with Jan for some time now. My breakdown is impartial, and based on facts. If you hear Izzy favoritism, it’s because you’re filtering my words with your own bias.

  • Marco Hillerstam
    Marco Hillerstam

    I’d love to watch Dan at present time with all the knowledge of the game he has. Levels I believe

  • S Mejia
    S Mejia

    is Dan hardy not longer with the UFC?

  • Bournville Bill
    Bournville Bill

    Dan the man. What an absolute pleasure watching this breakdown. To the point, articulate and informative to the point that I sometimes feel I know so little of the fight game. Thanks for the video, keep them coming.

  • Steve Davies
    Steve Davies

    Wow if Hardy had of worked this hard on breaking down HIS opponents, he might have had a more successful career...

  • Aabid Shah
    Aabid Shah


  • thefixxer72

    You are a great fighter mate, always watched your fights. Glad to see you on your own chanel, I like your analysis and comentary. Rock on Dan Hardy.

  • Lorenzo Leonardi
    Lorenzo Leonardi

    I feel like I learn more about mma strategy and technicality here than watching fights or even sparring

  • Elli-ot KOH
    Elli-ot KOH

    Im a big fan of Adesanya and i had to make a song for him. If you a fan too u can check it out on my channel. I gave it the title "i diss on ya" (adesanya) lol

  • The Ghost
    The Ghost

    So what you're saying is, £1,000 on Adesanya to win by KO?

  • World's Okayest Medic
    World's Okayest Medic

    Hey Dan, I love your analysis! What type of computer do you use (and program?) to do those demos?

  • beetalius

    who else out there is talking about guard bouncing? no one.

  • Vince Ventura
    Vince Ventura

    losing that fight to santos was the best thing that ever happened to Jan in his career , it literally beat patience into his head that has to be maintained at all cost . People are sleeping and Jan way too much in this fight is he is literally five dudes he’s a foot taller than if he got caught once by Jan how he got a drop I guess let me get put in a fucking coma people I think and he’s going to run over a young age like becoming embarrassing Jan has better boxing without a doubt and he’ll eat is his leg kicks and move forward. And he sure as shit isn’t gonna bite on some hip feint like a fucking amateur the way costa did . This isn’t going to be a cake walk for Izzy . Go rewatch the Silva fight and see how easily Izzy is being COUNTERED n eating check hooks flush . N I promise Jan has significantly faster hands than Silva.

  • Gabriel Bohrt
    Gabriel Bohrt

    Like always amazing analysis, thanks.

  • Milan Toth
    Milan Toth

    supercontent, congrats Dan !

  • Big Drama Show
    Big Drama Show

    Yes if jan doesnt put his pride away; and plan to finish the fight on the mat. It's just a huge technical error. In poker we use term Expected value. We always want to make +Ev plays and give ourselves the best chance to win. If Jan doesn't do this i don't feel he's that intelligent of a fighter. Regardless if he wins by knockout. Striking with Adensanya is still -Ev.

  • The Driver
    The Driver


  • Dilly Billy
    Dilly Billy

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  • talicni_tom

    haha so Khabib has better stats than Jan but that doesn't mean he would beat him

  • Charlie_Willie

    I'm going big on this underdog parlay: -Dober +260 -Blachowicz +210 -Phillips +140 -Bontorin +125 -Matthews +180

    • Jan

      I got Blachowicz aswell, but this parlay is insane, good luck man.

  • Gawani Whitecrow
    Gawani Whitecrow

    I want Polish power to win this match and bring respect and honor back into the divisions. Finally putting the ghost of Connor to rest, he turned the ufc into the WWE for a time.

  • berhan djurovic
    berhan djurovic

    i agree, for me Blachowicz doesn't have the ability to beat Adessayan in standing fight, if he doesn't use his power to bring him and hold him on the ground for the first three rounds, he will not be able to finish or KO him (it doesn't use the ground enough on his fight)..for me probabely Adessayan on the round 3

  • Milovan Milovanov
    Milovan Milovanov

    I'm rooting for the white fighters, straight up!

  • SikeyMikey1324

    The way he recoiled the kick to deliver his punch was the same way kevin holland did it to Jacare only off his back !

  • Pineapple Dojo MMA
    Pineapple Dojo MMA

    I've yet to really hear anyone comment on the fact that this is taking place at the Apex (smaller cage). Izzy may have some trouble with Jan imposing his will especially in the clinch. He'll need to feint like his life depends on it (IMHO)

  • Abdul Rasheed Kodungukkaran
    Abdul Rasheed Kodungukkaran

    I want to give this video a thousand likes. Dan, much thanks to you. You are my favorite fight analyst. I am learning a lot as a "casual". After watching this I have an idea of how good Izzy is, and convinced he is going to win. My heart wants Jan to win though, but it is going to be very difficult. I hope it turn into a great fight.

  • Sam Hatch
    Sam Hatch

    Izzy has so many folds in his game. This should be a good video

  • Keen

    This is good work Dan, as a fight enthusiast you shine a lot of details that I tend to miss.

  • garth james
    garth james

    he wont be able to catch izzy.

  • Bruce Gelman
    Bruce Gelman

    Leg kick to head of Jan...sleeeepy time.

  • IT7071

    I wonder if Jan and Izzy will watch this and make adjustments lol

  • Skammee

    Most enjoyable to listen to this fight breakdown by Dan whose command of the english language is leagues above the run of the mill USA commentators.

    • Full Reptile
      Full Reptile


  • badger jamees
    badger jamees

    Id like to see Israel get his black ass handed to him.

  • ball bag baggins
    ball bag baggins

    First time watching this war room , and certainly won't be the last , new sub 👍

    • Full Reptile
      Full Reptile


  • gorman1

    Actually Dan, Israel had two near miss subs against Gastelum in the 5th rd...high elbow guillotine and its not out of the question if Jan blows off Izzy's sub game. Here is the Gracie breakdown.

    • gorman1

      @Full Reptile the high elbow guillotine was 95% there. Kelvin nearly tapped.

    • Full Reptile
      Full Reptile

      I wouldn’t say they were that near... no matter how excited people get about them. 😉

  • Randy Barfield
    Randy Barfield

    I never comment but Dan this breakdown was pure genius

  • Alexander Muhammad
    Alexander Muhammad


  • R Berry
    R Berry

    Well done Mr Hardy..appreciate your insight !

  • CS

    I hope someone from the Full Reptile team is commenting on the UFC stuff, inside the octagon etc, in order to get eyeballs on this channel because it's great stuff!

  • WardeN

    Adesanya will have speed from the lighter weight class, but Jan will show Adesanya what it's like to be knocked out again. Jan's going to win this.

  • Eddie Valoy
    Eddie Valoy

    This show needs to be on ESPN. This is the best show to educate casual fans and generate new fans. I was always a fan of Dan as a fighter but I’m more of a fan of his commentary. The man is simply brilliant!!

    • Full Reptile
      Full Reptile

      Thank you, my friend. 🙏🏼

  • 50 shades of the dominator
    50 shades of the dominator

    "Reach advantage", Umm Dan, Blachowicz is 78 inches, Adesanya is 80 inches, that is only a mere 2 inch difference, or 1 inch per arm. Sorry Dan but mentioning this reach advantage is mentioning a distinction without a real difference. A reach advantage that small is rather moot, they are so close to the same reach. Now with Whittaker and Costa, Adesanya had a 7 and 8 inch reach advantage, which actually is significant and plays into it. Blachowicz has the height and reach to contend with Adesanya at least in the length area, it makes you stupid when you talk about Blachowicz as if he has the proportions of Costa or something. Height and reach isn't going to play into this fight, both are very well matched in that regard. It's going to come down to skill, Adesanya will not be able to simply lean back and counter like he did vs Whittaker, because Blachowicz's punches will land in that range. Dan, you are getting lazy.

  • Miguel M
    Miguel M

    solid video

  • JMS2

    Should've used footage from the Dom Reyes fight


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  • Sergio Bascunan
    Sergio Bascunan

    What's with the Illuminati symbol in the beginning...??? Ritual?

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C

    Dan, Jan has the polish power.

  • Shayan Khataie
    Shayan Khataie

    Could not bear watching more than 2 mins of Inside the Octagon 259 without Dan. See you never John Gooden..

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    I really thought Jan was a fluke that was just powerful, but after the Reyes fight I realized he’s actually really good. Not p4p or goat talks, but he is a great fighter.

  • Sumay Prabhu
    Sumay Prabhu

    Jan looks in better shape at 38 then he did in those older fights

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas

    Love the way he breakdown the science.

  • The_Dunks

    @FullReptile I am 100% confident Jan will win this fight. Adesanya's slow methodical style is perfect for someone like Jan. Adesanya has been knocked out only by someone who was bigger then him. And his coach has even admitted that bigger guys have caused struggles for him. Adesanya has never felt light heavy weight power. And you match him up against an extremely confident polish power madman. I will take you up on a wager if willing. $100 to the winner. If Adesanya wins I will donate $100. If Jan wins I want this comment to be highlighted that I predicted it and I don't want money. Whatcha think? Interested?

  • Thanos

    Jan getting smoked, Izzy against Costa was a different level of striking from the Champ, his accuracy and finding holes from every angle and just sniper like accuracy, this guy is unstoppable, anyone can get caught but Izzy knows that and that makes him even more dangerous, he is hyper aware of the range during the fight. Incredible mix of natural talent, skill and hardwork.

  • RedboRF

    Im a huge fan of Dan Hardy, he is easily the best analyst in the buisness but this particular one is - again - easily THE worst analyssis he've ever made. by far. and there's a ton of reasons why.

  • Peter Sydow
    Peter Sydow

    Thank You Dan(Picasso of pain) for being human and protesting when a fighter gets his brains beat in .That was big balls!! On the other hand Your breakdowns are spectacular!

  • Septarian

    Jesus christ 😳you're more chubby stop eating fastfood 😂

  • Whiffy Queef
    Whiffy Queef

    Yes dan hardy repping the Buddhist beads ya dunkno

  • uncle Joe
    uncle Joe

    Izzy wins by K.O.

  • Peter Soukup
    Peter Soukup

    The breakdown GOAT

  • Saikat Das
    Saikat Das

    I love you dan

  • Anna The Hun
    Anna The Hun

    I hope Adesanya will lose this time. His a jerk! I hate him. Blachowicz is cool. I like him.

  • Addi Teacha
    Addi Teacha

    If Izzy can defend the take down, he surely deal with the striking. I see Jan changing or just standing and i can picture the leg swipes from Izzy. Fact is Jan will be receiving strikes he never encountered from any fighters let alone a superior IQ

  • king Richard
    king Richard

    Dana sacked dan Hardy from inside the octagon?

  • bond james
    bond james

    Jan gonna crush Izzy

  • Ashley

    I wish they used people like dan as ufc judges.....people who real know mma

  • Paweł Maroko
    Paweł Maroko

    yeah, but one Jan punch game over. Do you now?

  • yolo

    Enjoyed the breakdown. Thx

  • Clutch Carabelli
    Clutch Carabelli

    Who would have thought the cocky kid with the red mohawk would become the greatest MMA analyst of all time

  • Jordan Koewler
    Jordan Koewler

    Well done mate. Made me so much more excited for a fight I already couldn’t wait for!

  • mason yang
    mason yang

    Jan will tko adesanya round 2 💯 trust me

  • Ezra Talley
    Ezra Talley

    Dan needs a hard candy lol. Cant do those dry mouth sounds

  • Tampa Tom Fishing
    Tampa Tom Fishing

    Izzy turns and runs a lot .

  • James H
    James H

    Izzy spends the fight dodging short range big shots like he did against Yoel Romero, possibly meaning not getting the fight we are all hoping for.

  • Krzysztof Sawecki
    Krzysztof Sawecki

    Best overview I've seen for this fight 👍

  • Lloyd Avontuur
    Lloyd Avontuur

    As a guy that's only in the got bitten by the bug in the last 9 months or so - I always enjoyed your calling of the fights (and its a shame you're not more prevalent) but as a first time watcher of your breakdowns - I'm even more appreciative of your take on fights man. Great insight!

    • Full Reptile
      Full Reptile


  • Peter

    look at the trouble that gastelum gave adesanya. Jan is like a bigger better version of that and if he did his homework he should watch that fight and amplify what kelvin did. Crazy to think he gave him the hardest fight he's had when hes faced costa, romero and whitaker. Jan could definitely win this but it's izzy's to lose if he doesnt take jan seriously and based on his ego based interviews so far, he's already thinking he's won it easily. its definitely a coin toss of a fight. Also, he was sh1tting himself against romero. The one fight were he was properly cacking his shorts of taking a flying knee or winging punch. Just shows how impressive Kelvins performance was to bust him up so well as a shorter man.

  • Vani Jay
    Vani Jay

    this was amazing to watch. the breakdowns were so on point

  • Palmer S
    Palmer S

    I do love the breakdowns but would appreciate some different breakdowns when you’re doing them on fighters you’ve previously done a War Room on. For example you made the exact same points over the exact same footage of Izzy vs Brunson I believe before the Izzy vs Costa fight but it could’ve been somewhere else. I just know I’ve seen you break down that knee and the same side kick/punch that opened up the guard of Brunson.

  • ambross mbunga
    ambross mbunga

    Izzy is about to dance around the ring

  • Footplay Futbal
    Footplay Futbal

    Thanks for all those info. and techniques All together elaboration. Big ups Dan!

  • Lukasz Domagala
    Lukasz Domagala

    thats strategy is good what Adesanya can do it .... but sorry not with Jan im sure Adesanya have no idea this is the baddest contract what he sign in his all life sorry Guys but it will be KO or sub for Polish light heavy weight champion JAN BLACHOWICZ

  • jack Walls
    jack Walls

    wow, brilliantly good analysis Dan

  • Gustav Granath
    Gustav Granath

    You have to clean that dirty wall in the background and remove the fingerprints on your screen, otherwise great videos man :)

    • Full Reptile
      Full Reptile

      You mean the bloody UFC canvas?

  • Rolls Gracie
    Rolls Gracie

    He’s like a high-level surfer in Malibu🤣 I love this interview he really knows what he’s talking about but not in terms of surfing is right about that too... High-level surfing in Malibu mmmm No Hawaii Indonesia Nicaragua Australia yes

    • Rolls Gracie
      Rolls Gracie

      Do you research Homie the nice interview just the same

    • Rolls Gracie
      Rolls Gracie

      You could shoot for medium level waves sort of

    • Rolls Gracie
      Rolls Gracie

      Nicaragua Hawaii Indonesia etc. etc. good old school cross stepping longboard waves that will be Surfrider beach so national Monument church is surfing. But high-level waves only in this way

    • Rolls Gracie
      Rolls Gracie

      You obviously can’t learn on your own what I said is true but you don’t wanna look at it pick somewhere other than Malibu to talk about high-level surfing I get the point that you don’t get the point

    • Full Reptile
      Full Reptile

      High level surfers don’t surf in Malibu? I was telling a story of a high level surfer I was watching in Malibu... the point is the metaphor, not the geographic location of good waves, my friend.

  • Raha Rahovsky
    Raha Rahovsky

    People who think Jan will just come out guns blazing on Adesanya are those who didn't watch Jan's few last fight. Costa is brute bull that goes forward not Jan he calculates everything there is no coincidence in his strategy. He made everyone think he has no gameplan. Watch him keep distance against Adesanya and just wait to smash his ribs and knockout with the hook.

  • Raha Rahovsky
    Raha Rahovsky

    Wow greatest breakdown of this fight just wow good job 👏

  • Pawel Sych
    Pawel Sych

    I think that's more interesting than watching actual fight.

  • Robert Harper
    Robert Harper

    As a commentator I would look for the opportunity to display my own knockout to help explain my point

  • Darker Tiger
    Darker Tiger

    Adesanyas opponents become numb while before him. Like staring at a ghost, they spend more time trying to figure him out. Than trying to defeat him while getting picked apart, and its over before they know it.

  • HorizonsDeadKid

    I feel this will be similar to Iz vs Whittaker. Dunno why.

  • Dominiguez bolo
    Dominiguez bolo

    Jan Blachowicz for someone is age is very impressive but at the same time he probably doesn't have a whole lot of milage on himself , I would have to search that up to find out if that's the case, he's like Yoel Romero in a way these guys are so phenomenal at their age.

  • Dyslex Official
    Dyslex Official

    Costa has great cardio.... yeah sure okay Also everyone talking about Izzy having a hard time with Jan, but how is this fight any different from any other fight? Dont get hit, dont get taken down, pick em apart, same game plan as always folks.

  • Steven White
    Steven White

    Real life ninja sht

  • iulian alin sbengheci
    iulian alin sbengheci

    Dan " I'll never tap" Hardy :)