Kustom Painting Made Easy
Professional bodywork and custom painting is easier than ever! World-renowned custom painter and teacher Jon Kosmoski leads you through the step-by-step Kustom Painting process. Follow along with this video as he transforms a 1977 Camero into a show quality ride with an amazing mirror finish. Jon demonstrates each step of car restoration from paint stripping to basecoat application and final polishing. Jon's secret is staying with House of Kolor Primers, Sealers, Shimrin Base Coats and Kandys. Follow each step, be creative, pay attention to detail and create a Kustom paint job that everyone will admire.

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    Tinh Bui

    Nece .every good

  • Robert Maki
    Robert Maki

    I have a 2011 Ford SVT Raptor... I’d like to have it painted this candy red color

  • Robert Maki
    Robert Maki

    The Gods honest truth is...yes, there are a lot of great painters who are young. But...... me personally, unless I have seen multiple projects by a young guy and Im Impressed... I am going to find the old guy.. who has been doing it for 40 years...

  • Robert Maki
    Robert Maki

    It never amazes me ... it doesn’t matter who puts up a video, no matter the topic.. even if Jesus came back to make a video showing how he was going to save your souls, create world peace and prosper everyone, and cure all disease and pain in the world.... it would still get a thumbs down... there is no video out there with more than a coup,e dozen views without a thumbs down 👎


    all about money i wish i had the kinda money to do this kinda work

  • Lawarence Wright
    Lawarence Wright

    Love the paint job like to see more .i use the same paint gun satra paint.were do I find the bags to go in the paint cups?

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    بشير الزميلي


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    Wonderful work

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    Best paint video ever!!! So much experience makes it fun to watch!!!

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    Nesecito orvital

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    Just got a Craigslist add and a new line of tools from Harbor Freight! I can't wait to get started! Don't worry, I'll tell everyone I trained with House of Kolor!

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    None None

    learned alot..thank you


      Glad to hear it!

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    John Melville

    If this much care was applied to the problems the world has as at 11/2020 we would be ok, together with all the other species we are lucky enough to share this planet with

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    Everything was perfect until you took out that pneumatic buffer😒

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    Mojo Devirus

    The master at work. Quality over quantity. Salute.

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    eddy russell

    with so many coats theres lots of opportunity fo something to go wrong

  • X- Company LLC.
    X- Company LLC.

    Dreams can happenen

  • X- Company LLC.
    X- Company LLC.

    ''B.R.A.Y.L anyone ever sit and listen to his raps and slow groves? Thank you go to my site and you can get to the pictures and info on that.

  • raymond mendez
    raymond mendez

    My neighbor tried to pain his truck using the same thing ... " I am a robot , I am a robot ...I am a robot .." .. did not work for him , he did a really shitty job !!! ..

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    sujan sunuwar

    can we used aircraft remover at plastic colour cover also

  • NormReid PSN
    NormReid PSN

    I never knew i wanted to learn this till now. You're a great great teacher and i love this video.

  • dbarnat72

    I've never painted a car. I know (knew) nothing about it. But I enjoy learning. And I especially enjoy watching and learning from master instructors who have through trial and error perfected their skills, techniques and trade over years and ESPECIALLY those who are so thoughtful and patient to put such effort into making comprehensive instructional videos and making them available to us average Joes... This instructional video is informative, comprehensive, inspiring, motivational, EXCEPTIONAL. Thank you and God bless you Jon and all those others out in IRbin land who not only put these efforts in, but are clearly proud to share and enjoy the process of teaching. You are indeed exceptional.

  • Jason Ricci
    Jason Ricci

    Words cannot do this video justice

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    Brent Barnhart

    GREAT job Jon..... I enjoyed, I see 2 million other people have as well.

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    Select Tech

    Stripping paint without a respirator that's a o.g

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    Walking the length of the car does not work for me.

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    Benoit Romain

    ce gars est un génie ! superbe boulot .

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    I like the way u theach very O.G

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    Estupendo trabajo... Sobran más palabras...

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    Joseph Wilson

    What a amazing finished product , the robot instructor was the best teacher ive ever watched also.

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    Ronnie Geo

    Amazing how he can achive a Marvelous nice job 🙌😍

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    Diego Villafan

    What can I say you've mastered the art my goal is to do what you do one Day great job and thanks for sharing all those years of experience scale 1through 💯 its 💯!!!!!

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    Barbara670ow Ramsey14mr

    Aqui não é fácil de encontrar e quando encontra material de tamanha qualidade e caríssimo 😣

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    john pope

    Wow. Very informative! Great work and a great instructional video.


      Glad you enjoyed it!

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    Jason Searle



    I am totally blown away. Awesome video

  • ariethekid

    Methylene chloride can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. You should be careful to use in a well ventilated room and use a respirator.

  • Sean Yeahright
    Sean Yeahright

    A IRbin Masterpiece ! "Nothing more fun than doing quality work" amen...

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    Julio Oquendo

    Jon you r t best woao amazing god. Bless

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    Mortimer Duke

    Be the robot, Danny. Fresca?

  • tserevenad

    Wow, what a master! I dont paint, wish i could, but watched this entire video. Wish it translated to me having skills...oh well, lol.

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris

    I will never ever paint a car but I like watching how it’s done as I often learn things that help with painting my small projects. Nothing I’ve seen comes even close to this video for detail, tips and all round delivery. Absolutely fantastic, thank you.

  • fabslyrics

    i'd just do a clear coat on that pale gold , love it!

  • fabslyrics


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    Canoe Lew

    Excellent presentation! It has given me a whole new perspective on what should be done in a first class finish emporium. Thanks

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    Chris Evans

    A zoo o{, {{ou}

  • danny fischer
    danny fischer

    great job!!! but what about the door jams and under the front hood and rear trunk?

  • Ed Hughes
    Ed Hughes

    He is not painting right!!! Ends and Starts of strokes or runs must be air only!!. On a start you 1/2 way let off the trigger for air only no paint. Start and Stops adds paint in those areas and excess paint build up on a start or stop causes runs and drips. This is a critical paint trick that must be done on each stroke. No drips No runs. Finger thing of Air paint paint paint Air finger thing.

    • Ed Hughes
      Ed Hughes

      Dull pocket knife. No No No There is special tape out that provides a feathered edge. Use the right tape and keep the pocket knife where it belongs in a pocket.

  • Britt Wight
    Britt Wight

    You are a west coast bad boy of auto paint perfection. I am completely blown away. Paint on my robot brother of color!!!!

  • Top flight
    Top flight

    do you teach ?

  • Josh Weber
    Josh Weber

    Jon this video is amazing. You impress the Hell out of me. There's something I have forgotten to do in my life and that is to become an expert at something. I am very meticulous and have an eye for detail and I strive for perfection in all that I do. I wonder if with the proper training I could have followed in your footsteps. There's nothing more worthwhile doing than achieving that accomplished feeling of pride from seeing the results of a job well done. I had my Camaro painted when I was 25. The guy that did it also did all the mechanic work before that. He'll always be my hero and I really need to make sure he knows that. Thanks for sharing this video. My hats off to anyone that can achieve this level of perfection. It's truly remarkable.

  • PC Mr X.
    PC Mr X.

    THANK YOU : 😎👍 I was a painter in 60s now at 77 years old have bad lungs and survived a Widow maker 100% block hart attack and only1% live through that. That is 1 out of a 100 people live. GOD helped me to the Hospital and Doctor could not under stand how I could have it at home and make it to the hospital. To survive you must have it at the hospital and only 1 out of a hundred live. I have a Everolimus-Eluting Platinum chromium Coronary Stent System. This happened December 10 2019.

  • Kenny Brown
    Kenny Brown

    That's a 10,000 dollar paint nice

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    Ryan Taube

    Omg !!!! That's a crazy amount of work. Never would I thought you'd be standing after the clear and re coat crazyyy really awesome job !!!! Your the man.

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    Religion Meh

    My dad didn't care what I did,just wanted me to be as good as I could at it.Check this guy out.What an example.Amazing.

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    edem innocent

    Good job

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    ajsbrush worksLLC

    Im a painting company owner, i do alot spraying especially on exteriors. There is stuff in this video I learned and can apply to my work while spraying. That's how you know you have mastered a skill or trade. 👍👍👍

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    Philp Wanzer

    Nice job

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    Remmy Redd

    I absolutely love how this man works. Damn good job Sir!

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    Chris Salberg

    You are meticulous about your work and the end product shows it....beautiful paint job. I can install, repair and calibrate MRI, C.T. and X-Ray equipment but there is no way in hell I would ever have the patience to get a paint job done as well as you do.....I would do all that body work and at the end see a minor low spot and either get frustrated and hit the car with a hammer making it worse or just say F**K it and move on with the job....I can't and don't do that in my line of work but if I was working on my car I see the hammer scenario being the most likely to occur. I did get pretty sick and tired of hearing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again but it was worth it watching how you do things......and over and over and over....lol

  • RammYou2

    Jon, I'm sold. If I can get a paint booth - my garage and an air gun. and some sanding blocks and an air compressor, I can do this. Was shocking to see you scraping the old paint off like mud. I thought you had to grind it off with sparks flying striaght up in the air. I did clear coat a model I built when I was 9 and it came out flawlessly. Sorry not joking I have a SL500 that does need this paint job.

  • Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt
    Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt

    Now that is what I would call a 'Paint Job' ... How many paint shop do that? Probably, NONE! Cheapskate customers do not want to pay I would love to have my BMW 750il V12, 1998 get her repainted Obsidian Black, the original or may be Obsidian Green ...yes ... Do you have any contact in or around London, England who can do it? Let me know at my email: amoralis123@gmail.com A great video in this Cesspool of charlatans taken over the great Media 'youtube'...Congratulations ...

  • TheOnlyMrSaver

    This is the old school! This is how I've learned. Shame that nowadays it's just time related and bad quality overalls.

  • thardyryll

    Wow. Gaudy $15,000 paint job on a $500 car. I’d buy new tires and wheels and call it good.

  • Harry Pagkaliwagan
    Harry Pagkaliwagan

    Paint Goddes

  • Powerslayer

    I've watched this video twice now in its entirety prior to tackling a much less stressful job. I am so confident that I'll impress myself with the result. Thanks to Jon for showing the process involved in such a gorgeous paint job as well as prep and finish! Wish you the best Jon! One day, I hope to be able to lay it down and have it look a fraction as nice as this was.

  • TCTerribleDog

    So much respect I have for such mastery.

  • Debbiebabe69

    Its one of the most expensive paints out there, sprayed by the guy that actually invented the stuff, in a video showing a masterclass in application.... And he skimps on tack rags! We never try to save tack rags when painting. If we are painting a series of car bumpers or car grilles (we spray individual components not whole cars), its a max of 3 bumpers or grilles per tack rag, then the rag goes in the trash. If we *were* to spray a full car, it would probably be tack one wing, throw away the rag, tack one door, throw away the rag, etc. A full car would take around ten rags per coat! But tack rags are cheap, sand down and resprays due to dust inclusions arnt....

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    AOS 2005




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    Isaac Godbolt


  • Isaac Godbolt
    Isaac Godbolt

    Good job you a hell of a trainer I’m going to use your procedure

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    Keith Bailey

    Wow just beautiful!

  • MrThearnichols

    That was a great process very comprehensive I wanted more details like how did you paint the door shuts under the boot lid and did you drop the engin out to paint the engine bay. Also when you masked up the stripes you left an overlap so you don't have any primer showing but doesn't that leave a high spot along the edge? Also I noticed you didn't mask the wheel arches off but you didn't really paint them so were they left with some overspray in them and I noticed the exhaust pipe wasn't masked off and it received some paint, but don't get me wrong it was a top job I always thought that the candy laquer was the top coat on candy paint didn't realise you put clear on top a real labour of love.

  • Jacmac

    You can buy a paint can spout for about $1 at Home Depot, they are easy to clean too.


    Absolute master. The finish is amazing. True experience and knowledge. Thank you for a great video and tutorial.

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    Alex T

    I hate metallic. And aren't those knee pads upside down?

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    Jerry Matthews

    Very nice job

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    Neal Head

    Wow...from an Edsel to an awesome Camaro. 😁👍

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    26:22 dat exhaust getting som color

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    Perfect job

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    the best paint job ever wow

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    Reality TV

    This guy speaking like he does is giving me confidence! He almost makes you feel like you could walk on water AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THOSE PRODUCTS! LOL!

    • Reality TV
      Reality TV

      @Philip Duong - LOL! He DOES!

    • Philip Duong
      Philip Duong

      he's got the enthusiasm, confidence and casualness of a seasoned master doesnt he?

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    The Can Man

    1:00:00i am a robot

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    D J

    Fantastic. Thanks for putting is up.

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    If Bob Ross had a car paint shop.....

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    andy m

    That was an absolute pleasure to watch, and what a fantastic end product!

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      Bill Salyers


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    Impressive 👍🏼

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    BMW monster

    Very good job wow it’s so beautiful 😍

  • J Allgood
    J Allgood

    Just curious as to how much a paint job like this normally cost?

    • DCI IMHO
      DCI IMHO

      Twenty years ago a guy I knew had a Camaro street/strip car with a very similar paint job-said he had 20K in the body and paint work. He had 60K in the engine. My first house on 4 acres only cost me 55K but that was a long time ago too......

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    One and Obi

    This man is from the universe where Rick sprays cars

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      James Walters

      @Jeffrey Pushard no way

    • Jeffrey Pushard
      Jeffrey Pushard


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    love the job

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    Jim Bullock

    Very good video. Thanks. Candy Apple Red is most awesome color - loved it since I was a kid!

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    John Graham

    wow, learned so much and now to do my Mustang Cobra with kustom color paint and primers!

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