kids can't be normal
This isn't kids being dumb, this is actually baby geniuses in the making imo
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  • allie oop
    allie oop

    my friend wears a jacket but she always calls me dramatic for thinking it’s cold 😂

  • Brittana Taylor
    Brittana Taylor

    You are weird

  • Brittana Taylor
    Brittana Taylor

    What are you talking about

  • Tamara Moore
    Tamara Moore

    I am a big fan I wish you can come here but you don’t know my address I love your videos

  • Lays From Hell
    Lays From Hell

    Me wearing a T-shirt and shorts (that were short but to my finger tips) in winter not being cold: 👁👄👁

  • Sandra Buenrostro
    Sandra Buenrostro

    The bee story happened to me to like the whole thing was what happens to me

  • Chloe Lippe
    Chloe Lippe

    Happy day glOhooom

  • Kayla Ogilvie
    Kayla Ogilvie

    I am not a normal kid we have crazy time and I do the worm and roll over people

  • Natalie Lee
    Natalie Lee

    It’s because coco melon is a kid Chanel

  • Lala P
    Lala P

    Lol so cute little dude

  • Kayleigh Ortega-Reyes
    Kayleigh Ortega-Reyes

    (From 12:28-12:37) When your family uses paper plates:I get better food then >:> Me and my brother always say we get the better food But it’s just that we don’t like each other’s food 🤣

  • Micheal Afton
    Micheal Afton

    0:26: *every thing u need to know.*

  • Winx fan forever
    Winx fan forever

    Wait WAIT wait WAIT what happened to your little tiny puppo?

  • Roblox Queen
    Roblox Queen

    Im DiEInG

  • Yoshitha Manganellore
    Yoshitha Manganellore

    ima younger sis and it never worked on me hahahahahahha

  • sunnyxsukii

    Fun fact : *I’m a kid*

  • Miss Midnight Moon
    Miss Midnight Moon

    I like purple and my sis like pink

  • patato? :P
    patato? :P

    i was singing baby shark cuz i was bored and my sister came runing in the room thinking i was watching it

    • Isabella Biraga
      Isabella Biraga


  • gacha gang
    gacha gang

    Me liking everyones comment

  • Elizabeth afton
    Elizabeth afton

    question: Is your dog a farm dog?

  • Phantom_ 6470
    Phantom_ 6470

    01:49 I just finished the twilight books so this is very meaningful to me

  • ruth heslop
    ruth heslop


  • Winter Assassin‘s
    Winter Assassin‘s

    I live in Fairbanks

  • sharkzilla

    Kassie why do you have shampoo near your toilet??


    1:52 Kassie : All mighty- Me being a mha fan be like : 😐 , Allmight?-

  • Bakgou Fan
    Bakgou Fan

    I played your game on Roblox

  • Super-Stitious Studios YT
    Super-Stitious Studios YT

    1:30 He really did Leggo his Eggo

  • Glenda Wiggins
    Glenda Wiggins

    That was a girl

  • Hero Afton
    Hero Afton

    Okay 0:00 to 0:15 same girl

  • Silvia P
    Silvia P

    When u were talking about the pink and purple the lights in the background were the colours u said

  • Audrey Kocaj
    Audrey Kocaj

    wait where the other puppy😐

  • Anna Tran
    Anna Tran

    I did that to my Alexa and it worked🤣

  • Red Kitty Cat ღ
    Red Kitty Cat ღ

    The first one kind of isn’t funny I feel bad :(

  • Sophie Suger
    Sophie Suger

    Nobody: Random kid: hey alexa will you be my valintine Everyones alexas going off at once

  • Marc Higgs
    Marc Higgs

    Gacha life _ user atvT

  • Soviet Cheetah
    Soviet Cheetah

    İ have a splinter in my foot rn and i pulled it out of my foot

  • Glichi

    2:32 😳

  • uncron girl
    uncron girl

    4:23 to funny

  • Derik Pasco
    Derik Pasco

    I'm 8 idk what I eat flamengo out da water

  • Wendy Jackson
    Wendy Jackson

    that one girl say *DONT* *DONT* but she really sounds like the little girl in monsters

  • Danielle-Rose Kaseba élève
    Danielle-Rose Kaseba élève


  • Dóra Virág Májkel
    Dóra Virág Májkel

    Mustard is made with eggs and vinegar

  • leah goins
    leah goins


  • leah goins
    leah goins


  • leah goins
    leah goins

    Eat Eat!

  • Alison Logan
    Alison Logan

    You call me dumb!🤬😡

  • Delaney Lanigan
    Delaney Lanigan

    Girl: Ketchup + Strawberries = MUSTARD Me: wuuuut?

  • Giulia Sullivan
    Giulia Sullivan


  • monica dhanoa
    monica dhanoa

    So cute

  • • BananaAnimeTexting •
    • BananaAnimeTexting •

    Who else just keeps laughing without watching the video but probably will just for of laugher if you just kept watching?

  • Nathan Womer
    Nathan Womer

    Kassie(a grown adult): how is mustard made Me(12 years old): you don’t know how mustard is made?

  • Isabel cartmell
    Isabel cartmell

    He isn't wearing his university hat he is wearing his merchandise. Love your video always makes me laugh.

  • Ruby Mackay
    Ruby Mackay

    Gloom not knowing that cocomelon is a kid show My brother watches cocomelon

  • Shen Zhang
    Shen Zhang

    When the guy said "hey alexa" my alexa activated

  • Melanie yona
    Melanie yona

    Anyone talk about years ago she take her shirt off and walk in puplic

  • Kaja's Kreations Kaja's Kreations
    Kaja's Kreations Kaja's Kreations

    I loveee. Kisse. Doggg

  • Hannah Holder
    Hannah Holder

    where is wink yur otther dog

  • Ash Danix
    Ash Danix

    My brother was one of those middle school boys. All-day, every day he would wear shorts.

  • The Molibels
    The Molibels

    Cassi: sometimes im sum like kid . Me: wait but im a kid.

    • Micheal Afton
      Micheal Afton

      Many typos

  • Arons Welt
    Arons Welt


  • Arons Welt
    Arons Welt

    Im a Kid and you Said Kids are dumb

  • Mikenzie Drake
    Mikenzie Drake

    " eat the mingo out of da watr" Me: i wanna try *having to stay in the hospital for 3 nights and the mingo still being alive* I JUST DID A BAD THING

  • Evie Welsh
    Evie Welsh


    • Isabella Biraga
      Isabella Biraga


  • Calia San
    Calia San

    2:29 gloom- why?

  • Dasha Adams
    Dasha Adams

    i lOvE wHeN cHiLdReN gEt hUrT

  • davidhh howell
    davidhh howell

    kids can't be normal but it is the adults who teach them the right thing in life.

  • Julia Zarinana
    Julia Zarinana

    I saw a video and it said kid gets stung by a wasp and thinks he’s going to Die look that up on IRbin and you’ll see.

  • Miruki Hikari
    Miruki Hikari

    Your so lucky that you and your sister had your own favorite colors because whatever my favorite color is it is also my sister's favorite color.

  • Daisy Bean
    Daisy Bean

    its sometimes hard to be a ten year old girl like me :,(

  • kittykatcandywarrior

    lol I love the cold actually

  • Emily Denton
    Emily Denton

    The first one wasn’t the real one

  • Libby Wells
    Libby Wells

    How do u say gloOm

  • James Gleason
    James Gleason

    Kassie: “I love when kids get hurt” Me: I’m not alone LOL

  • Dylan Hart
    Dylan Hart

    Is it my or when I went to school with no jacket my school gave me one??

  • Jodie Maguire
    Jodie Maguire

    Ive been gone for aaages so can i just ask? I hope its not dead or anything because if it is imma feel reeeaaallll bad. But like where's twinky?

  • Lillyann Byrne
    Lillyann Byrne

    I feel these kids

  • Gachalife Queen44
    Gachalife Queen44

    I eAt A fLaMiNgO oUt Of Da WaTeR ;) 🤣🤣😂

  • Nadz MSP
    Nadz MSP

    when I was a kid I didn't want to wear a winter jacket because I was scared of being embarrassed, turns out everyone was wearing it ..

  • • Lily_AnimeGirl •
    • Lily_AnimeGirl •

    on the "alexa when its Valentines will you be my Valentine" tik tok, my alexa responded to it

  • Ramauld

    Me as a kid: ooh a video Kassie: I love it when kids get hurt Me as a kid: rude😡😢😔 Me as a teen: I’m rude as a kid👊🏻

  • Khloe Demosthene
    Khloe Demosthene

    9:37 I eat it out of da water

  • Bella Sanchez
    Bella Sanchez

    YAS GIRL Twilight was made when 2008 on the 2 moive was made when I was born

  • Sounicorn

    The kid with the yogurt is Carson he is soo amazing and I follow him

  • Megan Dunn
    Megan Dunn

    What a dramatic kid 🤣

  • Fat rat Lol
    Fat rat Lol

    I love your new dog! but sorry for your for your lost/dog😔

  • Tanya Mudyahoto
    Tanya Mudyahoto

    1:00 stuck in my brain...FOR LIFE

  • kae luna
    kae luna

    Once i was having my yearly holiday in Spain with my family I was still in my car seat and I was in the car a cicada came flying into the car and behind my back into the gap between me and my carseat so basically a cicada was buzzing and just freaking out behind me and I'm very sensitive so I Litterally started screaming and crying and my Dad eventually got me unclipped from my carseat and the cicada was safe. still remember that as one of my most traumatic events, along with me eating a spider (really, don't ask, actually ask if you want its pretty weird) and the cicadas still haunt me in animal crossing to this day-

  • dj jack ajack lover
    dj jack ajack lover

    Massive:KiDs CaNt Be NoRmAL Me:~Looks atself and realises~OHHHH YAS

  • 《Kate》 《Springer》
    《Kate》 《Springer》

    The first one sounded like a meme I’ve heard before

  • Snowy_Lizie

    Me: has Melissophobia (phobia of bees) Me during the first tiktok: *Breathing intensifies*

  • jaylah rojas
    jaylah rojas


  • MOONLIGHTgrande3435

    I’m a kid....I’m 10......BUT IT DOESNT MEAN I DO THOSE THINGS!!!right?

  • Sienna Bloink
    Sienna Bloink

    I love that!,

  • Wojciech K
    Wojciech K

    "I care more about animals than children" You are sick and twisted

  • Moon Hala
    Moon Hala


  • Izzy person
    Izzy person

    One of my classmates always wore shorts he would never wear anything but shorts😹and when we read about how jeans were invented his face🤣

  • SqftieAria

    What the heck- yesterday she was on 1.8 million and now on 6 million

  • Blueberry Queen
    Blueberry Queen

    In winter I tend to overheat so I try to wear shorts but TROUBLE

  • Scarlett Sophia
    Scarlett Sophia

    Gloom: I had a claim on pink my sister had a claim on purple Me: what if there is a toy that is pink and purple

  • Lunalovescats Games
    Lunalovescats Games

    2:50 I am a girl I d it to gloom lol