Jimmy Kimmel | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
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The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host joins Bill to talk sports, their shared love for Las Vegas, and commiserate over Covid-19's effect on live audiences.
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  • Miss Michelle
    Miss Michelle

    I love Kimmel 🥰

  • Main Man
    Main Man

    Jimmy Kimmel just strikes me as so disingenuous. He always sounds like he's reading a script whenever he's talking.

  • mistifa

    The Merv Griffin Show! Yes! Hahahahahaha!

  • Very Nice
    Very Nice

    I don't remember this scene from wolf of wall street

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    Kimmel is a sellout lackey.

  • MikaelS.

    Why the hell is Jimmy still on air.

    • MikaelS.

      @John King Jimmy most popular segments are leeching/stolen content.

    • John King
      John King

      His show beats Jimmy Fallon nightly, gaining 1.8 million viewers overnight with a consolidated audience of 4 million per show. He has 17.8 million subscribers on their IRbin channel. That is why.

  • Ty Tavarez
    Ty Tavarez

    You can tell they aren’t used to hosting someone who hosts guest or being the hosts.

  • swamp thing
    swamp thing

    Fake ass modesty and lip service at about 4:00 folks

  • Prateek Ke Thoughts
    Prateek Ke Thoughts

    Age is showing on Maher' s face

  • Valerie Sanchez
    Valerie Sanchez

    I want to see Katie Porter again

  • JC Stuart
    JC Stuart

    Odd mischaracterization of Tampa, Fl by Kimmel.

  • Cat Lady
    Cat Lady

    Hey, I loved the Merv Griffin show and watched after school at 15. Lol!

  • John M.
    John M.

    Blackface jimmy

  • Corner Entertainment, Bad
    Corner Entertainment, Bad

    Who else was waiting for Jimmy to curse?

  • Hip Fan
    Hip Fan

    Hey Maher, hockey says you can lick the shaft of it's big Bauer. Otherwise great show, keep up the madness buddy! Cheers

  • Dime TheDude
    Dime TheDude

    I miss the original man show

  • P S
    P S

    So you never heard of the New York Yankees?

  • peachmelba1000

    Look at Jimmy's dark, dead eyes. Making false claims about Russian disruptors because your elite billionaire master has something _really_ juicy on you must be soul destroying.

  • Los Carlito
    Los Carlito


  • Jessica Robinson
    Jessica Robinson

    2 rich dudes not realizing they’re now no longer in touch nor relevant

    • Jessica Robinson
      Jessica Robinson

      Canceled only wine moms and ppl w 401k watch kimmel. Poor ppl ain’t got the time for it

    • John King
      John King

      @Jessica Robinson Oh the joys of written sarcasm on IRbin comments, never comes across correctly.

    • Jessica Robinson
      Jessica Robinson

      @John King exactly LOL 😂 irrelevant

    • John King
      John King

      Jimmy Kimmel has nearly 18 million IRbin subscribers and has an average daily audience of 1.8 million. Bill Maher has over 2 million IRbin subscribers and an average consolidated audience of 5 million. Tell me Jessica, how many do you have? Not in touch or relevant? They are to those millions. Just because you don't like them, doesn't mean those who do have to see them cancelled.

  • Neverender

    I'm generally a fan of both of these guys, but not gonna lie, they come off as real pricks in this interview. And not like lovable, tell it like it is, I don't care if I'm politically incorrect pricks, but like genuinely out of touch, entitled, elitist, rich assholes.

  • James Hightower
    James Hightower

    I like the show but come on, why are we as an audience gassing up these rich f*cks? Let’s get a new generation of talking heads

  • FlinchD

    Kimmel sell out

  • FlinchD

    Kimmel not crying

  • FlinchD

    Kimmel is paid by soros

  • comfortably numb
    comfortably numb

    They cut it off. Why?

  • Richard Shortall
    Richard Shortall

    ALL the late-night hosts [with the exception of Conan] are all out virtue signalling.. it's unseemly

  • sondog501

    Guess Bill has dirty knees from sucking away now!!!!


    These 2 are so in a bubble

  • Michael Vilain
    Michael Vilain

    I remember the Merv Griffin show. My Chemistry Professor in college loved it.

  • Kathy Semrau
    Kathy Semrau

    Bill my phone is messed up. The minute l leave my house, the neighbors come in for their groceries. I am amazed at how messed up things are thanks to this Fricking pandemic and my blister of a stalker. I am not trying to hurt anyone, but l am just in a toxic situation were l can't move. Everything is messed up.

  • P. Brad
    P. Brad

    No Bill tonight? Feb 12, 2021

  • Vincent Daniels
    Vincent Daniels

    covid response is a religious doctrine

  • dan holm
    dan holm

    I like you Bill but f your greedy ass! Triple tax anyone thats has Bill's $$! And its unreal the no talent guy from the man show like JK is now worth hundreds of millions? so many others..

  • reeft


  • Dalsemien

    Spending half of the interview talking about teams they own was not a great decision.

  • aon10003

    I skipped Jimmy Kimmel when he became a politics. hack without a spine. I dont wanna see him here.

  • Catte Adams
    Catte Adams

    Bill's hair gets weirder every time. LOL What the HELL is going on in the back there? JEASAS...! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • zzz immune
    zzz immune

    Well Tom won so fuck it Bill

  • Rafael pimentel
    Rafael pimentel

    They are both very good comedians, very funny

  • Josephsf1

    they wasted how many minutes talking about sports? LAME!!!!!!!

  • Nestor Cuero
    Nestor Cuero

    How funny jimmy kimmel dumb ass didn’t say Russia again for game stop stocks

  • Seanecho Armando
    Seanecho Armando

    The prickly brother-in-law simulteneously dust because low gradually compare excluding a lush holiday. mean, dapper line

  • DaddyBadBad

    Jimmy Kimmel hates America, he should have his ass kicked all the way to Beijing. #owth

  • MK

    Wow, This show has really just turned into elites bitching about their problems.

  • Dennis P
    Dennis P

    Sniff at them all you like Jimmy & especially Bill, but you (especially Bill) are in that Demographic you think you are so above when you sniff your nose & look sideways with such disgust ... OLD PEOPLE ! Oh God ! You are but an eye blink away from the SAME age group. No Bill, they aren't all into Bingo, or any other standby you throw at them to insult.

  • K R
    K R

    Jimmy and Bill, after glorifying all of the filth and evil in this world, judgement is coming for you. A nanosecond after you die it will become very apparent. There will not be any applause and there also won’t be any mention of you in eternal history.

  • Wounded Ego
    Wounded Ego

    Jimmy needs some sleep... his eyes look exhausted.

    • John King
      John King

      He has a 3 year old and 6 year old back at home. He never sleeps properly now.

  • Ashley Walters
    Ashley Walters

    I have pandemic burnout ✅

  • Taylor West
    Taylor West

    Jimmy “Russian Bot” Kimmel

  • Douglas B
    Douglas B

    Two rich people talking about how bad they have it because of Trump. Wake up people!

  • Truth 2 Power
    Truth 2 Power

    Toilet Bay I agree

  • Redstar Redstar
    Redstar Redstar

    They’re both DB’s...

  • Roz Hill
    Roz Hill

    The vaccine kills old people. It has to be an S.S. thing. You gotta change your plan. BTW -- 24 seniors in two week period following injections. Dead.

  • Jeremy Two
    Jeremy Two

    President Trump knows how to handle China. President Trump come back to the White House. I don't want to be a Communist cow. Is stupidity throwing away freedom and wanting to be treated like cows?

  • Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese

    Is it just me or has Maher completely lost his way? He seems more concerned with dumb shit like “cancel culture” nowadays than he is about genocide in Yemen or police brutality or an exploitative healthcare system

  • David Brent
    David Brent

    👎🏾👎🏾 These two are just the worst! 👎🏾👎🏾

  • Vilim Andrusz
    Vilim Andrusz

    Why not Hockey Bill? Not enough Black people for you to own?

  • KensCrazyThoughts

    Jimmy's laugh is contagious lol

  • Gbolabo Olukoju
    Gbolabo Olukoju

    Listening to this after Brady won is so much funnier lmfaoo

  • Nowplease Readthis
    Nowplease Readthis

    I found out that Brady has been a quarterback that has been protected under the modern rules from being violently sacked in the scrimmage thus saving him from injury that other quarterback heroes in the past were. This does not diminish his great talent and dedication past being a multimillionaire at all but it most certainly is a big factor in his longevity at the top level and he may not have lasted as long to become such a multi winner if his knees had been sideswiped by Refrigerator Perry.

  • Robert Neil
    Robert Neil

    Two HAS BEENS in one click. So NOT funny.

  • Will Dragon
    Will Dragon

    MAGA...Trump Won

  • 4thbox

    A joke about the Merv Griffin show? And I laughed at it! Man, now I know I'm old and Maher is just as old

  • tahiti treat
    tahiti treat

    Heckel & Jeckel were given birth by the same mother.

  • TheKeytah

    When Maher was bleeding with the Mets his last resort was to turn on health officials stating all stadiums should be full - I believe it was the only comment of his in history I didn't agree with.

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven

    New rule: If Biden was your guy. Then do a live show at the southern border. And take John Oliver, Colbert and Noah with you. Or would that be too close to real life?

  • shiafeh

    Kimmelz a jaggov

  • Bo Smith
    Bo Smith

    Why did it cut it off before the end?

  • Brandon F
    Brandon F

    Yeah the Vegas Goldenknights went to the SCF in their first season, Kimmel, bc they altered the draft rules for teams to bleed skilled, quality, and veteran players for an expansion team. I can tell you that the expansion teams of the past, especially the failed ones like the Thrashers, are pissed by it. I know my Preds were vastly different...Sergei Krivokrasov...who's that? 🙄

  • Sam Cyr
    Sam Cyr

    I disliked only because of Bill's attitude towards hockey lol

    • Vilim Andrusz
      Vilim Andrusz

      Same. What a fuckin' asshole. Hockey is the best Sport in the world and he has the audacity to dismiss it? What a pos. Anyone would be honoured to own a piece of the VGK, they have an amazing fanbase and are a great team.

  • Tara Suzanne
    Tara Suzanne

    These people are too rich for me wow

  • Dani

    probably two of the funniest comedy hosters on national television these days!

  • Shy Bar
    Shy Bar

    Jimmy sucks

  • mark anderson
    mark anderson

    F Brady...the best cheater there ever was

  • Tommy Latham
    Tommy Latham

    Give your money to black people racists.

  • JC Benson
    JC Benson

    Two great comedians - hosts, having a good time.

  • lane3192

    Bill Maher's a hater.

  • 3d.h3nt14 blu
    3d.h3nt14 blu

    Time to retire Bill.

  • jorcasce

    Did Kimmel change the subject aboutbsocial distancing at the beggining.

  • Jay Birdy
    Jay Birdy

    I love Jimmy......he's awesome.

  • Jay Birdy
    Jay Birdy

    Brady.....Trump lackey whom the brothers will NEVER high five.

  • Grief PB
    Grief PB

    Jimmy is actually funny, Bill needs to adjust the chlorine levels in his swimming pool.


    The old ones know the real deal

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    What’s funny is both of these guys audiences have created the very culture they want to escape

  • 1981bevo

    i really just want to hear more about Bill's dealing with the Mets over the past year

  • Gamesngainz

    Hey Jimmy! Joe Biden cheated!

  • Fred V
    Fred V

    Love watching two filthy rich Hollywood celebrities bl** each other about how filthy rich they are

  • Cameron Zona
    Cameron Zona

    I love watching these two guys talk, you can tell they really get along and enjoy it.

  • VSY

    Seems like Jimmy Kimmel is transforming into Kal Penn...:-)

  • Rocky

    The way bill dismissed hockey is the Same way the rest of the world dismiss american football 😂

    • Vilim Andrusz
      Vilim Andrusz



    Not many comedians or funny talk show hosts can drop a one line than Bill genuinely laughs out loud for...not just a Twitter or chuckle, but a genuine laugh. "They used to have that...it was called The Merv Griffin Show" lol.

  • Gary Maslin
    Gary Maslin

    Jimmy who?

  • Judy Corso
    Judy Corso

    Problems of PROSPERITY huh?

  • President Elect Jeffrey Smith
    President Elect Jeffrey Smith

    Non essential

  • President Elect Jeffrey Smith
    President Elect Jeffrey Smith

    I don't work for you!!! Comrade Wizard Biden!

  • Jennifer Melee
    Jennifer Melee

    🇨🇦🇨🇦 you damn right Bill, hockey belongs to us! Best game ever! 🤪


    I did it for u , lol what I read u will never see


    let me explain I could care less about your hate


    when I see Jimmy I think of a flick lol a joke