Joe Rogan Talks Big Fight Between Jake Paul and Ben Askren
Joe Rogan and Brendan Shaub weigh in on their thoughts about the upcoming fight with IRbin sensation Jake Paul with Olympian and the former Bellator/ONE champion, Ben Askren on April 17th.
It will be an 8-round professional boxing fight
Askren started his career 19-0 before losing his last two and then retiring.
Jake Paul is 2-0 and Ben Askren will be making his boxing debut.
Who wins this fight?
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  • Jeff Sainlar Visuals
    Jeff Sainlar Visuals

    Joe Rogan talks about the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight>

  • NatureGazer Fila
    NatureGazer Fila

    Jake Paul was billed at 5’10.5 This 6’1 bullshit is listed by jake, he is a hair shorter than KSI and he self admitted to being 5’11

  • Cha Po
    Cha Po

    Jake Paul is a upgrade version of Charlie Zelenoff

  • Dylan Moriarty
    Dylan Moriarty

    Jake chooses a fighter that has zero striking. Okay. 😆

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    If this fucking guy is so tuff why dose he not do a real fight and MMA. WHICH IS A REAL FIGHT

  • Christian Castro
    Christian Castro

    Joe stating that Ben MIGHT beat Robinson in a boxing match makes me think he’s high on crack.... Nate Robinson did not show ANY skill of boxing WHATSOEVER . So joe .... stop smoking that shit

  • BBS frosty
    BBS frosty

    He is calling out ufc fighters but he doesn’t get in the cage with them

  • Elijah Filmore
    Elijah Filmore

    Ben bout to get ko like Nate Robinson 2.0

  • carlos m
    carlos m

    I’m with Brennan on this

  • J Pizzle
    J Pizzle

    I see Jake beating Ben but McGregor and Diaz are two different beasts. Diaz has a chin made of Iron, you can stun the guy but he ain't knocking him out.

  • Daniel Tellez III
    Daniel Tellez III

    Jake Paul is a fu(king joke I would start training again just to fight him

  • Rhys Whittaker
    Rhys Whittaker

    Boxing is an art and MMA is a brawl? What does MMA stand for again?

  • alien critic
    alien critic

    If Jake paul fights any real fighter I don't care if you're a karate fighter or muay thai boxer or mma he will get fucking dropped flat he's trash

  • Shinobione

    Man if he knocks him out it’s gonna be crazy.

  • Zero

    Did Jake Paul step over a guy that he was sparring with? Knowing full well that it was being recorded? What an absolute douchebag.

  • Kevin Galicki
    Kevin Galicki

    anybody realize that Jake Paul hasn't called out an actual boxer. he's calling out UFC grapplers

  • porkwop

    Jake is such an idiot. The fact he says "boxing is an art, mma is a brawl" is just silly.

  • KidsPlayGround
    KidsPlayGround these guys were wearing a Ben Askren shirt in canelos fight

  • Andress -
    Andress -

    5:06 wtf is Ben doing

  • Peter Graan
    Peter Graan

    Ben wil loose

  • Tarek Morsy
    Tarek Morsy

    This is a very UNIQUE matchup, i just HAD to make a breakdown video for it. Explosiveness vs Endurance, THIS FIGHT WILL END IN A K.O!!

  • Aaron Kilby
    Aaron Kilby

    Ben askren may be slow but he's saying all mma guys are slow, are you joking

  • Efrem Alex Joseph
    Efrem Alex Joseph

    Jake is going to win for sure

  • moist apple sauce
    moist apple sauce

    I'm just saying Jake is like 5 ft 11

  • Patriot Surfer
    Patriot Surfer

    'Diaz gets knocked out' 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fhrh Sharo
    Fhrh Sharo

    Lmao stfu Jake mma is more of an art than your music😂

  • Woah

    4-4 in what?

  • Michael Haas
    Michael Haas

    Son, If you get in the ring with Nathan Diaz, you better have a cemetary plot picked out, because thats where you;ll end up if you box Diaz.

  • Johnny

    I'm not a Jake fan but it would be hella funny if he won. And I still remember all the Ben hype so he is the one guy I don't care for. So yeah go jake

  • Daniel Nicholson
    Daniel Nicholson

    let me give you the resume doesnt mean shit. Paper is useless in most situations.

  • Zubair Desai
    Zubair Desai

    Go fight a boxer and stop picking on MMA

  • NW Arctic
    NW Arctic

    I'm sorry but Ben is not a striker. He's a Olympic wrestler and he won all his MMA fight with his wrestling, he's going to lose.

  • Play them games
    Play them games

    Jake says hé will knock-out Diaz. Has hé even seen Connor vs Diaz? Careful what you say f***

  • Eww Oppp
    Eww Oppp

    “Big fight” you are a joke joe Rouen

  • YouTube Connolly family
    YouTube Connolly family

    Hahaha Ben is going to kill that blonde hair idiot. Ppl are sooo dumb

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    Askren can’t throw a punch and has never attempted to learn how he’s a wrestler. Jake has been training with pros for 4 years.

  • SaltyTostito

    Jake should have fought Bisping

  • Kujo Jotaro
    Kujo Jotaro

    Jake paul is not 6'1 lol

  • Akuma Kingu sureiyā
    Akuma Kingu sureiyā

    Askren will humble him I just don’t know why masvidal is helping jake when jake is dissing the MMA fighters like that makes no sense to me the MMA community should get behind Ben

  • Zaylo Content
    Zaylo Content

    Ben gonna lose

  • steve smith
    steve smith

    out of all the people he claimed weren't ready, bisping was NOT one of them lol, did NOT say his name once hahaha

  • Bryn Aarstad
    Bryn Aarstad

    Schaub is probably a great guy but it’s hard to listen to him


    Yo Ben is gonna go to sleep💤💤💤

  • Grape Liquids
    Grape Liquids

    Ben Askren: Jake Paul, people didn’t like you on IRbin, so you went to fighting to lose, boom roasted.

  • Shaquille Ghans
    Shaquille Ghans

    He said mcgregor just lost like if mcgregor won he was gonna fight him 🤡

  • Iemand dat kan
    Iemand dat kan

    Jake is 5'11

  • Cameron Carver
    Cameron Carver

    Ben askren: not a stand up Dillon danis: not a stand up Nick: finally fights a stand up

  • Monkey Movies
    Monkey Movies

    Let's hope Ben can pull this off somehow.

  • Cpt Rex 1313
    Cpt Rex 1313

    Nate and Conor will knock you out easily 😂

  • Cpt Rex 1313
    Cpt Rex 1313

    MMA is a brawl? Bro MMA is the Art of fighting and boxing is just a game with a bunch of rules and limitations.

  • Oh yeah Burgers for the boys
    Oh yeah Burgers for the boys

    " Yea, good question" hahaha😂

  • Antti Helenius
    Antti Helenius

    imagine Nate diaz vs paul. that is some tv i am gonna watch

  • killa anth
    killa anth

    If it goes to the judges they will pick Paul cause they will keep making money off him.. So ben is gonna have to knock him out to win

  • Goku Ninja
    Goku Ninja

    jakes just fight MMA fighter because he knows they are only restricted to punching in the ring he needs to fight a real boxer

  • SELFakaMr.MillionReasons

    I have a feeling Jake is going to fuck this guy up LOL

  • Lewis Harris
    Lewis Harris

    Finally jake fighting an actual fighter

  • G W
    G W

    But do it for the dollar 🤑

  • G W
    G W

    Scripted outcomes 😒are boring...

  • G W
    G W

    Paying for Dives😒🧐🏊

  • King RandomNinja203
    King RandomNinja203

    Dude he will die vs Nick or Nate diaz

  • JustSendIt Racing
    JustSendIt Racing

    Bens getting ko bens stand up is trash

  • /:

    JuSt bEcAuSe yOu aRe In MMA dOeSnt MeAn yOu KnOw hOw tO bOX. He is perfect for Ben Askren slow and says plenty of dumb shit

  • james harris
    james harris

    Boxer boxing a wrestler easy fight and the Logan troll knows it.

  • Juan Jose
    Juan Jose

    Neither did khabib


    I like Paul in this matchup. I like his moxy although he hasn't really been tested quite yet..

  • michael colascione
    michael colascione

    Ben askren will get ko'd. His stand up is garbage and Jake will trash him. This fight will only prove Ben has no business boxing and doesn't at all reflect the skill set of real mma fighters. But jake is way too disrespectful calling mma a brawl. Talking for the sake of being controversial

  • halohalo cremadeleche
    halohalo cremadeleche

    lol Jake at the end, yeah im sure he could probably beat Askren but no way he out boxes Nate Diaz

  • Alex Martin
    Alex Martin

    Its gonna be a boxing match? What the fuck is Ben thinking?


    He should call out Anderson.

  • Trader363

    Jake Paul knocking him out.. shoulda been a mma fight

  • Trader363

    Shoulda been mma

  • chris sibersky
    chris sibersky

    He wants to box but not with any boxers?

  • LTStarting

    Diaz is a legit boxer though and trains with legit boxers. Diaz would tear Jake Up

  • Noah Watson
    Noah Watson

    Ok but Brendan would get knocked out by jake

  • vtencouchclimbr

    Im not so sure he didnt get knocked out in the Lawler fight. Watch it again. Pretty sure Lawler knocked him out and then back in and then the rest of the bs took place and he won.

  • Thomas Phillips
    Thomas Phillips

    If he wants to box go in and fight boxers real boxers and prove it’s worth it for a real striker in mma to come over to fight you not just a wrestler if you beat askren it doesn’t prove your a fighter take on real boxers and real strikers

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler

    Joe ,stfu

  • mathew roberts
    mathew roberts

    Jake is a much improved boxing this past 2yrs and if he can get those hands going round 1 he got a good chance of beating Ben

  • Miha Kovac
    Miha Kovac

    Ben is gonna break jakes hands with his head

  • S C
    S C

    At this point Jake is just trying to get as much W's as possible with people that don't make sense. How about you fight people that are actually in the sport of boxing not fucking basketball mixed martial arts scrawny Gib and no train deji. It's just free EcoBoost with people that don't make sense

  • Ponchbelly Warpig
    Ponchbelly Warpig

    Askren is gonna lose this I'm sorry but I do feel jake holds the speed and power factor in boxing compared to askren mma could be a different story but boxing I believe jake is gonna run this hands down say what you want but these two paul brothers have put some time and effort into there boxing I mean they are no conelo or anything but they most definitely have the potential to be quite good

  • Mudd Whistle
    Mudd Whistle

    Some real heartwarming cutie pie time tattoo’s on Logan Paul’s little brother

  • King Dres
    King Dres

    Lawler didnt ko ben no way paul can , i hope 5 sec in ben just bodyslams him and gets the DQ cause he know he wont win and we would all love it 😳

  • Kyo _
    Kyo _

    My man JJ is 5”11 ye so how the fuck is jake 6”1

  • Notsoseriousguys2121

    I don't care if you have to take a loan out from the Mob lol throw the House on Paul at -265. He'll KO asskisser no problem. Askren looks like an 8th grader learning boxing when he trains... not to mention the beating he took from Lawler plus the Masvidal Ko has probably weakened his chin.

  • HUSTLIN1139

    Nate vs JP is the match...the shit talking would be epic lol

  • ken7531077

    Fuck the Paul twats. So tired of these social assholes. Dick riders can hold your comments back as notifications are turned off.

  • Mojo Risin
    Mojo Risin

    Making an absolutely mockery of boxing to make some cash. Welcome to planet earth. Where being an absolute melt is accepted.

  • red dedtasmin
    red dedtasmin

    I mean ksi has a shit striking technique but he could beat jake


    Paul is gonna win this one on confidence alone

  • Kenyon Prunty
    Kenyon Prunty

    Yeah Jake will wax him but see I want Jake to fight a boxer and he will not do its

  • Kenyon Prunty
    Kenyon Prunty

    I think honestly he will knock most of them out!!And I hate jake paul

  • Osirus Homunculi XIII
    Osirus Homunculi XIII

    This is so dumb Jakes onviously a better boxer than ben its no contest

  • Osirus Homunculi XIII
    Osirus Homunculi XIII

    Ben is gonna get starched lol

  • Chef BlackLipz
    Chef BlackLipz

    I respect Paul but he didn’t want that smoke with YOEL ROMERO. Paul has a smart business manager. Askren is about to be asleep by round 3. Don’t buy that shit, Askren fucking sucks standing up.

  • Beatle Juice
    Beatle Juice

    When are we going to have Niel vs Eric Dubay?

  • Duane Isaacs
    Duane Isaacs

    Is this the guy from the bar fight?

  • Ignis Pyro
    Ignis Pyro

    In what world is jake paul 6"1 😂

  • Samuel H.
    Samuel H.

    These are the 3 options on what will happen -Jake wins by k/o -Jake gets gassed and Askren goes the whole way, slowly eating at him -fight goes the whole way, ends in unanimous decision

  • Andrew R32GTR
    Andrew R32GTR

    This is just a circus now. The whole thing.