Joe Rogan Experience #1368 - Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden is an American whistleblower who copied and leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013 when he was a Central Intelligence Agency employee and subcontractor. His new book "Permanent Record" is now available.

  • Taylor Bridges
    Taylor Bridges

    Snowden was just employed is just pushing the "russia interfered with the election" narrative

  • Mihail Blinov
    Mihail Blinov

    _The "difference" between EULA and .BSDl as "permanent record" is exactly not about "macarena"._ *I am your friend too.*

    • Mihail Blinov
      Mihail Blinov

      То есть, проще говоря, если полностью забыть и или исключить тему "электронной валюты" из "дискурса", то этой осенью, внезапно, скорее всего, банки внезапно не научатся правильно продавать продвигать развивать и так далее те "услуги", которые "оказывают" на протяжении последних столетий. "Без разницы"

    • Mihail Blinov
      Mihail Blinov

      Я не верю, что этой осенью банки внезапно научатся делать это грамотно.

  • Mika Hakinen
    Mika Hakinen

    Listen to this, kids, this is pure history! In 50 years, they will teach about this in schools!

  • scott williams
    scott williams

    Dude, JR just gave out an offer you can’t refuse.

  • It iz ze youtube
    It iz ze youtube

    FBI joins the chat at 48:54

  • Ben WS
    Ben WS

    What Edward discusses about 9/11 sounds very similar to how governments have handled the current virus.

  • Dez Nuces
    Dez Nuces

    Moral humans are a rare phenomenon today around the world, and those with morals are those standard, day to day humans that voices can't be heard. Mr. Snowden would be a representative of those people, their voice.

  • Jason Swackhammer-bowman
    Jason Swackhammer-bowman

    part of me goes good job man expose that ... then part of me goes you know what if your arent doing anything to mess with national security or mess with american or canadian way of life then whats the issue ? they wont give a shit who you are unless you have something to hide ...

  • Jrocksburr

    Let’s not forget now that this man shared to foreign threats our direct methods of spying, putting not us or our government but our military at risk.

  • xdrhb

    @44:20 is some realll shit

  • Dumble Door
    Dumble Door


  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash

    As this discourse progressed further, I started basing more of my decisions on experience, meaning judging people by interacting with them first, while simultaneously giving them the benefit of the doubt. which I did, consistently. the thing that scared me out of intimate commitment is that in the absence of the usual set of rules, as in the law, rights and freedoms, the other party's actions are then based on that person's conscience, meaning, they are dealing with me with their innate understanding of good or bad, morality, ethics, virtues and vices, humanity or abuse of autonomy, integrity etc... and I ended up horrified at the persons which I were dependent on for so long. they know I have a lot of money, they won't tell me, even if I tell them to hand it over, they take off... totally, because they want me to do what they say, who to marry, where to donate, how much or how little, or when, where, or why? so these dumbnuts ended up being totally over-confident in their "secret" knowledge of my status which they still believe I know nothing they just went full on psychotic, self help, convinience, political fixing, screwing with my head, forcing towards partisanship, it all ended up coming across as very fucked up... it is unfortunate because I was like, don't worry, I will spend it all on you, but do the appropriate thing because everyone else doesn't know any better and you are clearly taking advantage of private information so bluntly and you are terribly immoral and how do I trust you.. yet you have the constant stupid news pieces, the timeline getting overwritten, or the stubborn backing for their political party... no care or consideration to the political norms or culture... it could be some manic "screen person" who is also a psychotic feminist filled her ears with nonsense, radicalized her, most probably, into seeking more or what not... those type of idiots are just sucking up to you for favors and or using you as a ladder or just want prominence on the media... and I stuck this long because I know she isn't street smart at all, like this person needs body guards and or bubble wrap because she is clueless about the real world.. but I can't do anything if you ignore my direct comments...and go out seeking patterns.. I made sure to arrange things in order that there are no patterns, except whatever the stranger on the other side can come up with, index, ranking... I am not surprised at this, I know I am dealing with absolute idiots, like this is their absolute peak of intellectual abilities, but it is frustrating, it is counter productive, specially in a one on one interaction, where it is over a deeply personal and intimate connection, how is any third person relevant? unless you are a swinger in reality, I wouldn't be surprised if these guys turned out to be part of some cult where they shove D batteries up each other's ass, because they are sure loyal to each other like as if they are the fucking victim and I am the devil exploiting innocent politicians for money? so they are unfair and liars on top of being total nut jobs.. you have to consider things from my perspective also, on day one I said fear me for I ought to be feared, and then realized that I had been arrogant as hell so fell polite, extremely polite for a while... but regardless, I was on to something... had a little spark of genius in my eye, knew I would go places and do things... but what can you do except ponder over human nature.. like my junk, wealth and future, if that wasn't good enough for you, then you might be crazy as hell.. and I don't want crazy, I have had enough of it.

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash

    .......... social construct

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash

    you and I both know deep down, that david vs goliath doesn't go my life the poetical justic.. cuz its bigger!

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash

    melinda already put a white house briefing with pink flamingoes and people working for foreign governments,, orange,,,, like what am I suppose to be now, scared of these murderous lunatics? please

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash

    for a moment I thought I would be made the next Chief of CIA, but then ultimately, their inner truth surfaced like a sore thumb! all of them cultural biases, prejudices etc.. they just started propagating it openly! like I was guilty of something or that I was to remain a second class citizen forever! who were they you ask? not CIA.. you tell me how that got their, I am baffled

  • Gage Chelsea
    Gage Chelsea

    What if they planned 911 just to do all this 🤯

  • Gage Chelsea
    Gage Chelsea

    The openness of this and how people are joking about it in the comments must really drive the gov nuts 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Vital Ral
    Vital Ral

    NOW THIS IS THE GUY I'd like to be the president.

  • bsrhoad

    Snowden acts like he knows everything about the intelligence agencies, but he is fooling everyone. There is a reason Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) exists, so that no person knows "to much", and they only have access to what they NEED TO KNOW.

  • lazyBert


  • Chinga tu madre youtube
    Chinga tu madre youtube

    42:35 careful guy XD you need to live somewhere.

  • Chinga tu madre youtube
    Chinga tu madre youtube

    Snowden is more patriotic than anyone in the government

  • Kevin Velasquez
    Kevin Velasquez

    Sounds like mort fortel

  • I’am Kuly
    I’am Kuly

    Omg I just can't escape this idiot. Godddddd he jus pops up to piss off the earth by converting any measurements to Ju jitsu. Even with Dr Phil. He equivalents on that episode. I unsubscribed that moment . Unnecessary mentions of the art, in every conversation yaaaawwwwwn

  • Nunya

    Democrats worship government, and thereby the people who commit these crimes.

  • Melina Janik
    Melina Janik

    I would love to have dinner with Erik Snowden, he is so captivating

  • Splug TheGoblin
    Splug TheGoblin

    He is reading a script..

  • Jennifer Brenner
    Jennifer Brenner

    What is the book by Edward Snowden titled?

  • Max Odgaard
    Max Odgaard

    is Joe sleeping, or did he leave?

  • Jonathan Murray
    Jonathan Murray

    Edward what are they doing now thing are changing can we fix it or is it just the way it's going to be there changing everything with president orders over ,60 Now

  • Jonathan Murray
    Jonathan Murray

    Edward snowden the government doesn't want you telling people what there doing and now look what there doing and your right there snooping about our info and now they sell it marc zuckerdude won't tell the congress where he was staying and it ok for them

  • Javier

    Anyone else think Topher Grace could’ve played him as well in the movie.

  • Tom Kang
    Tom Kang

    Funny how this episode #1368 isnt in the spotify app...

  • Boboy Jose
    Boboy Jose

    TRAITORS are no heros.

    • GalaxyPrincette

      Snowden is no traitor.

  • Doctor straing Strange
    Doctor straing Strange

    heroes like Snowden aren’t very common because these agencies aren’t interested in hiring good people like him, he was a fluke, an error, they want the trash of the earth to work for them, people who don’t concern themselves with ethical issues, people who only see their fat paychecks

  • Gregory Smaldino
    Gregory Smaldino

    44:30 you're describing the Biden administration.

  • Doctor straing Strange
    Doctor straing Strange

    it’s amazing to see a real life hero

  • Tous

    He should have and still should get pardoned for the most patriotic act to human rights.

  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones

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  • nazar En
    nazar En

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  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider

    Stellar Wind ??? Wasn't that the super secure and super secret (US) government website /& software that Russia? recently hacked ???

  • nazar En
    nazar En


  • Thiago W.
    Thiago W.


  • William Winningham
    William Winningham

    To suggest there are not sleeper cells in America, utilizing the most advanced technologies available, is nothing short of monumentally stupid. Clearly Snowden could not be described as such. Consequently, the only conclusion to be drawn is that Snowden is in the habit of fitting the "facts" to his individual narrative. And his stated motive for his massive data dump, that the systems of checks and balances on governmental power had failed, is exposed as bullshit, when you consider the fact that the majority of data he STOLE dealt with military and other subjects...and not the evil of mass surveillance against which he professed to be railing. And Snowden's claim, that "no one was hurt" as a result of his actions, is verifiably false. It is a proven fact that the perpetrators of the 2015 terrorist attack in France had been able to avoid detection precisely because of information Snowden revealed.

  • muse

    Where can I buy the book" Permanent Record".

  • muse

    Why call ourselves Democracy when we have no say in how our governments run these clandestine activities in our name? Is this any different than authoritarian regimes like in Russia, China and Saudi Arabia?

  • Andre hughey
    Andre hughey


  • Mariangeles Cordero
    Mariangeles Cordero

    I used to follow this channel, then one day JRE and his guest started praising Bill Gates' figure as if he was a demigod. Taking the host as an intelligent well informed person I thought he was back then, found his defence unsustainable treason

  • David Noak
    David Noak

    And this is why I only use prepaid phones that get trashed and switched every year ...i never carry or keep a WiFi using device for more than a year and if I can help it never using my government identified straw man name to set it up my name is always John Doe more or less

  • Boxer Puncher
    Boxer Puncher

    Snowden's voice is old. Very interesting! Does anyone know what he programmed or did help program?

  • Angieluvsdmb

    They need a guy that knows how to access all of the different systems... “That guy was me.”

  • Juan Romero
    Juan Romero

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  • Maxy Waxyy
    Maxy Waxyy

    The CIA jus sitting here watching this with a bowl of popcorn just waiting for him to say something that's still classified

  • Michael Powers
    Michael Powers

    ES is a total piece of shit. a traitor. a goon for the clowns in america. FUCK you Snowden, your time is nigh boy.

  • Isaiah Abney
    Isaiah Abney

    I never trusted Wikipedia until Edward Snowden said it’s okay

  • Isaiah Abney
    Isaiah Abney

    This is the type of conversation to never end

  • Matt Reepsdorf
    Matt Reepsdorf

    Have Aaron Rodgers on the podcast

  • Abena Sunshine
    Abena Sunshine

    URGENT: Joe Rogan + Team and Fans: Please re-upload all the Dr. Steve Greer interview you've deleted from all your channels!!!! The information he shares is so important!

  • Mike Zach
    Mike Zach

    Ship of fools !

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos

    This man is a fatuous exhibitionist. As a political refugee, he shouldn't give interviews or make political comments, and even less speak ill of Russia. But he is an stupid person. Every time I listen to him I realize that he is a poor devil.

  • Who Farted
    Who Farted

    I can tell you what Edward Snowden isn't doing in Russia. SELLING CELL PHONES!

  • 604 Bear Spray
    604 Bear Spray

    ed is trying to say something else.... his words dont mean exactly what they mean. if you know what i mean, you know what i mean. he is not just talking or having a conversation. you can see he is reading off something. this was a presentation using body languages and figures of speech.

  • Avia Tor
    Avia Tor

    Well prepared and orchestrated piece. Making people loose trust in the government, frustrating democrats by name dropping Speaker Pelosi and Senator Sanders, and Republicans by talking bad about VP Cheney. People vulnerable to these kind of propaganda gonna hate CIA and NSA more. They are just taking down capitalism and democracy brick by brick.

  • txraised

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  • kill google
    kill google

    what does he think about the ufo tic-tac thing

  • Ozil Gzbsj
    Ozil Gzbsj

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  • Tanja Radoicic
    Tanja Radoicic

    And GOD

  • Tanja Radoicic
    Tanja Radoicic

    I am Christian and I was searching for truth,. This is what Edith stein said once: " if you seek truth, you are seeking GOD ."

  • Mankindfails

    This guy's political views are like watching CNN. Hard to believe he ever was in charge of something needing critical thinking

  • Chad Wilkerson
    Chad Wilkerson

    Stella wind huh. Sounds like a star farting. Maybe that's what a supernova sounds like. Just a giant fart and mass destruction. What were we talking about again? 💨

  • Letty Chevalier
    Letty Chevalier

    Thank you 🙏✨

  • Rodrigo W
    Rodrigo W

    Put in 1.25x speed. Thank me later.

  • jon dacoromanu
    jon dacoromanu


  • MIke B
    MIke B

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  • ou8124me also
    ou8124me also

    Snowden / Rogan 2024 "Laying the brick"

  • Yvonne Mojica
    Yvonne Mojica


  • Paula Garten
    Paula Garten

    Our government is under the thumb of an evil influence. We don't know who they are and who gave them this power to subvert the constitution and trample my rights as a citizen. They have looted the wealth of our country and now they intend to loot the personal wealth that the lowest 95% have earned through their own initiative and sacrifice. Who can blame the minorities and young for deciding to stop the "man" from enslaving them again? All good people have common ground, we need to stop the destruction of America by these self-appointed masters of America.

  • R D
    R D

    this dude is a traitor

    • Callum Macleod
      Callum Macleod

      You’re a nonce

  • America First
    America First

    Why are politicians that knew about this,....still in office????? Pelosi.......that's proof to how dirty politicians are.....and nothing happens to them....straight up BS

  • Ankit Sindhi
    Ankit Sindhi

    Never seen Joe stay quiet on his podcast for as long as he did with Snowden.

    • Coffeeisnecessarynow


  • Ozil Gzbsj
    Ozil Gzbsj

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  • KickStartTV

    I nearly forgot this was a Joe Rogan podcast.

  • Le Parvenu
    Le Parvenu

    Hello Edward. Greetings from Hawaii. The waves are still beautiful here though it's a bit crowded now. Hope you're doing well. Bless you and yours. Ps. This is actually a reprint as the original was removed by IRbin. Soldier on Brother. Aloha!

  • Kyle Disney
    Kyle Disney

    he reminds me of the subway guy . prob very simuler people....

  • Diana Rain
    Diana Rain

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  • carlo vincetti
    carlo vincetti

    How can people as intelligent as you Joe and Edward not educate themselves about aircraft and the ability to do as they say happened with these events on 911? First of all the ability for something made "completely" of two major composites aside from the engines on an airliner are Aluminum and plastic. Then being as intelligent as both of you are to think those aircraft could be enveloped by a structure made of steel-reinforced concrete. That an airliner can be flown that close to the ground at the Pentagon without crashing because of airflow over the wings. Airliners were never designed to fly this close to the ground making that completely impossible to do. Anytime an attempt to do so is done, the landing gear is in place and the aircraft has touched the ground. Without the landing gear in place, the plane will crash every single time. Four planes crash on the same day but not one of those crashes leaves any of the plane debris visible at the crash sites. The video of the first plane into that building shows what can only happen in one aspect of reality and that being cartoons showing aircraft wings penetrating that building as well, you only see in these cartoons. With the intelligence both of you possess, you would think the knowledge of anything portrayed in cartoons has no basis in reality. Both of you disappoint me. Then seeing them drop with implosion to building 7 around 5:30 pm, when most of America has turned off their TV. Having Jane Goodall reporting for the BBC London with a live feed in New York announcing Building 7 had fallen but was still standing in the background of her live feed. Then, of course, losing that live feed altogether. Also having the realization the Patriot Act written well before 911 could never ever under any circumstance be considered without an attack on American soil, needing this Act implemented at any cost. Now, if you two are forced to say these beliefs, then I understand completely.

  • Random Female
    Random Female

    42 minutes in : there's a lot of truth and a lot of BS here.

    • Tejas

      Whats the bs???

  • unemployicus

    Snowden for Jail 2021.

  • Brian C
    Brian C

    The internet was a military invention. Then it became a public utility. Somewhere in between someone or some group knew that cell phones and internet would be great for surveillance and control of the masses. When the government needs to worry about the masses they are worried about us knowing something they're hiding. I have no doubt this had to be a Dick Cheney's project. Patriot act.

  • Belinda Washington
    Belinda Washington

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  • evilrslade

    Rogan let's people talk, he just interjects to steer the conversation. He's probably the best at it tbf. And Snowden is absolutely right about large corporations/agencies. Competition fundamentally breaks co operation.

  • Sunny the Great
    Sunny the Great

    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

  • BryneGaming

    Joe: asks yes/no question Ed: tells life story

  • Katie Jo Pockat
    Katie Jo Pockat

    This is my reminder to pick back up at 40:00

  • Syed Asim
    Syed Asim

    The way he agrees with Joe is so cool.

  • Lukas Akadian
    Lukas Akadian

    There were no Russian hackers. I would bet my life on it.

  • Kayla Marie
    Kayla Marie

    I’m just gonna say it...🤌🏽🤷🏽‍♂️ ‼️Edward Snowden and Alex Jones‼️....Maybe throw Elon Musk & Eddie Bravo in there for an EVEN greater clash of the minds... It would be the most interesting podcast on the entire IRbin platform, right?? I cannot be the only one who wants this!😍💯🤔😆

  • Balince Music
    Balince Music

    Mr. Snowden, if you ever need help carrying your testicles around town, lemme know....

  • Shubham Ghodake
    Shubham Ghodake

    The FBI employs approximately 35,000 people, almost half of the employees disliked this video, lol.