LaMelo Ball CRAZY 34 Points Full Highlights vs Jazz | February 5, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
LaMelo Ball 34 Pts 8 Ast 4 Reb | Utah Jazz vs Charlotte Hornets Full Game Highlights | February 5, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • thtbest5k4t3

    He’s got the ugliest jump shut I’ve ever seen

  • Nikki White
    Nikki White

    One thing about Lamelo he doesn’t stop playing until the buzzard goes off!

  • Darnell Darden
    Darnell Darden

    Today’s NBA is built for this kid, he runs the fast break in his sleep but knows the perfect times to be more aggressive and score. He reminds me of Jason Kidd when he’s running the break with a mixed with a scorers mentality. Crazy part is he’s not even at max potential yet

  • 4208jason

    Just bought his rookie card for 24 dollars. Hopefully ill sell for 120 in a few years.

  • Nolan Smith
    Nolan Smith

    This kid could be the GOAT!!! The game moves so slowly for him because he's already had experience at the pro level and he plays at a pace that is almost unguardable

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez

    Is no one gonna point out how wet the commentators sound?😅

  • The Perverted Monk
    The Perverted Monk

    I ain't hating but how does his jumper go down? Its so damn broke.. Almost like Theresa magnet in the ball

  • LarryG3

    Rookie MVP!..

  • R

    1:58 Find a woman who says your name like this announcer says LaMelo's.

  • Saint Donis
    Saint Donis

    Damn LaMelo is 🥶

  • David Pavia
    David Pavia

    Lamelo got Hall of Fame Floaters & Runners badge 👍

  • Sebastian

    Still not confident with contact but gives him easy buckets hope he can keep that floater with some contact

  • not the one
    not the one

    Him and curry would have been dominant. Too bad

  • CateDoge

    he's gon make a great point guard or small forward in the future.

  • Taco burrito
    Taco burrito

    He's putting up numbers but it means nothing with out the win the kid needs help yo. He can't do everything but I'm pretty sure he'll try.

  • devincognito

    This announcer's energy is second to none

  • Nick

    Kid is so good but hard to look at it up close lol

  • Carter Monroe
    Carter Monroe

    Cali ballers Lamelo Ball Lonzo Ball Damian Lilliard Klay Thompson Russell westbrook Paul George Kawhi Leonard James Harden Jrue holiday Demar Derozan Spencer Dinwiddie Aaron Gordon Tim Hardaway Brook Lopez Robin Lopez Christian Wood Aaron Holiday lmfao NBA = California Summer league ..But NY the mecca 😂😂😂

  • ChurchBoi

    crazy a rookie and already better than micheal jordan

  • B G
    B G

    A high percentage floater from the free throw line might be deadly 😳

  • Darth Doo Doo
    Darth Doo Doo

    Nobody: Lavar: Third time's the charm!

  • BreadTrucks Entertainment
    BreadTrucks Entertainment


  • Boyd Hardy
    Boyd Hardy

    a couple years ago I saw a video of chino hills doing amazing, and ever since then LaMelo was my favorite player

    • Boyd Hardy
      Boyd Hardy

      and i didn't even know what team he was on.

  • Javier Meza
    Javier Meza

    Crying baby Lebron now wants to join Hornets.

  • Oof McNuggets
    Oof McNuggets

    nobody is commentating about the commentators

  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen

    They still lost tho

  • Porter :e
    Porter :e

    lamelos teardrop mixed with his three point shooting 🤤🥵

  • Ivan Aguilar
    Ivan Aguilar

    At first i was like “yup that looks easy when you playing vs julian newman” and now he still make it look easy like he is playing vs teenagers

  • Bayou Archive
    Bayou Archive

    ok..hes good.

  • Ernest Espinosa
    Ernest Espinosa

    Good baller...Like him.

  • the352forlife Florida boy
    the352forlife Florida boy

    I kno MJ is happy picking melo in the nba draft good pick MJ

  • Joey Brooks
    Joey Brooks

    He may be in the All Star Game or Rookie Game this season. He's got potential to be a star in this league.

  • Cornel Schwarten
    Cornel Schwarten

    he the goat

  • T JiZzle
    T JiZzle

    I mean he did almost drop 100 in a game before


    He’s pass is so good

  • Tim Thompson
    Tim Thompson

    Rookie and the vet!

  • pytn520

    Look at the score. 🤣😂 He's balling though!

  • Jesus Pena
    Jesus Pena

    He plays selfish basketball & if He wants to win games He’s going to have to get his teammates involved.

  • oopalonga

    i mean. . .i get it and shit but im still baffled by how someone who shoots like a middle schooler made it to the nba. fuck. would have lost this bet for sure

  • Madden Legend
    Madden Legend

    He already better than lonzo this was the best team in the league record wise like holy cow

  • Slang Bender
    Slang Bender

    The NBA needs to pray To Dell curry and Lavar Balls Nutsacks

  • CEO Tac
    CEO Tac

  • sunlight sparkle
    sunlight sparkle

    This is exactly what I want to see from Ben Simmons some times.... Both Simmons and LaMelo are gifted passers but LaMelo not afraid to shoot.... Ben just have to say fuck it one game and just shoot the shit... Fuck if you miss, fuck the critics. Just practice in live action and add that arsenal to your game.

  • Cameron Clark
    Cameron Clark

    Borregos “tough love” towards Ball feels so wrong. Let the kid play. He’s getting offensive boards, making smart plays, making the players around him better, and making tough baskets. He’s built for this. He can average a triple double if you give him a chance. He may average 4-5 turnovers a game for a bit, but that’ll stop, but he’s gotta get and stay in the game.

  • qbanz

    What’s crazy is his dad was right about everything he said about his boys. I hope to have that confidence with my kids one day !

  • Aaron Jenkins
    Aaron Jenkins

    Should have had 65 they could have won


    He looks like this doesn’t phase him 😳😳

  • SMT S
    SMT S

    So what they Lost! How about playing a little defense?

  • Shane McMahon
    Shane McMahon

    Ye my boy his game is really starting to have signature..hear for the growth kidd 👏

  • Johnny Asay
    Johnny Asay

    Go Jazz!!

  • Maxikickz

    The ad customer technologically suggest because cart ontogenetically wash per a jolly jumper. abundant, magnificent node

  • broskyification

    Yeah well I’m 28 and can do my taxes by myself

  • Delonte James
    Delonte James

    Hornets announcers are undefeated

  • Mitch Trubisky
    Mitch Trubisky

    He hasn't even hit super saiyan 1 yet

  • GiveScreens

    He so good 😂

  • Jayden Is lil bro
    Jayden Is lil bro

    LaMelo ball 34

  • Lucas Kenney
    Lucas Kenney

    He getting better and better each day.

  • Dennis YouSoCrazy
    Dennis YouSoCrazy

    Man watching him is way better than watching Lonzo whe he was a rookie for sure💯

  • MrFuchew

    In a era of everyone only shooting 3's LaMelo has a much more dynamic game that is very pleasing to watch

  • Diadi

    This nigga is cold. 🥶

  • Will Cee
    Will Cee

    Lamelo in his prime finna be crazy

  • Will Cee
    Will Cee

    Yo. Shout out to Lavar

  • Eyon Giles
    Eyon Giles

    I have a feeling he's going to be the new face of the NBA after lebron retires. Mark my words. It goes Jordan kobe lebron then melo

  • Eyon Giles
    Eyon Giles

    He the truth fr

  • The Life Of Me In Poetry!
    The Life Of Me In Poetry!

    He would have been perfect at Golden State they should have taken him smh

  • calivette2020

    Lonzo is just as good he’s just scared to make a mistake in front of millions so he ends up not doing much. He reminds me of Luke Walton sometimes. Luke always passed the ball to avoid missing a wide open jumper. Lonzo doesn’t want the pressure that comes with being the go to guy.

  • Captain Cartman
    Captain Cartman

    LaMelo looks like every NBA 2k created character

  • Fishing Madman
    Fishing Madman

    Better than his brother

  • too DEEP
    too DEEP

    NEVER LOST, in my Lavar voice!

  • Street Speaker _JustBeinReal2
    Street Speaker _JustBeinReal2


  • BingeFest1

    The Hornets announcers are hype asf

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson

    This kid is gonna be special. He has the confidence that his big bro is lacking. Lonzo could’ve been special too but he plays scared way too often. Lamelo will be a triple double machine for years to come. Fun to watch.

  • Mike Swapp
    Mike Swapp

    Good young player-Jazz win again!

  • Tha BagGuru
    Tha BagGuru

    Just want someone to be happy bout me like the announcers are with lamelo lol .

  • Andrew Bryant
    Andrew Bryant

    That kid crazy i wanna see hornets go to playoffs

  • Sacramento Kings
    Sacramento Kings

    Lavar was right man

  • anniel morera
    anniel morera

    Nba where size matters and you combine that with skills watch out nba

  • E Cov
    E Cov


  • Tammy Byers
    Tammy Byers

    Over half the players in the NBA they whole career scores 30+ points in a game cant hate on the kid hes doing great in the league and will be around and a name for awhile so get use to it!

  • Zachary Rogers Sr
    Zachary Rogers Sr

    Hayward is holding back his development

  • Marina Prevas
    Marina Prevas

    He has plenty of potential.

  • Joe Everett
    Joe Everett

    Yeah, but 20+ point loss

  • Chastity Coach
    Chastity Coach

    I was so wrong about him

  • Jawanza Wetzel
    Jawanza Wetzel

    34 on 27 shots 🤣

  • Detroit Is Back
    Detroit Is Back

    God i love this kid. Destined for greatness

  • Robbie Burberry
    Robbie Burberry

    Can't deny it. Boy got game. He's gonna be a star. Jordan got one finally!

  • bro davis
    bro davis

    i hate how 2k gave him the ugliest jumper irl its the best


    He's the black version of Pistol Pete Maravich

  • CéB 11EVEN
    CéB 11EVEN

    Imagine lavar on espn

  • Somuch Hussle
    Somuch Hussle

    Looks like Melo had dinner with Jordan

  • joseph owens
    joseph owens

    He still lost ? Why everyone making a bid deal

  • Eleven-Eleven Production
    Eleven-Eleven Production

    It seems as if Lamelo has a much better feel of the game than his brother Lonzo. Hopefully we can see Lonzo break out soon. Im very impressed by Lamelo’s pro game.... playing with older players his whole life turned him into one fearless player.

  • J K
    J K

    He wouldn’t make it if he was playing in the 70s thru the 90s basketball weak nowadays

  • ItsHonzo

    I only hope coach doesn’t overplay him rn and have him injured.

  • Texas Swag
    Texas Swag

    Damn he nice

  • John Ennis
    John Ennis

    Good for him. I like when he credited all the years of playing 21 as a kid for helping his game. And no, I'm not talking cards.

  • Kankles the Sloth
    Kankles the Sloth

    This guys a ROOKIE. Barring any DRose type shenanigans, LaMelo gonna be a monster.

  • Hunter Parman
    Hunter Parman

    Bro sometimes i think they hype up lamelo too much

  • Mob hitta
    Mob hitta

    Lamelo and Lonzo can’t wait until they play together as teammates

  • Jon Allred
    Jon Allred

    This boi got turned around my Donovan and took an L from the jazz. Y’all gotta stop drinkin this mans koolaid