Kameron Marlowe - Giving You Up (Official Video)
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  • Alissa anne
    Alissa anne

    I love this song.

  • Miriam Medina
    Miriam Medina

    It takes two Blaine not just one

  • David Wayne
    David Wayne


  • Frank kokos
    Frank kokos


  • Dj Manyoso 2
    Dj Manyoso 2

    You were my 1st priority baby, Why did you give me up!? For 6mos! I waited for you! I wish you never did... I was yours!! Only yours! 💜💚💔

  • Ashley McCauley
    Ashley McCauley

    Every lyric of this song is hitting me to my core. Loving someone who struggles with addiction is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but, I’ve given him up and it’s time to start living my life for myself. There ain’t no use for you in this ❤️.

  • Angel Liebold- Schemke
    Angel Liebold- Schemke

    This song opened my eyes.

  • Josh Addison
    Josh Addison

    That shit hit hard

  • Rachael Ann Badham
    Rachael Ann Badham

    Love this song can listen everyday to it

  • Jenny Eksteen
    Jenny Eksteen

    I didn't find the song the song found me!!💁‍♀️

  • Patti Zapf
    Patti Zapf

    Bye bye. I had to end a 24 year relationship because he became abusive in every way possible. It was hard I stayed longer than I should of. I realize I had lost love for him a long time ago. I am a strong woman more than I believed! Had to give him up....

  • Angela Herald
    Angela Herald

    25 years a distant memory. Now its like we never met 😭

  • Gason Johnson
    Gason Johnson

    Nancy I know how u feel I just ended a 25 year relation ship she became my demon as well but it's hard walking away but I did and now I'm doing good and I found god

  • Kirsten Carroll
    Kirsten Carroll

    He wouldn't stop cheating on me

  • Karen Hinton
    Karen Hinton

    Who else is in the limbo stage thinking about giving up?

  • Jewelz04

    Oh my Gosh this reminds me of the most toxic relationship in my life that crazy still trying to sneak back into my life like nah i gave u up

  • Blaze

    This song is dogshit



  • Susie Glidewell
    Susie Glidewell

    Wonderful song I need too!😭😭😭😢

  • Natalie Alexander
    Natalie Alexander

    What a song omg love it in 2021

  • CW

    Chase Wright: wish you’d miss me

  • CW

    I can’t believe you would come looking for me for a little bit of sympathy when ur the one who left me here standing here crying

  • CW

    I know ur listening Scott, bc u played it for me after I took u back after u hurt my heart by walking away from me on a special day. So u say u were giving me up? After a week but 5 months of ur ups n downs I was there. I gave u my heart which it’s been a long time n u lied to me n u gave me heartache. Good luck to u

  • Tony Dawn
    Tony Dawn

    It's hard to give up someone that you truly love

  • Homer Couch
    Homer Couch

    Shes outta here

  • Jessica Binnås
    Jessica Binnås

    I just say one thing... wow what a song!

  • Matt Buckner
    Matt Buckner

    Great song buddy hope to meet you someday would be cool to hangout with you!

  • Cameron Black
    Cameron Black

    7 years of trying I cant keep going any longer wish her the best I'm ready for a new chapter in life

  • tonia Smith
    tonia Smith

    I absolutely love this song... Giving him up was hard but staying would've been harder

  • Kelly Roberts
    Kelly Roberts

    Sad depressing song 😭💔

  • Kara Ubriaco
    Kara Ubriaco


  • Glorie Trude Arceo
    Glorie Trude Arceo

    giving up someone is the only option i can do...but how about the little angel?is that so easy to say or to do?

  • SleepyTee901 Pope
    SleepyTee901 Pope

    Love it sir thank you for this

  • kayamiller

    Just love these lyrics! that are so on point. Don't waste time fighting for someone. Just let the fuck go and move on!

  • Angie Shenker
    Angie Shenker

    Your words hit home with me today. Just always remember who you are and where you came from!!! *Maranda A.S.Dornbush*

    • Donald Philip
      Donald Philip

      Hello beautiful

  • Dorothy marie moore Groce
    Dorothy marie moore Groce

    Yeah I went through that to

  • Rachael Ann Badham
    Rachael Ann Badham

    Great song this song is a great hit it hits everybody's heart break may everyone who listed a special love heal with a greater love

    • Donald Philip
      Donald Philip

      Hello beautiful

  • Jared Crimmins
    Jared Crimmins

    I swear I just ended a relationship after 6 months just like this song too bad the kids were involved on both parts

  • Random Vidz
    Random Vidz

    Me when I can’t do my homework in elementary


    Ended my 5 year relationship and it’s so hard for me . I miss him everyday but I know it’s for the best . It’s now 4 months without him and it still hurts

  • Lisa Larson
    Lisa Larson

    I just left dour year relationship all he did was play games and left me devastated 😢. It was so wrong before that my husband was military he died of ptsd ,how could someone treat me this bad?

  • Stacey

    Loved this..reminds me of my situation 😢

  • Jr Rowe
    Jr Rowe

    im sure both of u will be happy. its never just 1 person. it does take 2 people to work through it or end it. we all have our secrets no matter who wants to confess them.

  • Kathi Scott
    Kathi Scott

    Yes this song is so right. Turned into a man I don’t even recognize! 42 years married and 45 knowing each other. I’m happier without you!

  • Sandra Montecinos
    Sandra Montecinos

    amo su voz

  • Casarah Sorrells
    Casarah Sorrells

    He left me for another girl after being together for a year yet I still send him one message a day hoping for a reply he made me think it was my fault. Im giving you up I'm worth more.

  • A H
    A H

    I have a different interpretation of this song than many in the comment section do. "I'm giving you up, just like I gave up those Marboro Lights ... whiskey and ice". It sounds like it might be a Christian reason and she was a bad infulence on/to him.

  • Ty901

    This song is very powerful and has turned to one of my favs. Some of these women and men like to hang around just enough to keep you obsessed, be careful out there y'all

  • Matt Ross
    Matt Ross

    Almost 10 years with the love of my life and my best friend. We both vowed that no matter what, we would always be friends. That we would always be there for each other. Well she left, took everything, and never even looked back. Like I never existed. She promised that she would always be there and always be my friend. I need that so much right now, but she broke her promise... Gave all of myself, all of my heart and soul to her. It's been 6 years since she walked out and everyday it still hurts like it just happened. Some wounds just don't heal I'm afraid. So, I guess I'll be right here for the rest of my life. Missing her... I'll love you this much forever Jessica... I vowed before God that I would love and cherish you until death do us part. I'm keeping my promise... 💔

  • Ashley Tinder
    Ashley Tinder

    Alternate Title: Never Gonna Give You Up Disstrack

  • Bobby Lotito
    Bobby Lotito

    I love how people go out their way to tell us their BS story when we know damn well woman ate to blame lmao 🤣 get a life people

    • Bobby Lotito
      Bobby Lotito

      @April Hawkins whatever u say kid

    • April Hawkins
      April Hawkins

      It's both females and males. I'm a female so I know it takes two

  • David Rosenberg
    David Rosenberg

    Miss you Grandma. Wish you were here to see me now😁😢💔

  • Felicia Beers
    Felicia Beers

    I love you Justin

    • Donald Philip
      Donald Philip

      Hello beautiful lady

  • Terry Miller
    Terry Miller


  • ironbilt727

    Tomorrow I’m giving you up coffee, alcohol, chocolate, dairy, gluten, pizza, spicy food Got to fix my digestive system. Sick of heartburn. Tune to take my health BACK.

  • Mj Rogers
    Mj Rogers



    When she comes back pregnant 🤰

  • Patti Zapf
    Patti Zapf

    After 24 years I had to give him up.... so hard at 65+ but could not live in a marriage he did not meet me half way... it’s hard but he had already given the marriage up

  • Monica Estrada
    Monica Estrada

    All these comments are what I needed to hear. I realized I'm worth more than that. I'm a good person with a big heart giving to the wrong person. I found strength to leave and stay on my own.

    • Donald Philip
      Donald Philip

      Hello beautiful

  • Monica Estrada
    Monica Estrada

    All these comments are what I needed to hear. I realized I'm worth more than that. I'm a good person with a big heart giving to the wrong person. I found strength to leave and stay on my own.

  • Saprena Nesselrodt
    Saprena Nesselrodt

    I gave my Ex everything I had to give...my whole self bc he BEGGED for that chance to prove he wasnt like the others! So I I opened my heart to him & ended up falling in love with him more than I have ever loved anyone else aside from my children! The love I felt when I was with him was a feeling I could never even explain. I still love him that way... But I cant do it anymore bc he shattered my heart in ways I never knew someone could! Walked away when I needed him most... theres more but I'd rather not even talk about it! I miss him so much cit makes me sick... I can NOT allow myself to be codependent on him anymore. I have to find a way to forget! I dont want to remember! As crazy as that sounds... but the pain of the memories good or bad is just too much to bare..... I would have taken a bullet for him! I've never said that to anyone else but my kids! But that's without even saying! I would never want someone to feel the pain of a shattered heart... and I will never allow myself to get in a situation I have to go through it with anyone again! I cant take it! :(

  • tj burbman
    tj burbman

    so many dudes in this situation

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith

    Love your songs are so amazing I love giving you up the one that I just want some too these beautiful songs by the way why did you make giving up

  • Shanita Kirabo
    Shanita Kirabo

    Am giving up on him... My heart hasnt just accepted but I feel its better than just staying a being hurt on and on.

  • His Will
    His Will


  • Eva Sandoval
    Eva Sandoval

    My marriage of 5 years ended in 09/12/20 we had 8 years together and the hardest thing is knowing that he is not my family that he choose to not work out our marriage ...it sucks time to time now the hardest thing will be how to love myself again 🙏🏽🙏🏽🥺

  • Agooden 90
    Agooden 90


  • Dora Benavidez
    Dora Benavidez

    You do everything for a man, you even put them before YOURSELF. You get to a point where you get tired and don't even care anymore because you learn the truth they never cared. If they did, they wouldn't lose you in the 1st place.

  • Angela Gallardo
    Angela Gallardo

    🥺❤️ why does this hit so close to home??

  • Shelley Epstein
    Shelley Epstein

    Very nice thankyou... 🌼

  • Jared Crimmins
    Jared Crimmins

    I can't believe I'm back in this position again unbelievable and we in and she has her kids plus my involved

  • Joy V
    Joy V

    Best country artist i’ve accidentally stumbled on! WOW! What a voice ❤️ you’ve got a new fan

  • Rooster19

    This dude has some PIPES on him!!! Quality song brother!👍🏻


    dude looks like that one warzone skin

  • Virginia Feagle
    Virginia Feagle

    Finally got the courage to walk out after 21 yrs..I didnt wanna leave because of my kids now their grown & it’s time for me to move on & get myself back together..

  • crad marks
    crad marks

    one day when I hear this I'll smile, and not just hang my head in acknowledgment.

  • Stephanie Collier
    Stephanie Collier

    I went to through divorce one hard thing

    • Donald Philip
      Donald Philip

      Hello beautiful

  • ArizMo2015

    Such a great tune and awesome vocals 🤠🤘

  • Macie Lupo
    Macie Lupo

    I am so very sorry 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • BrodyRichard263

    She was hooking up with his best friend before the song was over

  • Jasmine Rhodes
    Jasmine Rhodes

    This song always hits harder than anything like no joke. It's not bout who doesnt live one another its giving the person up of they ain't willing to be there n care for u or be the one u can run to but when they change its always the hardest thing...its more like the easiest hello but the hardest good bye...I finally found my worth after a 9 yr relationship n I can honestly say this song is still my number one song for sure

  • Justin Spliedt
    Justin Spliedt

    Its hard to give up and move on. But I have found the most wonderful woman cuz I gave up and moved on. Self love self respect.

  • Guest Mode
    Guest Mode

    Damn I had to swallow the last of that lol she didn't give a sinch

  • Guest Mode
    Guest Mode

    Something fuckd up

  • Guest Mode
    Guest Mode

    A one way relation ship with a memorie

  • Guest Mode
    Guest Mode

    Maybe I'm retarded cuss a three month don't become four plus years



  • nmajeme onyinyechi
    nmajeme onyinyechi


  • Kathy Florez
    Kathy Florez

    I agree with autumm reese. U got it right on the money . i espressed so much love compashion and was there everytume this guy needed me i would jump but now im finalky coming to realize , even if im gone he wouldnt even notice or remember how much i cared. I still love him but my heart lost this time because he wont ever love me no matter what . unfortunate but true. But u reap what u sow . what goes around will come around.

    • Donald Philip
      Donald Philip

      Hello beautiful lady

  • David Rosenberg
    David Rosenberg

    My last relationship put me in jail lost my grandma soon after.

  • Felicia Beers
    Felicia Beers

    3 years of being friends with benefits and now it's ended and you promised you would always be there for me and right now I need you more than anything else and your not around. YOU PROMISED!!!

    • Felicia Beers
      Felicia Beers

      He finally talked to me yesterday and said he wasn't mad anymore and then we talked this morning again feel better but miss him still

    • Donald Philip
      Donald Philip

      @Felicia Beers morning beautiful

    • Felicia Beers
      Felicia Beers

      Radio silence still!

    • Felicia Beers
      Felicia Beers

      Finally heard from him today at least we are talking it's a start. I love him so much and it still hurts so much but if I can't have him like I used to I'll take what I can get

  • Marlana lynn Harvey
    Marlana lynn Harvey

    Marlana Harvey I'll never give up on u.please dont give up on me.u told me u know what u wanted and it was me..u said he changed but it was to late and u wanted to be me with me forever and u would never do anything to mess it up.i love u so much.i don't know if I'll make it in this world without you. You are my twin flame. Not many people get the chance to meet there twin flame.

  • Jamileth Espinoza
    Jamileth Espinoza

    No se que dirá pero me gusta jajajajajaj

  • Scotty dale Burton
    Scotty dale Burton

    Don't you dare try and reappear After you already got me standing here I can't believe you would come at me looking for A little bit of sympathy Like I wasn't the one you left all alone crying Looking like a hot mess Don't show your face 'round here anymore honey This is something you better get through your head 'Cause I'm giving you up Just like I did them Marlboro Lights And I'm giving you up The same way I did the whiskey on ice And it's all so tough You turn me into a man I don't even recognize I'm giving you up The same way you did me out in the moonlight What the hell are you thinking coming 'round to visit Completely uninvited messing with my brain again You couldn't give me the satisfaction of forgetting Your existence showed up when I thought I finally found the end Don't be coming over looking for a conversation Dropping little hints that you want me back again 'Cause I'm so sick and tired of the little lies you tell me So here is all I'm saying, baby better listen in 'Cause I'm giving you up Just like I did them Marlboro Lights And I'm giving you up The same way I did the whiskey on ice And it's all so tough You turn me into a man I don't even recognize I'm giving you up The same way you did me out in the moonlight Yeah I'm giving you, I'm giving you, I'm giving you up I'm letting go of all the things that held their grips on me With you being my first priority 'Cause death isn't worth the weight of your love no more And I'm packing up, leaving closing shop There ain't no use for you in this heart no more So I'm letting go And I'm giving you up Just like I did them Marlboro Lights And I'm giving you up The same way I did the whiskey on ice And it's all so tough You turn me into a man I don't even recognize I'm giving you up The same way you did me out in the moonlight Out in the moonlight Oh, I'm giving you up Oh, I'm giving you up Oh, I'm giving you, giving you, giving you up

  • Amanda M. Streiff
    Amanda M. Streiff

    if i had you id never give you up

  • P L
    P L

    I love this song

  • Lit Los
    Lit Los

    This man is up next

  • Brenna Hodge
    Brenna Hodge

    Where was this song on August 2020! For me,really needed this song! At that time,Because this is such a good song and I truly felt it all,with some of the words he was saying 😩😩💓💓 still a really good song overall. Spent 9 months with someone who wasn’t good for me at all and I was willing to stick with him through all but you leave and learn and Karma will get the ones who mis treat you

  • Matt Fuller
    Matt Fuller

    Luke Bryan Remastered!

  • Rosemari Mendes dos santos
    Rosemari Mendes dos santos

    Linda música amei parabéns 😍😍😻😻😍😍😻😻😍