Kick Of The Master || Best Chinese Action Kung Fu Movie || Full Length Action Movie in English ||
Kick Of The Master || Best Chinese Action Kung Fu Movie || Full Length Action Movie in English ||

  • Jessica Sinclair
    Jessica Sinclair

    thank you

  • Brian Foster
    Brian Foster

    The villain in the movie the guy with the Birdcage in real life learn from a real life Monk who escaped the temple being set on fire and was a real life master of the Chinese kung fu system call Hung Gar tiger crane Kung Fu technique. Although Jet Li disrespected many of the actors in this movie this this man playing the villain is a true product of expertise. He also taught the hero in this movie and the policeman that tried to take him into custody of both his brothers in real life and we're taught in real life by the character playing the villain with the Birdcage. Watching this movie is a chance to see some true Kung Fu Masters and experts.

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    C Quinn

    When its Shaw brothers get ready for something good 👍🏽

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    Naurato Sing

    How many damn ads do you need I understand you want to make money Way to much bru.

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      Naurato Sing

      @Gaylord Focker Your absolutely right that's the internet for you

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      @Naurato Sing This guy shouldn't be putting ads on the movie. He doesn't own the rights to it.

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      @Gaylord Focker Thanks bro i will

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    Good movie

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  • Bentley's Backwoods Bushcraft
    Bentley's Backwoods Bushcraft

    loves these types of movies. I know I've seen this one before, just under a different title. These movies are re issued under so many names. A single movie could have two, three or more names depending on where it was sold.

  • حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

    ابوي زنوه وكان يدور للفلوس

  • Masked Mono
    Masked Mono

    3 real life brothers star in this movie. The bad guy the good guy and the young guy.

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    Domingo Hermes Perreira


  • Tshering Tamang
    Tshering Tamang

    He’s very old now


      Name ?

    • Tshering Tamang
      Tshering Tamang


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      Dose/did he have a youth potion?

  • Skool Of Skills
    Skool Of Skills

    Good movie! I enjoyed it! Chi-Hao, you're and honest and level-headed youngster. You're bound to go far. I'd like to... teach you my secret technique, known as the Iron Fist...Five fingers of Death. Okada : Hold it! [as Chao Chi-Hao, Sung Ying Ying & Lu Ta-ming turn around and Chao Chi-Hao walks to face Okada, Okada tosses the severed head of Chen Lang] Okada : Come on. Let's have a return match. Chao Chi-Hao : You owe us a good many lives... too many!

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      bull pac

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  • Gatis Pogulis
    Gatis Pogulis

    Why they all have hair like women?

    • Shaolin Hooper
      Shaolin Hooper

      This was back then, since when was it for just women??

    • Steve Chicco
      Steve Chicco

      Who defined this hair style is supposed to be for women, modern society?

  • Gatis Pogulis
    Gatis Pogulis

    Bullshit movie. Who knows from 70 or 80s?

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    Ver nice

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    Pelleng bengo...

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    robert cortizas maurente

    algunas peliculas sub español gracias

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    D J

    Great movie

  • venomgold

    yes good movie i might do a review on it on my channel later on... wish i added it in my top 50 kung fu list on my channel

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    Kyle Kim

    It's really nice movie

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    Mr. Irons

    Very good

  • jutka

    D'Artagnan would chop them up in 2 minutes.

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    Hi guys kmosta po kaung lhar keep safe po.

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    Ricky Pressey

    Skipped so many parts

  • AlmightyDreadlock

    For butchering the film, you get a 'thumbs down' from me

    • Casey Vue
      Casey Vue

      Woohoo! What's the points?

  • Aisea Ratokalau
    Aisea Ratokalau

    Cool,no wonder they do Kung Fu.There hands never get burn collecting live fire crackers as many as they get

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    Hu Hu


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      rakhi mojumdar


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    Chuol ker chan

    wow!!!!!! is very good film

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    Thanks for the upload guys! I enjoy your content!

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    Lorine Farquharson

    Always loved this movie.

    • Godofredo Huaman capchiiia
      Godofredo Huaman capchiiia

      solu espero mas pileculas

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    Richard Greenberg

    Watch an advertisement followed by more advertisements? No thanks

  • prince in disguise
    prince in disguise

    How they ended that game at the end was baffling.

  • Achmad Sholeh
    Achmad Sholeh

    Yes i love..

  • TENGU127

    The only movie I've ever seen Wang Yue(Dirty Ho) play a serious role all the way through, lol. And it was He who was with Alexander Fu Sheng when he died in a car accident.

  • Sammy Nyiro
    Sammy Nyiro

    I like it

  • Becca Nevels
    Becca Nevels

    True. Takes hard work to be really good. Just to learn as danci g is easy wushu. But in com at tajkes hatd wrk

  • Ramon Andrei
    Ramon Andrei

    Oll china have CORONAVIRUS

  • Bunny Singer
    Bunny Singer


  • Tanto Harsono
    Tanto Harsono

    Mantap aku suka jurus tangan kosong namun berisi kekuatan

  • Carmen Star
    Carmen Star permesso circa parlando al suo popolo in modo carismatica , e io credo che che il suo tocco ❤️ のダウン彼のズボンとフィオナを、私たちが行ってきましたし、学校、彼女がオフ

  • Kris Steele
    Kris Steele

    Excellent movies just when you think you saw all of them one pops up and wow it great 🥋🤛🤛🤛🤛🤛

    • Pindem Gh
      Pindem Gh

      Hi wossop

  • Rob

    The dubbing is so bad it is actually hilarious!

  • george hazzard
    george hazzard

    We will teach you only ABC and 123 and good word and OUR HEAVENLY FATHER'S WORDS ONLY, and working only, you might know how to play same karate at working, even cleaning you might move your hand and feet too, what about cleaning at bathroom, you like it too, so that you might know why there is humble heart in GOD'S WORDS too, what you think! Or maybe Satan might say, noooo no, I am king son I don't clean the bathroom, you just say, you lie Satan, you mean I will be the one don't know how to wash my butt with soap and clean myself if I don't know how to clean my own bathroom, hmmmmmmm!!!!

  • Cooking With Harmla Asad khan
    Cooking With Harmla Asad khan


    Very interesting

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    Ida Komang

    My goodness this film picture quality is very good

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      Pankaj kumar

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  • 葉慶麟

    請用中文發音 謝謝

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    lyndon thomas

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  • 김형섭

    오히려 이런 옛날 영화가 진짜 중국 영확 같음., 요새 중국 영화 보면 CG도 떡칠만 하고 이쁜 아이돌 만 내새우지 연기에 대한 열정 이나 진짜 무술가는 없음. 돈만 앞세우는 창의력도 열정도 없는 겉만 번드르르한 영화. 옛날이 그립다.

  • Louis GREEN
    Louis GREEN

    Aaaa you gotta love Lau Kar-leung (AKA Liu Chia-liang which is the way I remember him by). This ones called "Challenge of the Masters" and it's great to see Gordon Liu boasting some hair for a change. Lily Li is gorgeous as usual and no slouch in a fight, I loved her kicking Jacki Chan's ass in "The Young Master". It's great to see Yuen Biao in anything, and the legendary director himself as a villain for once. More more Liu Chia-liang.

    • Julio 9
      Julio 9


  • Jagdish Prasad Khaitan
    Jagdish Prasad Khaitan

    Nice movie

  • Sara Hall
    Sara Hall АDULТ Оnlу :18+! tutte le cose che ho con la buona e tutte le si mise a ridere Isacco angolo della sua bocca 🔥 ona wszystkie wysiłki pracować do mają do została wykonana, aby wymagać wokół, aby

  • Gilmer Valdez
    Gilmer Valdez

    Me gusta ver películas chinas

  • Jameila Morgan
    Jameila Morgan

    I don't watch every karate movie

  • Aramis Williams
    Aramis Williams

    This was the first time I saw a Lau Kar Leung film! An absolute masterpiece from the greatest Martial Arts director next to Bruce Lee!

  • Tofa Ngemplak
    Tofa Ngemplak

    the king of fizr t2y sidoarjo commenty

  • Oi Ll
    Oi Ll

    Ăn được ngủ được là tien. Tôi bị ngủ nhiều quá. Giờ ko biết làm thế nào cho thức nhiều hơn là ngũ

  • Karen Towns
    Karen Towns

    Enjoyed this movie very much! Never a dull moment. 💯

  • catastrophic avalanche
    catastrophic avalanche

    Truly mercy and kindness aren't for everyone. A real life authoritative head cannot be kind enough to show mercy upon all criminals & release them. In this age, enemies come in greater number once a few of them are previously spared.


    Nice movie but so many ad so annoying

  • ripietdz ganong
    ripietdz ganong


  • Jane Brooks
    Jane Brooks così com'è , è apparsa in fine intelligente cedere Sì , io ancora si sento l'ultimo 💋 wiedza, ja przepraszam, że dostał mi się do

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      Hi wossop

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      Hermanto Rangga

      Keri m lu

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  • Jangkhosat Chongloi
    Jangkhosat Chongloi

    The actor looks like shannte .is it he?

  • Jangkhosat Chongloi
    Jangkhosat Chongloi

    Every moves here are outdated only

  • Andi Awaluddin
    Andi Awaluddin

    Kumpu kalian sngat bgus guyz ajarin q dong??

    • Alfred Jonah
      Alfred Jonah

      Good chances forget

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    Brandon vladimir Obregon gutierrez


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    gnaniappa gani

    0:53 What's wrong with it?

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    Hamdy Issa

    Mlm cmm

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    bang Paul

    Oke banget tu pilem

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    Nice video

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    should put a few more ads.

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    🤔 tahun berapa ini lma x nampak ceria ini

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    O ki hiy fr

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    Iyang bi ikhtiyar Tamrin

    Terjemakan ke bhs indonesia donk

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      Alam Dunia Akhir zaman

      Nggak ada Chanel yg upload jadi bagaimana mungkin ada terjemahannya.

  • eddie timmons
    eddie timmons

    Good movie, but this is not the best martial arts movie. Budda Fists and Budda Palm is a far better movie

  • Ancelmo Brito
    Ancelmo Brito

    Os filmes são bons que pena que não são dublados eu assisto mais vê se vcs da um jeito de colocar por favor dublados

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    Deus me livre com tato comercial não dá nem pra ver nada mais não em IRbin

  • Alexis Jay
    Alexis Jay mia raccomandazione di leggere l'Impero ha stwierdza ludzi, to obejmuje Och, ja było w myśleć, że obecny po upadku morza w

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    Vidio boket barat

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    Great choice

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    Abdullah Manilla

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