Kodak Black Is Not Feeling His Welcome Home Party Looks Mad Uncomfortable
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    • mike doogle
      mike doogle

      @2K Swish get lost

    • 2K Swish
      2K Swish

      Check my new song if you fw Thugger, I’m dat mans grandchild

    • Barry Bae
      Barry Bae

      @FIRST AND TEN yep "1st day out" Out da dam Lab !!!

    • Kng Yama
      Kng Yama


    • mike doogle
      mike doogle


  • Kev Lava
    Kev Lava

    I hope his silence is him realizing what he’s been doing and the people surrounding him are some bullshit... I fucking hope dude got locked up and thought his life was over frfr and now that he’s out he’s actin different

  • Queen Bulova
    Queen Bulova

    Did he go to jail?

  • Nur Lowe
    Nur Lowe

    He was listening close to a brotha upping another him with positivity. There was no hesitation with the embrace either.💪 Salute Kodak.

  • Your The Best
    Your The Best

    Not saying he cloned man but who is this guy pretending to be kodak 😂 this is wild thats not the same guy

  • Rosalind Gillespie
    Rosalind Gillespie

    Hate them damn dreads..Uck

  • Junior Diaz
    Junior Diaz

    It’s not he’s not feeling the party when he was locked up none of these people was there for him..... fake ass people every where that’s why homie looking like this

  • Barii Boss
    Barii Boss

    Nothing is wrong with Kodak plsz stop them rumors... being in jail for 2years in isolation & also being treated badly isn’t gonna easily ware off

  • Jamaican Dondadda
    Jamaican Dondadda


  • Anime Kid ツ
    Anime Kid ツ

    Why ever since he came home he ain’t been hype like at his show he wasn’t even hype he like nonchalant

  • Yummy Chocolatebar
    Yummy Chocolatebar

    That's a clone

  • 目覚めた人Ryuk

    You can tell he had a hard time in prison this time... he looks mad skinny and something’s different about him and I’m not on about his hair either

  • Moises Colunga
    Moises Colunga

    He a clone bc the real one had a Christ on his face now he dont

  • Ethan Abhulime
    Ethan Abhulime

    "looks mad uncomfortable"

  • JayTh3RisingAvakin

    That's the real Kodack. The other one was fat remember? Why he keep switching? There's if two if them I'm telling u.

  • Black boszo zoey Jean
    Black boszo zoey Jean

    Black chèk black🍁🍁🍁🍁👹👁️🤘

  • Iisha Sherrill
    Iisha Sherrill

    His clone was just born..so they learn as they go along...

  • Ka'million' Woh
    Ka'million' Woh


  • john doe
    john doe

    the hell titus o niel doing there

  • Alejandro Cervantes
    Alejandro Cervantes

    He a clone

  • BlitsosaurusRex

    Hes definitely on his meds. Glad he's out Tho. Let's see how stable Yak can be.....

  • Mike Lean
    Mike Lean

    Y’all tripping that ain’t Kodak black! How many times are they going to clone this nigga

  • Danisha Piper
    Danisha Piper

    No one knows if he was sexually abused. They said he was laced with drugs and assaulted it didn't say sexually. He was beaten and forced to sleep in his own feces and urine for days.

  • Danisha Piper
    Danisha Piper

    He dont look different he just lost weight.

  • Joyaisa Rensch
    Joyaisa Rensch

    Trump pardon him but the elites is in controle. They are making him do these things he don't wanna do. They got you in deeper in their pockets now

  • Eve Breezy
    Eve Breezy

    @ 0:52 was she in a rush to attend the engagement that she left the African hair braiding with her hair only being half way done 🤔serious question because I’m tired and my eyes are blurry, her hair looks half done, half undone 😔

  • Samyaza Starr Love
    Samyaza Starr Love

    He should be grateful

  • James Noffsinger
    James Noffsinger

    Well I'll say since none of you will thanks President Trump!

  • harley Snead
    harley Snead

    This Kodak looks even younger like he should be bout 18 smh

  • Racks

    bruh kodak have had like ten faces throughout his lifetime

  • peachberry015

    This is a clone. If he really wanted a welcome home party, he will not be acting like this. He had to attend against his will. These celebrities dont have control over their lives.

  • Indian Doll
    Indian Doll

    Remember when Gucci mane came out his wife was so close to him just like this lady is with kodak.that's his handler and when he speak he does not sound like Kodak

  • grease addiktz
    grease addiktz

    That ain’t Kodak

  • Earl Shakur
    Earl Shakur

    His 3rd eye blew off the hinges through his prison stint, now hes thrown back into a vibration he isnt on. Hes tapped into that level where your hyper aware of angels and demons around you. If you dont know you wont know

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Imagine callingq kodak a black king. Black ppl take this L

  • Horatio H20
    Horatio H20

    He probably wondering where was all these folks at, why only Trump came to Bail him out of jail?

  • Gill Ambrose
    Gill Ambrose

    Hes pissed that we are dumb enough to all be wearing masks and he has to do because of the liberals



  • ignorance is bliss.
    ignorance is bliss.

    You can say what you want about prison but I tell you one thing. Everyone I knew including me prison turned them into a better man 90% of the time: yeah it’s a fucked up place to be at but it’s the smallest things you miss in there like going to your refrigerator at night that you’ll miss and it will set you straight. I’ve watched little boys go into jail and come out grown men mentally.

    • ignorance is bliss.
      ignorance is bliss.

      Not only that it will scar you, I got ptsd like a mf from jail, I’ll doing anything in my power to make sure I’ll won’t go back to that shit. I won’t even put myself in a position for that bs. The things you go through and see in jail sheeet. Swear to god I wish you guys could understand.

  • Cannon Plumbing and Drain, LLC
    Cannon Plumbing and Drain, LLC

    kodaks music sucks bad

  • Cannon Plumbing and Drain, LLC
    Cannon Plumbing and Drain, LLC

    hes a weirdo

  • Mihaly Hortobagyi
    Mihaly Hortobagyi

    He still butt hurt from gettin his butthurt when inside 🤣🤣🤣still cant get over him sayin he better than pac 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️liked him before but cmon give ur head a shake kiddo🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • lesstalkmoreplayUK

    He mad cause he didn't get HOT SAUCE on his Barrito babbbbbyy 😂

  • Slimegxd 24
    Slimegxd 24

    He kinda look like uzi

  • Mark Molina
    Mark Molina

    This is not him people

  • Kasanova Mcnary
    Kasanova Mcnary

    So no one going to talk about Titus being there........... Ok a whole wrestler

  • Redo Boss
    Redo Boss

    Soul gone

  • Crystal McCarter
    Crystal McCarter

    He on his p& q call him jigga Boo.

  • Amy Gray
    Amy Gray

    Obviously the people who saying he acting uncomfortable have never been to jail before. He was there a long time it take time to get bk in to things. Even crossing the roads and things I know that sounds crazy but if you know you know. Give the man chance to get his head straight.

  • Ruben Cervantes
    Ruben Cervantes


  • True Peace 187
    True Peace 187

    Looks like he was part of some sort of art exhibit like people was lookin at him in a glass case...I'm happy he's free man bless up young king n get to your natural vibes n love bless up bless up

  • Taliban Benny
    Taliban Benny

    Kodak just realized hes the only one in that room that has his back

  • Christian Leon
    Christian Leon

    He dint have to act like a princess tho ..be a man

  • oscar montana
    oscar montana

    Yo that is not the real kodak black that's his clone look at that foo yo search face comparison on google if u got too

  • MegaJason800

    I don't who the biggest him or lil wayne... Lil wayne and Boosie did time and came out bigger🤷🏾‍♂️I guess solitary confinement played a big part also but with the money he had before he went he should atleast have the basic stuff like food, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deordorant, toothbrush and etc

  • Teran Ross
    Teran Ross

    Stop making speculations on a 2 minute video of a person we do not know

  • 7 violett
    7 violett

    He looks great though, jail did him right

  • Anna White
    Anna White

    That not Kodak that a young boy

  • NiKoLoKkS


  • Latriel Hughes
    Latriel Hughes

    😑 he is trapped

  • Davey J
    Davey J

    What's the point of mad uncomfortable and the video title

  • ConfidentialBread

    You’re telling me that this is the same suburban dude

  • Rahim Mamdani
    Rahim Mamdani

    Dude be like "nobody came and see me" now they be in the video

  • Jorge Jayden06-17-86
    Jorge Jayden06-17-86

    Wtf happened to you homie. . looks like u were eating too much in there ..😂😂😂 wheres his Maga hat ??

  • Keynia Sanders
    Keynia Sanders

    That ain't no Kodak Black

  • William Bobbers
    William Bobbers

    Who the f*** cares


    Welcome back slow kodak bitch

  • Its Too Late Satan
    Its Too Late Satan

    Remember when kanye came out the last time he rant and was w D.trump .. he never talked that day neither like kodak in this video

  • sunshine ether
    sunshine ether

    Look at them handlers

  • sunshine ether
    sunshine ether


  • gerald

    bet 99 % of the people didnt visit him in jail and acting now as friends

  • rosalyne198781

    Yup he tired of all those fake friends around him jus change ur circle n watch ur career skyrocket!🙏🏼🙏🏼😇

  • Tom Dudley
    Tom Dudley

    That ain't Kodak that's why hes uncomfortable

  • Chris Luethje
    Chris Luethje

    You can tell he got touched in there, it's stuck in his head. Pray for em

  • Kei_nyc

    Look at the tattoo on his head

  • Wig Reviews
    Wig Reviews

    That is not Kodak

  • Jacob Paopao
    Jacob Paopao

    Kodak prolly still misses x

  • Miss. Me88
    Miss. Me88

    Comment section full of sheep. Wake up people!! The gig is up

    • G1 1
      G1 1



    Bro this nigga look so much better now happy for him

  • Eddieohh !!
    Eddieohh !!

    Been there totally see the fake love

  • Local Trap Star
    Local Trap Star

    He really playin in to this whole clone thing

  • Kahlil Penn
    Kahlil Penn

    There goes everyone in the comments being all "fake ass" philosophical, like they know kodak personally.

  • nelly o
    nelly o

    Bro that cant be him he look totally different

  • nelly o
    nelly o

    That dont even look like Kodak

  • Shimodoka Luv
    Shimodoka Luv

    KODAK IS OUT?!?!?


    He looks different

  • TayDaRapper

    How can he with all them people in Face?

  • MXFT

    he seems traumatized

  • Prospect

    he lost so much weight. bless you kodak

  • Cody Dudley
    Cody Dudley

    He looked like he realized how much b.s is surrounding him

  • Cody Dudley
    Cody Dudley

    Unfortunately I bet they bam him again before it's over he needs to chill out and stay solo

  • sadiq fakolade
    sadiq fakolade

    Go Kodak

  • Dauseana Doingme
    Dauseana Doingme

    He's not enjoying it because its not him. His ass been cloned, he doesn't even look like the same person

  • Unknown

    that's not him it's a clone as usual

  • El Mero Mero
    El Mero Mero

    He got his shit pushed in while incarcerated. Makes you think different when your outside a free man.

  • Billy Tango
    Billy Tango

    Maybe he’ll learn this time

  • braxton

    i really hope he take some time to get his mental right, they did him dirty asf in there. he not no “clone” or double or possessed or any of that conspiracy shit, he just a depressed and broken man who needs support from those close to him. end of story.

  • Candi C
    Candi C

    He know what it is they always celebrate you when you come home but when you locked in I guarantee you 90% of that room wasn't asking Trump for his freedom

  • Similak Child Commentary
    Similak Child Commentary

    I'm confused.. is he out of prison now? or not?

  • Trump Truth
    Trump Truth

    His soul is with lucifer that sign on middle of forehead lucifer